Flixster goes live with their app for BlackBerry 10

Flixster for BlackBerry 10
By Bla1ze on 27 Jan 2013 01:54 pm EST

If you're a movie buff who likes to keep up-to-date on all the latest in theater and DVD releases, you'll be pleased to know that Flixster has made their way to BlackBerry 10. The updated app for BlackBerry 10 has arrived into BlackBerry World and is looking pretty good thus far in addition to having all the options you'd expect available:

  • Browse the top box office movies and movies opening soon
  • Look up showtimes at your favorite theater and buy tickets (from participating theaters)
  • Browse new & upcoming releases on DVD
  • Get critic reviews from Rotten Tomatoes
  • Watch high quality trailers
  • Search for movies by title, director, or actors.

The app itself looks to be built using native tools and as such is quick and repsonsive through our quick testing. If you're looking for more screenshots of the app in action, you can jump below where we've laid some out for you. The worst part? You still need a BlackBerry 10 device to download it and we've still got a bit to wait there.

Download Flixster from BlackBerry World


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Flixster goes live with their app for BlackBerry 10


Happy to hear this! I use this app frequently on my BB9900 to keep up to speed on recent releases/reviews for movies... especially for the weekly DVD releases. Can't wait for BB10!!!

+1..love it on my bb9900...miss it on my pb. Assuming bb10 is coming to pb 1st gen, it'll be nice to see it on a 7in tablet.

Bold 9900

I have an upgrade on one of my lines, waiting for bb10 =)

This is an app I have on every one of my devices.


Well, they're always written by Adam, and seeing as how Adam doesn't seem to ever be working during the nightly live hangout webcasts, I'm guessing we won't see anymore.

Ha ha, just kidding Adam, we know you work hard, we just don't know on what. :P

Or he just ran out of things to say.

You know I was just thinking the same thing. 1o weeks of BB10, so far I am very unimpressed with Kevin's and the whole, we got BB10, all covered. Those nighttime webcam sessions have been a bust, very boring and very uninformative. I do hope they kick their game up a few gears starting tomorrow because so far Crackbery, who's life is hanging in the balance like RIM's is with this launch, have dropped the ball.

so is it theaters or theatres? flixster seems to be sat on the fence as the screenshot shows both lol......oops

Awesome! I use this on my 9900 as well. Was hoping to see the "My Movies" tab added in the BB10 app, but hey, maybe in future upgrades? Meanwhile, waiting patiently for BB10.

If this app does become available on the playbook will I be able to use it to view my UV film collection?

cougar boost ? your growling drink intrigues me !

First new app of the week for BB10. Much more to come! :)

This will be a spectacular week for BlackBerry, RIM, and BlackBerry fans all around the world!

Kevin and the gang, hope you're ready for this! This will be the BIGGEST BlackBerry week EVERRRR!!!!!!

Tomorrow things heat up, and the week ends with that awesome Superbowl 47 BlackBerry ad.

Enjoy the ride, folks. It will be awesome!!

There are some big announcements of BB10 apps coming. Indeed, Wall Street will be reporting, CrackBerry will be reporting, and all the media focus will be on BlackBerry and Research In Motion. Even former haters will be reporting on BlackBerry 10. Welcome back, folks!

Yes, the platform launch is Wednesday, but folks are already gearing up for the events around the world. This isn't a product launch but an entirely new vision for BlackBerry -- a platform that will support the next generation BlackBerry devices: smartphones, tablets, in-dash vehicle infotainment systems, etc.

I'm thinking Thorsten may be in NYC to make the announcements, and he will be telecast live at the other locations.

I see Kevin has already posted a blog regarding all the coming activities too.

Funny, this morning I sent Flixster an email asking them if they were supporting BB10 because it is one of my favorite apps. I guess I got my answer already. This is good news.

I've used this before but I like Cineplex. Cineplex also now has another app called Timeplay which allows you to interact with other audience members during the pre-show minutes.

CANNOT WAIT FOR BB10! Ive had Android devices, and iPhone 4, 4S. All so boring. My 9930 has been keeping me real happy. I love it so much i went and purchased a Playbook yesterday as well. I look forward to upgrading to a BB10 device this year as well. Im more partial towards physical keyboard model, but id still rock the full touch. BB FOREVER.

I bought Dark Knight Rises triple pack and it had the ultraviolet digital copy. Worst experience ever trying to download the copy to my computer, still haven't done so as we speak. I am how ever able to stream the movie from my flixster.com account. Would be a nice feature for this app if it has the capability to stream purchased movies.