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Princess adds a pinch of fairy dust to BlackBerry 10 launch!

A winning entry in CrackBerry's What Would You Do for a BlackBerry 10 Phone? Contest!

By Kevin Michaluk on 26 Jan 2013 10:38 am EST

The next winning entry in CrackBerry's What Would You Do for a BlackBerry 10 Phone? contest is the stuff fairy tales are made of.

To win a free BlackBerry 10 phone and prize pack from, Bree said she would dress up as a BlackBerry Princess for the day! The entry piqued our interest -- who doesn't dream about growing up to be a princess, right? -- so we just had to see Bree follow through with this one.

And follow through she did. You can check out the video above to watch this BlackBerry 10 princess in action for a day! Congrats Bree - we hope you enjoy your new BlackBerry 10 phone! 


Adam Zeis

"who doesn't dream about growing up to be a princess, right?"

...I know I did


Aaaaallrighty then, good to know


Remind me to never be alone in a room with you. ;)


Cant believe she played the princess card...

Wwwwwooooooowwwwwww ok she deseeves to win...... Holy shit..... This beats the tattoo and the burger..... Not the origami tho....but wow.... Give her a phone.... It takes a "special" person to do that...
Just wow
....... K im speechless....
..... Wow....

I should dress up and do that in square one (mississauga) ...kev if i do will u give me a phone?

Im a guy btw... So hope that spices things up...

Mr Gill

Ahaha, you should do that! Square one would have 10 times as many people in it than the mall she went into. Congratz to her though because that takes balls.


Dooo it! That mall is ram packed lol.


Bree definitely wins best Rack-Berry in the contest :)


haha that was funny! so brave and bold


Amazing how a pretty woman makes men melt lol. One dude gets a tat, another folds small pieces of paper with limited sleep over three days but all she had to do was wear a dress and walk arounf for a day. Probably loving every minute of it.

You give me a BB10 and I would probably do that as well.


In fairness, she probably had to put up with a lot of creepy guys staring at her.


This made me laugh lol, she's brave. Little girls were trying to follow her lol, and that guy was screaming Blackberry at her. Omg. Congrats Bree!


Congratulations Bree! You make a beautiful Princess!

On another note, I wish I had thought of that. Image I guy in the same outfit walking through the Mall. That would have been funny!


Correction - A guy walking through the mall dressed as a princess would be disturbing not funny. Well okay it would be funny too. ;)


congrats princess blackberry.


Cutest blackberry princess ever! Lol


No offense but rather win The Princess than the phone :)




if my gf saw this she'd prob punch me though lol


Hahaha. No apples. Gotta get the blackberries. Cute.

Congrats Bree!


way to go Bree. What a stunner, well deserved.
now to do the same thing in New York on the 30th!


Kudos for getting someone to say "Yay BlackBerry" on camera during her video.


Sorry Ashley Esqueda. You gots to go.


Ohhh.. As beautiful as Peach!! <3



haha I didn't think I would like this but it was actually pretty cool haha. too bad more people weren't at the mall


What if she went inside a Apple store?


How about someone in an Apple store came out and asked her about Blackberry 10? :)


Great advertising ...... I bet that she was asked a lot about BlackBerry 10.

She is pretty too.

Good job Bree .


This contest is getting out of hand, lol. Nice job Bree. I can't imagine doing that myself, and not just because I'm not a woman.

That was great advertising too. You deserve free BlackBerry phones for life for that brave stunt. :)


She's a 10!! Love the accent. We talk a lot about figures here, but her's really does add up!
Congratulations, Bree! You make me believe in fairy tale endings...



OMG that's awesome!


She only won cuz she's blonde. really? I had a much CRAZIER ideea and it didn't even get picked. wow.


Great advertising for BB10 @ the mall. Everyone was looking and paying attention.


no offence, but the tat one was an edgy dare... this was really not much effort or that daring as A) she never went to a well populated mall and B) she just walked around waving like the queen most of the time.

it would have been way more worthy if she had gone into any store selling BB and did the price is right showgirl thing OR brought BB10 to everyone's attention... nobody asked her what she was doing nor did she make it known (that i could hear anyway).

come on crackberry, let's pick some better thought up ideas here. having all the winners show up at a location close to them to help promote the release dressed, tatted or whatever they did to win would be a great idea to follow through with to actually receive the phones. how about that !


+1 anyone could stand around lookin pretty and crap. why not actually pick someone who would DO something crazy like the video wanted?


I suspect most people thought it was publicity stunt . Oh wait....

(ahhh Kevin, clearly Bree is a true Crackberry fan: She played you well; smart fan deserves the phone!!)


With Kevin's long hair and the 'play button' in the video obscuring the person's face until the video actually begins playback I momentarily thought the BlackBerry Princess was Kevin.


That has to be one of the most dead malls ever, let alone grocery

Easy way to score a phone.


I think myself dressed as Dora the explorer would have beaten this... just sayin'




I thought my idea wasn't picked because it wasn't edgy enough. This video seems so tame in comparison to what I was going to do, but I still want to be a good sport and say congratulations to all the winners. :-)


I agree that this was a fun idea, but I think not very daring! I might just be a little bit bitter cuz if I ran around dressed like a princess, I don't think anyone would give me a free blackberry. So I think I will try this in NYC on the 30th and wear a sign "will YOU buy me a Blackberry 10 device for this?" lol. Maybe I will carry a coin jar in case anyone wants to contribute? lol.


Bottom line is that she is beautiful. Give her a free case as well.


Nice going Bree. Can you do that again when BB10 launches on Wednesday?


So awesome! This isn't anything different than COSplay, which I've seen plenty in downtown toronto. :D
BUt I haven't seen the blackberry one!


A beutiful women walking around attracting attention to herself?? Yeah, that took so much courage, that was so bold! Oh Please! are you guys that naive? Beautiful women LOOK for opportunities to do this! They get off on it! I don't think she deserved to win.It wouldn't surprise me if Kevin picked this one, he looks like he would be an easy "mark" for women.


The only way he would is if he saw a video of her first. I thought we just submitted the form with our ideas and if we were picked, to make a video afterward. At least that's how I understood the rules. Regardless of how the winners were chosen, she won, and that's the way the (berry) crumbles! :-)






@Iamanonymous62. Agree with the beautiful woman syndrome you're talking about...but beautiful? She's pretty at best. You have a very low standard.
I’d rather be a Black Sheep than an iSheep any day.


What would you do for a Blackberry 10. Is for CRAZY ideas. not just walking around looking pretty. like OMG...


Nothing outstanding! When I reckon resp. think at my administration I could count promptly around a dozen of Colleagues / colleagues who behave like princesses, where peculiar garments, straying aimlessly and fuel the fear they could be fertile and able to breed....


That is sad. actually the whole contest is.


Thanks for all of the comments y'all ! We all love Blackberry and I know everyone is super excited about BB10....only two more days!! :)


She has my vote. Give her BB10.


Don't know what's more pathetic. The fact she dressed up as a Princess or there was no one in the mall to care, an anyone there looked at her like she was a psychopath waving at invisible subjects LMFAO
I’d rather be a Black Sheep than an iSheep any day.


Congratulations Bree !! Hope ya enjoy your incoming BB10 !!

"...Little girls were trying to follow her lol, and that guy was screaming Blackberry at her...."

ahhhhhhh that is what this is all about ..... advertising BB10 !!?


i had a company all lined up to "wrap" my work 18 wheeler with the BB logo and the BB10 /crackberry logos so that i could drive around like a huge billboard. i would have parked that thing outside the apple store in NYC when i was there the other day and caused a ruckus.

it would have been a win win for myself (if given the BB10 phone), RIM and crackberry would have free advertising (unless i was sued for copyright infringement). heck i would have tied a tattoo'd princess waving at oncoming traffic on the front grill to top it off....

i knew i should have done it.... ugh


Congrats to you Bree for being a winner


Thanks Lang007! Super excited about the lauch tomorrow, I probably will not sleep all night!!