Staff at the BlackBerry Lifestyle Store Vietnam get their dance on

By DJ Reyes on 26 Jan 2013 08:15 am EST

Back in December a BlackBerry Lifestyle Store was open in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. RIM has a few of these stores dotted around Asia already and they have always opened with a bang, with lots of people turning up to look and shop around. 

During the grand opening of the Ho Chi Minh City store, the staff took to the center stage and got their groove on for the customers. They certainly looked like they were enjoying themselves, certainly setting the mood for opening day.

Check out the video above too the staff get their dance on. I'd really like to see a BlackBerry Lifestyle Store make its way to the U.K. Come one RIM, bring one to the U.K.!

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Staff at the BlackBerry Lifestyle Store Vietnam get their dance on


Every marketing campaign has a target audience and you just happen to not be part of that. When RIM shows off their ad on the Super Bowl, I'm sure there are going to be people from Vietnam who think it's boring and nonsense. And it might've been off key because of the video editor (other than overlaying with the dancers' cheering).

This should be made all over the world.

Wow that's a lot of staff for just one store, isn't?

Funny to see all these eastern cultures so immerse in western way of living.

I absolutely agree! That was my thought when I walked into the store last week.

We need to get the carriers to release their strangle-hold on devices in North America. There's dozens of retailers in HCMC, & they carry all brands of devices. One of the big ones is Bach Long Mobile, who sells devices at really reasonable prices. All the devices are unlocked & ready to go.

I bought a 9900 in the Ho Chi Minh store one evening late last week before coming back home to Canada. I can tell you first hand that it's an awesome store, the staff are great & all speak good English & it's obvious they are rockin' BB. A big shout out to Dang Huu Dien & the rest of the folks!

It's really nice to see BB getting some love where the iPhone 5 & GS3 are the usual suspects.

Not only did I get a good deal on the phone, but I received some cool BB goodies as part of the promotion they were having; a really nice BB Bluetooth earpiece, T-shirts, pens, leather passport wallet, BB Spark stress ball, & more!

The Vincom Mall is a superb location for the BB Lifestyle (Smartcom) store. I just wish we had similar stores here at home! Unfortunately, the carriers have dibs on devices here. Frankly I love the fact that my 9900 is unlocked & without carrier branding.

Why do they have all the cool people living over there.
I am ashamed to be an American. It's no wonder why the world hates us Americans. It's good to see that they still buy some of our products.

Have to admit, BlackBerry does continue to drive an energy that can be leveraged. As a former user, appreciate the capabilities and the new BB10 should make it compelling at many levels.

That was cool! And I'm not a fan of that music or dance in general. Cool store, cute chicks...
All I can say is :


I can't wait to hit this store up, whenever I go back to Vietnam again.
If it's like this all the time, all the curious on-lookers will want to come inside and see what the store has to offer. Good job!!!

Can't wait for the BB10 phones!!!! Jan. 30, why can;t you come sooner?!!!

Would love a store in my beloved country: Trinidad. I'd want to work there Everyday lol. Good stuff
BB10 T-minus 3Days 15hrs 50mins Cant Wait to get one in my CrackBerry Hands.