CrackBerry World Premiere of our new video bumper for CrackBerry videos!

By Kevin Michaluk on 24 Jan 2013 02:42 pm EST

* Update: Youtube rendered the CB logo a little more red than orange in the video above, so we've uploaded it again below in the proper CrackBerry color. Check it out! * 

If you thought it was all fun and games at CrackBerry HQ, you'd be dead wrong... we're getting work done!

With BlackBerry 10 just days away and our CrackBerry redesign rolling out soon, I'm happy to kick off some new-ness around here a little early with the unveiling of our new CrackBerry video bumper! The bumper is of course the little intro that precedes all of the original videos we publish here on CrackBerry. 

Interally we dubbed the new bumper CrackBerry Flow, as it takes inspiration from the flow experience of BlackBerry 10. It's a glorious thing. Hit play on the video above to get a first look at it. We hope you like it!

Reader comments

CrackBerry World Premiere of our new video bumper for CrackBerry videos!


Wow it's night and day better. It's even better if the bubbles at the end spread out a tad longer...

I agree, the colour is a little on the radioactive side, but on the plus side, I no longer have to forward the videos ten seconds to save my ears from the screeching, schizophrenic firework display of times past!

I, for one, give it a thumbs up!

Yeah, why the colour change? Although being from the great white north, I'm pretty fond of red and white, so I'm good with that change I guess. :-)

But I think I prefer the previous CrackBerry font... It was more BlackBerry-ish.

I also like the orange but change is good, however the red with flowing lines reminds me veins and the bubbles sorta resembles some sort of lung mobile (sp?). Other then the colours, I love the look and now it's more relaxing then the old spastic one, like the difference from the GreenRoom to the Kings Head, Kevin knows the places!

It really does. I expected something much different, nice to have a tech blog's Motion graphics in solid colours without many 3D effects or shadows. The dub sound does not blow your ear drums either :) thank you.

Futura looks great spelling Crackberry, but the the kerning may as well be perfect. Get that fixed, pretty please.

I majored in design and marketing... This... Quite simply... Is very strong in almost every aspect.

Fits well for its purpose.

Very nice whoever made this

Glad you guys are liking it! Yeah, there's a nice little site tease back there too. It's all hot. Like amazingly, freak'n hot. The CB BlackBerry 10 app is hot too. Really, so much hotness going on.

The shade of CrackBerry orange is getting a bit of a kick up in the new redesign. It's actually going back to our roots a bit more, to the original shade of CB orange. A little more of a red built into the orange, but still orange. It's dope. It matches my original CrackBerry stickers exactly.

Stay tuned. Lots of hot stuff en route!

CrackBerry Orange will be dearly missed, much better on ears and eyes then current one though, I like it.

I bet the Guy who tattooed the CrackBerry Logo in Orange last Week didn't like the new Red Logo. :D

I like the new One. :-)

This is what I was thinking. Its like getting your girlfriends name tatted and she leaves you for another guy 3 days later...Oops lol.

Naw, now he has the oldschool legacy logo, which is probably even better in the eyes of such a dedicated fan.

Ah I thought there had been a logo redesign from the different watermark on the Rumoured Canadian Z10 release date article.

This might be the first little bit of dub step music that I like. Really cool animation..(already watched it 4 times...God I need a life)

Looks good but don't you think you could have given the guy who just got tattooed a bit of a heads up on the new orange?

Love the nuances related to BlackBerry

love the kick back to the old skool CB the the the the splat :)

i will be able to sit and watch your videos now - well for a bit - without my entire family saying "Mom is on Crackberry again" They are experts at recognizing the old sound in seconds.

Love it.


As a professional audio editor... the pieced together Don LaFontaine line has always made me cringe a bit honestly. I was hoping for a new one ... I'd be more than happy to assist! :)

That is soooooo much better!!! Now I won't startle my wife and/or wake up the neighbors when I am trying to watch CrackBerry videos in bed at night on my PlayBook LoL

I thought the new red circle Crackberry logo looked similar to the red notification icon used in Blackberry OS

I think its cool... But imagine if it had the BlackBerry font.... That would put it over the top.... But i am sure there are probly legal issues with that..... But still :)

Whoa that was slick, but i really wasnt expecting the color change. Was diggin the orange and purple because it was distinct from everything else out T-mobile's hot pink, unmistakably T-Mobile without any doubt from any distance and view! Orange and purple weren't basic "tech" colors, like black, blue, red, know...colors that are normally used for electronics/tech companies' logos...But, if it moves the Crackberry World forward, then forward-HO!

HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! VERRRYYYY cool!!! definately laugh of the day,,, i like that you replayed it, too,,, saved me the extra click,,, good to see you're havin' fun,,, keep up the good work...


REGARDING THE COLOR OF ORANGE in the video teaser...

Looks like youtube rendered it a bit more reddish than the actual shade of orange it is. We'll tweak it up a bit, but it's the old shool CB orange we're going with.

WHOA you could have told the guy who just got his tattoo! You should of had him get it right after you unveiled the new logo.

We gave him the updated logo creative, along with the current one.  

It's the same logo.. updated, but same. They're all the CB logo. Just different flavors of same logo. 

It hurts my ears. Not impressed. But then old, educated and mellow people don't seem to be your target.


Very modern, very cool - better sound and will last!!
Love the firey orange...

Now if the same designers worked on the website ... PAY THE MAN!! ;)

The red logo has a really interesting animation, very clean. I still prefer the orange, but I'm sure it will grow on me. Glad you kept the voice over. :-)

Yeah, I can get the music, that works. I can get the animations, they work... but there's something missing from the CrackBerry font at the end....


Hi to you all! That's my first comment in this site even if i've been reading your comment almost everyday in the last 18 months i think because i use BlackBerry from time immemorial ... I know that this is not the right place to post this link about SKYPE or if you have already seen it but i thought that you would appreciate it ... translated it says that it has not been confirmed yet but it looks to be probable. Ciao -

You know what? I wasn't sure if you were going to end with the video bumper...and then you said again? Bravo! Good work.

The "shade of orange" comments made me laugh. Come on guys its more like a shade of red :)
The animation is very organic, maybe more suitable for a florist website? Doesn't really scream out mobile technology to me but will GROW on me I guess. And yes.without the .COM it looks somehow naked.