CBC's Hockey Night In Canada app coming to BlackBerry 10

CBC Hockey Night in Canada
By Bla1ze on 23 Jan 2013 12:37 pm EST

If you're a hockey fan waiting for BlackBerry 10 then you likely already know the NHL GameCenter app will be available soon. In addition to that though, CBC is releasing their native Hockey Night In Canada app into BlackBerry World. With it you'll have access to constantly updated live scores, videos, stats, game results and more. If you want to see it in action, we've posted some screenshots below for you all to check out. Game on!

CBC's Hockey Night In Canada app coming to BlackBerry 10!
CBC's Hockey Night In Canada app coming to BlackBerry 10!
CBC's Hockey Night In Canada app coming to BlackBerry 10!
CBC's Hockey Night In Canada app coming to BlackBerry 10!
CBC's Hockey Night In Canada app coming to BlackBerry 10!
CBC's Hockey Night In Canada app coming to BlackBerry 10!

Reader comments

CBC's Hockey Night In Canada app coming to BlackBerry 10


I just ordered a memory card from the CrackBerry Store, and I noticed there was a free section. In it is a phone dongle with a Toronto Maple Leafs Logo. I added it to my cart, once it gets here, I'm going to set fire to it!

Best comment EVER. If this was twitter, you'd get a Trophy.

Crackberry, can you make a trophy button on the re-build, seriously?

I Bleed Black & Berry

Flames fan here. Whenever the Leafs come to town, the local radio stations always throw on smart-alec ads indicating that the "Flames" are going to "burn" a big pile of "Leafs" haha...

Would you rather have to pay for the app? Something needs to help recover the development costs.

Bold 9900 - Playbook 32GB

In terms of ads, I'm in the same boat as you. I will chose a paid option every single time to get rid of ads. I hate ads. And often will delete apps if there are advertisements in them.

As to the CBC app - good that it's coming - but one would think that with all the tax dollars Canadians are forced to pay to the mother corporation, they would be able to bring in an app that doesn't have ads.

This is great news however looks like the app still needs some work. Leafs are indeed playing in PA tonight but its in Pittsburgh. Right state, wrong city.

I think these are just sample screenshots. Also, even if they weren't, this is not a bug in the app but the wrong data being pushed to it.

Now not only am I having trouble waiting for a new BB10 phone - I cannot wait for my Playbook to be upgraded to BB10. Seeing all these (actually useful and entertaining) apps being talked about is really exciting.

This is great. Toronto Maple Leafs have already confirmed for BlackBerry 10 this is just cherry on top. GO LEAFS GO!!!! HABS SUCKS!

Pfff seriously guys? Leafs? Stop embarassing us.. No Canadian team has done the Canucks has done.. I'm sure I'll be getting a crap load of hate replies to this but I don't care.. GO CANUCKS GO!!

At least the Leafs don't have Loungo... biggest joke in hockey... good in the regular season, horrible in the playoffs!!

Yeah, because it was Luongo's fault that the Canucks lost the Cup to Boston. It had nothing to do with the fact that the highly talented and highly skilled forwards managed to score a total of 8 goals in 7 games, right? And how many did they score in game 7? Oh! that's right, none! Luongo had 2 shutouts in the finals that year and the Canucks won both games 1-0 so ease up on the Luongo hate and look at the real problems plaguing the Canucks. Even last season in round 1 against the Kings, they only scored a total of 8 goals in 5 games.


Since CBC is a Crown Corporation of Canada, this makes me wonder how deep into the government BB10 will get!

Even as a hockey fan in the US this looks like a pretty good app, I would give it a look hoping that it would have highlights and news from around the league and not just those crappy Canadian teams :-P....Let's Go Hawks!

I hope you all take this in fun and I don't start a war about hockey here...lol

Wow. A BB10 app from CBC? Have they ever released anything for BB before? They're always pushing their iPhone apps.

Hope this means they will in fact be doing a CBC Music app as well so I can get CBC Radio 3 and all the good Canadian indie artists streaming on my phone!!! GO CANUCKS GO!!!!

Wow, NHL gamecenter too, I might actually buy it for once. Next up, slinglayer, Is a must for me to BB10 when my upgrade rolls around in May. Not fooling around with another jury-rigged version, nope! GO CANUCKS GO!! GO CANUCKS GO!!!

This is very cool to see. I pulled down the CBC app yesterday, and was VERY impressed (the Globe & Mail one is decent, too).

Great to see Canadian media getting behind BB10.

BB10 Believe is actually gaining traction......CBC and their past iphone/ipad support has been terrible. Also every piece of news about RIM be it Peter Mansbridge, Jessica Language and O'Leary is always portrayed as a death sentence. Even when the news is promising, they spin it bad. They can all go and choke on an Apple......just kidding about the choking part. Can't wait for my new phone! Go Leafs!