The Mobile Shop joins the growing list of Canadian retailers offering BlackBerry 10 preorders

The Mobile Shop BlackBerry 10
By Zach Gilbert on 22 Jan 2013 01:38 pm EST

It seems almost every day now that a new Canadian retailer joins the growing list of places to preorder a new BlackBerry 10 device. The Mobile Shop (a cellphone store located in Loblaws locations) has joined the list and will now allow for BlackBerry 10 preorders as well. The details are still sparse on price points for the device however. The internal document from The Mobile Shop states that you will be able to put down a small fee to complete a preorder. I know i’m ready with a preorder, who else from the CrackBerry Nation is already on the list? Chime in with a comment below.

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The Mobile Shop joins the growing list of Canadian retailers offering BlackBerry 10 preorders


BB10 has been creating alot of RIM buzz here in NYC. It is amazing how several of my die hard iPhone friends and S3 owners are not talking about leaving. But, have been showing genuine excitement over what BB10 will bring to the table. This is the beginning to many good things to come for RIM. We have been deprived for several years and held strong. We deserve 10. Bring it on!

I just popped into the mobile shop and placed my pre-order.

As we know the sales girl had no idea about exactly when it would be available, and she didn't claim too. But when my receipt came out it indicated an ETA date of January 29th. She noticed it and she said well that's cool.. we won't be able to sell them until the 30th, but maybe they'll be here waiting!

Obviously this could be and probably is nothing.. but it's nice to have hope!

Kevin - On a side note could you implement a refresh button similar to CNET's on the new website? That would be freakin awesome!

If you haven't seen it - when a new article is posted in the news section a refresh button appears and states how many new articles there are. It is a great way to stay on a site waiting for more articles, but not having to refresh or guess when there may be a new article.

mrfreeze has a very good point here. That would be a great feature to have and I would be using that as well. Right now I rely on twitter to know when a new artical is posted.

as for my BB10 device, I have already ordered that and am the second on the list!!!

Apple generally allows pre-orders soon after the unveil. Canadian carriers are showing full support for RIM, understandably. Us in the states should be good to go after the unveil. Either way the devices (pre-ordered or not) will start shipping around the same time, atleast that is what I hope.

I am with you on this one, except I wouldn't move to Canada. Way too cold for me (19 degrees in Louisville right now). However, no US retailers are letting us pre-order.

Yea .... Canada is the centre of the universe.
I'm sure that Wal-Mart or someone else in the US will have them soon enough.

Not sure if it was mentioned before (I'm in a big hurry right now but caught it on Bloomberg)...but Walmart Canada is taking preorders too.

I'm registered with Bell, I will get one of these damned phones on release day if it kills me!!!

If it is released after the 14th of Feb on Tmo USA. I plan to just walk into the store and buy it flat out. Gotta love those tax returns :)

I pre-ordered mine this morning and now am even more impatient than I was. I have not been this excited about a new toy in a long time.

Honestly getting tired of seeing all the preoders from Canada. WTH! Where are the US carriers for crying out loud!!!
ok i am done
BB 10...Boldly taking over!

Indeed! Verizon doesn't even mention BB 10 on their website. When the damn iPhone was coming there were banners and buttons to "click here to pre-order your iPhone" all over the place for months before its release, including at the bottom of the thumbnails of our BlackBerrys on the "My Verizon" login page.

An email to their customer service asking them to explain this netted me a nicely worded email with links to sites outside Verizon's for BB10 info. Sheez.

You guys are lucky in North America, at least you know they will be available some time in the near future.

I am out in Greece some releases take months to get here, i hope its not the same for BB10, i have been waiting almost a year for this!

Any news on Greek carriers coz i havent heard anything out here?

Bought stock at a good time, so I am happy for now at least...

It's been fun watching the media lately. For those of us in Canada the Lang and O'leary Report on the CBC just last night Kevin O'leary said that the business buzz over BB10 has been very positive. This coming from a guy whose been saying all-a-long that RIM would crash and burn.

And it looks like Leo Laporte over at has done a complete 180 and now says he WANTS RIM to succeed and he will be buying a BB10 phone when it's released. Who would've thought.....

wow .... this is really crazy. I guess when they really look at their iPhone, they must be thinking, "I paid $649.00 for this hunk of junk?"

I might go back and start listening to TWiT again. I got so disgusted with Leo's Android & Apple love while bashing BlackBerry, I stopped listening to him.

people are recognizing the things i noticed 2 years ago, which is GREAT

people want to make money, so, naturally - people want to see RIM succeed (like investors)


in the time of your life, live so that in that good time, there should be no ugliness or death for yourself or for any life that your life touches, seek goodness everywhere

I just wanted to share this with you guys. Not that it means anything....

Ever since I joined the CrackBerry nation I've been making observations on people's phone habits, paying particular attention to the type of phone they have. I have to say that I still see an incredible amount of Blackberrys in use. Perhaps a third of the phones I see are BBs. iphone is what I see as the second dominant phone and then The Skateboard disguised as a phone is what I see third. Maybe it's because I live in Canada. But my feeling is this - If all those people I see with those phones are to upgrade, there shall be a dent in sales of the iphone and The Skateboard. I'm not saying BB will return to dominance. I'm saying there will be a dent. How big it is, is yet to be determined.

Of all the phones stored in the desk drawer, my 9860 and 9350 are at the front. I have an iBrick 4 used as a music player and the rest are punishment for the kids breaking or losing their current device. I am more than looking forward to BB10, yet will wait for the X10 QWERTY device to see if it is merely a revised 99xx running the new software. I am holding on to my hopes that the design team at RIM had the foresight to anticipate the growing trend of larger screens. Something along the lines of the Justice or Victory concept would send the keyboard loyalists, such as myself, into BlackBerry euphoria. My stocks are taking off due to the market finally getting it that RIM is not only surviving, but making a SERIOUS comeback!

Oh no ..... feel free to say it ..... because it will happen. "BB will return to dominance". Go ahead .... say it!