Fido now taking BlackBerry 10 preorders

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By Adam Zeis on 21 Jan 2013 08:13 am EST

Fido hits the ground running today and is the next carrier to offer up preorders for BlackBerry 10. You can reserve a device now though their standard reservation system and will have to lay down a $40 deposit in the process. There's no fun "coming soon" page or any contest to go along with this one, but if you're on Fido and looking to grab a device then this is the way to go. Only a few days left until we find out all the details on BlackBerry 10 so stay tuned!

Reserve a BlackBerry 10 device at Fido 

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Fido now taking BlackBerry 10 preorders


I am somewhat concerned that AT&T has not said more than their generic message a couple weeks ago. As you recall it took AT&T months to support the 9900...after almost everyone had been selling it for months. While I am not the best fan of AT&T, it makes a little more sense for me to stay with them, but delaying like they did the 9900 they will loose this customer. Good news for the other carriers though, looks like they are liking the attention from RIM.

Agreed. I sent these sucker MCs 3 different messages asking when they would start pre-ordering. And all they could say is "we can not confirm whether or not we will be carrying the Blackberry 10" or something of that nature. As professional as the response was, I thought it was dumb for a Canadian carrier to not carry a Canadian made phone.

I was with Fido. Its too bad Fido is affiliated with Rogers. It's a personal thing, especially if your credit rating is in jeopardy because of a scam.

why reserve online? you will be charged $35 upgrade fee. buy it outright or from someone else. RIM will provide enough z10.

I'm 211. My iPhone 5 is about to hit craigslist!

Playing devils advocate though, its 2:30pm when I ordered mine and only 210 people pre ordered before me all day?

I am honestly surprised fido is getting a BB10 at launch, yet very excited!

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Finally!!!!!!!!! I'm always stock to go buy the phone retail at other store because Fido never carried the high ends blackberries! I pre-ordered! i'm number 92 woohoo!

Number 297 :(. Oh well better late than never. Glad to see it on Fido. Cant wait to get my hands on it and show it off to the world.

Sheesh. They finally announced it, a long time after everyone else. I was concerned they weren't getting it till summer.