Lame Samsung commercial tries to make inroad to enterprise by riding on magical unicorns

By Kevin Michaluk on 21 Jan 2013 11:45 am EST

Samsung Mobile got some attention this weekend for a new commercial they're running which attacks BlackBerry in an attempt to position their Galaxy devices as enterprise friendly. The commercial is a little odd and lame. The YouTube viewer comments has for the majority been ripping the ad a new one.

With BlackBerry 10 advertising sure to be ramping up soon, I guess Samsung wanted to get their enterprise offense going early while they could make the comparison to older in-market BlackBerry devices. While BlackBerry has a decade plus pedigree in enterprise and a reputation for security, Android has the exact opposite.

With the Bring Your Own Device movement being a reality for businesses, it makes sense for Samsung to want to try and get a foot in the door with professional users. iOS has been doing well with BYOD, but most of the I.T. Admins I know still shudder when you mention the words Android and Enterprise in the same sentence. Of course, with BlackBerry's BES10 solution, enterprises can also support iOS and Android devices in addition to BlackBerry devices.

At CES I sat down with RIM's managing director of BlackBerry for the USA, Richard Piasentin, and we talked BlackBerry 10 and enterprise. Richard relayed that a LOT of Fortune 500s are currently running BlackBerry 10 in full trial mode, and that the feedback has been extremely positive. Richard read me a bunch of quotes from businesses currently testing BlackBerry 10, and they really were positive. There was a universal love for BlackBerry Balance, which literally turns a BlackBerry 10 phone into two devices -- work and personal -- that are seamlessly integrated.

So while Samsung is putting up some commercials now about getting Galaxy devices into businesses, it's clear that BlackBerry has already been direct selling BlackBerry 10 in enterprise for a while now.  

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Lame Samsung commercial tries to make inroad to enterprise by riding on magical unicorns


Wow,that was really bad. Like, "can't think of anything good to say" bad. Well no, that's not true; I think I recognize "Kaity" as Paloma (Eric's wife) from Malcolm in the Middle.

Yeah they forget that putting a huge lock on the front door (AES encryption) isn't worth anything if the back and side doors are open and unlocked! Sammy, good luck selling Android in the corporate world. Android is hackable and crackable and designed to be like that.

Nice. I'll be quoting you for the next six weeks ... like locking the car door with the window rolled down.

Do Samsung not realize their phones use Android when making this commercial? The most unsecure platform on the market?! And Comparing it to a phone released 3 years ago?! I really want what they're smoking right now! I could use some of that stuff today!!!

It's been 3 years since BlackBerry has put out a device, so it's not really their fault. This is effective marketing. I support BlackBerry and will get the Z10 at launch but you have give credit where credit is due. Samsung has made a lot ground with their marketing.

3 years since BlackBerry has put out a device? Then I guess my Curve 9360 as well as all the other OS7 devices is a figment of my imagination......

Samsung Has The Balls to Advertise Their "Security" a Month After Serious Kernel Vulnerability lololol

"This is business" "What? The jacket?".. Haha so true! Let's face it, the only thing unique on BB is the mini qwerty keyboard, the rest is crap against S3

It is funny, I was wondering how long it would take for someone to get defensive with Samsung video, Kevin you are the first one to make fun of Apple, so don't be to frustrated with Samsung, everyone knows they will go after Blackberry it is how they works. They don't have any clue how to build a phone, they are just good at copying and make it better somehow once they still the concept. I will bet anything that in the next few months, we will see more commercial aiming at Blackberry. Sad but true. Until someone really hurt them in court. Now let see all the anti-apple that was slamming them for suing Samsung, if they will not get it why Samsung is junk. In the mean time 8 more days...

I would like to see what Samsung had on the market when that Blackberry they used was in it's prime. They wouldnt dare show a more recent full screen Torch and try and make that claim. I still like the way the guy showed his Blackberry and said "This is business". He was right. Blackberry means business....

First apple now BB. Oh Samsung sucking the well till It dries up huh. Not only do they copy their competition but after copying them the make fun of them also.

This video is just sad. Nothing more than an attack at BLACKBERRY with a complete lack of class and IMO porely made.

All the professional looking people had blackberry right. So what are they saying, don't hire geeky looking tweens. Silly commercial.

wasted Samsung marketing dollars.
I sense RIM and the new CMO have some very good BB10 marketing soon.

The folks at Samsung clearly have no solid marketing team because this has been their advertising platform for a while now.

Samsung has a really strong marketing campaign. They even invested in 10 million in Facebook advertising and saw a return of 129 million. They have studied their demographic market very well and this is directed towards that same market.

OK. But they are using the same idiotic formula. Remember the "Hi I'm an Apple and I'm a PC" campaigns Apple used to throw out? After some time they moved on because that marketing campaign was played out. Samsung on the other hand, is still grasping on to the same strategy, of which, based on this here commercial must be retired. It's not funny anymore. Even that Angry Bird game-loving market you're referring to is no longer impressed.

Does Samsungs's safe technology have FIPS Certification? Pathetic people at Samsung, They can't even make their own mobile OS, but yet try to claim mobile security now? WTF???

If you look at it another way, the ad is flattering. See why.

The iPad is the standard that every other manufacturer compares theirs to. (It's just the way it is)

BlackBerry is the security standard that every other manufacturer will compare their device's security to. Samsung is trying to portray that their device is as secure as a BlackBerry. They are BlackBerry wanna-bes. LOL

Ah I see what you did there, "Wanna-BES" :p yeah that BES joke was terrible, although not as bad as the above videos.

Well free ad is free ad, as long as there are people in the comment's section stating it. That's what I did, on most tech site updates on fb about that samsung ad :p

I've seen samsung's sponsored stories on fb few months ago about corporate feature on it's galaxy s2 or 3 or the note (it was about the email and security thingie or something,I forgot). I guess they realized that fb is not the place to advertise their corporate features, and now is trying the tv ad. I say it's a free ad for blackberry :p

Oh Kevin, you had to post this. My stomach was sore enough from watching it the first time. Now my chest hurts too from laughing so hard. The S3 and Note 2 secure. Someone needs to stop creating commercials in a paint filled room.

not to even joke, i got rid off my 9900 for an iphone 4s, that was a joke compared to my 9900, all the effort to close and app and holding down the button, turning off wifi (before the update, i see they copied the blackberry with the drop down tap and so has Samsung) anyways got the S3 as i couldnt stand the iphone and its even worse i cant even begin to explain how annoying the phone is, but i guess that shows how bad android phones are if the Samsung is one of the top brands.... so when i saw this advert made me laugh, if the bb 10 wasnt coming out i would of just got the bold 9900 again but waiting to get rid of the s3 when the bb10 comes out.

sorry to burst your bubble i love blackberry just as much as the next guy it was my first smartphone but an iphone a joke compared to a 9900 lets be real if that was true Rim wouldnt be in the situation they are now and i wouldnt be cringing every time i saw the price of te stock plummet so saying bb10 might be better than ios yes it might be better but a bold 9900 is just as hard to do everything with how many menus and sub menus does os7 have exactly people talk about isheep and the android army but you guys are just as bad had it been a blackberry trashing samsung and everything switched it wouldve have been genius in your eyes people i guess take their phones way to serious

It's all good if Samsung wants to target BlackBerry in their commercials.

But this one really is just weird.

I can't tell who they are trying to target. The average consumer would not make the connection to RIM since the fictional company portrayed is making a mobile game and if there's one thing people don't think of who had old OS 5 phones, it's games.

They also make some strange off the cuff jabs at TAT. But the average customer has no idea who TAT is, or that RIM bought them or that they are located in Sweden.

Were we the target audience? BlackBerry diehards who'd actually get the weird references?

Then there's the stuff that average consumers would get. Home and work devices, BlackBerry's traditionally being thought of as business phones etc. But even these things weren't done in an effective way.

It had the same kind of tone as the commercials poking fun at Apple, but the message this time just didn't resonate as effectively.

Yeah, we get it Samsung, you want in on BYOD. We're cool with that as it will still be BES 10 that enterprises use to manage your devices. So even if the Starbucks Barrista looking college kids you're apparently after bring in their Galaxy phones to work, RIM will still laugh all the way to the bank.

Plus, they can only air this commercial for a few days as "Unicorn Apocalypse" will prove to be very, very real on January 30, 2013.

"...the average customer has no idea who TAT is, or that RIM bought them or that they are located in Sweden."

Count me in - I thought TAT stood for Tap-A-Talk, which is based in Shanghai and Hong Kong. (It's actually Tapatalk - there are no hyphens.)

Exactly. If you want to effectively do tongue in cheek kind of comedy in your commercials the audience has to be in on the joke. Most of what they were poking fun at in that commercial would not resonate at all with your average consumer because they wouldn't get the reference.

TAT - The Astonishing Tribe

They are now RIM Sweden and are the User Experience Group within the company. They are UI experts and they were instrumental in creating the Cascades BB 10 Native SDK.

Next to QNX Software Systems, they are the second most important acquisition that RIM has ever made.

I really do not like this commercial, first they're targeting the older phones even though we're less than a month to getting the newest models, secondly, they're not even targeting the 9900... I believe that was a bold 9700 and some sort of old curve or pearl?

Though I do like one aspect of this... the fact that companies realize they can make lots of money off of the stupidest game idea's....ever.

All's fair guys... you should see this as a jab. A few months ago, they came after the Iphone 5 (the top guy)... Blackberry's doing something right if they're spending a dollar on advertising to try and get user business. This is a great day for BB10


Well, at least people can shut the hell up about a potential buyout or partnership between RIM and Samsung. It never was going to happen. It never made any sense.

I thought the commercial was kinda funny. Just like Sammy's commercials geared towards iSheep when the people standing in line said "we will have that (feature) next time". Both that one and this one are really great commercials for who they are targeted for, young uninformed people. To people that are more informed, this is a funny commercial, and thats it. Sammy/Android is not marketing to people here on CB, or your loyal BB or even iSheep fan. It is geared towards the lay person that stakes their self worth on having the latest gadget, and we all have to admit the GS3 is a really fun TOY, but BB means business, and BB users get things done!
If RIM wants a good commercial or campaign, they can spin off this of commercial and show how funny it really is; like when you see and old Star Wars movie and realized that the effects are really quite cheesy.
I will be buying a full qwerty when they come out along with the 35 company BB's we have when they are up for renewal.


-fryberry out

Hey, this is Samsung's style. We loved when they went after the iPhone. The only thing that makes this lame is BB10 coming around the corner. Sorry Samsung, you've entered the area too late. BB10 will slam the door in your face.

I'm a banker and one of our processors was fired today was fired cause of a breech in her phone. The file was able to be seen by a competitor. She has a Galaxy s3... Now, it could've very well been her stupidity that caused this to happen but I've never had this issue/slip on my Bold 9900... nor any other BB before it

wow, Kevin Chillout.. that ad is a fact.. im dumping my unreliable Blackberry this year.. and BB10 will be nothing but a flop like how playbook was...

Bye bye, send us a postcard from your Android (?) phone. Don't install any banking apps on your device or you won't have money to send us a postcard :) Actually don't install anything, it could a virus that will be sending sms-s to some paid services until you bank account become empty

The commercial kinda made me laugh. I mean, we ALL know that unicorn blood is rainbow colored, but to have to call it out in a commercial? I mean c'mon, really? That's like telling someone the order of the letters in the English alphabet. Mere child's play.

This commercial reminded me of their other commercial when they targeted iPhone... "The headphone jack is IN. THE. BOTTOM." MIND BLOWN.

It's a good thing when a competitor started to make a jab at you. BB10 will be a serious threat. At this stage BB phones are not seen as the popular devices like Iphone. So the commercial sort of lost in translation if view by the general public. All is good. I do hope that all the actors in the commercial get paid enough to afford a BB10 phone.

The very idea that Samsung felt the need to do this commercial adds validity to BB10, the idea to dig trenches for the Enterprise business this early is brilliantly done by Samsung to start attacking while blackberry is still in a weakened and vulnerable state. Unicorns lame.....but the commercial is brilliant

I just saw this commercial for the first time 30 minutes ago while watching the inauguration. "LAME" is right Kevin. BB10 and the energy in the Blackberry community (and from former bb owners) definitely wont be affected by the pseudo-hippie geek squads jab.

The formula hasn't gotten old, but cheeky only works if the viewer is in on the joke.

Most of this commercial would go right over the average viewers head. The average smart phone buyer doesn't know BB 10 is right around the corner. They don't know that TAT is from Sweden. They don't associate BlackBerry with mobile games.

If I showed this add to an average iPhone or Android customer the only takeaway the would get was that the three year old BlackBerry they stopped using a year and a half ago isn't cool anymore. But they already knew that when they switched.

But when they actually see "Unicorn Apocalypse" debut on 01/30/2013, if they even clue in that Samsung was poking fun at all the delays BB10 has seen, they won't care anyway. They'll just think, damn, that's not the BlackBerry I remember and it looks damn good.

Let's give credit where it's was a rather entertaining commercial. Silly, lacks credibility, but nonetheless entertaining at least. Don't forget they did produce the commercial that brought to light how the iPhone is no longer cool cuz your parents have them now.

I say let them (Android et al) try to convince businesses that they can match the security of Blackberry. Once a significant breach takes place, that's when the US market will turn to whomever does security hopefully that will still be Blackberry. With NFC and other security reliant features being developed, RIM is well poised to leverage their advantage. Let's hope it stays that way though..

Hopefully that will still be BlackBerry? Who else could it possibly be? RIM is head and shoulders above all of it's competitors when it comes to security.

For RIM to assume, or anyone that matter, that their position in the market is "safe" a misplaced assumption. Look no further than at RIM's lessons learned in the past two years and having to undergo the changes they've had to just to emerge from some pretty dark times.

RIM's security features is a significant strategic advantage to which no other platform can currently match. But don't think for a second that other platforms aren't trying to chip away at that.

At some point, there's always someone that comes along and offers an's just a matter of time...IMO of course.

When you're 'king of the (security) hill', someone always comes along to try to knock you off. If you're Apple, wouldn't you?

Well of course the others have been trying - but no one seems to take security importantly right now because phones are selling without it.

Every year Apple makes a half assed effort to get FIPS certification and every year they fail.

Samsung's efforts as others in this thread have noted are akin to locking the car doors while leaving the windows down.

Microsoft is perhaps the most significant threat, but their fisher Price inspired UI hasn't really taken the world by storm yet.

Plus RIM's NOC is the largest privately owned network in the world, no one else has anything close.

Sure, some one can come along one day and if there is a major security breach on Android or iOS then things could change over night. But, others would still have to catch up, and RIM is already waiting with open arms with a secure platform that meets the worlds highest standards.

The real problem at least right now, is that no one cares. Samsung can make half assed efforts and pass them off as credible in silly ads like this one and people buy it.

The US defense team are assigned Blackberries to communicate with each other... Thats the end of the argument.... To say a Galaxy S3 or a Note offers better security than a Blackberry is simply laughable! And that jab about one being for business and one for home... My blackberry both... but if anyone has that issue now, it was fixed with Blackberry Balance... Sooooooo, FAIL!!!!!

First Samsung steals from Apple (five times already in the past 3 years). Then they attack RIM for no reason (RIM is only trying to revive their company). I hope both Apple and RIM join together to do something about this.

Let me add on to this. RIM is successful because it has a strong hold in Brazil, Russia, India and China (B.R.I.C.). But the Ubuntu phone is coming out. A reminder is that Ubuntu linux is one of the most used operating systems in 3rd world countries this includes BRIC. which might ruin RIM's strong hold in these areas.

So the best bet for both Apple and RIM would be to join together and get rid of Android. It would be a win, win situation because no more law suits against Samsung on behave of Apple. As well RIM would then take up the mobile user base of Android.

Which is fine because RIM has already said that their goal is not to take away users from Apple or Android; but, to solidify third place for now. But, then why solidify third when you could solidify 2nd.

Food for thought.

Lame, lame and lame. Did I mention lame? Android is already the Windows of mobile phones. Clunky, unsecured and just rubbish in general.

Bring me my zee10.NOW

The ad is quite hilarious ! The BB10 will end up like the Playbook. The fanboys will buy but ordinary people will not ! I'm not a troll, just realistic!

He's just another droid-trad trolling blackberry articles because he's upset that android is the welfare, dollar store, barging bin phone. On another note has anyone seen the the leaked photos of the galaxy S4 sammy copied blackberry's z10 with no buttons full gesture operation.

I agree with you partially. BB10 isn't even out, We don't know if it's going to succeed/fail. I had to voice my opinion to remind the fanboys to slow their horses. I understand the excitement, but let's not forget why RIM has their backs against the wall. You can knock Samsung but they're absolutely destroying the competition.

Since I'm switching from the iPhone 5 to a bb10 z10, that renders your comment invalid. And this commercial just shows that samsung feels threatened by bb10.

Are you getting this information from the same anal-yst who said RIM would be broke and dead before they even got a chance to launch BB10.. Because their crystal balls nailed it.. If and butts were honey and nuts, we'd all be able to pick lottery numbers!

9 more sleeps till we all get to see everything under the hood!

The fact of the matter is, if Playbook wasnt rushed to the market early and was priced correctly, it would've been a great competitor to the Ipad. BB10 has taken some time to get here. So your assumptions of it flopping like the Playbook is dead wrong. ISO is tired and Samsung pushes out an Android every 6months... That gets tired real quick. Acknowledge that Blackberry has made a GREAT effort with BB10 and come up with FACTS as to why you feel it will flop... If you cant, you ARE the TROLL that you're claiming not to be. Pathetic!

Where can we buy the pills you take so we can experience the reality that is your world?

You claim to not be a troll, yet it sounds like you are, as if you have to say that you're not a troll, that means you are......

I understand that you guys are loyal Crackberry fans and you're going to defend Research in Motion, But they're not out of the woods yet. Like it or not, the BlackBerry Platform is still bleeding customers, Both Consumer and Enterprise customers. Don't Believe me? it's all over the blogs sphere. Whether you like Android/iOS or not, They're dominating. I love RIM as a company and i'm cheering for them as an underdog. I love the pictures of BlackBerry 10 on I think RIM has a real winner. At the same time, I won't be naive about their chances. They have a long battle ahead of them. Microsoft has poured Hundreds of Millions of dollars into Windows Phone 7 & 8 and barely made a dent. Less than 3% worldwide according to the latest figures. We can make fun of Samsung for their cheesy commercials, But they're hot shit right now, Just like Research in Motion was years ago and the Co-CEO's refused to see the change in the industry and shift.

Microsoft doesn't have 79 million customers with 70% willing to upgrade, Microsoft has been in the mobile industry for close to a decade and has never done good. Blackberry has brand loyalty not to the same extent but like apple. No one says there out of the woods, but blackberrys os7 phones sold more then microsofts wp7/7.5/8 last year, that alone says alot. I've been with iOS for 3 years and I'm leaving my ecosystem to switch to blackberry 10, the phone is amazing and can only get better. And exactly like you said there in this position due to the ex CEOs, who no longer run the company, RIM is gonna surprise people this year like it or not, I've been a loyal iOS user, tried android didn't like it, and can say bb10 is being released with more features then iOS has gotten in the last few years, that alone tells me something.

Your allowed your own opinion but when you face the facts bb10 has more going for it then wp8, all Microsoft has is a big bank. They released wp7 and it went no where, so they decided to re-release it this year but this time with a tablet and computer interface to try force people to be used to it. And I can tell that didn't work well cause I bought a Mac and am now done with windows.

I saw this commercial and couldn't help laugh to myself. Sure Samsung, you're all over business. Why don't you first update your email client to support non standard port numbers in the exchange server address before you start crowing about your business chops.


I thought Android & Apple Fans were bad, BlackBerry Fans are 10X worse. Half of you don't know even know what you're talking about about. I hope BB10 succeeds so you guys won't have egg on your faces.

Well if you took the kind of abuse that BlackBerry fans have taken in recent years, you'd be acting this way.....

so was this a phone commercial. I didnt see anyone holding a Note up to their ear. or any woman with smal hands holding it.

Weak sauce from Samsung. I am in the market for a new phone. This is not bringing me over to the android side. Are we 100% sure it is a Samsung official advert? It is pretty awful and I'd be upset if I paid for this piece.

However I will admit that Samsung makes some great high end hardware. They also make some low end stuff. End of discussion; they cover everything with price points from cheap cell phones to high end tablets. Where they are suspect is their capabilities in making an viable OS. I would love to see BB10 licensed to them and running optimized on 2 x 4 cores. You could get stuff done yesterday and probably send BBMs from the future.

BEFORE you go on liking the droid too much and device build-quality aside, beware that Google has been PROVEN to track ALL Android keystrokes for everything from phone-keypad-strokes (incl. even non-dialed calls) to texts, notes and emails, as well as the remaining - more insidious - risks ... like this:

Proceed at your own peril.

As a Marketing Specialist/Verteran who completely loved the original Samsung-vs.-Apple ad/s ("I need an iphone; I'm creative" - "dude, you're a barista!" - ROFLOLOLMAO!!), I cannot say with enough conviction that THIS effort is among the dumbest outings I've ("ever!") seen.
Confusing message, lack of focus, poorly targeted, and just simply bad comparisons using 3+ year-old low-end devices to 'knock' with their newest Samsung unit.
A head-scratcher at-best and a ridiculous effort that does nothing more than shooting their credibility in the foot.

If THAT's the best message the Samsung behemoth can create in comparing themselves with a comparatively upstart-sized RIM - and yet that their sheep will 'buy into' - then RIM's Marketing team has a MUCH more difficult job ahead than I feared.

When "facts," "specs," and "logic/reason" are left out of the Reasons-to-Buy message and consumers/buyers are swayed strictly on "sentiment," "image" and "ridicule," winning their heart and minds becomes exponentially more difficult - sort of like an "oranges vs. mashmallows" comparison or shooting at camouflaged targets in near-darkness.

RIM's marketing team had better be up to the task of making the correct impression on the buying public powerfully enough to matter, but not so strongly as to kick its competitors into countermeasures- overdrive.

It won't just be RIM pushing BlackBerry 10 though.

It's rumored that all 4 major US carriers have already made volume orders for the next two quarters. If true, that's a pretty strong statement of support and carriers don't agree to buy inventory they don't plan to sell. So the carriers themselves will be pushing BlackBerry 10 pretty hard.

Plus if you clicked through all the slides that BGR posted today showing off BB 10, RIM has built a retail demo mode right into the OS. So when handling a live unit sales people will be able to activate the demo and let the phone teach the user how to navigate BB 10.

I think RIM plans to let users experience BlackBerry 10 first hand in store and I can imagine allot of their marketing effort and $ will be spent on in store displays with live phones. RIM wants the experience to be what wins the consumer over.

I agree 100% that this Samsung ad was weak though without a clear message and most of the humor would go right over the target audiences head.

You only mock someone in this way when you see them as competition (like they did with Apple). It's actually kinda flattering

i acctually came to look on update on bb 10
And saw this. This is so true. I also walk with two phones... Time to leave bb unless bb decides to drop 10bucks for bis.

Seriously !! Hitting on BlackBerry...
Please don't make laugh sammy boy go home invent something better...


LOL! This is the best Samsung can do? Does anyone here remember the Blackjack? Samy's starting to look very vulnerable right about now, they make their money off copying others phones but you really cant copy bb10 without making it obvious.

I think this is great. Samsung must be scared of BB10 if this is what they're advertising. It is humorous to see them use older BB devices to convey the old BlackBerry image.


The difficult, we do immediately. The impossible takes a little while longer.

Given this sort of lame advertising, I guess it is fair to say that Samsung won't be lining up to licence BB10. Always thought this was a stretch given their strength in the Android world. However, if RIM is to licence BB10, I think the company to keep an eye is HTC. A range of good quality phones,with significant exposure in Asia. It has been a tough slog for them profit wise given their second fiddle position to Samsung. Just ripe for a marketing agreement.

Days ago, I install the mail from my company on my s3, the registration was stressful, because, a difference of blackberrys I have to put it all the information myself, I have to look the configuration on my thunderbird and when I finally finish, all the work I made fot that last 2 weeks, then I have to configurate my gmail account to receive the email from my work... reallyyy baddddd....

I'd be curious to know how les boys at Android Central feel about this ad. I'm all for great products and services, but this is Samsung poking at something they know absolutely nothing about.

As lame as this commercial is its a true to life situation. I'm in IT and BlackBerry fusion just came too late to the BYOD game that we have sunset our BES servers due to the demand to support more personal devices. Needless to say blackberries are the only device we will not support. We even support windows mobile. I will still carry my Bb proud. Haha

This is a bunch of moron. To think they can make fun of Blackberry over Security, please...!!! Pathetic commercial, why do they keep advertising NFC, all phones have it except iphone. Even an old OS 5 or 6 samsung can't beat BB on security. And why compare GS3 against an old BB??? But thanks for this, now we know that Samsung is scared of RIM. Now the sleeping Giant has awaken, release the BB10. SCAMsung can't copy or immitate the new fresh UI and that's why they are attacking RIM. SCAMsung on Jan. 30th. WATCH for your eyes only, LISTEN with both ears and LEARN, but DON'T COPY.

I think this is actually good, the people that need to know what is good for their company, know YouTube adds are not going to change that. At least the big companies are now acting like Rim is going to be a threat and showing it, bringing to the attention of all their customers. Their curiosity will tempt them to see what all the hype is about, look into what Rim is upto and what the new BlackBerry has to offer to make the other companies start these campaigns. Maybe Rim will get lucky and have Apple start campaigns about how their browser and display is better then the BB.

I never thought I was going to say this...

When Apple engaged Samsung in a hailstorm of lawsuits, I was hoping big time that Samsung would win; now, my position has changed. Apple may be our enemy, but there is a chart somewhere that shows that Android/Google phones did more to harm BlackBerry's prospects since 2008 than Apple's iPhone, and Samsung is/was a part of that. (See: If BlackBerry can coexist primarily with Apple as a competitor of innovation, I'm perfectly fine with that. In fact, I'm for it.

And Samsung wants to release their own OS... great idea in theory, but it's probably a SAFE bet that it won't quite work out. They need to start by overhauling their whole doped-up PR team.

In the meantime, Android's dessert-themed OS releases can be left out to rot and accrue viruses and stuff.

This commercial made my head hurt; also, notice how the background music sounds almost like a sad violin playing? Hearing it actually gets me depressed.

I guess I'm a cheap accountant and am tired of paying $20 per month for BES. Why can't they make it standard or an opt-out function? We have a 400 person firm and very few have BB. We have great IT guys too and look into this all of the time. People are moving away from BB. My company doesn't reimburse for the BB either. You would think if they felt others are not safe, they would force people to go back to BB. Just saying.

Well Mr Cheap Accountant, many fortune 500 companies are already embracing BB10, mobile fusion and BB balance. You stick with your bug infested android.

Obviously the cheap accountant label doesn't work. Gosh 20 bucks a month for BES. The rest of us spend 5-10 dollars. Way to go big spender.

BTW, most of us go with BES because it creates the best and most secure communication platform of any major provider. When the old wife gets those pictures and emails of you and the secretary, you'll know what I mean.

I wouldn't worry too much about this lame ad. Clearly Samsung thinks RIM is enough of a threat to attack them. They are only playing to their target audience's lack of knowledge on BB. But *they* know what we know, and this is where all the inside jokes originate from. I was thinking RIM's strategy to build buzz slowly through word-of-mouth at first will serve them in the long run rather than through splashy ad campaigns like the competition. Once it's proven BB10 is solid, RIM will be head and shoulders above the rest and the device will speak for itself. This ad is trying too hard to be clever and panders to its audience. I'm excited to see what kind of advertising campaign RIM will take to introduce BB10 to the market. It's clear this ad is making the SIII and Note 2 phones look like toys for the kids. BB10 is the new and improved, grown-up, sexy BB! :-)

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!! Thats pretty funny.. Anyway can someone get me into the BlackBerry fan night NYC?

These lame commercials don’t give credit to consumers, instead they portrait them as being naive in buying this sort of nonsense. Despite the miss-information in relation to this commercial, it’s quite evident Samsung is threatened by BlackBerry 10. Well good for them, they better be.

As a Galaxy note owner who uses their phone mainly for business, All I can say is...

The galaxy phone while it maybe nice for note taking, past that I find it annoying. The "touchwiz" and layout samsung uses, I find to be terrible. For emails, same idea, I just find it annoying to do anything on this phone. For such a big screen, I make more typing errors on this "phablet" than I have on my older atrix that was tiny compared to this. As much as I do like the idea, and the S-pen apps(only reason why I keep it). I honestly am waiting patiently for the new BB10. To me, this horrible commercial def. is a tell that Samsung is slightly threatened by RIM. If you notice, they really didnt have much to say other than their new phone out performs a blackberry that was released years ago, before the "content consumption" became the main cause for most people to even invest.

Yes. the GS3 and the note 2 can be used in a business world, however the part they wont ever tell you is how long it will take you to properly complete that task...

Keep it up RIM, you are doing just fine.

Kevin, I think you owe me that 1:31 of my life back for having watched that and another 5 minutes for reading the rest of the blog... And also a BB10 device for not actually being able to get the actual time back. Just PM me for my info! Thanks :-P

EVERYONE is worried about RIM's new phone.It will sweep the market, and the markets know it.

The iphone's time was 420, lmao - so I am sure everybody in that office were fresh back from a hardcore bong session. That commercial was the single most annoying and wack pos I have ever had the displeasure of wasting seconds of my life watching, by accident.


in the time of your life, live so that in that good time, there should be no ugliness or death for yourself or for any life that your life touches, seek goodness everywhere

I dislike Samsung. I lived in Seoul for ten years. If that commercial had been flipped, and it was RIM dissing Samsung in the ad, and the commercial was broadcast in the Korean market, thanks to Korean law Samsung would be able to sue RIM for Libel and they'd win, even if what was claimed was true.

Let's step out of our walled garden for a moment....while people are "LMAO"-ing everywhere, this commercial IS the perception everyone else has of Blackberry....stodgy old people use them. This IS why they write articles on people "ashamed of their BlackBerry." So let's not pretend that commercials like this are not a threat.
If you think the perception of BlackBerry being lame, even though we know it isn't, is going to be easy to overcome, then you don't know the power of all.
This is the reason why many have posted forum threads such as, "Where's the marketing?"
Samsung has fired the first salvo, now let's see the BB10 counter attack....and if their isn't one? Game over, Frank Boulben....enjoy your golden parachute

You have a valid point about BB's perception. However, this ad would not exist if they thought BB10 would be a concern for them. Attacking the competition is a tricky strategy. I think it some cases it can backfire, bringing a negative perception to the company. I have a more negative perception of Samsung after seeing this ad and I would still have that perception even if I wasn't a BB owner.

I agree with Vegasgirl. It seems hardly logical to waste time and effort on a company with a perception problem. Why does the public need to be reminded about an irrelevant company if that is how they are perceived? No... Its because Samsung knows they are very relevant. I think Blackberry got some very free advertising courtesy of Samsung.

Never mind the product, just take the ad as it presents itself: post-teens playacting as movers and shakers in an exaggerated obnoxious environment. Who's bell is this supposed to ring? No professionals I know.

Yep Sammy is just one epic fail after another and their marketing is killiing them....

...except there are 8.3 billion reasons why at the moment, Samsung isn't much afraid of anything ( If they paid Apple their 2 billion last quarter they still would have had a 6 billion dollar profit). That's what they made last quarter, driven mostly by sales in mobile, yes 63 million phones. That was on top of the previous quarter of 7.4 billion and that was 2x what they had done in Q3 in 2011. The stock ended 2012 up 44% from where it started. 2 weeks ago it closed at 1.584 million won (its sound more impressive when you say that I would love to buy one share of that - but it's $1500) They sell 500 phones a minute, Last year they released 37 different phones across the globe.

This is just Sammy taking a stab in the one part of the industry they are not competing for the lead - Enterprise, IMHO. They let the marketing dept have a go at it, and they used the same commercial line that worked pretty damn effectively against Apple.

I know it's chic to believe everything is about to change here. I got a glimpse of pics of externals of the next GSIV and they aren't going away quietly if these pics are to be believed. There's a lot you can do when you are expected to sell 290 million phones in 2012 and 320 million in 2013.

I'm not sure Sammy knows the meaning of fail at the moment.

Its funny how you "BlackBerry" fanboys are so stuck in the past, hoping this Blackberry 10 will reaffirm your love for your outdated phones. This article is biased, very disgusting. Samsung's ad, although a little poorly directed, targets those startups that are popping up everywhere. Those companies that are embracing "BYOP" policy. More and more people are going to see this and be like "Hey, why not?" Because Samsung brings a feature rich phone that doesn't have an apple on the back. That's the true target of this commercial. People now have a 3rd choice. No longer Apple vs. BlackBerry. And you guys better hope Windows 8 doesn't catch on to this.....because they will.

dude, make yourself a favor : GTFO of CRACKBERRY and wait until the 30th to cry in your mother basement while ill be contemplating my RIMM shares going up and up and up ;)

Why not? Because Android, let alone Samsung, are PURE GARBAGE. Insecure, laggy, slow, and not productive at all. When it comes to business, only BlackBerry and Windows Phone can cut it. The rest, save it for posting pictures of food on Instagram.

Dont know when the last time you used a updated samsung phone but they are in no way slow. And they are nolonger laggy after jellybean. As a matter of fact samsung has the fastest hardware out right now. Im not a android fanboy.Im for BB. Just stating facts

That Samsung ad is pure crap. I'd be ashamed to be associated with such filth! This is a joke right !? I guess that's life after you've played all the free Android games and had taken all the pics you can ! We (those who actually have lives to live and work to do ) would never take any "Toy class " phone seriously , as competition to a Blackberry device .
That said, to each his own . The other mobile devices have their place , berry owners have different mindsets , expectations and demands .

Nice research, Oleg is a Russian name, and what kind of energy drink do they talk about_ Absolute vodka..._ Red bull`s from Austria...

EWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW!! get gone hahahahaha samsung my arse! pile of crap!!!!! always crash and lagging pfft stfu!! BLACKBERRYYY 10 HELLYEAAAHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

You can talk shit all you want but at least samsungs commercials are being seen. I cant remember the last time I seen a BB commercial. A crappy ad is better than none. I still hear people say that RIM went under everyday. Might change on the 30th but people only see a 3 platform race because rim hasnt even showed up yet. Dont get me wrong im 1000% for RIM. Just stating the facts.

If I work in any byod environment in the future I'm definitely only going to hire bb10 owners. Sg3 owners mistakenly think their device is secure (and are therefore a risk), they watch sports at work and consider that to be 'modern business's, they think unicorns are real, and they dress and act like teenagers.

I thought the ad was amusing. I also think Samsung believes BB10 is going to be successful. Otherwise they wouldn't have release this Ad so close to the launch of BB10. I see many BB fans upset about the ad but it's nice to know the competition feels threatened by BB10. I'm a past BB user who now uses a Samsung phone and this ad just made me reminisce about my past BB. I'm planing on trying out BB10 when it comes out. If I like it I'm switching over. BB fans should feel happy that a company as successful as Samsung is taking notice of BB. RIM can't make it solely on the BB faithful. They need to win over those past BB users and new customers if they want to survive. I believe this year will be a interesting year for RIM. I'm beginning to believe that RIM can win me and others over.

As a business owner, and a company that uses BB, I had concerns a year ago that if RIM actually did fail, what platform would we migrate to.....Android using Samsung or Apple. Well after that Ad, I would choose Apple. What a pathetic attempt to draw in the business world. Punks that can't dress with any signs of class, watching sports while supposedly working etc. I would fire that punk within 5 minutes. That commercial was nothing more than a room full of "know it all, smart ass punks" begin to wonder why the western world is in decline........Samsung drop dead!

imagine a bank, a mining company or a law office, and imagine your very very important information are on devices with jailbreak and custom room. that is the case.

so side loading or installing pre release beta version of an os doesnt count either i guess security is all up to the user why would you keep secure files on a phone to begin with i dont care what phone you have i dont want some employee carrying around my personal information on their phone and to state the fact i really do hope blackberry comes strong this year the os looks promising but then again so did the storm people forget blackberry isn't only aiming at professionals they are aiming for the consumer who wants to watch netflix and play games on their phones cause if its just for enterprise use and the professional on the go they might as well ditch the full touch and just keep it straight qwerty. Trust me i miss my blackberry to death but it comes a point in time when you have to realize hat you also want to have something to kill time with when your not tapping emails away or when your kids are bored in the grocery store and you hand them your phone, its apparently obvious that samsung is sticking it to blackberry because its generating hype now more than ever and that ad should just be taken as a sigh of relief that a major player like samsung is actually looking at blackberry as a real competitor as to about a year ago no one would even waste their time making a commercial like this cause everyone believed blackberry was over with