RIM launches rebranded BlackBerry World web store

By Adam Zeis on 21 Jan 2013 07:34 am EST

BlackBerry World

At BlackBerry Jam Asia, it was announced that BlackBerry App World would be rebranding to simply BlackBerry World. We've been patiently waiting for the change to drop in, and just nine days from the January 30th BlackBerry 10 event, that change has finally hit the web store. In the late hours last night the team at RIM made the swap and now the store has lost its "app" branding. You can still find the latest apps and games (music and movies soon) but things just have bit of a different look now. The change is coming to the BlackBerry PlayBook in a few weeks (OS update anyone?) and to phones shortly after.

Check out the new BlackBerry World store



I actually prefer the name "Blackberry World" Sounds updated and more along the lines of this new OS.


yeah.. hit that App Store, Play Store & Phone Store coz.. BlackBerry World is in DA HOUSE!!!

Shobhit pathak

looks nice and improved, good display of navigational apps on first page,

however some apps (expensify) do not state if supporting BB10 or not?

Wonder if it lists apps from the last Port-a-thon......

Thor RULES...
RIMPIRE Strikes AGAIN............................


Need to change the url though. Still is appworld.blackberry.com


I remember a german community, which had to change its name and url, after a complaint about the name. The url was 'blackberryworld.eu' - afaik. That was about 4 years ago. So if you ask me they planned this all ages ago. And so there will be an other url, too.


I think a little NetFlix would make Blackberry World much more worldly.


Only if netflix makes their app.


BlackBerry PlayBook update!?! Would this be to BB10!!!?? Or just a mini PlayBook OS update?


lol. I can't see BB 10 coming to the PlayBook until Spring at the earliest.


I understand why people would feel that...but is it so hard to believe they may launch it alongside or a week or 2 after the Z10 launch? I think it would bode very well for RIM and tablet sales if they announce next Wednesday that the PlayBook would be getting BB10 a week after the phones launch!


It is hard to believe because if they had resources to spare they would get out the n-series sooner because the phones make them money, updating the playbook does not.


The PB is much more similar to the Z10 than X10 in terms of use.


They do have the resources. the qwerty model is not coming out until after the all touch because they planned it that way. Not because they dont have the resources lol.


I know this is just "internet heresay" so to speak but I have a friend at RIM and the outlook looks grim for a playbook update to BB10, let alone right away or within a few weeks of launch.

I'll be pissed so I hope hes wrong. I guess we'll have to wait and see.


RIM already confirmed the playbook will be getting blackberry 10. That friend is lying to you.


The question is if RIM actually updated App World to address both developers skewing ratings and users leaving PIN reviews or if they are just rebranding it.


TROLLS are affecting the ratings. I think anyone can create a blackberry ID to do that. I think it's a shame on those dirtbags doing that to affect ratings and harm app sales.


will this becoming to OS 7 users? just the change of the app?


Just the change of the app name, store branding, you'll see. Just wait for it.


im not able to see the new Blackberry world. When i try to log in (Chrome or IE) after sign in i get a white screen, and F5 is not helping...


I will go ahead and confirm this as well. The one thing I hope RIM manages properly is execution and not hype.


It's not going to be just hype.


i got to say Blackberry World is criss!!! the design, layout looks real good man. luv luv luv it!!!!


WTF ??!! trying to login but it gives me blank page after input my credentials !!! all the time!


I don't even get that far. Obviously reads the current log in cookie but then delivers a white screen.

The one risk I see for BB10 is whether RIM can execute. Not starting well.


i was gonna post this too.
Doesn't work in Chrome (v24) or IE (tried it for good measure).
I get stuck in blank page as well.

Seems RIM needs to polish site a bit more.


I'm in BC. I see nothing different right now.

the brother

I aint seeing the change yet either...on Rogers in Toronto 9810/


9 days away, where is this huge marketing drive by RIM? Lots of ppl still seem to think BB10 is old rehashed JAVA OS BB...


Carriers have to do the marketing for blackberry 10. RIM provided them the training and tools to do so.


I can't login to the webfront...


Same white screen for me in Chrome, and I can't sign in. I'm UK based


Chrome all blank.....Google are you up to your little games again?


I think they forgot to put up a notice about site maintenance, that's why it's blank. Lol


Hopefully Blackberry World is truly available worldwide and not in selective countries. There were ways to install apps on old BBs without the appworld, however, you cant do much without BBWorld on the Playbook. If its the same system on the BB10, getting apps would be an hassle wherever RIM does not launches the BBworld.