The Final Countdown... only 10 more days!

By Kevin Michaluk on 20 Jan 2013 10:00 am EST

As I hit publish on this post we are precisely 240 hours away from the kick-off of January 30th's BlackBerry 10 launch event. You can officially now countdown the number of sleeps until BB10 on two hands!

We've been waiting a long time for this. 10am ET on January 30th will mark the end of the waiting and the beginning of a new era for BlackBerry. Exciting times CrackBerry Nation! 

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The Final Countdown... only 10 more days!


Well, that got me pumped first thing in the morning,WOOT!
Does the Crackberry Team have plans to hook up with Toronto media to ramp this UP UP UP?

The 80's glam rocker in me salutes Crackberry Kevin and his golden locks any singer from the genre would be proud of in making the obviously most epic choice for a titanic comeback!

Blackberry 10 is going to captivate all who witness its subtle wizardry, and begin a new era in mobile computing and communication.

Power to the Crackberry Nation!

KEVIN!!!! GET A GREEN SCREEN FOR YOUR BB10 OFFICE AND MAKE THIS VIDEO THE BACKROUND FOR ALL YOUR PODCASTS!!!!!!!!!! (And curl your hair a bit to fit in with this video)

Oh? I'm the impolite one? I didn't start an entire string of comments over the fact that I was excited? Now did I? Someone who comments just for the sake of saying someone is impolite is rude, I didn't harm anyone with my CAPS? Therefore, I leave them there to express my excitingly excitful excitingness. I have a right to be excited and use CAPs just like any other person, and just like you have the right to tell me to stop, but when it comes down to the basics, you were impolite, not me.

I can say that I am like most of us in waiting for the countdown to be over till the launch event. That being said here's what gets me. I have come to the conclusion that Cnet is a very bias site in the effect that this was a Android or a Apple IPhone there would have been a countdown to the event on that site for at least a month. Oddly enough there the is a article about how boring and stale the IPhone 5 is. What I am saying is that its as much as Rim and the Crackberry Nation is promoting the launch of a "New" operating system you would think that they would at least put some sort of acknowledgement that its coming.....and in 10 days no less. Here what I think we will see....a "Prize fight Punch out" With the Z10 and (insert phone of your choice) and after a bunch of half hearted comparisons it will come down to "apps" of all things, Not the new OS, not the thought and detail that others may have over looked in their OS but apps. Perhaps its just me but it seems to me that like Yahoo who doesn't even consider Blackberry a smartphone, Rim should ignore those who only want to speak about them when they are looking bad. Granted they cant ignore BestBuy, Staples, etc. but Tech sites like Cnet would go to the back of the line.

I am so excited for this launch...... Days are dragging here in Northern Ireland .... I will be checkin in to CB several time daily as normal to stay in the loop.... Brilliant work guys.... Huge fan of your work !!!

Not only are we BB fans getting excited but it looks like the stock market also is gearing up for the new release. This past week has seen an increase in the price of the stock and I think once BB 10 is released it will climb even higher. Jan 30th is still a long way away but compared to how long we have been waiting for this moment it will flash by quickly.

I am just hoping we will not have to endure another count down waiting for the US carrier market to release them to us. I am enjoying coming here often to view the countdown.

Thanks Kevin and your team for this great site

I'm going to post a music video for each of the next 10 days.
This is obviously going to be the first, but I'm thinking of going with Eye of the Tiger for tomorrow:
Rising up, back on the street
Did my time, took my chances
Went the distance, now I'm back on my feet
Just BB10 and our will to survive

So many times, it's happens too fast
You change your passion for glory
Don't lose your grip on the dreams of the past
You must fight just to keep them alive

I'm dying!!! I need my new BB now, lol. I REALLLLLLLLY hope the rumors about T-Mobile launching BB10 on 3/27 are wrong. Ima need some BB lovin' in February...

I just wish that pricing info would get released so that I know how much I have to spend, but I also have a free upgrade from rogers, so it might cost me nothing or just the upgrade fee. I know I said free, but is anything ever truly free? besides air, life and water in the oceans.

All I want to know is.......... Will I get the full-touch?......... Will I get the keyboard version?......... I have the 9900 so maybe getting the full experience with the full-touch might be the way I will go.

Cannot wait for launch day!! Everything's trending the way it should be for RIM. Toughest decision for everyone will be full touch or keyboard.

Lol, this is the tune I had suggested that Alec (Saunders) and Crue do for the latest "remake". Cheers KM for being on the same wavelength as I. Although I doubt very much that you were even in grade school when it was originally released. Haha.

Controlled excitement on my part. Having said that my gut feeling is that one of the big surprises will be the unveiling of the Aristo superphone, that would ABSOLUTELY blow the competition out of the water. Just my gut feeling.

Im a huge fan of Android but am super excited about BB10, & I cant wait to get my Blackberry 10 device in my hands in Feb. I am new to Crackberry but glad you guys are here to help lead me through my Blackberry experience. Welcome to Ontario by the way guys. - KID ANDROID (Team Android Canada)

I haven't seen that video in over 20+ yrs! I should look into these music sites more often...
I curious to know why are people under the impression that they will be able to buy one jan 30th??... Usually it takes a good 2 or 3 weeks (even a month or so) before consumers can buy a product after an unveiling...i'm not looking forward to the countless "not fair" threads that will pop up jan 31st.

Most, if not all of us are aware that the phone(s) wont be available til weeks after the unveiling on the 30th. The speculation(s) in specs and features will end and BB10 will become a reality once the 30th hits. That is enough to have me riled up. By reading some of the comments, I do see where you are coming from though.

I really really wish it was the final count down. Sadly its the "almost final count down"

Countdown: 10 days until the launch date announcement
Countdown: ? Days until TELUS actually says its available to be purchased.
Countdown: ? Days until it can actually purchased. ( Could it really be end of March? *Gasp* )
Countdown: ? Days until it will actually be shipped
Possible Countdown: Not enough inventory to fill orders 3 months of back order (see Nexus4)
Countdown: ? Days until it arrives

There are a lot of final countdowns to go. But I'll hang in there, I know I'm in good company.
#blackberry by choice

Just want to know one thing Kevin... Does the hair get cut on the announcement day, after a few beers during the Toronto partying leading up to it or when you physically get delivered your own BB10 phone in your hands. Or you can continue to look like the 80's rockers if you like the look. Which is it?

Look at that. It's Daddy Big Hands again! This was actually a good demo. I'm glad there were some summarized english subtitles to at least understand what he's demonstrating.

Really exicted, 2days after my birthday... Won't mind getting it on my birthday.
If wishes were horses.

I'm excited but........... I havent seen anything about this other than maybe one or two online news articles... and nothing on tv. :(

Same here! I am super mega excited (especially after seeing Kevin's choice of 80s arena rock)! :-) But I have to say, I was in LA over the weekend and saw a huge ad on Wilshire for the iPad Mini and I was thinking that should be an ad for BB10 instead. What makes me even more anxious than the wait for the device is the waiting for *how* RIM will the market the device!