Verizon Wireless prepping for the BlackBerry Z10 in black and white

By Adam Zeis on 18 Jan 2013 09:27 am EST

Verizon BlackBerry 10

While we've heard plenty from Canadian carriers that are getting set for the BlackBerry Z10, we have yet to see too much from carriers in the US. That all changed today as @evleaks posted up the above screen showing off the BlackBerry Z10 on Verizon's site. It doesn't look like a page is live just yet (we'll update if we track it down) but it appears to be a typical landing page where you can register for updates on the BlackBerry 10 devices through Verizon.

What's cool is that the image shows off not only the BlackBerry Z10 in black -- but also in white. We've suspected all along that the initial launch would include both variations of the Z10, so assuming this holds true it will be pretty awesome. We'll most likely see other carriers like AT&T, Sprint and T-Mobile drop similar pages soon so be on the lookout for those as well.

Source: @evleaks 

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Verizon Wireless prepping for the BlackBerry Z10 in black and white


All the us carriers have already confirmed they're gona carry BB10. Its just a matter of WHEN will T-Mo get it. Hopefully not march like early speculations have eluded to.

looking super slick the white has actually got me wondering for the first time i might get white insted of just the usual Black style

I don't usually go for white phones but I liked the look from the previously released pics. The contrast of the black glass borders on both sides of the screen to the white bezels top and bottom was pretty nice. IMO it looks better than a white border all around. I can't wait to see one in person. 8-)

I've never been big into the whole "white phone scene" but I have to admit, it looks sharp in white.

I guess Verizon is afraid people will just replace the battery door cover so they also put it on the front. But I totally agree with you.

All my blackberrys has always been black Except for my Red pearl, and Gold curve, I think this time I my go white Z10 its really growing on me!

One of the top brass at RIM acknowledged that there would be two devices to choose from in the initial launch. Maybe he meant white -vs- black.

I like the look of the front in white, black on back... I'll probably get white and then replace the battery door in blake... have a two-tone going on.

That's not a bad idea at all. Kevin, can we get a like button for comments too? Reyes you'd definitely get my vote. LOL!

@grreyes24- Hmmm. That's a thought. A 2-tone Z10. The BB logo on the black battery cover does stand out more. Good idea. Something to think about and an easy option to change things up.

@Thachoc1- A "like" button would be a great add to the site. 2 Thumbs up ;-)

My guess is that non-traditional colors wouldn't sell well when the price of the phone is too high. I am sure the "curve" replacements of BB10 will get more consideration for color variations.

The other point is that once they establish a market for bb10 devices they could even add further colours later to this model, perhaps at the same time as the first cheaper model, this one gets a new colour or two in order to take advantage of the extra attention of another launch.

The colors usually come in the 2nd wave, look at the GSIII for a recent example.

I still can't get out of my head that TH said one was coming in a color never before seen on a BlackBerry.

Just curious to why it's such a big deal about carrier branding! It's something that is always going to be there, called advertising.

seems its a carrier dependant thing. havent seen any carrier branded BB`s in the UK for a while, none of my BB7 devices are either.

I wish you could see the front of the white Z10 to tell if it has a black bezel around the screen or not. I like the renders that haven't had the extra black personally. But I am still getting the white one regardless.

I hope they are setting it up now. Been eligible since Nov. All of the sudden I cant get an upgrade status or upgrade my device. Interesting!!!!

Damn no luck finally got to the page and the same BB's are available. Oh well just keep waiting.

black. white is sweet, but i'm a purist.. lol.

Carrier branding sucks. For me it really weakens the industrial design. It's the same with cars - When buying a new/used car I demand that there's no dealer badges put on the vehicle. I even take off the branded license plate frame the second I can get my hands on a screwdriver.

I'm with virgin in Canada and they haven't branded either of the 2 BB's I've purchased from them. one of the MANY reasons virgin is better than most carriers in Canada.

We could do away with carrier branding if the carrier didn't basically own the phone for the first 2 years. It's the tradeoff you make for paying $200 for it, instead of $600 or $800 - carrier subsidy.

Same reason you buy a new car with a bank loan and you don't hold the title until you pay the car off, and the bank forces you to get full insurance coverage until they no longer have any financial exposure if you crash it.

Hmmmmm... I can see that. I wonder if one buys it directly from the manufacturer at full retail would they deliver it unlocked and unbranded.

I just cant help but feel like that white is gonna get dirty. :-( But I like it so much!!! Ohhh decisions, decisions!!!! RIM is not making this easy by any means.

I wish that Verizon showed a more interesting screen shot of the BB10, as opposed to just the app grid. Something a little more imaginative like the shots we have seen with the peek gesture showing the notifications on the left or something. Nevertheless, good to see anyway.

I just want to buy it unlocked! Having an Android and going month to month has really spoiled me – traveling internationally is so easy when you can just buy a local SIM and use that for a week or two.

Did it in London and Bangkok recently, and it was ridiculously nice to not worry about how much data I was using abroad.

HAHAHA! and yesterday i was at a local mall and since im switching to Verizon from T-mobile i was asking how my credit needs to be to avoid a downpayment on a plan since I barely started building my credit in 2011 i was wondering. the guy told me "Well if you decide to sign up for a plan right now we have excellent deals to give you the best price" and i said "Well i would love to right now but you guys don't have the phone i want" then he asked me which phone and i told him the BB Z10 and he chuckled and said that Verizon wouldn't have that in stores whenever it launched that i would have to special order it then he went on to tell me how he didn't think it was going to do well because it looked like a knock off of Android and that he expects it to fail like BB has done so repeatedly according to him. I just want to go back today and show him this post! But I'll just pass by in a month and ask how his sales are doing ;)

Ugh. So sick of carriers bashing BB! I had a similar experience to yours at T-Mobile. When Z10 comes out all the haters will take notice! :-)

He is the worst salesman ever. He didnt give you any valid reason not to get the phone. "It looks like a knockoff android?" It's really fun to hate on BB now a days... It's even more fun to be the underdog.

Blacker the Berry... Sweeter the Use... by Crackberry member a while back.

Why RIM allows them to brand the phone on the front and make it look ugly is beyond me. Take a page out of Apple's PlayBook when it comes to carrier phone branding!!!

did you notice the verizon logo on the back of the white one also? i know in older pics the verizon logo was branded on the front. please dont tell me the logo is on the front and back of this phone!

RIM has ABSOLUTELY NO CONTROL over where the carrier's choose to put their branding. Also, APPLE DIDN'T MAKE THE PLAYBOOK, it's their iPad. Dammit, don't blame RIM for something THEY DO NOT HAVE ANY CONTROL OVER!!

You know, I tried...I really tried to like the look of the Z10...but I just couldn't. I just can't get over the big weird looking bezel on the top taking so much space, makes it look like a tombstone or something.

I'm still a big fan of the BB10, but not of the Z10. I guess I'll be waiting for the next model, hopefully there will be one...

The question will be will Verizon allow the grandfathered unlimited plans to stay in place? They said that they would if you paid the full price or brought over your own phone (i.e., no subsidy). However, my son-in-law picked up an iPhone for cheap and tried to switch out his Android phone and Verizon told him the text messaging on an iPhone was different so he would lose his unlimited plan. We all know that is BS but will they pull that garbage with BB10? If so, it is off to Solavie.

I think Bla1ze or Adam wrote a post a few weeks/months ago about grandfathered plans on Verizon. If I remember correctly, if you're going 4G (which you'll have to do with any of the BB10 devices coming at launch) then you will have to sign up for a new limited data plan that starts at 2 gigs/month. Sucks, I know, but hopefully data still goes through the NOC and we can get some compression (with two BlackBerry smartphones on my current unlimited plan I accumulate no more than 500-750 mbs/month and that's with bridging to my PlayBook).

Don't forget the $30 per line upgrade fee. That means you lose the unlimited data plan as you roll to 4G phones, you pay the $30 fee, and you get locked into the newer contract for two-years. OR you shell out retail.

That means you lose the unlimited data plan as you roll to 4G phones, you pay the $30 fee, and you get locked into the newer contract for two-years. OR you shell out retail.

Forth-generation CDMA phones. ;)
Fawx 4G on a CDMA network that masks the "EVDO Rev. A/1xEV" header you can't see until it drops to it. Don't be fooled.

Lol yeah yeah I know, but for simplicity sake we'll just go with what Verizon uses in the branding. All this "new shared plan" stuff is confusing enough!

Don't forget the $30 per line upgrade fee. That means you lose the unlimited data plan as you roll to 4G phones, you pay the $30 fee, and you get locked into the newer contract for two-years. OR you shell out retail.

My understanding (I don't have Verizon but it's very popular here a lot of my friends have it, slightly better coverage than AT&T), is that if you pay full price you can keep your unlimited data, but if you take a subsidized phone you must move off of the unlimited into any other plan, seems like they want everyone on shared data plans.

That's the way it's been 'till now and I wouldn't expect it to change for BB10.

Am I the only one NOT knowing how much these devices are gonna be??.. I see carriers confirming support for BB10 and taking pre-orders but at what cost?! Damn it!

I was all over the Verizon page yesterday looking for pre-order. Nothing. Watching Amazon also. Might get one of my Canadian BBM chicks to pre-order me a white one as I'm buying off contract anyway.

I'm thinking we're ALL waiting on off-contract purchases.. Does RIM really think people are gonna drop their actual phone, pay the upgrade fee and return/know BB??

The guy on Twitter who's been "leaking" little tidbits said the USA carriers will have pre-order right after the launch is finished. The tradition in the US is that pre-order is not reservation as they are doing in Canada, you have to commit to buy the phone at the price advertised.

I will be purchasing this off contract. Bc I don't have an upgrade available. Hope it is not too expensive. I wonder what the white z10will look like on front. Especially with the bezels. Will the bezel still be black or white?

My wish has been answered! Black for me, white for my wife! I wonder how much her iPhone 4 will get on Craigslist???

Thank you VZW!!!

I wonder if the statement would still hold if the BB logo was 1/4 3/4 and Verizon was right were it is shown. The empty space may have worked out. Don't like it as is either.

People don't realize by buying their phones outright, that they cannot unlock it for any other GSM carrier. It's CDMA, you CANNOT UNLOCK those phones!!

I hope to see Sprint on board with BB10 because if not all family phones, including the extended family phones will be changed to another carrier. Bb10 rocks!!!!!!!