BlackBerry Z10 photo editing app once again caught on video

By Bla1ze on 17 Jan 2013 05:44 pm EST

Earlier today I had mentioned how we've not seen anything of the BlackBerry 10 photo editor app since we initially posted it up many months ago. Now though, thanks to Gadget Masters, we've got a full on video showing the app in a more completed working state.

As noted previously, the filters are akin to that of Instagram, Aviary and the like but are of course, baked right into the app itself. Check out the video and sound off in the comments with your thoughts on it. For reference, I also dropped some of the filters and borders you can expect to use with the app down below for you all to look at.

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BlackBerry Z10 photo editing app once again caught on video


Looks good. Personally, I don't see the use in filters for pictures, but maybe I'm old fashioned that way...

No offense to you but, if you are old fashioned, then wouldn't those filters make the pictures you take look old fashioned also?

Yup. You're just old fashioned. I'm not a tween, I'm a 2o something. I also like taking pictures. It just makes it fun to take your pictures and put a spin on them.

The downside is that they will look less fun when people come to look at their pictures in a few years and wonder what made them decide to make them look a bit rubbishy.

I'm sad to say that you're a tween until you hit 30 or 31 -- that's when your cognitive and judgmental facilities will begin working at the level we expect from homo sap. ;)

If you don't use filters for your pictures then what the heck do you do with all the pictures you take of food? Do you mean to tell me you just take pictures of food and post them like they are? For shame.

What makes you say 1 gig of RAM? Doesn't look like a dev alpha device and looks more like the final hardware to me..

I was reported Laggy when using the timewarp feature & the HTML5 thing. We didn't see either of those camera features being demo'd in this vid.....That being said, I'm sure those bugs will be fixed by the time the OS is Optimised & ready for the final hardware

It's cool but... Why did he take a picture of the carpet!!?? He could have at least put his shoe in the pic

The camera quality is still up in the air too me. I want to see the final version on the 30th before I judge it. It has to be better than Nokia's (who purchased the company that provides BlackBerry camera software). I must say that the 920's camera is cool, but I want BlackBerry's to be the best.

You'll be let down if you expect the camera to be in the league of a high end Nokia camera. Nokia has been a leader in mobile cameras for over a decade now.

The Z10 camera will be a decent quality shooter and the best ever on a BlackBerry, but it won't be up to par with the best in the business.

I agree. I don't expect it's camera to be as good as Nokia's Lumina 920, but I expect it to be as good, if not better then EVERYONE ELSE

For me, I am putting more emphasis on how good the camera does with close-ups. My 9900's close up ability is a far cry from what I was used to with the 9780. Hopefully, the color accuracy works decently in different light conditions too. It wont be a deal breaker for me.

Agreed. I use my BB to take pics of documents all the time, and the 9900 sucks at that task. My 9700 worked wayyyyy better...

This is the feature that sold my girlfriend on BB 10. She LOVES scrapbook on the playbook and when I told her about this and story maker, she was sold on BB 10.

It's great to see RIM baking features in to the OS that target a wide range of demographics and the social butterflies like my girlfriend who love all the creative stuff, this is just the kind of feature to make her a BlackBerry person with her next phone. She is currently hanging on to her Nokia N8 because she loves that phones camera.

It has TAT written all over it. It runs quite well on just one Gig of Ram. Hope for the PlayBook after all :)

this is great, but I'm tired of reading about "Instagram-LIKE" or "Skype-LIKE" apps....all it does is worry me that the BB faithful will stick with it....but we need CONVERTS....and that's not going to happen without the popular apps.
Really....would you use it if there were a Facebook-LIKE app, or LinkedIn-LIKE app? Hell, why not just make the whole thing smartphone-LIKE?
Again, I'm sticking with BB, don't get me wrong....but I know people, and I especially know the fickle 13-20 year old crowd

He's just describing the functionality. Samsung Galaxy SII -S111 also has built-in "Instagram-like " functionality ...
This could be better...


Wait till the EU bans Facebook's data mining. The Data Protection Commissioner is going to be very interested in their latest proposals for data mining. If Facebook is prevented from breaking EU law when used in Europe, they will not get the advertising revenue and their only option will be to charge for their service, like Linkedin. At which point people are going to want these facilities built into phones. That's a market of 400 million people, more than North America.
If I was RIM, I'd have a few lawyers working on a submission to the DPC right now. RIM cares about security and privacy; iOS, Android, Facebook and so on want to invade your privacy. Blasting Zuckerberg would be very good for BBM.

This is a huge improvement. It looks like BB10 will actually be able to run with the big boys!! I'm getting more and more excited with every video.

One thing for sure that BB10 will have good picture quality just like PB or better. The PB picutre camera is very good including video

Carpet photography? Why not some nicely tailored human carpet, eh? Oh wait, that would make this nsfw...

Hmm,...let's see, what's the absolute best subject matter I can think of to test the camera's software? Wait! I got it!! Why not take a photo of the 'carpet'?

Wow! A photo of carpet to test the Z10's camera is considered 'awesome'...
...well I'm still scratching my head like a mad man on this one! Major fail!


No camera on any smart/phone can beat out the optics of a digital camera, D/SLR or camcorder. :D

But I can't wait to test out the Z10 camera to justify that myself... :D

"[...] that looked pretty impressive [...]"
Eeeerr ... maybe this guy never had a smartphone before. That looked pretty average to me.
Just saying.