WIND Mobile introduces carrier billing for BlackBerry World

BlackBerry World
By Zach Gilbert on 16 Jan 2013 05:44 pm EST

Looks like BlackBerry 10 isn’t the only thing on the mind of those over at RIM. Starting today, BlackBerry customers who are on WIND Mobile will be able to use carrier billing to download applications via the BlackBerry World storefront. This change will allow customers to charge applications right to their phone bill.

Not only is this a bonus for customers as it eliminates credit cards and PayPal accounts, but is also a big win for developers as they typically see higher downloads with carrier billing. If you’re a WIND Mobile customer go ahead and experience the ease of carrier billing on your BlackBerry.

Source: Twitter, via: Mobile Syrup

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WIND Mobile introduces carrier billing for BlackBerry World


FIRST!!! Lmao! Sorry. Just had to take the opportunity.

Proud member of the BlackBerry community. 9670 Style and PlayBook owner.

But more on topic, this sounds good. I hope this catches on with other carriers.

Proud member of the BlackBerry community. 9670 Style and PlayBook owner.

There are PLENTY of apps worth downloading. EASE UP on the caps lock too, because your YELLING at people. Dammit.

Extremely smart move. In the case that paypal ends up suffering an outage, I could easily switch to carrier billing. Now this is brilliant for Pay Before customers and Pay as you Go too! I can see tons enjoying applications. :D
Reminds me, I'll be able to get my mom a blackberry FINALLY, well, within a few months hopefully.

Be aware that Wind only keep your call history for only 6 months!! No one told me this when I signed up. I thought phone companies had to keep call history for several years in case the police need them. It's very bad for small business only like me. I was locked with them or I will transfer out immediately.

I need to find some numbers and would like to pay them money to get farther than 6 months, first I called then emailed, both said no way to go further than 6 months. That's really surprised me.

Knowing WIND, its use will be limited severely. It'll probably be new customers only, who got their phone on "The Tab" ("But it's NOT a contract, I swear!") and are paying full whack for their service. Current customers and those who have discounted plans need not apply.

When does this carrier billing thing take effect? I just checked out bb app world and so far there's only cc and PayPal option.... I must be too impatient :-p

You may have to reboot your device, or do ALT 'RST' in BlackBerry World. Go into 'my world' hold alt, and type rst. Then re open BlackBerry World again.