Rogers BlackBerry 10 training has begun - Slides show off BBM Video, BlackBerry Safeguard and more

By Bla1ze on 16 Jan 2013 01:06 am EST

After having been one of the first carriers to start taking pre-orders for BlackBerry 10 devices, it seems Rogers is already moving onto the next expected page -- training employees. In the CrackBerry forums we got a small glimpse of the training material captured but a little bit of digging has turned up some even better images of what has been shown. Yes, the links listed are dead for now but no doubt they'll be going live shortly after the January 30th events. Want to see the full Powerpoint? Hit this link for more! Thanks, Kifac.

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Rogers BlackBerry 10 training has begun - Slides show off BBM Video, BlackBerry Safeguard and more


That's great, but what about the other carriers? All sales reps should be educated on the same level to sell the new product most effectively across the globe.

In the last little while I have been thinking the same thing... unless other carriers haven't leaked that they are also at the same level. For a true global launch most of the major carriers in the markets indicated thus far should all be at the same training levels.

What makes you say this? That's something I havn't heard. I can say that I work for a different carrier and we've already done this training.

Nothing about Europe? Sad not to hear this kind of news about the european carriers (like Vodafone or Orange Spain, Italy, Germany, Romania, Greece, etc.)


That just means that their staff are better trained and don't rush to leak confidential material, European carriers are going to be getting this stuff early on.

Given my experience with EU carriers (Belgium) I have some serious doubts that they are actually trained at all...they usually have a low expertise compared to my(limited) own. What's your impression in other eu countries (France, Germany, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Spain, Italy...)???

on the t-mobile site in the netherlands on the page coming soon, the bb 10 is still not on it but phones that arive end of feb and martch are on it. i hope this does not mean that i have to wait that long and on the KPN and Vodafone also nothing...... i want my f-ing phone

vodafone and KPN are okay/good to give info to customers
T-mobile sucks big time no info no help and their insurence OMG

Totally agree. You really got the feeling that they never have experienced any training at all. Blackberry is completely neglected in Europe (except UK, ask Thorsten why) :(

At the weekend I spoke to a Carphone Warehouse employee in the UK, and he said they were going for BB10 training on Tues (yesterday). He also said that loads of people were already asking about the BB10 devices!!

I'm so happy to be a Rogers customer right now! Lol. Is this a sign that the phone will be available maybe the week of launch? Don't they usually train 2 weeks before a phone is up for sale? I can't take this waiting anymore! SO EXCITED!!!!

Thanks kifac. Notice that the presentation ends on slide 37 and the evolution bar is about 70%.

Mmm... Wondering what is not being shown ;-)

Yes, I saw that too. Some of the features I saw in the PowerPoint I have never quite seen mentioned before. Wow! These are just some of the surprises awaiting the launch event... Spoilers! But good ones! And if this is coming to Playbook eventually, then even more freakingly awesome!

Blackberry Remember also looks interesting....
Sort of a built in Pinterest from the description but for email as well.

Hope the slides are getting backed up somewhere. Suspect they mght get taken down.

Good to know! Thanks to Bla1ze and everyone else!
Looks like we may have to have our BB 10 launch party at the nearest pub to the phone store (or is that mobile computing store )!
It's the beginning of a great adventure...

the presentation looks great and convincing. I think I will share this to my IT Department and Top Level Management at my working place. Hope that IT and Management will embarace and replace BBOS 7 to BB10, hehehe

I've heard it on good authority that if you are in the UK and want a BB10 you will need to submit to the "Banana Pantone Test" first, and pass it.

Simply put, all Brits will need to compare their current teeth color to the Pantone color called "Banana Yellow". If your teeth are within 5 shades, either way, of "Banana Yellow" you will be banned from owning a BB10.

So get those tooth brushed out and try using them more than once a month!!!

You do know that's because UK dentists are more focussed on delivering healthy teeth than persuading people to have them treated with (possibly harmful) whitening chemicals or surface coatings.
It's like unnecessary orthodontic treatment, very common in the US, that can cause future skull problems. Given a choice between perfectly regular teeth and a lifetime of headaches, and healthy if slightly irregular teeth, we prefer the latter. Except in the county of Essex, which is kind of a mid-west suburb dropped into the Eastern UK.
It's a cultural thing. You have Hollywood and Fox News, we have a culture.

Looks pretty good.

Why'd they sell Newbay again? There wasn't even a hint of anything even close to iCloud, Google Drive, or Skydrive in those 37 slides.

I guess RIM is betting people don't care about the cloud and don't want a BlackBerry cloud storage and backup solution.

Otherwise, nothing we didn't already know and what is there looks awesome! I just hope they do have a few surprises on 01/30

We already have a backup solution....Blackberry Protect. You also have Desktop Manager which is the real for Cloud services.....who has your data....who guarantees it will be there, the security etc.....I personally don't believe in cloud services.

Depends how efficient BB10 is. Could be more than enough juice for this OS we just dont know yet. Here's to hoping...

I have to agree. For the battery, I'm one on the wait and see camp. I have no doubt that it will be better than the battery life of my Galaxy Nexus.

It was stated that they have worked very hard on the QNX platform to maximize battery life to over a day of use......that's good for me as I alway plug in my phone and playbook over night.....No issues at this end.

Like others say, the battery depends on the OS, dont on the mAh numbers. U can have the bigger battery in the mobile world, but if the OS suck it like crazy you will need to recharged it quick.

Just in case, in Mexico arrives at March 30th
Live Long and Prosper!

........... ya ok so lets say the OS is super efficient, and 1800mAh is plenty big enough.... how would it be a bad thing to put in a 2100 or a 2450 in there just to make it last even longer.... i mean... i just dont understand what the limitation is... other companies are producing thinner devices with larger batteries... why is it that RIMM can't do the same... so instead of getting a day of juice with a 1800mAh you get 2 days with a 2100mAh .... or ... well you get what im saying right...

If competition means "do exactly what others do" then what's the point? RIM doesn't have to use a battery that lasts 2 days (as you requested, well suggested). All they need to do is have a good balance of features and efficiency, overall. Get is Blackberry Balance? For the people that don't have time to "play" with their phones for 8 hours per day, BB10 will be just fine. For 90% of users 1800mAh will be plenty. For the other 10% (wow 10 popped up again) not even a car battery will help because they just expect the phone to be as powerful as a dedicated quad-core PC.

It's a give and take balance between weight, aesthetics, and battery. Who knows, maybe RIM will pull a fast one and introduce a hydro cell battery that charges in minutes!

Although I've been waiting all this time for this, I expect a lot of these features to JUST NOT WORK.
Currently BBM7 is already blocked by service providers in India.
Video calls will probably face the same fate.

It's not RIM being nice, it's your carriers (and BlackBerry 7 OS engineers to some extent) being jackass Moby D**kwad extraordinaire. While WiFi is completely separate from carrier network (in fact, it's not tied to anybody relative to your smartphone) RIM engineers made it so WiFi functionality is at the mercy of carriers. You need carrier's permission (Service Book) to use a completely unrelated network.

Anyone notice that they removed the mole on the chin of the little girl in the Time Shift camera photo?

I don't know who to blame. The fans of RIM or RIM itself. I'm betting that there will be no new surprises on Jan.30. They will most likely repeat whats on those slides.

Well, there are still important questions that need to be answered, like availability of the different BB models, how much they gonna cost, whether or not you still need a BB plan and which big name apps are available at launch or soon after.

Great ppt! My only concern is where is the bridge? Did they get rid of it or are they purposely holding off on describing it?

BlackBerry remember seems like the most interesting part of the built in functions. No more leaks crackberry. 14 days left, let's keep everything else secret from here on. Whenever you feel the need to post new never before seen information repeat these words... "the devil is a liar, get thee behind me satan" and just back away from the keyboard.

AHHHHHHH!! I'm at work and blocked from seeing slide show.. Dam IT security.. Can anyone download and email it to me? :)

The other companies can make thinner batteries with more juice because their batteries are not removable. The Z10s battery is removable and imo has more than enough juice! And I prefer removable so this is a win-win situation! BB10 FTW!

He he he he he!!! Can't wait to try it out in the rogers store. No, not switching to rogers, I love wind, I wanna test it out. :)

I did the same thing before I got the 9900 too. But I'll be waiting for the qwerty blackberry 10 smartphone.

Had the chance to do this yesterday for another carrier whom I work for and shared some specs like the S4 CPU that made me pretty happy to finally see confirmed.

Also exciting is the fact that 1,600 businesses have been training for BB10 as announced by Bloomberg this morning...

Go RIM!!

Why didnt RIM hookup with Kobo's bookstore or Amazon's, if Amazon was up to it? Their app store has everything but ebooks. Why was ebooks overlooked?

You can probably download a Kobo app from BlackBerry World when it's available. They put it on the PlayBook so I can't see them leaving it out on this.

I'm loving the BB Remember app, I'm suspecting people will use it a lot more than they expect.
i'm just extremely interested on how RIM plans on handling BB10 for Playbook. Specifically BBM, I can't imagine bridge being smooth enough for screen sharing or video calls. Hopefully they bring hub to PB but it might be slightly underpowered. Thoughts???

Bridge runs on bluetooth, so that should not be the slow link to say. The new BB10 phone will run 4g LTE which is the fastest to date I see it working just fine.

On 1 of the slides ... BBM video and sharing your screen, i saw something pretty interesting

Share your presentation with your colleague using MICROSOFT POWER POINT .... Thus this mean ms office is on BB10 :D

Sent from BB Playbook

Sorry to burst your bubbles, but I've got a BB Torch and that looks exactly like my phone. Everything from the size to the bezel to the backing.
I'm 99.99% sure.

Thats not to say a slider isn't coming, but the one in the picture surely isn't the one that is going to be running BB10

If they're training people now, I'd bet product will be available for purchase very soon.

Anyone know if Future Shop has training dates?

Going out on a limb and saying this phone will last the same amount of time as my bold 9900. Going out on an even flimsier limb saying this phone may last about 2-3 hours longer. Going out on the thinnest limb that can support me and saying, if rumors are true that it boots in less than 10 seconds, I wouldn't be annoyed to turn it off as I am with my bold 9900, and my playbook, and therefore it can last me anything from 3-5 hours more.