Leaked screens show off maps on BlackBerry 10

By Adam Zeis on 15 Jan 2013 08:30 am EST

Some more leaked screens this morning courtesy of forums member aragone79. These show off a bit of the built-in maps application on BlackBerry 10. There really isn't much to work with here but it is noted that this is off earlier software, so it may be refined a bit before launch. It doesn't look too robust at the moment but hopefully we'll see some more integration and features in the app in the final version of the OS. We'll most likely see something like BlackBerry Traffic or BlackBerry Navigator that may fill in the turn-by-turn needs as well. Check out more images belfow then hit the forums for more discussion.

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Leaked screens show off maps on BlackBerry 10


A lot more. I hope Google Maps has a native app for BlackBerry10. Or even better, the final version of this software rocks Google Maps.

How are you so definite about your "A lot more." notion?
Its just a screen shot and you guys have started building an opinion around it. sick.

bb10 rocks.

Hopefully its better than the maps on OS7 (or below). Some of the places or address, the maps can't even find

This may be my most anticipated app since I use GoogleMaps every day... As long as it doesn't direct me off a cliff or to the middle of nowhere. Apple iMap, anyone?

I almost bought a new TomTom but decided to hold off as I am hoping BB10 will have great maps and direction software. I really hope its available at launch.

I really hope RIM doesn't drop the ball here just as Apple did...with Google out that doesn't leave BlackBerry with very many options. I know they teamed up with TomTom, it was reported a while back, but the worst thing they could do is say that it isn't done yet so we will release it later in an update. I love Google maps, works great and I use it all the time and will be looking for something similar or better, I think a solid map app could be a make or break some for people...thoughts??

Do we know for sure that Google Maps is out? Or is that just speculation based on the fact that they haven't updated their old BB OS version since 2011.

They announced they were done with all blackberry apps and services. So its assumed bb10 included as they seem to love android more than ever. Well the should, its their platform.

it could turn out very different. TomTom just provides data. how each company utilizes it is a different story all together.

if TomTom was that bad w would see people driving into the middle of no where with their regular GPS units

i have been using the new bb maps navigator, for a little over a week, (in the uK) i9t works fine.. i have driven to regular places taking earlier or later turns and this app recalculates very quickly. I prefer it to google maps.

For what it's worth, regarding BB 10 maps using TomTom for info, I have a TomTom GPS; they're great for providing live up-to-the-minute traffic info (this should help immensely), traffic light/highway cameras (for red lights/speeding) and are designed to give you the fastest directions while taking traffic, accidents and detours into account. However, my only major issue with TomTom is the fact that when it comes to loading directions, it can be incredibly slow at times.

As long as it gives good car navigation as if it were a real tomtom gps, then its all good. The one thing I thought was cool from Google Map are their bus routes. Long shot, but I doubt BB10 will have that feature.