Sonos support coming to BlackBerry 10 via Tiggit Controller

Tiggit Controller BlackBerry 10
By Adam Zeis on 13 Jan 2013 02:04 pm EST

If you're a Sonos user making the move to BlackBerry 10, you won't have to worry about controlling your system from your new device. The folks at Tiggit have let us know that they are hard at work on their Tiggit Controller app for BlackBerry 10. With the app, Sonos users can control their system from a BlackBerry 10 device and have access to streaming services, media controls and much more.

Kevin is a new Sonos owner and has become a huge fan of the system (I know because he hasn't stopped talking about it for two weeks). He also motivated me to make my own low budget system using my BlackBerry PlayBook and a few BlackBerry Music Gateways in my house. Maybe when BlackBerry 10 comes out I'll convince him to buy me a Sonos setup so I can try this out for myself :-) 

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Sonos support coming to BlackBerry 10 via Tiggit Controller


It is not a 100% Android app. For various reasons this is a hybrid android/native application. To UI and some of the "business" logic is written in Java and runs within the Dalvik VM, there there is also a component written in C++ to handle the low-level discovery and network access.

Congrats on the Sonos Kevin... and glad to see the support for BB10, though I do prefer the Squeezebox system for streaming. There are already a few PB apps for this, notably Music2Touch for controlling and Squeeze2PB for making your PB an actual player on the system.

SONOS is amazing and then some. I currently carry around my iPod to control the devices as tiggit reviews for BB7 aren't looking worth spending USD20 on. Sad that SONOS isn't showing some BB10 love...or maybe they are and we will find out on the 30th :)

This app will likely be a little costly coming from the developers comments when asked about pricing:

"My attitude has always been that Sonos is a premium product and that a person who is happy to pay $250 per unit for music equipment ought to be happy to pay an independent vendor a premium fee for an integrated smartphone product.

I would hope that Sonos consumers understand that a Sonos controller is a specialist and complex software product and should pay a little more for it than a product that has appeal to everyone."

I would agree but the value of such an app would greatly decreased if it were not a native app.

I'd gladly pay 5 bucks for a native app where as I would only be willing to pay 2 bucks for an android port.

Hope that makes sense.

Yeah, I love Sonos. I bugged Patrick Spence on twitter a few weeks back and he said they were going to look at bring over the Android client to BB10.

But if Tiggit works too, that's awesome. As long as it works.

Considering how much free advertising Sonos has been getting through CrackBerry and @CrackBerryKevin, they should be jumping at the opportunity to create a native BlackBerry 10 app.

I had the Tiggit controller for SONOS with my 9900 and it was absolute garbage. It was not worth $5 let alone what I paid for it. Instead I just used an old iPhone 3GS as a controller. If this version is even close to the last one it wont be worth buying.

I use the Tiggit controlleer on my 9930, and you're right. The iPad app is outstanding. The Android app that I have on my Kindle Fire is actually very nice. I'd put it within 98% of the iPad app.

The Tiggit version doesn't have the same look & feel, it's very slow, and periodically doesn't work very well. It's useful in emergency situations- walking out the door and the tablets are upstairs, but i need to turn the system off. Or, I'm upstairs & tablets are downstairs, so I use the BB to turn Sonos on. I'd never use the Tiggit app to find music, create playlists, etc. It's only for the basics.

If they port the Android app to BB10, I think most Sonos users would be satisfied.

I have a SonosRemote app coming for launch, it will be pretty basic at first, control your queue, volume, pause/play/next/previous, see track info & progress, group different players. Access to music & streaming services will come in an update after launch.

This is good news. I've been wanting a Sonos setup. I even emailed them to ask if they were going to make BB10 app. Didn't get a straight answer. Looks like I'll start assembling the parts now knowing there is an app coming. Thanks Tiggit.

I'm currently testing the tiggit controller on the playbook. Works relatively well. Yes its an android app., but its for a good reason, they used their library that was working good on the android app. This way they can improve the reliability instead of writing new code. Best part is that the port over the playbook permitted them to also do the code for bb10. Tiggit are at beta 0.6 for the playbook and has a bar file for bb10.

Much more important then another proprietary system (I know Sonos isn't bad) would be finally proper support for UPnP AV/DLNA, ano only a DLNA client, but also a controller and this please tightly integrated in BB10 and then please also later on the Playbook.

Reading the comments about the UPnPlayer app and some comments on CB recently I see that not many here have a clue what DLNA means and is capable of. It does not only mean that you can watch your movies from a NAS,but you can do pretty much the same as with the SONOS system but avoid spending a lot of extra money for just another proprietary system...

@Kevin: If you're such an enthusiastic multi room media system user now :-) ....could you try finding out what the support status for DLNA is on BB10...only DLNA client, or also controller/server...and if it comes to the Playbook as well. I would love to use my PB as control for audio & music at home

Enjoy the SONOS Kevin. I'm a Squeezebox fan myself. Love my Squeezebox Touch.


Any word on if Logitech will be putting out an app for BB10 to support us Squeezebox owners? The current offerings on the Playbook are alright but glitchy.

Squeezebox offers really great value for money and just sounds excellent! I have 3 devices across my apartment and enjoy multi-room experience for a fraction of the price of a Sonos system. The ability to also directly integrate it with my Synology NAS makes it even better. If Logitech had a BB10 it would be simply perfect!

I'm also a Squeezebox user, been using it for about 6 years now, and I LOVE it! I've been screwing around with some of the Android apps and trying to get them to work on the Playbook, I didn't even think about there being any native ones on the PB. I am really hoping for something that's not just a controller, but a way to stream and play the music remotely as well. I'd love to have that on my BB10, and have my entire music collection with me at all times through the "cloud"!

i wish android apps didnt look so different and that all the extra features looked exactly the way they would if they were native apps. and i hate seeing that extra bar at the bottom.

I think it is insane there is no way to use my playbook to stream services like pandora through my airport express to my stereo. AM I the only one using the airport express interface for an existing stereo system serving lots of different devices like bbs, iphones, ipads, pcs etc?

As a user with huge business needs there is only one consumer app of interest to me and that is sonos. Not having it is the only thing that will make me think twice about about moving from my sg3.Well ok, I will probably move anyway and have a ipod dedicated as a sonos controller but I will not be happy with the compromise. However having some sort of support for sonos on the b10 device would be great. Native tiggit on my wife's bb is horrible and unusable . If the android version is good I have no issues paying for its port. Money is of no concern. Ideally though an android port of the sonos version would be outstanding. A native version? Well that would be brilliant.

Will it be able to play and browse the RDio library to play through Sonos? My bro in law has that setup on his ipad/iphone and it's phenomenal. I've been thinking about incorporating Sonos in my new house construction and that has me slightly considering hopping over to iOS.

The current Tiggit Beta supports all SMAPI music services (RDio is one of these). There is a glitch with RDio at the moment that should be resolved in the next beta release as it is a high priority for one of our testers.

I'm excited for BB10, but I have doubts about the app/developer support. I want the same apps as other platforms, and I want them to function to same... not be limit or laggy.

RE. roomtunes app I got the reply below.....looks like it will be released for playbook later but should be out for BB10 soon. Website also looks like it supports Rdio ;-)

Thankyou for expressing an interest in Room Tunes! Our app will be hopefully ready for download on the BB10 launch date at the end of this month. I'm just waiting on approval and testing from RIM, but other than that it is ready to go.

Unfortunately RoomTunes won't yet work on the Playbook, as I have developed this app with BB10 in mind (with the new BlackBerry Cascades user interface). However I understand that RIM will be updating the playbook to run the new BB10 operating system once the new BB10 phones have been launched. As soon as this happens RoomTunes will be available for playbook as well. I'm not exactly sure when this will be as RIM haven't provided any timelines - probably sometime in the summer is my best guess at the moment.


If Your having a BlackBerry 10 Phone you dont need any sonos controller app. With the native music app you Can connect to you sonos system and play Your music. Turn on wifi connection. Hold tap on a song and press: play on. Your phone find the sonos system.

Play your music trough the sonos system.

#BB10Believe from Amsterdam :D