Grab Sketch W Friends for the BlackBerry PlayBook while it is on sale at half price

By James Richardson on 8 Jan 2013 03:00 am EST

Time for a quick bargain for you BlackBerry PlayBook owners. Sketch W Friends is currently on sale at half price and will remain so until January 10th. The special price of $0.99 is a real steal as the app is a tonne of fun.

If you haven't seen our previous posts on the app, it is essentially a drawing game where you compete with other users around the globe. Once you have joined a room - all the visitors to that room will take it in turns to draw a certain item and the rest of the folk have to guess what it is. Of course, it isn't quite that simple as not only are you up against the clock, but you are relying on the other peoples ability to actually draw - something that can be quite comical with the game.

Since we first announced that Sketch W Friends was available it has received several updates and the app now sits on version 4.0.0 which most recently added Theme and Stroke Rooms as well as the ability to challenge your Facebook friends to a mini game of Sketch W Friends by posting your drawing on Facebook.

Get it while it's hot.

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Reader comments

Grab Sketch W Friends for the BlackBerry PlayBook while it is on sale at half price


Please fix the disconnecting bug and give us a better way to deal with cheaters who write instead of drawing!

I play it a lot and unfortunately, in my circle of friends, it has gained a nickname of "glitch with friends" (for the frequent disconnects and screw ups of who is drawing and who is guessing) and "words with friends" (for 50% of the players who just write answers on the screen instead of drawing; better in the "Platinum Lounge" but it's nearly always empty). Other than that - it is a fun game and 99 cents is worth paying to enjoy unlimited gameplay (free version only lets you play for about 15 minutes before booting you out for the day).