Leaked promo video shows off BBM Video in action

By Adam Zeis on 11 Jan 2013 10:04 am EST

Earlier we saw quite a few promo shots of BlackBerry 10 including BlackBerry RememberBlackBerry Balance and BBM Video. Now RapidBerry has posted up an extremely short video of BBM Video in action. It's a really quick video - but it is still more than we've seen until now.

This isn't much to go on, but as we know, BBM Video has been rumored to be a big part of BlackBerry 10 all along. We've heard some things here and there but haven't really had any concrete confirmation yet. There is plenty more that we've haven't seen, so expect more on this and other features at the January 30th launch event.

Source: RapidBerry 



typo in blackberry remember always good to see things coming !

Adam Zeis

That's what I get for blogging too fast on a Friday :) Thanks!


That vid was over before it began, but it tickles me....


Is it just me or was it 7 seconds in duration? Lol

Cute chick though.


Cant wait this video of BBM sharing combined with the time shift camera helped me convert an isheep into a new BB user come bb10 launch


Amen to that. on my PlayBook


I am just getting a black screen with no Vid. Crackberry seems crackey to me today


Same for me. Black screen on CrackBerry.
I went to the source webpage for the video.


While she seems to use her left hand to hold her BlackBerry, the guy does not hold anything besides his mug when the call arrives. Hint for a desktop version? :-)


Or the phone could have some sort of stand built into the oem case or something like that. In the calendar picture from the earlier leaked pictures today, the phone is standing up on its own on a table.


I don't see a video, just a blank white space.

And I still couldn't see it on the source page.


It requires flash player to be enabled and installed, or on your browser, flash needs to be turned on/enabled.


Why is it that I have no problem seeing every other video on Crackberry?


Don't see the video either.....BBM video and file/screen sharing will be an awesome addition and will trumph imessage and facetime as it will be in one application. Most iphone users tell me they don't need multitasking as they are not "business people"....hmmm. So I show them what it means to multitask on the Playbook......so we did a video call to my wife who was in another city, then we ran and viewed other apps, looked up information etc all while keeping the conversation open with her...They bought a playbook and love it.......True multitasking is fantastic for all users, not just "business people". Go BB10....Can't wait.


This is too much.....it won't run on my Window 7 and IE 9.0 but it does on my Playbook. So for those who can't see the video, try using your Playbook and see if you have the same result.


Because the 9900 doesn't have flash player.


BBM video is great and all but not a selling feature for me because most of the people I chat with have all abandoned BB and not sure if they will return.


Well, add new friends and people you like to chat with. It's time to find new ones that HAVEN'T abandoned at all.


Works fine Windows 7 + Chrome V23


Had the same issue not being able to view on the IE browser...however it worked on firefox browser.
BB 10...Boldly taking over!


Click the source link in the article.


Features like "this" (the video-calling video) are now EXPECTED to be included "out of the box" AND to work flawlessly while integrating with all the other apps, NOT 'hanging' or otherwise impairing the device, or excessively draining the battery. THIS feature is neither revolutionary nor will it get BB10 to rule the mobile/phone-world ... it merely catches them up to where the major players either "already are" or are "expected to be next."

BUT, even more critical a factor in the success of BB10+ and RIM's resurgence as a "Top 3" mobile device & service provider is its network backbone.
Outages like today's Vodafone EMEA service outage - EVEN IF 100% the carrier's fault - will cause even unaffected users ½ a world away to shreik like little girls and stay away.
THAT is where BB10 and RIM will either rise from the ashes or disappear into the wind.

Personally, I'm hopeing for the latter and can't wait for the new devices & platform.
BUT it's going to be one of the "other 4 or so" devices (SLIDER!!!!) I'm holding out for - I love my 9800/10 FEATURE+FUNCTIONALITY (remember "tools, not toys", except the full-size touch-screen is BOTH) THAT much!

GO RIM; we're all cheering for ya! Cheers & Happy Friday, y'all!


You mean the former, not the latter?


I think you meant the former...


White screen on 9800. No video..


Cklick on the link for Rapidberry and it can be viewed there just fine with Windows 7 and Internet Explorer


The vid is very clear and sharp,...I guess that's what you get with a 2mp FFC!



Works fine on my Windows 7 laptop using Google Chrome. I too like the idea of BBM Video but if it is not cross platform then it will be of no use to me. Everyone I know who had a Blackberry in the past has moved to Iphone or Android. I have no one anymore in my BBM list.


Why can't you make more friends? Is it that difficult and hard to do?


It's not going to be cross platform. RIM confirmed and said this, so did crackberry, so many times.


what happened after he clicked the button! :p


So use your playbook and/or desktop web browser to view it.





Just a black screen in IE9 (yes, I have flash plug in installed). Firefox shows the video but no sound...


That looks great.
I'm all in, and getting the BB full package so RIM will make mega bucks on their service revenues with me.

Who wouldn't want something like this?


the 3rd party apps for this will be insane!


That chick is hot stuff!