WIn tickets to the BlackBerry10LDN event and a BlackBerry 10 device!

By Adam Zeis on 10 Jan 2013 07:51 am EST

Just as @BlackBerry did for the New York fan event, @UK_BlackBerry is now offering up a chance for fifteen lucky winners to head to the BlackBerry London fan event at the end of the month and bring home a new BlackBerry 10 device. All you need to do is follow @UK_BlackBerry on Twitter and tweet a 10 word story about why you're excited for BlackBerry 10, including the hashtag #BlackBerry10LDN. A pretty sweet prize pack for a little bit of effort. Hit up the link below for full contest rules and details.

More info on the BlackBerry10LDN contest 


Shadberry Bold

It says travel not included... :(


Damn you have to be a legal resident of the uk :(
To be eligible you must be a legal resident of the United Kingdom and be aged 18 over.

Maybe some creativity does the trick :)


have you any news for the same contest for the paris event ?


Hopefully RIM will give some tickets to the Canadian location in Toronto. I'd go to that :)

Ben Bubble

I NEED to be at this event!


Call me when the time come, please.