Sprint says they will support BlackBerry 10

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By Adam Zeis on 10 Jan 2013 09:25 am EST

*UPDATE* - We've now independently confirmed it as well.

We saw your story on BlackBerry 10 today. We wanted to let you know that Sprint plans to bring BlackBerry 10 to our customers later this year. We will share more details soon.

With time ticking down until the BlackBerry 10 launch event, more and more carriers are coming out and letting the world know if they will be carrying the new devices. Plenty of carriers in Canada are on board as well as AT&T, Verizon and T-Mobile in the US. We don't have official launch dates or info for any carrier, but we do know who has pledged to carry BlackBerry 10 at launch. It was unclear as to if Sprint would be coming along for the BlackBerry 10 ride, but things look to be cleared up on that front now as well.

In an interview with FierceWireless, Sprint's director of device product marketing Trevor Van Norman said that Sprint will be listed as a partner at the January 30th launch event however gave no details as to when Sprint will actually have the devices available. So Sprint customers rejoice - you won't be left off the BlackBerry 10 bus. We're sure to find out all about carriers and release dates on January 30th.

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Sprint says they will support BlackBerry 10


lol the reference was to virgin uk.

as for availability on virgin uk, they`re an MVNO and only the actual carriers have said stuff so far (plus p4u and cpw of course)

The article used as the source states that "all four of the major operators in the United Kingdom [have committed to BB10]".

I totally feel U on that!!!! I had that exact one as my first BB(8350i). Then on to the 9780 and of course now a 9930. I sold the first and traded-in the second one. I'm keeping my 9930 to symbolize the end of one era and the start of the next.

If it doesn't make dollars, how does it make sense????????

I have a 9630 that I'm babying along. Plenty of hour-glassing, reboots randomly at times, countless "uncaught exceptions". Could have something to do with the swim it took with me in Lake Ontario during the summer ;)
Come on bb10!!!

I read this article yesterday. I was pretty passed off when it seemed like they wouldn't support it. I was already working on a game plan to go with a carrier with BlackBerry support. Now step 2will be to get lte started in my state. Verizon has it here so Sprint needs to step up

Man, that was exactly me yesterday too. Had the Verizon site up checking out data plans - LOL. Now we just need to get Sprint to have devices SOONER RATHER THAN LATER!

Man, that was exactly me yesterday too. Had the Verizon site up checking out data plans - LOL. Now we just need to get Sprint to have devices SOONER RATHER THAN LATER!

I know here in Latin America devices come late, but u guys know if any has confirmed for BB10?


Live Long and Prosper!

I've been wondering the same thing. But thank God is a globalized world now and all of us have family all over the world that can hook us up with one ASAP.

Yay! Now I don't have to buy a Note II. I've had an upgrade available since August 2012. This has been absolutely painful waiting for news from Sprint.

This is excellent news! Didn't think Sprint would drop BB... but one can never be too cautious.
I'm just happy I don't have to give up my employee discount! :D

Kind of stupid that Rogers so far is the only carrier currently taking pre-orders. I guess we know who is really thinking about their customers more.

Not really. It's hard to take preorders on a product that you have no official specifications, pictures, or even pricing.

All you know is how the back of the Blackberry 10 Z-series (is that even the official name?) will look like.

And with no pricing, they can't even start charging people.

The pre-order is really more of a pre-interest gauge. You can back out of the pre-order any time. The pre-order doesn't guarantee you will get it first. etc

Woo hoo. My 9850 has a bad USB port, so I have to use an external charger and keep a charged spare battery handy. I have been eligible for an upgrade for close to 6 months. Been "not so" patiently waiting for BB10, and did not want to switch OS's. I can nurse maid my torch for a few more weeks.

I do love my torch but I am so ready to rock out a new Z10, can't wait to make all the co workers green with envy.

if your under one year you could sent that back to RIM for a repair. I currently have one 9900 in for repairs, using a second i bought of craigslist. Will sell both for roughly 400$ on craigslist leaving my upgrade cost right around 200$ more for the L-series.

I for one won't get a new device on launch day but wait to see if it's any good. From the video leaks it seems a little sluggish (if you watch the video that popped out from a vietnameze guy, when the phone rung, he had to swipe twice to get it to ignore the call. Other bb leaked videos showed the same sluggush reaction). Hope it will all go smooth and the device will be ready on launch day but I don't think it will, rather bb will release a half ready device and promise updates soon (kinda like the Playbook)

The video you are referring to the guy swiped incorrectly the first time to ignore the call. You grab the icon in the middle and swipe down to ignore or up to receive. He tried to swipe from the bottom up. The phone works flawlessly when the right gestures are used from what iv seen.

>(if you watch the video that popped out from a vietnameze guy, when the phone rung, he had to swipe twice to get it to ignore the call.
He actually had to swipe three times, but that was because he kept making mistakes.
The first swipe was the "minimize app" one. Second time he failed to touch the flag that indicates the caller and the third time was successful because he correctly grabbed the flag and dragged it to the bottom.

>Other bb leaked videos showed the same sluggish reaction
Can't comment without watching those videos but in the ones I've seen, the OS appears to be very smooth. Like the PlayBook OS in fact.

>but I don't think it will, rather bb will release a half ready device and promise updates soon
Quite frankly, I don't think RIM can afford to do that. There are a lot of people who would like nothing more than to tear RIM's new hardware apart and declare their revival a failure. Releasing a half-finished OS will only give those people exactly what they want.

What this means now is that I don't have to look at another carrier for my new BB10, but since we still don't know who is going to have the phones at launch (whenever) that is, the wait is still on. I just hope that the actual launch date is within weeks (like no more than 2) of the Jan 30th announcement, could be a nice Valentine present for me.

I don't know what I would do with out my berries!

This is good news, but.....when will you have it Sprint?!? Does anybody know if I could buy the BB10 from another carrier (who might have it first) and then activate it on Sprint? If so, would it need to be another cdma carrier like Verizon? Will these new phones be unlockable?

I'll switch carriers in a hot minute if I have to. My contract with Sprint has been up for months waiting on BB10.

Doubtful, Sprint & Verizon are CDMA carriers. The phone aren't compatible across CDMA carries like that. You'd have to be on AT&T or T-Mobile that use GSM service. Pop the SIM from the carrier in an unlocked phone and start using it. This is how lots of folks are using their ipoops on T-Mobile's network...

I'm glad they will be on board, but for me personally I could care less. I'm just waiting for BB10 to release so I can break my contract with Sprint and go to another carrier. Sprint's network in NYC is HORRIBLE... can't wait (Jan 30th).. :)

If Sprint is late to the party they can kiss my ass goodbye. I will not wait even a month if other carriers have it and they don't. Sprint is infamous for that.

I'm with you on that. I'm not waiting months or a years. I am jumping ship to whomever has it first. Sprint better have it on day one if they want to keep my 12 years of business or I will be a Verizon customer quick. (As quick as Sprint adds new $10 fees to a contract out of nowhere.)

My previous comment did not post so I'll try again.

I'm glad Sprint committed to BB10, but it's the timeframe that concerns me. Sprint was the last of the 4 US carriers to commit to WP8. With the other 3 offering WP8 devices in December, Sprint announced that they'll have an HTC and Samsung WP8 device 'by summer' and referred to this as 'soon'. Sound familiar?

I'm cautionsly optimistic because Sprint held off committing to WP8 until they saw what it would do in the marketplace. If this is the case also with BB10, I'll be pissed if they hold off until the summer for BB10. All we've heard so far is that they will be on the committed carrier list. Unlike the other 3, we've heard nothing about BB10 devices being in carrier testing for Sprint.

Fingers crossed!

This is great news. I am excited for BB10. I have never had a BlackBerry device but it is the only software that is making head way for innovation and user friendly. Apple and Android are behind the times and that's all sprint has left.

Dear Crackberry,

I understand you have clout when it comes to awareness on all things Blackberry. I have been following you for in the last month on Blackberry 10 updates and such. Every day I keep receiving news about more carriers being added to the list of potential carriers. Here in Canada, I tweeted Fido the following last night:

@Fidomobile when will you guys start talking about #blackberry10 and get Canadians excited about a Canadian phone?

They replied the following:

@AyandaKeith Hi Ayanda. As we have not announced whether we may/may not carry this device, I cannot comment. ^eo

Then I made this reply:

@FidoSolutions So far it looks like everyone else but Fido & Wind has indicated #BB10 availability. & I'm up for an upgrade ;). Step it up.

Now it is possible that Fido, being owned by Rogers, will automatically have them. But if Rogers has confirmed, why hasn't Fido? From what I know, they tend to offer different phones, therefore I cannot assume that Fido will carry the new Blackberry 10. If it is at all possible could you please use your influence to remind them that they have a clientele anticipating the Blackberry 10 and they should step it up. Or else some of us are ready to go to another upon expiry of our contracts; which, in my case, coincidentally ends around the same time Blackberry 10 roles out.



Since there are a few smaller carriers that piggyback off of Sprint, do you think as a result of this news they will also provide BB10 devices?


Doesn't matter to me anymore. I've been with Sprint for 10 years now and their coverage in my city (the 4th largest in my state) has never gotten any better. I still have problems getting 2G in my house, let alone 3G, and don't get me started on when they might get around to 4G. Verizon is getting a new customer the day these phones launch. My three lines are upgrading to some big, red LTE

Haha now the update says "later this year". Yup, go forth and procede to fornicate with yourself, Sprint; I'm out for sure now

To Sprint? December 31 2013. I want a BB10 device but I think I will be getting it on another carrier unless they get their act together. Btw my local Sprint dealer said they won't carry any Blackberry phones. They will order one for you but no floor models, same for Windows 8. If I stay with Sprint I'll go to a Sprint owned store instead.

I have a line that is due for an upgrade. I planned on getting Blackberry 10; not anymore since Sprint wants to wait...idiots! I will switch to VZ just to get Blackberry 10 when it lunch.

That's definitely good to hear, as I would have dropped Sprint in a heartbeat....still...not very enthused about that 'later this year' line...

This is good news. I was starting to wonder if i would have to jump ship for my personal phone. Just hope that "later this year" part was just a poor choice of words and they will launch with everyone else. also hopefully shortly after jan 30th

The way i read it is they are gonna wait a while to see the success of BB10. Sound like it will be a while. I will probably jump ship to the first carrier to carry the X10.

i've been sayin' this for a couple weeks,,, my rep told me back then,,, can (will) you hear me now??? ;-)


Welp, leave it to Sprint to burst the bubble. Nevermind, come Jan 30th, I'm cancelling my plan, losing my supgrade, and going to whomever. What happened to the customer? Sprint, we're not asking you to carry this in millions, but how about just carrying it? Yes, their BB sales went down because have you been to a Sprint Store? They don't push them! They push 'Roids and Crapples. "Oh, no one is buying Blackberries, hey look at this HTCEVOS3!". Sure, cuz we were waiting for this!!! How about stop sending my emails with "get your iPhone now" specials and "upgrade" to the new 'Roid phone. I'm BlackBerry for LIFE. GET IT!

Sprint, you're about as bad as my healthcare provider when it comes to offering options.

Make us want to stay with you, make us LIKE you, make us tell everyone to come to Sprint -- or we'll start seeing "specials" on the TV come February to intice new customers.

Finally !

But don't let me wait too long sprint !

Robert Scobie ( the worlds Biggest Rim Basher / Hater who wishes death and everything bad to them ) just tried the NEW BB10 smartphone. He said, " He likes it a lot".

There you have it people. If you are, or were a Rim hater and basher, once you try BB10, you open your eyes, and all of a sudden you become a Rim lover and supporter.

These phones are going to sell like crazy, and a lot of people know it!

Sprint is going to carry BB10 until later in the year. It won't be available at launch per Sprint. I'M SWITCHING CARRIERS!