Verizon, AT&T and T-Mobile confirm their support for BlackBerry 10

BlackBerry 10
By Bla1ze on 9 Jan 2013 06:45 pm EST

BlackBerry 10 is coming and just in case there hasn't been enough confirmation floating about for you that it will be arriving on U.S. carriers, Reuters has spoken to Verizon, AT&T and T-Mobile on the matter. All of which, have confirmed BlackBerry 10 will be added to their device lineups with more information coming soon from each.

"We're hopeful it's going to be a good device," and "We'll carry it" said Lowell McAdam, chief executive of Verizon.

"We're extremely optimistic that it's going to be a successful product and our business customers are extremely interested in it," Chief Executive John Legere of T-Mobile USA said.

"It's logical to expect our current (BlackBerry) customers will have the best BlackBerry devices to choose from in the future," AT&T handset executive Jeff Bradley said.

While none of the executives were keen on offering up much else information, it's pretty clear the outlines have been set already and we'll be hearing more soon. Now, where is Sprint?

Source: Reuters

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Verizon, AT&T and T-Mobile confirm their support for BlackBerry 10


I'm dying for them to have it at launch as well. I've been holding onto my upgrade for this.

WTF Sprint??? Get with the program.. I also hope its a world phone like the 9930. I currently have the Samsung Galaxy s3 and isn't a world phone so kinda sucks when traveling abroad..

(Damn shift delete!)

Verizon and AT&T don't seem terribly excited to carry it though.

Who cares, AT&T BB10 for me!

I think the reason why. they don't seem excited is likely Wp8. Because I have tones of friends that work at AT&T and Verizon stores. They say it's actually selling pretty well. better than they expected. and reports say Wp8 has been selling 5 times faster in Christmas 2012 than 2011 Christmas. Good Luck RIM :-)

Sprint needs to come out and say that they're supporting BB10 or else there will be an exodus and I will be one of the first ones to leave.

I will be right behind you if sprint doesn't get it together! They are the only one out of the big 4 carriers that doesn't carry WP 7 or 8 devices so this has me thinking I'm jumping ship soon with them.

dude. they confirmed their support for Wp8. they are getting NEXT gen Wp8 devices in the summer. But I do agree Sprint does need to hurry up

Well that is good at least for Sprint but by then anyone that wanted one will already have one on another carrier so sales for Sprint WP8 phones will be slow/non-existent because they are late to the party on yet another thing (LTE comes to mind). :(

I won't wait until December for them to get it together and offer BB10 devices I have waited 5 months already as it is and not upgraded waiting for BB10. Just weird to me how not committed sprint is to offer anything new since they sold themselves out to offer the iphone 7 years after its initial release.

Good question.

My wife has US Cellular. It's the only one with coverage in the rural areas around here. I'm considering jumping on her plan if USC gets the Z10.

Don't do this sprint. I don't care if you have unlimited data. If you can't provide an upgrade for the BlackBerry users I'll be on the train to leave.

Seriously! Where is Sprint? I'm gonna have to leave as well to get me some bb10

Bold 9930 :: pin:332300CD :: Twitter: @ChrisJaam

Need word from Sprint! 5 of us on a family plan. 2 BBs, one android and 2 non-smart phones. I am dying for a BB 10 but no upgrade until 2014. My partner is due Feb 1. Better be available or she is going Samsung Galaxy. I won't have a BB10 to play with. Boo!

Forget abandoning blackberry, move the entire family off sprint and join the GSM family. If sprint doesn't get it, you know what to do! ;)

I am not due for an upgrade anytime soon. Will pay full price for BB10 and am currently using galaxy s3. Sprint better get it together. I could careless about unlimited data... Kinda sucks anyway only 3G in my area anyway. Only issue is in my area only Sprint and Verizon have decent coverage and Verizon is robbery...

Both of them are CDMA and are nowhere's near "4G LTE". It's more like a rebranded 2G like EVDO Rev. A which is old technology, but it moves through walls easier. Why haven't they combined CDMA and GSM? It would be mucb easier to use data and voice simitaniously.

Wow Sprint...really!?!? T-mobile has been doing a lot of things to bring in customers as of late. They may just be worth a look. Smh at Sprint...

Was at sprint the other day and the tech told me that they haven't decided if they are going to carry it......i was really bummed when I left!

Keep in mind that when you go into the store or call customer service, they don't know their head from their arse when you ask about something they don't currently offer. So when a tech in the store tell you they haven't decided, he just telling you what he thinks, not what is real. The only people that can say whether something would be offered is the Executives in the company. Until training comes down the pipe, those kids in the stores don't know anything. Do not get bummed when you get an uneducated answer from a store associate about a device or service they do not offer. They simply don't know.

Sprint is a little gun shy but they have millions of BlackBerry customers who they won't risk by not carrying it.

AT&T and Verizon want a device that can sell Millions per quarter on Each rather then Windows Phone that can barely Manage 10 million in Q4 world wide across 4 OEMs.

If RIM can manage to move more units in Q1 then Windows Phones did in Q4 on AT&T, Verizon and T-Mobile then you can bet your backside that they will all be lining up to carry the other 4 models the rest of the year.

Just about anyone in the USA with a BB 7 device that they've had since launch would be eligible for upgrade. Lets hope RIM has a really compelling product and an even more compelling message to BlackBerry people.

The carriers won't say no to Microsoft but they know as well as we do that the billions spent haven't delivered the numbers yet. If RIM can hit the ground running with solid sales figures then the carriers will all back BlackBerry.

Dude. you need to be honest. MS just confirmed WP has been selling 5 times faster than last year. that does mean more than 10 million in a whole quarter. I love BB10. I will try it but I do have love for Wp8 as well. and I can say currently WP8 is selling better than BB at the moment. I recently was at China at the Nokia store in Shanghai and there was TONES of people waiting for the 920.

People will line up for the BB10. Just give it till February 6th. That is when they launch world wide.

All of these carriers could care less about the phone, or who makes it for that matter. They know that Androids and iphones sell like mad. When Z10 sells like mad, then to them it will be the greatest thing ever

Yeah! Verizon ....bring it soon and maybe give people due in couple of months an advance upgrade.have been loyal to you for almost 3 years with unlimited data plan.

I just hope AT&T has devices on launch day, and doesn't pull another bush league delay like they did with the 9900.

I have a contract with ATT until June hopefully when the phones drop I can get it early and not have to wait until June.
I am also considering going no contract with T Mobile to take advantage of the unlimited plans they have. Can anyone clue me in how good or bad service is with T Mobile? If their service is any good then I will bring my family over with me

I have had TMO for 6+ years never had any issues with them, great customer service and knowledgable reps

BlackBerry 10
Verizon wireless.
Still rocking my unlimited data package.
I'm buying my BB off-contract! =D

I can't wait for Verizon to announce their rollout. I've been due for an upgrade since August. This is killing me!!!

I'm off contract, and just waiting......
Went in the big Verizon store today..
The 'Wireless Expert' looked at me as if I was crazy!
(or perhaps just awoke from suspended animation..)
RIM?...dead & gone he said!
Blackberry?...nope, an ancient history phone!
Knew nothing of a new Blackberry!
Perhaps I wanted a new Windows phone? (since I'd already mentioned I didn't want iPhone or Android)
Told me I was the first person in the store in over a year even mentioning Blackberry!
I suggested Jeremy get up to speed, took his card and left....

Hope your Listening Sprint!!!! I have like half a year left in my contract and I will break it to go with BB10 so with or with out you I'm going BB10!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I think all the carriers are being reserved at the request of RIM. They dont want to spoil the party by saying too much. I will be getting a Z10 day 1

Please don't forget Sprint got the 9930 long before T-Mobile had the 9900. They will have it just like everyone else.

Come on Sprint, do this for your BB fans! My contract has been up since the launch of the iPhone 5, but like many of the loyal crackberry fans out there, shooting up with a different brand just wouldn't seem right. Unlimited data is great, but jumping ship to Verizon for BB10 and LTE is tempting...

BlackBerry for life

I sent an email to Verizon asking if they were forming a waiting list for the new BB10 phone about two days ago and they haven't answered me yet. My guess is the person that got it has no idea what I'm talking about.

What really irritated me is when Verizon first got the iPhone and then again when the iPhone 5 came out, when I logged into my Verizon account, little buttons appeared below my family's phones with "Click here to upgrade to iPhone". Why are they not doing that for the BlackBerry 10? One would think they would at least do that for people who currently have an older BlackBerry. Does Apple pay for such blatant "advertising"? They must have because I've never seen them do it for any other phone.

I just got a reply to my email. This doesn't bode well just weeks before a major release of a major brand...

Dear Rick,

I want to first thank you for being a loyal customer since 1996 that is absolutely amazing! My name is Shannon I want to apologize for the delayed response to your email, we are still trying to play catch up from the Holiday rush.

I currently do not have any information that has been released by Verizon stating we are going to have the new Blackberry 10. However I did do some outside of the box research for you through Google and was able to find some additional information. Please visit the link below.

As the web page explains it does state we are going to have this phone. I do want to make sure I am clear, I do not have any information confirming or denying this statement. Believe me if I did I would pass it along to you. I want to thank you for your continuing patience regarding this matter.

If you have any additional questions please reply to this email or give us a call at 1-800-922-0204. If you reply to this email please allow 24-48 hours for a reply back. Thank you for contacting Verizon Wireless your business is greatly appreciated. Have a good day!


Verizon Wireless

Customer Service

I was at T-Mobile, then I was at AT&T then I switched to Sprint because AT&T delayed release of 9900 and disabled NFC. If Sprint doesn't get the program I will be forced to switch to Verizon.

Hopefully, Softbank doesn't lose multi-billion dollar investment in Sprint.

I read this article and almost slammed my phone. No jokes, no empty threats...just straight up. My account has three active lines and eventually evolve to five. If Sprint does not release z10. I really hope Sprint is reading these articles. As a matter a fact I say that all sprint users who are serious call Sprint and advise them that if they don't support the new z10 to notate the account that we are moving on at that tim

I read this article and almost slammed my phone. No jokes, no empty threats...just straight up. My account has three active lines and eventually evolve to five. If Sprint does not release z10. I really hope Sprint is reading these articles. As a matter a fact I say that all sprint users who are serious call Sprint and advise them that if they don't support the new z10 to notate the account that we are moving on at that tim

T-Mo doesn't have LTE and their network isn't going to until late 2013. How will that play out? Will the T-Mo version not have LTE? Or have it but not work until later?

That is good news at least, but they better get the phone at the same time as VZW and the rest or I will swap carriers.

Sprint is on that's great but will they have it at or close to launch. I can't wait 6 more months for Sprint. I need my fix ASAP!!!

Great news about T-Mobile. Looking forward to upgrading. A friend of mine and I were talking about the BB10 launch tonight and she's excited to upgrade as well. She's a die-hard BB user with a 9900. I think she's with AT&T.

I also talked to a vendor at CES that sells cases for BB and the Playbook, as well as other phones and tablets, and he is very excited for BB10 as well. Word of mouth is still very powerful. The more we get a buzz going, the better it will be in the long run! :-)

Sprint people, chill out. Sprint has an excellent realtionship with sprint and tons of customers waiting for a new BB. Sprints alway anounces them last minute. They will get it, only question is when.

I'm glad for tmobile but I hope they don't pull a fast one and decide to only carry the keyboard version. They have never got on with the program on a touchscreen blackberry so that makes me a bit worried.

I always thought that was a dumb move for them. T-mobile seems to be too obsessed with Android, in my opinion. Their employees even tried to sway my mom from the BlackBerry she wanted to an Android device. I was like no, that's not what she wants.

If they're smart, which I'm beginning to wonder about with their lack of the iPhone, they'll get both devices, or at the very least the full touchscreen (Z10?). Also, that's the one I want, so it will make me happy since I've been holding onto my upgrade since Oct.

Tbh, I had little faith that Tmobile would get BB10 to begin with...

I don't believe Sprint would just sit back and not offer BB10... i don't know what they are waiting for, but I can see BB10 included in their BlackBerry line up of phones..

"It's logical to expect our current (BlackBerry) customers will have the best BlackBerry devices to choose from in the future," AT&T handset executive Jeff Bradley said.

Future ?! I hope you guys don't delay with this BB10 launch like you did with the 9900 series. You BETTER have them at launch !!! I'll be one angry at&t customer.

Will switch to Verizon if ATT slow to ship. Don't think that will happen.

Note Apple share price drop. Hopefully good news for RIMM!

How will RIMM know how to supply BB10 adequately without overstocking?

I would suggest they get around to actually stocking it in US before we start worrying about overstocking.

YES! Finally something from T-Mobile. I was worried there for a bit. On T-Mobile now with a 9900 and its great. Have Wi-Fi calling and 4G. The sound quality was MUCH better than when I had the 9780 and 9700. Got a BB Playbook shipping to my house now. Hopefully getting Z10 when it comes out. BTW don't really like z10 for a name but oh well, name is the least important thing, can't wait for hub and all the new bb goodies! RIMpire strikes back!!!

T-Mobile 4G is fake, it's really 3.5G and they won't have LTE until end of this year. Hopefully the bb devices they sell are still LTE capable though so we can buy it on day one and still take advantage of LTE when it rolls out without having to buy another device.

Word, I know. But I like to pretend its actual 4G. Mind over matter, ignorance is bliss.... blah blah blah. Its a LOT faster than my 9780 and 9700 were with 3G, so its all the same to me. Download songs in the wink of an eye from aimini or beemp3 so I'm not complaining. I just hope the z10 is reasonably priced because I'm not made of money. may have to wait until someone is selling one on craigslist haha or maybe i'll win one from "what would you do for bb10"....

Hey folks!!
Has anyone an idea if t-mobile wil support BB10 in all countries? In my case its Germany. If anyone knows something about that, would be great :) thanks in advance.

BlackBerry Bold 9900, Playbook 64 GB wifi

Verizon rep told me that bb10 phone not that popular and all phones will be release by all carriers at the same time ..... we will see