TELUS BlackBerry 10 pre-registration now available

By Adam Zeis on 7 Jan 2013 10:28 am EST

TELUS has jumped on the growing list of carriers offering up BlackBerry 10 promos and customers can now pre-register for BlackBerry 10 devices. The page simply states that BlackBerry 10 is coming soon but allows customers to register for updates on BlackBerry 10 including news, promos and information on products and services. While signing up doesn't guarantee you a preorder for a device, you'll certainly be able to stay in the loop and be one of the first to grab one at launch. Head over to the link below for more details.

Pre-register for BlackBerry 10 updates at TELUS 

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TELUS BlackBerry 10 pre-registration now available


pretty much...but hopefully those who sign up for updated will get some priority or special offer....wishful thinkinking i know...

Yup, the link just takes you to their standard sign-up page. Lame. You'd think they could have invested the 15 minutes to create a tailored sign-up page.

This is not a pre-order, just an email sign-up page to get an email when pre-order is available. Nothing to indicate that there is any pre-order involved. We may get an email advising of a pre-order date when you wouldn't have otherwise, but likely the people signing up are Telus customers already and so may get that email anyway.

EDIT: Just noticed at the very bottom of the initial page that there is a statement that signing up means you'll be the "first to know" when the pre-order is available. So no this is not a pre-order or even reservation page.

Why is the video on BBOS 6 and 7.1 This is the stuff that pisses me off. people are going to think its the same old OS.

Get it right people. Holy crap.... soooo frustrated.

True, but I expected better from RIM !!!
RIM should be sending someone to Telus HQ tomorrow and getting this straightened out, or refuse to leave until Telus fixes it :)

I wish VZW would but I dont ever remember them doing pre orders. I could be wrong but when I bought my 9930 I ordered it one day before release and got on release day.

i'm not signing up for this... this is super lame. i don't need Telus sending me spam.

i'll wait for a real pre-order

Agreed that they really need to place something there stating that the videos are of the old OS and not of the new one to arrive.

Rogers and bell have much better BB10 marketing. If telus doesn't do things right ill just buy from another company, since I'm buying without a contract anyways.

Is there any word on if we'll have an unlock app at launch in the app world like we have for BB7 phones? Maybe somebody with a dev alpha would know

telus needs to step it up if they want to keep me.

Does anyone know for sure who has the best network for LTE of the big 3? I can never find anything conclusive after reading the bafflegab on the websites. I'm not sure Telus has fully implemented LTE... only in big cities... so they seem a bit behind. I'm in a smaller town and it looks like Bell might have LTE already in smaller locations.
glad to hear telus will have the bb10 phones, but they might not have LTE in my area so that might be a motivation to switch.

Considering the gross overages of Bell($25 unlimited sms/mms plan, overages amounting to $250 for sms messaging within canada), I'm steering clear, Rogers has no service out here, so that leaves TELUS/Koodo. Since getting my 9300(now broken) in 2011 I've had not one overage charge, and I went to and got ~5600kb/s speed on 3G with my 9700. So whether BELL actually offers more, telus is where I will stay until Rogers gets some towers out here. Just for the record: both Bell and TELUS have 4G in my area, a town of about 6k people. However neither has LTE minus in the capital city.

thanks bmercer. yeah... I used to be on Rogers but they are sooo slow in smaller areas. took forever to get 3G and thus my switch to Telus. Overall I've been quite happy with Telus to be honest. just have to be patient I guess I do think we'll get LTE here sometime this year. thanks again.

That's 5600 kbits. It's much smaller in kbytes: 700.

Also, HSPA+, LTE is the same thing: HSPA+ (3G). There isn't 4G yet.

BB10 will be a smash hit.....I know a lot of Apple users are watching and asking questions.....very exciting stuff indeed.

Signed up! It's only to get an email to be notified about the pre-order BUT it's better than nothing and it's a step in the direction I want to be heading! I read on another comment on this topic (carrier pre-orders) and someone says Jan 20th or 21st for TELUS pre-orders......fingers crossed!!!

Like everybody mentioned above this is a pre-REGISTER to get spammed when the official pre-order will be available plus many more e-mails from TELUS. This is lame, very lame...

The video... let's not go there I'll get mad... COME ON TELUS, get your stuff together...

I hear that Bell and Rogers hogged all of the devices. Telus will be the last Canadian carrier to launch because they were sleeping on their Laurels.

Units are in Hot demand !

I'm hearing that demand is out pacing supply.

I don't care who has it. I plan on buying it without a plan. I would prefer it if I could get it from Koodo though as I would then be able to use my $200 tab credit, & also save the cost of unlocking the phone.

I bet you the free unlocks will be out in no time, just like they're already available for all the other BB devices ;-)