Monday Brief: Mobile Nations @ CES 2013!

By Ashley Esqueda on 7 Jan 2013 04:16 pm EST

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Monday Brief: Mobile Nations @ CES 2013!


* BlackBerry by choice *
So there will be some BlackBerry stuff to be had. I knew there had to be something happening .

Strange but beautiful. It really is getting to be a dry road for CrackBerry . You would think gearing up to launch they would start throwing out more teasers.

Oh Man... you're gonna be taking back that comment in a week. This shit is about to get C R A Z Y.  Have some freak'n insane stuff coming... going next week level.

I'm not sure what that means exactly? RIM is revealing more next week or they've shown you more you can't reveal til next week?

I get all giddy with excitement like a little school girl when I hear that. I have been trying to repress my excitement and impatience for a year now, but to think we are really almost there now… !!!!!!! It’s about to be real… The BlackBerry volcano has been lying dormant, but it’s about to erupt.

I just hope it's all stuff that will be ON BB10, not coming to it. No more waiting, I want the complete package in my hands in 1 month.

RIM is a sleeping Giant, and that Giant is beginning to wake up.

Don't be surprised if RIM has record (Q2) revenues. Kevin's right. Things are going to be really C R A Z Y in the next 60 days. You won't believe your eyes.

Cool! look forward to it. Crackberry as the blog goes, has been stuck in the doldrums of sorts for awhile. But yeah its about to end. :]

Hey Kevin, no disrespect to Ashley or those that edit Mobile Nation videos, but man I think Video needs to be a focus now. Many videos are dark and do a disservice to what is being said.
Exposure, lighting, focus, white balance, framing would go along way to making MN's original content more awesome/ and PRO. TheVerge is doing that now. Videographer + some stabilized DSLR will cut it.

Thanks for update though, Team. ;]

Isn't much you can do with small camcorders or equipment. Mine is quite old and has Ois, if I was there, filming would be a breeze. I have the DSLR quality digital camera and 8 AA nIMH batteries for it, just not a 32 or 64GB memory card. Lol

By BB stuff do you mean QNX stuff like the car or actual BB stuff? Either way, something is anything.

The salute needs more jiggle.

Liked Kevin's comments during the other interviews though. :) Did it look like he was the most awake to anyone else?

I figured it was the High-Fructose-Corn-Syrup and larger portion sizes in US drinks. :)

Canada finally got Mountain Dew with Caffeine in it about a year ago.

It isn't nearly as much fun to watch a room full of fanboys than the usual lovely Ashley. I'll have to watch for that boob jiggling the next time she gives the saucy salute. Haven't seen one in a while. Hopefully they'll talk about the QNX car... (to make the post somewhat relevant)

QNX car is cool and all, and the new voice stuff that is being stated sounds awesome! and i REALLY hope this will be in BB10's voice control!

But I hope RIM shows off some BB10 action during CES! Like showing off a few more interesting features...or announcing the BB10 Beta for PlayBook users!!!!

At least Ashley is aware that we watch the Monday Brief for the boob how about some extra jiggle next week, eh!!!

Ashley never jiggles the tatas as far as I know...don't know were that came from lol. I do enjoy her dazzling and informative podcasts though :)

A "wink" about awesome BB stuff coming soon... Boob jiggle from Ashley,... and absolutely nothing for the others.... except cases and a new processor... Sounds like fun times!

BB10, Jan 30, 2013... Wondering if my CRAZY idea for the contest is CRAZY enough!

Kevin has like a certain quiet air of confidence to him. Like he's in-the-know about some awesome BB10 goodness and is just holding back and knows that all these other platforms will be inferior once revealed. Can't knock the swag!

My words exactly! Our fearless leader cant knock the swagg-fidence hahaaaha....O Ashley...sigh...

Every video Ashley ever posts has the lowest volume ever. Invest in a fucking microphone or upscale your volume.

Actually, I use high quality mics in my studio. I can't win, because if I turn it up, people FREAK OUT and say it's too loud -- quite similar to your post here.

In this particular video, I had some audio syncing issues in Premiere, and had to edit in my mortal enemy, iMovie. Unfortunately, while I'd adjusted the audio levels as I was cutting in Premiere, when I moved to iMovie after hours of trying to troubleshoot the weird audio slipping that was happening, it was extremely late and my brain told me, "you already boosted the audio," so I figured I was just imagining the low volume because I was in a silent room filled with sleeping people.

Sorry to have induced so much volume-related rage. Maybe a nap would help?

Gentlemen, never try to emulate the salute bounce. It will dilute it's value and Ashley has it NAILED! You guys should all go to Delmonico steakhouse in the Venetian and give Kevin the bill.

Hello Guys!

Wellcome to Encore Las Vegas! I'm a huge Fan of Crackberry and I'm glad to know that you're staying with us. Hope you are having fun at CES and good luck!

I work at Encore, if you need any assistance or anything we can help you let us know!

Good Job!


BTW - Encore is part of Wynn Resort. Love Las Vegas. I will be heading there mid March. Can't wait !!!!

I have a Blackberry 9300 and noticed that the sync wasn't working, I rang 3 network and asked them why and they told me to send the phone in to them and they would do a software upgrade, does anyone know anything about this,does it work or what

What sync? Google sync, if you were talking about that, is discontinued by Google. It won't work a anymore. If you're talking about BIS, you can reload the OS yourself quite easily. Crackberry has guides.

I absolutely LOVE my glasses -- but there's just too much glare to wear them in the Briefs that I do in-studio. :(

I tried one week after I got them and it was just terrible. I'm going to attempt to contact the manufacturer and see if I can get a non-lenses pair just for recording with studio lights.

Ashley - looking all nerdo-casual, and yet...still sexy!
Thanks for the casual, laid back, workin' - on - a - hangover update.


I loved how Kevin looked like a tough P.I.M.P. Like 'Whatta hell?! I don't give a sh*t about CES! i'm all about January, 30th!'. Not very polite, but, hey, give BlackBerry a break! Finally we all have a chance to feel superior! LOL

Way to go, Kevin!