10 Weeks of BlackBerry 10: BlackBerry World

In our '10 Weeks of BlackBerry 10' series we'll explore one feature of BlackBerry 10 each week leading up to the launch event on January 30th. This week: BlackBerry World

BlackBerry World
By Adam Zeis on 7 Jan 2013 02:34 pm EST

BlackBerry 10 is getting closer each and every day -- we can't help but think about it every waking moment and then dream about it at night. As you've seen in this series, there are a many great features that we're looking forward to in BlackBerry 10. From the BlackBerry Hub to the amazing new keyboard, there is just so much we can't wait to get our hands on. 

One new feature that we're also excited for is the new BlackBerry World store. Formerly know as BlackBerry App World, the 4-year old app store is expanding to include not only applications and games, but also movies, TV shows and music. It's a great step forward that we couldn't be more excited about. Keep reading to see why BlackBerry World is one of the features we're most looking forward to on BlackBerry 10.

History of BlackBerry App World 

BlackBerry App World first went live way back in April of 2009. The new store brought easy access to applications and games for BlackBerry users and started the move away from third-party app stores. Apps and games were all in one place and the store was fully integrated with BlackBerry devices. At the start there were only a handful of apps available, but the storefront quickly filled as developers created more and more BlackBerry apps.

A little more than a year later BlackBerry ID was introduced with BlackBerry App World 2.0. The single sign-on allowed users to easily keep track of their App World standings when changing devices or using the store from the web. The update also included credit card and carrier billing where previously only PayPal was accepted.

While BlackBerry App World only sold apps and games, there was also the 7digital music store that let users download and play music on their BlackBerry devices. While it was for the most part the official music store for BlackBerry, it was still completely separate from BlackBerry App World. Separate accounts with separate services. It worked but it wasn't the ideal solution.  

Then the BlackBerry PlayBook 2.0 software first introduced us to the BlackBerry Video Store. Again a separate application, the video store let users browse, rent and purchase movies and TV shows on their BlackBerry PlayBook.   

At BlackBerry Jam Asia is was announced that BlackBerry App World would be rebranded to BlackBerry World for the launch of BlackBerry 10. A very fitting name since the new service is that was finally expanding beyond just apps and games to include movies, TV shows and music as well.  

Bring on BlackBerry World!  

So why do we love BlackBerry World? Well, we've never had a fully integrated one-stop shop for all of our media needs. We could always get our apps and games from BlackBerry App World but needed other services to fufill our movie and music cravings. There was no buying media without loading up a totally separate service. More accounts. More apps. More of a mess. Not a fun time.

With the introduction of BlackBerry World for BlackBerry 10, we get a win/win. BlackBerry World has all the apps and games we'll need for BlackBerry 10, plus we get the addition of videos and music - all under one roof. BlackBerry finally has a full ecosystem that brings everything together once and for all. With BlackBerry ID, a single sign-on keeps track of everything and ensures you won't have to go elsewhere to get media on your BlackBerry 10 device. 

You can easily browse each category to find what you're looking for including top-selling apps/games, new movies and hot music. Downloading what you need takes only a few taps and it's all billed via PayPal, your credit card or to your carrier. BlackBerry World makes it easy to see what's trending as well so you have better discovery features and can find the latest and greatest apps, games, music, movies and TV shows without having to search around for hours on end. We can't say we haven't been hoping for this for a while now, but with BlackBerry 10 we can stop complaining and start doing. BlackBerry World is one of the features we're most looking forward to on BlackBerry 10.

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10 Weeks of BlackBerry 10: BlackBerry World


This is really great.

Does anybody know if RIM takes a cut of movies/TV shows rented or bought on BB World?

I wish they'd start charging Devs a little fee just to increase revenues a bit.

Small, $10/fee for opening an account, then giving 95% of all app purchases to the dev instead of 100%.

I would HOPE they take a cut of the movies/TV shows because we need the investors to be happy.

Are you kidding? RIM already takes 30% of the cut of all paid apps in the store. That's more than enough compared to how little they'd get by charging to open a vendor account. Apple does both, and RIM may too do both one day, but for now they need to cut the costs to encourage people to sign up.

Dev registration is free on BB World vs. $25 on Goog and $100 on APple __ BB World is available across more countries than competitors

Investor's won't be happy if no one will develop for the platform. They're in the process of building that platform, but recognize they don't have the momentum needed to be self-perpetuating yet.

They need to make themselves as attractive (and free) as possible to new developers until they hit a critical mass where developing for Blackberry is just what you do. Then they can start to implement some fees. Until that time, bring on the apps and the no-risk development from new developers!

Ppl just want free stuff all the time. Even if it means the most useless of things like free wallpapers launchers and all of that other BS. EWWWW

With BlackBerry ID will you have to buy apps all over again. Lets say I buy a game for my PlayBook; can't I just log into my BBID on my BB10 phone and have it ready to load without having to pay again for the same app?

I think that's up the dev themselves. I have heard of a few stating that if you already have it, then you'll get it for "free" on BB10.

Yep, really all the developer needs to do for a PlayBook app that works is list it under the same listing in App World. OR the other method is if the App did need some work, list it under the same listing and add a file bundle to the BlackBerry 10 listing, bump up the revision and then they would have two files under the listing. One for PlayBook, then the updated file for compatibility on BlackBerry 10. After that's done "BlackBerry 10" can be selected as an option for compatible devices and it shouldn't charge you twice, so long as you keep using the same BlackBerry ID.

Although things don't get pretty when a developer loses their signing keys, although a BIG thanks goes out to Shane from OpenSource BlackBerry for providing a free tool to back up our signing keys.

"we can't help but think about it every waking moment and then dream about it at night"

Wow - you guys need to get a life! It's only a phone people!!

1) you're on crackberry.com and are amazed that we do that? *rolls eyes*
2) its not just a phone, let's talk on the 30th of January
3) if you had any idea what the BB10 will do, you wouldn't have made any comment.

All of us here are waiting for it.

I have a life...a nice one I might add and I am super excited for BlackBerry10...does that mean I'm a good multitasker?? Or do I have Qnx Dna...Oh wow!!

@Rob1 You have to understand these guys have been using BB, not a real platform like IOS or Android, so it's all new to them, cut them some slack.

Hey Trollfella,
You too a wrong turn at the intersection of iSheep, Fandroid, and CrackBerry....best get back into your '82 Pinto and move on.

Great! Then when one describes the idiot in the car in front/behind/beside in the proper language, I wonder what it will tell the iPhone to do????

I don't have the BlackBerry Video Store on my PlayBook, thinking its my location at set up! Does that mean no movies or music in my future BlackBerry 10 device?

For PlayBook, I had to download the Video Store separately (as an app) from AppWorld first. Unification would be nice!

Still, I don't know about regional issues, whether it's a North American-only thing or what, or if BB10 will lead to remedying that.

Video and Music store is very much regional as of now but if we believe in ASaunders then this should work across the globe.

Secondly, YouTube has all the regional content TV Shows and Movies for free but it's delayed broadcast.

If I remember correctly, the PlayBook will not be getting this unified BB World even after it gets BB10...is that correct? While it doesn't really bother me to have to to three separate apps, it still would be nice if they were unified...and consistent across all devices.

Ps. If I have to buy the same app twice...once for my PB and once for my BB10 handset, I'm gonna be more than a little annoyed.

Hey what does a 'Platform' mean to you? If you purchase a Desktop software, can you install it on any computer? NOPE. It's a single run license. It's been like that since forever and WHY NOT?

How can a developer make any money if you buy once and run everywhere?

The PlayBook will obviously get the BB World much like the new BB10 phones.. But it's solely dependant on the Developer to allow multiple instances of the software.

Stop crying for FREE STUFF>

The question is not WHY NOT? But [b]WHY?[/b]. It's like buying a physical music CD that you pop in your player only to find that you have to buy it again for your smartphone, PC, tablet, and portable music player. In short, complete clusterf*** of bureucracy and ripoff. What we want is the app itself, any attempt to cash in "different device different license" is Electronic Arts level of bullcrap. Settle on a price for each platform, and if you already paid for most expensive price for the best version on a platform, you're entitled for the same app in different platform (long as they're cheaper than the most expensive).

So you're saying that if I buy a product, any copy I make of that product should be free?

Makes sense (if you want everything FREE)...

That is the case with movies and music.. so I'm not sure what the issue is with a $5 or less app? If MGM lets me purchase/download $30 Bluray movie blockbuster that cost millions of $$ and watch the electronic version on any of my devices (laptop, tablet, phone, etc.) then I'm not sure why you are crying about a $5 app being allowed to be installed on both my PlayBook and my BB10 handset...

"Settle on a price for each platform, and if you already paid for most expensive price for the best version on a platform, you're entitled for the same app in different platform (long as they're cheaper than the most expensive)." - Good point to get Apple and Android users over to BB10... but I wasn't even going that far... I just wanted an app that I paid $5 for on my PlayBook to be available on my BB10 handset for free... but dude above got his undies all in a bunch that "devs can't make any money" and that "you just want everything for free"...

Next, I'm sure he'll suggest that devs re-charge the user for incremental upgrades to their app. "Well, I know you paid $5 for version 1.0.. but we made some slight enhancements to it.. V1.1 will cost you another $5.."

Dude...you act like I want everything to be free. There are 6 PlayBooks in my extended family (mostly purchased by me)... and I have purchased COUNTLESS apps for my PlayBook alone... many of which are $3-$5... and the corresponding app is either offered for free or less than $2 on Android or iOS. Just because I want to buy a $5 app for my PlayBook and not have to buy it again for my BB10 handset (and have it work seamlessly between the two) doesn't mean I want everything for free... but developers won't make money on that, right? Especially when they are giving it away for free in iTunes/Google Play.. smh

The question I will want answering will be whether the video store will be available outside North America. It isn't at present which is exceptionally irritating. I would very much like to see it available in the UK.

One of my biggest criticisms of RIM in the last few years is the lack of in house BlackBerry apps in the UK. I note that we now have navigation, but the lack of apps like Video Store and the full Podcasts app is frustrating.

APP "World" is all about how vendors model their business.

I don't know the percentage of total sales for network related applications but,
Apple sell apps, music, books, and other non-tangible stuff they do't 'make'. They make a substantial income from hardware with their related OS. They say today, their users downloaded 40 billion apps!

Microsoft is recently getting into the hardware, but their sales are directly related to sale of OS.

Google has their feet into hardware, but, giving away their OS and take their profit from apps, music, books, and other non-tangible stuff they don't 'make'. In September they said their users downloaded 25 billion apps!

RIM sells their hardware at nominal markup and charges (for phones) monthly network charges. Their apps, music, books, and other non-tangible stuff they don't 'make' are not yet fully developed as a profit center. This is due to their inability to attract quality app makers to develop salable apps. With OS10 coming, it is hard to see whether they can develop enthusiasm from developers.

In any case, a ton of apps in any portfolio does NOT mean these vendors have quality. In all cases, the 'worlds' are loaded with junk 'apps'.

You can't call it junk apps. If the developers want to submit their app, it's up to them. It's up to Jane or how to download them at their own will, not by force.

Nobody forces anyone to download an application they do that use, want or need.

Excuse me if I miss, but is there any proper list that is showing which apps are coming to BB10 and which apps are not coming to BB10?

I just hope we get a viable APP for use in the UK so that we can download films / videos (not U Tube) as currently there is nothing that works in UK for my 9900 / Playbook if I want films.

It would also be nice to have an App for removing DRM as I have films / music on iTunes from my days of iPhone use but they are still covered by DRM so cannot transfet them to Playbook / 9900 so are currently space takers on my Mac.

Ask rim that either by calling, tweeting or e-mailing them. As for the DRM laden stuff on itunes, burn it to DVD and then rip it again, then it won't have DRM.