Developers: Are you eligible for the limited edition BlackBerry 10 trade up program? Be sure to check your email!

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By Adam Zeis on 7 Jan 2013 12:27 pm EST

If you submitted an app in hopes of getting a limited edition BlackBerry 10 phone in exchange for your Dev Alpha, be sure to check your email today. Reports are coming in that RIM is contacting developers to let them know if they qualified for the limited edition device. If you met the criteria and submitted your request you should be finding out if you will indeed be able to trade up after the BlackBerry 10 launch. Many users in the forums have already been accepted, so check your email and see if you're one of the lucky few. Be sure to hit up the forums and let us know!

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Developers: Are you eligible for the limited edition BlackBerry 10 trade up program? Be sure to check your email!


I have no idea what that thing with the splat is (coaster, trivet, frisbee, et cetera); but I know I want one.

haha yes me too I would love to get the coaster. it looks really cool
and yes i am among the devs who got the approval email
thanks RIM

Got my email, registered, comfirmation email, and apparently RIM customer service is supposed to contact us to arrange for pickup! Very excited and to be honest I'm going to miss my, err, RIMs little Dev Alpha. Although the spirit will live on in all BlackBerry 10 devices to come.

I got it too! I have another Dev Alpha (havent recieved trade up email for it, will get it in a couple of days) and will be getting 1 more which I won at all-aboard portathon and will get one more from the next portathon. So I will be getting 4 limited edition devices!

Got my email about an hour ago.
This is WAY better than Christmas!
Didn't think I could get more excited about the launch on the 30th, I was wrong.

I'm happy to say that Launch Codes for BlackBerry has been approved. I will be getting my limited edition BB10.

On a side note check out Launch Codes for BlackBerry - Audio Podcast has been added and you can listen to your fav CrackBerry Podcast on it today.

am I right that my app needs to be approved before I request my limeted Edition device?

ah and it says that it will be opened until the 21th of january - so still time am I right?

because I'm still waiting 4 approval before I want to submit my request. (submitted it on the 3rd of January)

Yes, it needs to be approved. Approval took 10 days for my app in december ... still enough time for you.

Submitted my app on the 28th of December. Haven't heard anything about it, but hoping I will soon, so I can submit it for the trade program!

I got another email after that:

Thank you for your submission to the BlackBerry 10 Limited Edition Trade up program.

As we were processing your application we encountered a system issue that has now been resolved, however this required us to remove all existing data from the system. As a result if you have already received a notification email please disregard this communication as a new email will be sent to you shortly. For those that have already entered your shipping details you will need to do so again once you receive the new email.

We apologize for the inconvenience this may have caused.

BlackBerry Developer Relations Team

Crackberry, please update this post!