Another BlackBerry 10 Dev Alpha lands on eBay

Dev Alpha eBay
By Adam Zeis on 7 Jan 2013 08:16 am EST

Less than a week ago we saw not one, but two BlackBerry 10 Dev Alpha units sell for nearly $1,000 on eBay. Now there is another listing for a Dev Alpha (we're unsure if it's an A or B - or if the auction is even legit for that matter) that is running up over $2,000 -- which is crazy. Aside from the fact that it is illegal (and totally unethical) to sell one of these devices, shelling out that much for a developer unit that doesn't even have the full OS is pretty nutty (but that's just my opinion). Regardless, the auction has another day to go so if you're totally off your rocker and want to pay an insane amount of money for something you don't really need (just wait another 3 weeks for BlackBerry 10!) then hit up the link below to check it out. Thanks Jacob!

Check out the BlackBerry 10 Dev Alpha on eBay 

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Another BlackBerry 10 Dev Alpha lands on eBay


I mailed this scum bag. this is what he had to say.

Dear inzmood,Well i did not claim on the page like i wil make sure to work it forever etc. If buyer assume something like that then i cannot help.- vikceo Click "respond" to reply through Messages, or go to your email to reply

From: inzmood
To: vikceo
Subject: Other: inzmood sent a message about Blackberry dev alpha 10 device #160948634805
Sent Date: Jan-06-13 14:26:54 PST

Dear vikceo,You know the Developers alpha device will shut down and be unusable on a pre set date. The unit is forbidden to be for sale and I am sure the person who wins this will surely come after you wants the unit locks. BB10 will not ever be sent to that unit.- inzmood

I guess this Dev Device might cost much more in few years ;) Because it's quite exclusive (few thousands only, but most will be back to RIM I suppose). I don't think those who buy these devices do it in order to use them

Anyone who buys a dev device and doesn't know.....well they will learn a lesson for a fool and his money are soon parted.

I'm hoping a surprise from Mr. Heins at January 30; full final software being pushed to these devices. If that happens, I think I can use mine forever and ever..

Heck if I had the money I would buy it just to give it you RIM, then they could ask the developer back for the device or pay RIM a high amount of money for losing it. This would would a win win situation thing for RIM as they would have the developers device which the developer couldn't return to them. :)

I suspect RIM is behind this, maybe it'll create some hype and might even help them determine the pricing of the upcoming Z10 ;) or its just a crazy auction again. Either way can't wait for the Z10, hope it lands in India soon after the launch.

A rather paranoid Android developer friend of mine suggested last time these popped up on eBay that this could be RIM's way of paving the way for a high retail price for the Z10 when it's launched. But then again, this is the same guy who can't understand why every other Android dev he knows is not only giving BB10 a go but are also raving about it!

Collectables are only collectable if people are willing to, surprise surprise, collect and invest in them. Gadgets are funny things and there's no defined market for them, unlike records or sugar spoons, so I'm willing to bet that a phone that has a (deliberately) neutered OS, has essentially been stolen, has no contemporary design motif and has been killed and wiped by the manufacturer really is not going to be that collectable in a year or so.

Or imagine if Mr Hines says Blackberry 10 will never come out....Then who's the fool?? we are for not grabbing it..

Way to be asleep at the switch. 5 of them have been posted between this article and your first "$999" one. Only one had been canceled due to fraud... on the buyers end.

If that's the case you should spend less time leaving rude comments and more time sending in tips so they can post them.

Maybe everyone forgets but you can trade in your dev alpha for a special bb10 phone. I think that's the developers mentality of why he is selling it.

How much better is this the Dev Alpha than the P'9981? The price tag shouldn't alarm anyone. The fact that they're not supposed to be sold is what the topic should be.

So if this is all "illegal", why are you constantly posting links and articles promoting the sales? EXACTLY!!

I'd love to buy this, simply to develop with it -_- Not as easy as one might think, getting your hands on a Dev Alpha, when you didn't live within 2000km of a BB Jam.

RIM (@BlackBerryDev) tweeted the following earlier this evening:

Don't buy a BlackBerry10 Dev Alpha off the internet. 1st - It's illegal. 2nd - it will be disabled after launch.