PixelMags brings their BlackBerry branded Newsstand to BlackBerry 10

By Alicia Erlich on 5 Jan 2013 05:52 pm EST

Back at BlackBerry World in May, it was announced that PixelMags, the digital publishing folks behind magazine content on other platforms, would be designing a branded newsstand application for BlackBerry 10. Now as the launch is almost upon us those with a developer device can get a taste of what this popular magazine application will look like.

BlackBerry Newssstand is a storefront application filled with a plethora of magazines from around the globe. Ranging from media and entertainment, to beauty, gossip and sports, there are more than enough magazine vendors for you to choose from. Digital content is downloaded and purchased using your BlackBerry ID so there are no issues if you switch devices or for tracking your account and subscriptions. An interesting option is how you have the option to not only access content in different languages but storefronts in other countries as well in this version.

Magazines can be purchased on a single issue basis and Newsstand currently offers two subscription plans for BlackBerry users. As demonstrated in BlackBerry World, Pixelmags will be offering an AnyTime reading feature which allows users to view content with a one-time seven day free period upon launch of the app or through a subscription plan to read as many titles as they want. I happen to love this concept because each month (or in this case during the trial), it grants you unlimited reading for a specified time. You can keep track of this by using the timer toggle switch at the top to access the countdown clock.


The application itself is native and as such demonstrates all of BB10's distinct features and flow including the dark theme appearance, easy to navigate interface, buttons, and pull down menus. I have to say the carousel magazine rack flows well and I haven't noticed any freezes or delays while scrolling through the selections. At the top is a handy sorter which lets you navigate through the different topics and categories. While at the bottom is the store button and search feature to find your favorite.

BlackBerry Newsstand

Downloading and viewing magazines is a fairly simply process. It certainly helps that you can start reading as the content downloads to your device. Seeing the periodical itself is a completely different story. Due to the high resolution of the Dev Alpha's display the cover images look absolutely brilliant. Pages can be viewed in both portrait (single) and landscape (double) modes and it's just a matter of swiping to move back and forth or double tapping to zoom in.

I did notice there is a slight refresh period when switching pages. I don't know if this is because I was reading as it downloaded but when you first turn to a page it is slightly blurry and then after a second finishes loading.

For those of you who have made the transition to reading electronic versions of your books and magazines than BlackBerry Newsstand is a great multi-platform alternative to paper copies. It really does bring each of the issues to life on your screen even if this version is for demonstration purposes only. Developers that have a compatible device (some devices can download while others may not have access) you can check it out at the link below. While the application is available for FREE, subscriptions will cost you once it becomes official..

More information/download BlackBerry Newsstand

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PixelMags brings their BlackBerry branded Newsstand to BlackBerry 10


I will most likely not use this app. But, the availability of apps is always a great thing. Keep em coming!

it's now 70,001 app ..... now make 10,000 duplicates of this one ... just like apple does.

We all know that analysts and the media have been bashing RIM for the last couple of years. There are way too many misleading reports out there. This helps drive the stock down. Billions are made by doing this.

So BB10 is almost here? But how can this be? One top analyst said that BB10 will not be available till July 2013. Another top analyst said that RIM will burn all their cash and will never see 2013. A third one said that they will be obsolete before their new OS is ready. Rocco from seeking alphabet said that buying Rim shares is like catching a falling knife. Another writer said that RIM shares will trade for under $1.00 per share comes 2013. A top analyst gave RIM a 10% chance of surviving. Recently he changed it to 20%. Will he say 30% when Rim shows BB10 phones on January 30th, then up it to 40% when carriers receive the product? He will be up to 50% when the phones go on sale, then 60% if they sell well, and finally 70% if they are a hit. By this time, the share price will be up to $80.00 and the shorts will be chasing it.

How could all these people be so wrong? So very wrong.

Do you get my point on how the Billions are made? They buy when the stock price is low, and sell it when it is high.

+1...analysts seem to be so damn wrong when it comes to rimm ,i personally dont get it ,its like they have a personal agenda ......we'll see

i agree with you. tons of analysts make their money giving bad reviews about a company(not only rim) so that the price will go down and they can make money later. i'm not mad though. i bought rim stock last year, and i'm making money too.

but i think some analysts are isheep too. they'll proclaim the death of rim and speak highly of apple. all of a sudden the isheep analysts are all in shock. they're wondering why the stock is falling with such a great product.

I have been saying the same all along. But today proof that the isheep are starting to listen up. I have 3 Playbooks and my friends don't understand why, but they don't even want to listen because nothing beats apple. Well we are at a hockey tournament and they see me on the playbook, and finally start asking questions on how did you do this and that. They bought their first playbook today and are thrilled. They couldn't stand how the ipad does not browse correctly. Then we got them multitasking.....now they want new bb10 phones.....

A lot of this has to do with RIM being Canadian, RIM inventing the Smart Phone, and RIM owning the QNX which is also Canadian, one of the most powerful Operating Systems in the world.

You see people "DO" realize (Apple for instance) that RIM has a good chance of stripping massive amounts of market share from the likes of Apple and Google, to name two.

They are threatened by QNX and how it could dominate the mobile market, not to mention making the current BB7, iOS6 & Android look like CRAP.

QNX Neutrino is widely used as the basis for automotive Electro-Mechanical Components, for Industrial Control Systems, Medical Instruments, Defense Systems, Nuclear Power Plants, and other Mission-Critical Applications, NASA's Space Shuttle ETC., The BlackBerry PlayBook tablet computer designed by Research In Motion uses a version of QNX as the primary operating system.

Who wouldn't want to use BB10? Government, Corporation, Business, Individual etc., I can see them all jumping and converting to B10.

RIM via QNX holds a lot of patents.

+1,000 ..... I think shares of Apple are starting to tank because side by side, BB10 smokes the iPhone ... Hands Down. ( And this is coming from people who have done a comparison )


RIM did NOT ... I repeat did NOT make the smartphone!!!

Psion debuted on an Ericsson R380 roughly 2 years before the first BlackBerry (yes the OLD pager style) EVER was sold!! You're a fool to think RIM invented the smartphone or believe that kind of marketing. Some of us are old enough and have been able to purchase smartphones long before RIM sold a product on the Mobitex network here in Canada before going global!

Nokia had S60 (an evolution of Psion) before RIM ever moved to J2ME as well and they flourished worldwide. Recall Nokia owned 80% of the smartphone market GLOBALLY for over a decade! Not RIM and only recently Android has 70% Globally; nobody ever came close.


This is what Ive been telling people all along. People who only read headlines that is. Financial Media purposely do their best to drive the price down so they can purchase and sell later. Why is this so hard to see??

And lastly, RIM is Canadian. American investors don't want to lose market share to a Canadian company. This is why Canadian consumers, Canadian media should do their best to support RIM. Whether through product purchases or stock purchases, honest and trustworthy product reviews and analysis. RIM is GOOD for Canada.

I will support App Devs that support BlackBerry10.

Team Blackberry 4 Life.

Looks sharp as hell ,nice app ,i will most likely be using this
Every time i see these demos and loom at bb10 in general it looks nice man ,everything looks smooth ,polished up to date i am still bitching a bit on the whole icon issue ,but in general this phone looks like it will kick serious ass
I am not saying it will topple apple or android ,but like they say in that movie "if it bleeds we can kill it "

I'm glad to see Pixel Mags finally live up to their promise of supporting Blackberry. It's a pity that they didn't follow through on their Playbook app that they announced three months before Zinio brought their app to the Playbook as I ended up supporting Zinios and doubt that I would switch to another company at this stage. It's a good app though.

Can you still use reader mode within this app. Let's say you don't want to look at the pictures but just want to read the text. Is that possible?

Is it just me or does this just look so fast and smooth :)
Excellent looking app.
Did I detect a little Jersey accent?
Love it all


Woooohoo!!!! Now that is what I call a review. Very thorough, very informative and very accurate. I feel like I understand exactly how to use this app without even using it. Please Kevin we want more reviews from Alicia Erlich!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Yes she is good, was moving thru the app/OS with ease.

Guys/Gals don't worry about the downers, they said 2 yrs ago RIM was done for. Now all they are saying is too little too late LOL, that's how you know the product is looking good.

Yes! One of the best app reviews seen on Crackberry. Down to the point, informative, comprehensive, concise, competent. Alicia, would like to seen more of your work!

Yes! One of the best app reviews seen on Crackberry. Down to the point, informative, comprehensive, concise, competent. Alicia, would like to seen more of your work!

This app looks great and I would be ready to pay for magazines if the price is decent.

However, what would make sense, be even greater and comfortable to read the magazines is to have a "READ ON THE PLAYBOOK" function, using the great bridge function.

The viewing would be secured and the 7" screen much better than a half size one.

What do you think?

Wow! This would have come in handy over the many years I had a subscription to Car and Driver, Motor Trend, Automobile, Road and Track, Auto Week and Roundel magazines. I could still have all of the mags in digital form!

Oh well....


Very interesting I will use this app if is for sport it can be really great nba mlb nFL...... Att. Crackberry staffs show us the real apps I know the good ones are done already I'm wish the ceo from RIM surprise us with INSTERGRAM* if bb 10 comes with that they going to sweep the market*

CrackBerry Kevin has said he has inside knowledge that Instagram is made for BB10. He also said if he's wrong, he will buy one of the people who commented about the post a car.

Now I don't know Kevin personally per se, but my guess is he's pretty certain about the matter.

Rest easy, if all it takes is Instagram - then the sweep seems to be guaranteed.

:( Not available on the continent in Europe ... Oh boy when will RIM learn? I'm all excited for BB10, but I fear this is one of the things they MUST get right and RIM has not noticed yet! The CEO is german and should know better!

Rim didnt make this app, contact the developer with your concerns. The fact it isn't available in Europe has nothing to do with RIM.

I like how RIM's SDK still allows for Flow to be used, yet custom UI's to exist - something you're not allowed on iOS, and we're beginning to see that on Android with their "guidelines".

We need to prop up useful applications such as this more vs games! I'm so sick of seeing all these games giving immediate gratification hype vs productivity, educational, instrumental, applications and uses!

If we keep heralding games on BB10 - then whats really the point of this platform existing if only 80% playing games?! I might as well get a PSVita with SIM card and use LTE/HSPA Voip app. BB10 is better than just offering games.

BEAUTIFUL app. Full, single pages are readable in portrait mode (wow!).

If this comes to Playbook (preferably one updated with BB10 and a resolution boost), I may have to rethink my long-held belief that you need a 10" tab to read magazines!

Loved to see in the Countries part, that Portugal is in there!
Now, I just wish that a few Portuguese Developers are on board withh BB10, so we can get at least half the Apps available for Android and iOS here...