Introducing the Ultimate BlackBerry 10 Phone Contest...

We're going old school with this one CrackBerry Nation and bringing back the craziest contest we've ever done... 

By Kevin Michaluk on 4 Jan 2013 12:07 pm EST

So you want a BlackBerry 10 phone? What Would You Be Willing To Do For A Free One? Luck of the draw won't play a roll in this contest... PROVE TO US you are one of the ten craziest BlackBerry believers out there most deserving of a FREE BlackBerry 10 phone and we are going to give you one!

The premise here is simple. You have until Midnight PST on January 11th to tell us What You Would Do for a free BlackBerry 10 phone and prize pack. From there we'll go through all of the What Would You Dos submitted and I'll personally call the ten contestants who are willing to do the most to get their hands on a FREE BlackBerry 10 Phone.

The catch? This isn't lip service. If you're selected as a winner, to receive your free BlackBerry 10 phone and ultimate prize pack you're going to have earn it by following through and actually doing what you said you would do! Once we receive your video and photo evidence we'll send you your new BlackBerry 10 phone and prize pack as soon as it becomes available!

For all of the contest details and to submit your What Would You Do, visit or hit up the link below.

View Contest Details and Submit your entry now!!

Reader comments

Introducing the Ultimate BlackBerry 10 Phone Contest...


Visit the full contest page and read everything before asking questions like that.... :)

Can't be illegal, and nothing **stupid** that's going to kill you will be selected. That still leaves lots of crazy awesome and creative ideas wide open.

Be sure to check out the winners from the original What Would You Do for a BlackBerry Storm? Contest for ideas of what got chosen last time. 

Hey Kevin, in the spirit of awesome crackberry contests maybe you should remind the community about the CrackBerry Contest: Share your Ten Thousand Reasons to Believe and you could win a BlackBerry 10 device!

hey kevin,

just side note, do you think for the bb10 commericals that rim is going to use the same approach like acura did with the split screen of a casual and business side of the same guy going to the car..i think that will be the best way to implement the evolution of OS..thanks for listening..

I sense an extended hospital and or jail stay in my immediate future...

The blacker the berry the sweeter the use...

I have some ideas...But 1: I don't have access to a Photon Laser and 2: I can't get to the moon.. You think of the results of having both. :)

I was glad to see the idea to pay for it wasn't too far down in the comments. I too will just pay for it.

I will eat a pound of fresh blackberries in under a minute in an ugly sweater, Bill Cosby style! :) #BB10!!!

Is this anything like What would I do for a Klondike bar?
I don't know what I would do with out my berries!

I'm gonna slap Apple products and Android devices with Blackberry stickers around my school campus, lol. Along with getting put in jail for vandalism and battery probably.

This is the hardest one. But, what the heck! I don't need to get chosen, I'll volunteer for it. Kev can give the phone to someone else. lol

I'm going to PAY IT in da SHOP! 700 bucks you must be crazy haahahaha

Wish we could See real madness.
Looking forward to it

I will make 1000 BlackBerry posters and post them all around my school and city. And of course those posters will have a crack berry link on it. Oh I'll be doing all that while wearing a crack berry hat and a keep Calm and Get BB10 shirt which I had made

I would be willing to walk into the ATT store here in Atlanta and pay for one cash money when it is released. How is that? Sounds good to me.

I want one more than anyone out there. But I'd rather just spend $700 dollars than do something crazy/stupid/dangerous etc... for a CHANCE to win one of ten.

No no. It's not a chance to win. Once your idea is picked, you're a winner... you just have to follow through and do it to collect your prize.

Further clarity:
1) Decide on your insane idea and submit it, but DON'T do it.
2) Get picked for your awesome idea. (Lucky you!)
3) Do your insane idea!
4) Make Kevin personally hand deliever your new phone. That way you can get pictures of you and "the hair".

I hope that you followed up and gave these guys something awesome once you found out that the Storm was garbage.

Blow out a blind kid's birthday candles before he does. That's legal, right? Maybe not moral, but ehh...anything for that Blackberry 10 device! Okay, maybe not..

I would have sex with a Z10 , in a blacked out room, to keep it "legal" of course, and you can send the video viral with no royalties to me. ;)

Look at what all those poor bastards did for a stinky BlackBerry Storm..

That phone looked so awesome on paper before it came out.. It was BlackBerry's answer to the iphone and it was going to kick ass... Instead I think the Storm single handedly brought BlackBerry down. As an owner of the Storm 1 & 2, I can contest to it's weakness. It was a disaster..

Good thing we've all seen a pile of actual demonstrations on the BB10, so we KNOW it is going to kick ass!

I'll have to think about what I'd do for one...


Me thinks the first half of your post belongs on the "yesterday thread", let your demons go, I'll even pay for the exorcist. ;)

"kick ass " Yep!

Ha! I know brotha! I should see a therapist about those issue and let them gooooo.... I will forego the visiting of a priest tho.. those guys scare me. :)

I would paint a giant BB logo on my chest and back and then run down the street (about a mile long) next to my house in underwear at 6pm when everyone is getting home from work..

I would gather all my friends from ABDC ( JABBAWOCKEEZ, SUPER CREW, QUEST CREW ) combined all together with my 20 friends BB BOYS shut down the streets and perform a MOB over time square while performing Blackberry 10 plus will show on all time square adds..

~what ~would you do~~ooo~~oo for a Black~Berry phone!? :) (sorry had the klondike commercial rolling through my head when I read the title. But this is a cool contest :) trying to think of something...

I'm going to go back in time to when BB10 was announced and start putting money away!!!

Wicked! It worked! I have around $1000 for a phone and some accessories! Woot time travel!

I look forward to watching some of you crazy people do crazy things!

I just entered this contest, knowing full well I won't be picked. I just wasted 30 seconds of my life that I will never get back. Pretty crazy.

posted what i was gonna do but contest rules suggested i dont... but i can brag about my contest id bieng 50... that has to be kinda lucky??? mabye???

I will save a lot of money.... if you just give me a bb10 device.... would actually really help me out. Part time student and employee and have no extra money for bb10 but i'm a diehard fan! help out a fan? please?

just to make it worth your while, i'll do any crazy stunt or embarrassing act for it. You name it, you got it. ;)

i could.... punch through a bees nest? take a dump in front of the apple store? snowboard down a slope in my undergarments? dress up like a zombie and go to a public place and scare the shit out of people? i could go on and on.... let me know

I also work at a tattoo and piercing shop and would be down to pierce or tattoo anything on me... just sayin

Tattoo the BB logo on your wang and get a piercing on the tip with a blackberry shaped charm, and I'll buy you one!

Don't do this, I don't have the money to buy you one....

what i'm gonna do for a blackberry 10?????

I'll save up my money and use it to buy one as soon as it comes out!!!

I would shoot an apple off someone's head. But not with a gun. Now I have to figure out how. :) (loads of euphemism here)

I will dress up, head to toe, in BlackBerry attire and walk into my local apple store holding a sign that says Apple sucks, BB10 all the way. I will have my friend call the local news and tell them that we are holding an event at the store to raise awareness for the endangered Florida Key Dear which should get their attention .

I gonna sacrifice here....I will play 10 rounds of golf while suffering the consequences of whatever the weather throws at us....In February....In Palm Springs. I know, I know, drastic and daring, but anything for a 10.

do this in barrow, alaska in feb, you might have a shot,,, the 2 chicks in stickers already won...


Hahaaa BerryCrazy let tha gamez entry is still loading hehee ths wil b fun..!
BerryInfinity---BB10 is the future

I would sell my unlocked Torch 9810 and pass out the proceeds to random homeless people on the corner and commit other Random Acts of Kindness!

there are always 1 (or 2) women that are willing to get naked, or close to it,,, & i'm all for it but ya just can't win over that,,, but if you're willing to pay for my lessons i'll jump out of a perfectly good airplane wearing a crackberry 'chute...


if it's for fun, I will throw my phone to the air and then race with it to see which is faster, me or my phone :)

I've used BB as long as I can remember, and I am looking forward to BB10. But that being said...

...what did all those poor people in the video think when they got their free Storm and found out it was hot garbage?

I got the Storm 2 which was supposed to have FIXED a lot of the bugs from the original, and even that was painful to use.

I will stand in front of a fast food store, and give the next 40 people that walk inside ( and currently have a BlackBerry ) a $5 bill and tell them that lunch is on me and CrackBerry Kevin.

I will contact 10, yes 10 app developers who currently have an app on iOS or Android but not on BlackBerry, with a very compelling case as to why they should program for BB10, complete with perhaps short videos to send to them - crackberry nation can help suggest which devs to go after.

If i win, I'll run in an Apple store totally naked showing and eulogizing my Curve 9360 (hoping that the police won't catch me).

I would spray or making a huge painting of Blackberry 10 signs on my neighborhood wall...Street Art
and i would also paint the tag line: Security, Social, Friends, Business, Leisure = Blackberry 10.

Hmmm... I can't really think of much.

I suppose I could do a comparison of the PlayBook and my Nook Tablet, and use the losing tablet as fodder for my Glock 23, Bersa .380, savage .243, and mossburg 500.

I will be working so I can afford a BB10 device. Just like I always do when I want to buy something.

This phone better be at least as compelling as anything else on the market or it's the end of the BlackBerry experience.

I will make a Level dedicated to CrackBerry and Kevin in my upcoming game Orbital Launch! It will be released for BB10 and Playbook.

That would be fun to make :D

As a seminary student I will compose my next Sunday sermon on the new phone and will use the screen instead of notes to deliver it from the pulpit.

I will walk in an Apple store, put a BB10 + Apple logo shirt on, pretend I'm an employee and offer Blackberry phones to customers, telling them Apple has been taken over by RIM finally ;-)

omg i did enter this to say i'll do something, but looking at previous entries i wont even bother!! a tattoo?? i'm obvs not that dedicated, will just wait to upgrade my contract :( lol

Not sure this is something I could survive, but I would "Fast" for a new blackberry. I would either suspend my phone line or activate a flip phone and go BB free for a week to win the new blackberry. I would even lock up my playbook. I am severely addicted, and I don't know how this would go. But I would try SOO hard if it means winning the latest and greatest BB10 device. Because I NEED it BADLY!!

I entered because I wanted to see if I would even get picked. Plus I can't afford to just buy one since my contract isn't up for another year. No matter if I win or if I have to buy one, I'm leaving WP for this. BB10 is awesome.