BlackBerry 10 preorders now available from Bell

Includes weekly drawing for free device

Bell Preorder
By Adam Zeis on 4 Jan 2013 11:33 am EST

Bell has jumped in on the list of carriers taking preorders for BlackBerry 10 devices. You can sign up now to receive updates leading up to the January 30th launch event for both personal and business accounts. We're expecting this is for the BlackBerry Z10 as with other carriers, not yet the full QWERTY device. As an added bonus, Bell is also giving away a chance to win 1 of 5 free devices to those who sign up -- one evey Tuesday through the 30th. So if you're a Bell customer head over to the page below to get in on the action.

Register for BlackBerry 10 updates with Bell

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BlackBerry 10 preorders now available from Bell


My BB's are 2 years old, been holding out for BB10. Just waiting on Telus to pre-order 4 new phones. Side note....Just entered the Bell Contest, Bell Canada has the abbreviation for Newfoundland and Labrador wrong, it should be NL. Bell has it as "NFL". I am pretty certain "NFL" stands for something related to football ;-)

And we wait and wait and wait .................. come on carriers, get your act together man!!!! I want to pre-order a dam phone, don't make me swear!

That's cool. I am in the USA on T-Mobile. Still debating whether or not to wait for the keyboard version. I currently have the Bold 9900.

that's a tough decision. I have the Bold 9900 as well but if the QWERTY is released a month after the Touchscreen than I cannot wait. I'll give the touchscreen a try and can always switch later down the road.

My wife currently has a white 9900 and wont upgrade to anything but the qwerty version. I have a torch and can't wait to get my hands on a BB10 phone so I'm going for the full touchscreen. I guess it really depends on how long your willing to wait to get your hands on one.

We have a peek on the pricing of Z 10 from this draw. In the rules, it indicates "approximate retail value $700 cdn each".

Did you see that price value is set to approx 700$ ... so entry price without contract term should be 699.99 $

I mentioned it yesterday in a tweet to Bell that Rogers was taking pre-orders and should step up their game. I know i had nothing to do with this, but the timing is nice :) glad to see it posted today

Did you guys notice "Please allow four (4) to six (6) weeks for delivery" on point 8.3 Delivery of Prize(s)?
Could this mean they will have the phones available in the begining of February?

Hi Double_J75, may i ask why you would want to switch from Bell to Rogers? I'm currently with Rogers but I'm not too happy with its network. I'm thinking to switch to Bell after my contract ends in February. Would you mind to share your experience with Bell? Thanks.

What the heck? I'm seriously thinking of switching and thought I would NICELY ask for an opinion here. Did I in anyway offend you, Kennedy.L?

Hey SkinEgg. I have used Rogers network in the past and the coverage sucked big time for me. If I ask people now on Rogers how there coverage is they usually say it sucks. I switched to Bell and it has been an excellent experince with there network. I just switched to Virgin Mobile in Aug of this year. The reason I moved is because Virgin offered me a much better deal than Bell and no contract. Virgin runs on the Bell network so I am not losing anything by going with Virgin, except a big monthly bill and a contract. And by the way Kennedy.L I am not an employee of Bell or Virgin. I run my own business and need a reliable cell network.

Hello Skoal712, thank you for sharing your experience with me. I really appreciate it. I am in GTA and have been with Rogers for almost a decade. My last experience with Bell was back in the 90s with its analog and PCS network, your up-to-date experience is helpful to my decision making. Thank you very much.

Can't wait. #BB10BELIEVE
I played with the phone and its definitely worth the wait. Think I'll buy some stocks now.

Bell is not even advertising the pre-orders on their homepage. At least Rogers had a slide announcing the pre-orders.

It says "Pre-register for updates and be automatically entered into a weekly draw to win the newest BlackBerry 10 device." There's no pre-ordering at this time apparently.

So Crackberry has it wrong then?

Also, how is it a "pre-register" for updates?. Doesn't this form register for the updates? Or are we just registering to be told when to register for the mailing list? C'mon Bell.

It's confusing because Adam's title is (accidentally) misleading.
"BlackBerry 10 preorders now available from Bell"

Funny .. I was on Bell this morning and they have a page where you can estimate the trade in value of your current phone. I wondered what my BB9900 was worth in a trade . It is worth nothing. They do not offer a trade for BB's. So I asked Bell why not. They replied it was a Blackberry policy. So I asked Bell ... Could I trade in an Apple for a Samsung or visa versa and they said yes. You can only trade in a BB for a BB . After they introduce their new phone Blackberry needs to get on board with the Industry standard. At the very least Blackberry should offer as much for a trade up to the Z10 as Bell would offer for an Apple owner to trade up of an equivalent model to a Apple 5.

It will be interesting to see how much Blackberry offers for a trade up of a BB to the Z10. They had better be competitive. They need to sell as many as possible as early as possible to encourage App developers.

Not sure how ... I went on-line and no offer for BB's . Regardless I an saying the RIM should offer the same amount for a Trade up that other carriers would offer on a trade up of their old top model for the new top model if they want to encourage sales. The inability to trade up to another brand is a serious deficit and presents a risk in purchasing a new Blackberry.

Go to the link I posted. Choose "RIM" as the manufacturer, and "Bold Touch 9900" as the phone. $75 is given as the value, with no stipulation that is must be traded for a BlackBerry.

On my 2yr old 9800 is worth 'Up To' $70.00. :)
I will give it to someone or sell on Kijiji for 'Up To' $150 instead. ;)

Right ! Thanks ... Still $75 is not so much compared to what they offer for Apples etc . Hopefully the Z10 will change that and hopefully RIM offers a good trade up program !

No problem. Agreed they're not paying much. Even factoring in the HST savings on the trade-in(assuming Ontario rates) it's still only $85. Should be able to get at least double that on Kijiji or similar.

I have nothing to back this up with, but I have read (a while ago, and I believe it was in one of the videos posted on this site with RIM employess talking and showing BB10) that RIM plans on getting as many BB10 devices in existing BB users hands as possible, and suggested that they will have an incentive to have them move up to BB10. I really hope this means any current BB user will have the ability to upgrade to BB10 at no cost, or at a low cost. I think one of the biggest marketing campaigns any company can get is word of mouth (on top of their own massive marketing campaign). I have already sold a ton of people on BB10, but if I had one in my hand to demonstrate, I'm sure I can convert a ton more. RIM knows this, and they have said they want to get BB10 phones in as many BB users hands right from the start.

+10. Giving free BB10 phones to current BB users who trade in their phones and renew their contracts (it's not going to be a free phone outright) would both please carriers (for the renewal) and get a few more Z10s in people's hands so they can be seen in public.

Totally agree. I have absolutely no problem locking into another 3 year plan with Telus if I can upgrade my current Torch to a BB10. I've tweeted Telus a few times today about pre-order dates and LTE coverage regarding BB10, and they have been very very quick in replying to me, but now that I have tweeted asking about what incentive plans Telus/RIM has for existing BB users to upgrade to BB10, I have not received any reply. :)

I'm sticking to Rogers, but signed-up for the contest. I won't be leaving Rogers after 12 years. If I win, I'll sell it and use it to buy it from Rogers...genius.

TELUS better get on board with pre orders soon or I'll be jumping ship - I can't risk waiting 2 months for the phone if they get sold out.

I just saw this article on so I instantly tweeted @telussupport and @telus and they replied within a couple minutes saying they will in fact have pre-orders PRIOR to the January 30th launch. They said they will tweet the details to all their followers once the dates are confirmed. I also informed them (which I'm sure they know) that Bell and Rogers are already taking pre-orders and/or doing BB10 contests, and that I'm very patiently waiting for Telus to jump in the game. They said that dates of the pre-order dates are coming 'soon'.

I truly hope you mean carriers, because THAT is what jumping ship is. Jump to Bell, Rogers, Mobilicity, WINDmobile if one or another doesn't have it by then.

I'm on wind, I have the patience to wait. :)

Where did you get this info, considering Telus has just tweeted they do not have dates yet? Hope you're info is accurate. It doesn't really matter when the pre-order date is, just as long as its prior to when they are available for purchase, so that I can get my hands on one on day one.

this seems to me to be more like a contest to win a free phone and be notified when it comes out than a pre order. Im a little confused as to where the pre order is?

This what one Telus Store manager in Red Deer told me when I phoned them yesterday, "There as been nothing from Telus Corp in regards to accepting pre-orders on BB10 phones. But since they aren't expected to be hot sellers you should have no problem putting your name down for holding purposes come launch or release day and picking it up. The most we would get on release is about 5 devices and if they sell well, then maybe 10 or more afterwards with each shipment."

On a seperate note - has anyone received a confirmation email from Bell after signing up?

I signed up for the notification from Bell and after I signed up - I did get confirmation via a new tab (pg) confirming I've signed up. No e-mail notification was received to my provided e-mail.

Your Red Deer guy demonstrates a real weakness for Blackberry. How can Blackberry entice the sellers to sell ? The majority of consumers are easily swayed by in store marketing. BB needs to offer an incentive for Mr. Red Deer to bring in more Z 10's and for him to sell them over some other brand.

When Apple has a new product they have a nice display. BB needs to have working tethered phones that customers can try out and see for themselves how good BB10 is. In addition they need a sales commission for the bored 20 year old telco clerk sitting in the mall kiosk.

He must have a lot of stock to try and move. I have already ordered 4 units for family and if I am happy with BB10 I have 23 BB corporate phones to change over.....right now I have the older Bold 9000 and 4 Playbooks. Glad I don't have to deal with that store because the manager doesn't seem to know what is really coming with BB10. Very exciting stuff!

I signed up for the notification from Bell and after I signed up - I did get confirmation via a new tab (pg) confirming I've signed up. No e-mail notification was received to my provided e-mail.

I've been with Bell since 2009 and hated every minute of it. No way I getting my BB10 from them. I've already reserved my BB10 from Rogers. Hopefully they turn out to be the lesser of two evils.

Now I know Telus is NOT BlackBerry friendly. I am ashamed and annoyed with this supposedly Canadian company. Shame . I might be moving on when my "3 year sentence" ends.

I use Rogers both for personal and corporate for many years. It is true over the last year's they have stopped pushing bb phones. Lately they tried to switch us to WP8 units. I told the sales guy not a chance, and order me 4 BB10 phones and prepare for an additional 23. He knows our account. I was taken back that he would even try to sell me a lower device. Anyhow it turns out that management instructed a wp8 sales push.....well I just pushed back. Soon they announced the preorder....that's more like it Rogers!