Verizon BlackBerry Z10 shows its beautiful face!

Verizon BlackBerry Z10
By Kevin Michaluk on 3 Jan 2013 10:20 am EST

If you've been wondering how carrier branding may show up on BlackBerry 10 phones, this leaked image that just popped up on the internet gives us a clue. The BlackBerry Z10 on the left shows clear Verizon branding on the upper left corner of the phone. The phone on the right is apparently the AT&T version, but we're not seeing any carrier branding on this one... yet. It's likely this will vary a bit from carrier to carrier.

The Verizon branding is subtle, but effective. We'd rather have our BlackBerry's free of carrier branding, but if you are going to have carrier branding, this location isn't too bad. More than carrier-free branding, we want to see big time carrier support for BlackBerry 10 - whatever it takes to get that done is fine with us.

The image was posted first on Business Insider, and was apparently sourced by a person who's testing both Verizon and AT&T variants of the BlackBerry Z10. The tester also gave his opinion of the Z10, which he said had great build quality, a great screen, a fast web browser (as quick as desktop browser) that supports flash and that the boot up time is less than a minute. These are all things we love to hear.

January 30th's BlackBerry 10 launch event can't come soon enough! 

Source: Business Insider via CrackBerry Forums

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Verizon BlackBerry Z10 shows its beautiful face!



dieing to get one in my hands i want carrier free branding i hate this big ugly rogers logo on my 9900 first ever bb with branding. When i was with RIM i got so used to just seeing the BlackBerry name and no branding i loved it i want the same now too.

my lumia 920 surprisingly does not have the rogers logo on it. so beautiful. i just get the rogers logo when it boots up.

Hopefully Rogers doesn't touch the bb10 device either

In my experience the carrier branding can usually be removed with a q-tip and some rubbing alcohol.. takes 10 minutes or so of scrubbing but it gets the job down flawlessly. I've done this on my 9000, 9700 and 9900 with great results.

I might be a little apprehensive to try it on a white model though, as they are generally black plastic coated white, so there's a chance you might damage the finish.

I was actually thinking the exact same thing...I was trying to look at the bricks on the screen to see if one was showing more brick than the seems to be the same, but does look different...ARISTO! lol

Seriously!! Just so everyone knows, I'm going to be THAT GUY, in the carrier store, playing with this thing, everyday after work, lol. Seeing that picture makes me very excited to try some web browsing on the Z10.

The iPhone really missed their chance and the "tall & thin" profile doesn't help with web browsing anymore. Really looking forward to getting my hands all over this thing!

Isn't she lovely? A little surprised how much bigger it looks than the iPhone. Would love to see it next to an SIII or OneX just for comparisons sake.

Is that an iPhone 5?

If that is the case, our z10 looks like a monster... Having two z10 and an iPhone in the middle is like two big badasses bully guys from highschool making fun of a silly hipster guy

That iPhone is just a 4 or 4S. The 5 is larger so it isn't a very good comparison with the one on the market right now.

Holy hell, they look massive... not sure I'm digging the size. I always look at the Galaxy phones in store and think the size looks ridiculous. I guess I'll have to wait to see how it feels in the hand.

My thoughts also they do look massive I want a pocket phone for work or at the bub (that's a bar for those in the ex colonies !) definitely not a man bag guy.

Well, if it was smaller we would be saying "They could have made it a bit bigger..". From the video I saw released in one of CB's recent blog posts the size looked good in relation to the hand size of the of the guy who did the video. No complaints here. BBring it on, baby! #BB10

My GF is desperate to switch from her carrier to mine, and she was about to bye an iphone5 cause her BFF has one, she told me about it, so i showed her the latest Z10 vids and pics. guess what ??

Bye Bye iphone, Hello BB10 !

i"ll take two, thank you lol

If bigger than a Storm 2 to damn big. Went back to an older phone cause I thought the Samsung Galaxy II was too big. So I am old and set in my ways . Still want to see it though.

Like you said, if them putting branding there helps to get the full carrier support, I’m fine with that.
But still, I hope a little rubbing alcohol does the trick to remove the branding just like it did on the 9900.

Don't care about the branding on the phone, just wish I could wipe out the branding on my monthly bill :-)

Sadly the only new BlackBerry thus far for T-mo is the 9315 lol I truly hope to see T-mo and Sprint carry the BB10 line as well.

You and I are in the same boat. Come on Sprint, you have lots of loyal BlackBerry fans just waiting to use their upgrades!!

BlackBerry for life

phone looks gorgeous! Never thought I'd look at a blackberry again! I love Android, but their hardware is just too big for me and I'm not a fan of Samsung's big plasticy designs! As far as branding goes, it looks disgusting on here, especially being so far to one side! I pray they just keep it on the back of the phone and leave it at that! I would actually contemplate refusing to buy it if I see the logo printed as it is in this photo. Crazy? Maybe, but it does infuriate me to see this non sense.


It's actually amazingly subtle.. didn't even use their brand colors, but a very muted grey as to not draw more attention than the silver Blackberry branding at the bottom... so it kinda seems designed to go along with the phone's design... I feel like I would barely notice it...

I can't wait until the z10 comes out on Bell, I've already got 200$ saved up for it since I will have to buy it off contract.

BlackBerry Torch 9860 and PlayBook

Eww carrier branding, really looks out of place up there. The att version looks perfect. Also I am loving the size of these berries.

It looks so sweet January 30 cannot get here soon enough! The only way RIM fails is if this phone isn't released within 2 weeks of the launch event. The carrier branding on the phone really doesn't matter to me, but Apple somehow gets away without it...why not RIM. I think the size of this phone looks perfect, compared to the iPhone 4/4s in the picture it may look huge, but remember just how small the iPhone 4 is, from previous pictures it is just slightly larger than that iPhone 5 just with a much bigger screen. Looks perfect to me, and the browser runs flash?? Why has this not been stated before, or did I miss it somewhere???

The PlayBook browser runs the full desktop experience and it can be considered an alpha of the BlackBerry 10 browser

That's the best picture of this new phone that I have seen so far and it is a beauty!!! I'll buy one as soon as someone other than Rogers allows for pre-ordering. I can't get enough pics of this phone! Now if only they would post something for us in a qwerty and have someone say the build and finish is amazing ..............................

I happen to like the size of this phone as it will be replacing my PC for the most part. THe iPhone 5 has enough height but they bombed on width whereas this phone is perfect in every way.

Nice to see a fellow canadian supporting rim and blackberry ten. I ordered mine from Rogers. OH CANADA!!

I'm switching to Rogers when this phone becomes available. I typically work DT VanCity and the Telus reception/coverage is disgusting (one bar standing outside). There's just no excuse for that. Co-workers with Rogers get full coverage below ground. Telus and Bell are also sleeping on this pre-order thing... Fail.

Having seen now the Z10 and the likely qwerty model, I think I'm ready to try all touchscreen. If all touch is not for me (love my keys), I'll just switch back to trusty ol' 9800 and ONE HECK of a new media player!!

The Verizon branding does seem subtle, I can barely make it out.

Just hope Rogers doesn't go overboard with their branding - in fact I, for one, would love for them not to slobber their logo on the phone at all.

Phone does look sweet though...

I was lucky and got my Bold 9900 from Bell without a logo on it. I'm hoping this is the case with the new Z10 also, but even so I'll have it in a case right from the start!

.. something called 'unlocking'. Look it up. It can be used so long as the phone has proper frequencies for the new service.

They dang well better! My contract has been up for two months now and I will have no problem switching carriers to get my "precious". :)

And you think att is better? Verizon has the best and largest LTE network. Give them a try. And you know that they'll have the new z10. ATT might take their sweet time like they did with the 9900.

...certainly better than Sprint in my area where its 3G service can be ridiculously spotty. Granted, Verizon's network is the most advanced. Verizon or AT&T, makes little difference to me because local coverage is the same; either would be an improvement in my daily wireless life.

Have talked with both companies in the past. CDMA for these two, requires the new carrier to add your device to their network... and they won't do it. I don't know if this is still true for LTE.

It's highly unlikely that would be a possibility. Unfortunately, carriers like verizon and sprint only allow phones with their ESNs onto their networks AND they have software that is specific to their networks. You could possibly flash the software and use it on Metro PCS or Cricket, but who knows when the method to do that will be possible.

It'd be much easier to bounce between GSM-based carriers because they will take any IMEI and connection is based off of the SIM card

FYI: apparently as to today US T-Mobile customer service has not even been informed that BB10 will soon be released.

That being said, I look forward to carry a BB10 TM logo phone. I am sick of all the ATT iPhone's.

It looks like the carrier logo can easily be covered by some thin black paint or perhaps removed by sugar cubes :) Where there is a will, there is way!

I hope TMO gets it around the same time, or else I might do something as stupid as canceling my contract and creating a new one with AT&T instead of moving to TMobile and buying the phone outright.

This doesn't surprise me.

Two days before the HTC 8X launched on T-Mobile, the carrier stores and customer service were clueless about the device's existence and insisted that I was completely wrong -- T-Mo would never carry it.

Two days later, they were selling it. :)

Geeze, I hate to see the carrier branding on the front of the device, can't it be placed on the back or something. This really annoys me, take a page out of apple's book darnit! I have to modify my BB so that ugly ass carrier branding doesn't ruin the aesthetics of my sweet goodness sugarlicious Berry!

Verizon branding is subtle. I don't even notice the Verizon logo on my 9650. Even though we knew it was coming, I'm just excited to see a Verizon logo on a BB Z10.

Even though I'm on AT&T and getting that one off-contract, I hope the Sprint one comes soon, since my friend is on Sprint and wants it desperately. If it comes at the same time or after windows phone 8 devices land on Sprint, or he doesn't like it, he'll get a windows 8 phone.

Hurry up and take my money! I'm running out of bandaids for my Torch.

Wouldn't you know it, less than 30 days till the release event and I have to replace my slider flex cable.

Every new picture, just a little bit more torture. Before I was just impatient, now I'm actually IN NEED.

I'm happy to see my carrier is onboard! Hmmm, maybe Magic Eraser can get their branding off? Oh well, still happy!

Happy to see carriers on board....i have sprint so hopefully they get on board if not looks like im switching to either Verizon or At&t.....

I've been off-contract since August, eagerly waiting for the BB10's to come out. I'm confident that every day of the wait will have been worth it once I get one.

The Z10 is just too big for me coming from a BB9930. I will wait for a smaller BB10 device.

Given the massive success of the Samsung Galaxy ... glad you are not in RIM design. the Z10 needs to appeal to the majority of consumers. Today's younger users in NA have got bigger hands .

LMAO! I just had a moment!. I was thinking, hey that looks like an iphone in the middle! LMAO. EPICFAIL!!!

It would be nice if branding meant that if a lost phone was found that you could return it to the carrier outlet for a $25 finders fee or something like that.

I think the phones look nice but need to see a white phone. Seems like all of the women I know prefer the white phone . I see where other makers will be going for the full spectrum colour look like the Nokia.

Thinking about the X10 again ... we are mainly disappointed because the the screen size. The screen size was limited by the square format or in other words the width. I understand that but X10 could have been taller to retain the track ball but then that might have been a software issue to keep the BB10 compatible. Rim could have done better in explaining the "why " then the negative reactions would have been more muted.

On point re the screen of the X10...settling on the square screen has limited the screen size big time...even havin the same size as the Z10 would hav been more desirable with a much bigger screen and the trackpad if possible..

Hmm, I'm wondering what will be the new BB10 Theme Song,....I'm beginning to think,..."Can't Touch This", MC Hammer! ....or "Bad" by M.J.!

Or Rim should have multiple theme songs that run randomly or different times of the day in different markets!

Like, something mellow between 6am-10am,...something perky between 10am-2pm and something hevey from 2 to 7pm and something relaxing from 7pm til 6am!

....just a thought!


Seriously hurry up! Don't have a working BlackBerry and now I bought an iPhone. Damn like that's how bad I need a phone!!!!

How does the start up compare with the Iphone ? My BB9900 start up is very quick. This could be a annoyance.

The slow start up of the Playbook IS a problem.

The Playbook is slow because it loads every driver it might need every time it starts. RIM has said they learned from that mistake for BB10 which is obvious from the claim of a boot time less than 1 minute.

I'm fairly certain that the iPhone 'cheats' on it's boot time. Since you can't remove the battery, there's no real way to tell for sure, but here's my theory. On every BlackBerry I've owned, if the phone goes completely dead, you can plug it in and start powering it on immediately. On both my iPod Touch 4th gen and my iPhone 4 (replaced my broken iPod Touch with the phone for a better build quality. Dropped the Touch once and it split the screen from the backing), if you run it COMPLETELY dead to where it shuts off, when you plug it in there is a waiting period where it tells you that the charge is too low to power up the device. This waiting period lasts quite a while before it will 'start' booting the device. I'm almost certain this delay is not due to charging, but rather due to a background boot process that makes the official 'start up' screen duration a LOT shorter. My guess is that when you 'turn off' an iProduct, that there is stuff that is not really 'off' at all and it's a shortened 'boot' process to turn the device back 'on', almost like an extremely low-power standby setting. Like I said, no removable battery means no way to test for sure...

Your comment is quite interesting and does make sense. I've always taken it for granted that I can continue to use my Torch from plugging it in right after it's completely dead.

For some reason something strange happened to my account where, after logging in, (from anywhere) I would get an error message telling me I have to be logged in in order leave a comment when I tried to reply to user's comments... And this is after getting no error message right after logging in. The comment input box also disappeared entirely. Creating a 2nd account was easiest since the issue couldn't be resolved.

...My Precious, my own, my love.... we wants it, we wants it....Gollum..! Gollum..!!!! aahhhhkkk..!!!!

Personally I don't care if the branding wraps its self around the device twice and has pink polka dots. I need this tool in my arsenal. And if Otterbox will play nice....branding shouldn't be a concern.


My thoughts exactly. I hope they have one ready to go on release day. As a matter of fact, I hope RIM has all the accessories ready to go. When I first got my 9930, It took Blackberry months to have spare JM-1 batteries and chargers available.

So stoked for my z10....thank god rogers let me pre-order with $40 down.
Also on a side note, all my friends with iPhones seem to be having problems. My Polish friends just bricked itself and my gf's is acting hella strange lately. It's almost as if they know the bb10's are coming and they're straight up scared to death. Kcuf an iPhone!

I Don't care much about VZW branding on the Z10. It can be ignored just like my 9930. What I DO care about is VZW's infamous crapware. I want to see how badly Big Red is going to cripple the Z10. If someone out there has these phones, please boot em up. Show us what we're going to have to put up with from the carriers.

i mean ,i've seen videos with it and it looked really really smaller, maybe its cos i got used to see it smaller that i prefer it smaller..but really i bilieve s3 size is bad, if this comes out bigger i'll still buy it, but wont be happy about it's size

ah well, its compared with iphone 4 not 5 maybe thats why i see so much different cant really tell :P

I will be interested to see what case the Z10 and X10 ship with.

My BB9900 came with a holster . The holster would occasionally fall off when exiting the car ( eventually resulting in a lost phone) . I switched to a OEM leather sleeve that works great.

Most of the Iphone users use a bumper. The leather sleeve has kept my glass scratch free.

A holster for the Z10 would be seriously geeky.

You reminded me of a great point. Will the screen be glass, or remain whatever indestructable plastic I have on my 9930. I really hope it's not glass, because I make fun of iphone users and their spiderweb like screens all the time. I'd hate to have waited so long, just to have the same problem my competitor has. Anyone have insight?

27 Days Later...

9900/9930's have glass screens. I had a spiderweb 9900 for a few days after touchdown spiking on the floor waiting for the elevator (hand actually got caught in the sleeve of my jacket and then flung out of the snag).

I believe that out of the touchscreen phones, the fullscreen Torch 9860 is the only "hardened plastic" touchscreen device.

Agreed. Don't want a tablet, want a phone that can be easily put in my pocket. Anything bigger than the iPhone5 is too darn big!

I for one think the iPhone5 is perfect. Never mind that Apple is working like a "bat out of hell" to kick the iPhone5s out the door in Spring. Let's face it, nothing say perfection more than that big wonderful "home button". God it's beautiful.

No, no, no...please don't tell me Rogers will brand in the same spot in the front. I was surely hoping it would stay virgin of any carrier branding, though I wouldn't argue much or care less if it was at the back.

Gotta compete with Samsung... most young consumers want big. If you want small there is the X10 with your name on it. I bet the carriers were happy with the size.

Im seriously gonna cry!!! FINALLY BLACKBERRY FUCKING 10 IS HERE AND ITS REAL!!!!!!!

pardon my french ,I feel better now....

SoftBank and Masa-san will lose a huge cash cow opportunity if Sprint doesn't carry BlackBerry 10 at launch.

FINALLY !!! Im getting RID of my boring and old iphone 4s and getting BB again. I miss u BB, and i think im not alone.

My birthday can't come fast enough. 27 more sleeps. Phone looks sexy, OS looks sexier and the fact that's its a Blackberry makes it the sexiest.

My birthday can't come fast enough. 27 more sleeps. Phone looks sexy, OS looks sexier and the fact that's its a Blackberry makes it the sexiest.

OMG! These devices really seem TOO big for average customer (me included). Taking account of awful design of the qwerty devices (leaked photos) I am starting to worry this could be the end of RIM as stand-alone hardware maker.

Average consumer? Have you noticed how massive sales of the GS3 and latest iPhone have been? Ps people calling their version of the possible end of RIM gets a bit tiresome.

I don't know what it is with these people, are they dwarfs or gnomes or something? This phone is ansolutely pocketable, I was thinking it could be a tad bigger. To each their own I guess.

I dont know. Bigger is better for the majority. Also, it's next to an iPhone which I believe is the smallest among the competition. Dont sweat it, BUT it's all preference.

I'm actually content with the carrier branding. Beats having it where the Blackberry name is. That would be absolutely awful... On a side note... The Z10 on the right does look slightly bigger than the Z10 on the left. Image stretchage maybe?

well really they cant deny you warranty as long as the phone hasn't been taken apart or water removing the branding shouldn't be an issue

That has been out for ages. Look at the date when the video was posted. (I still don't like the way that guy manhandles that beautiful device)

I'm a Verizon carrier and the winner of the Ultimate BlackBerry Contest in which I won a 64gb Playbook and phone. Glad to see Verizon will be carrying the phone. Can't wait to receive my phone when they come out.

You're calling the new BB10 phone fugly sitting next to a phone who's form factor really hasn't changed since it was first introduced?

I don't know what other phone you're talking about, I never compared it to anything. Nothing changes the fact that when I buy the phone I'll be "dealing with" how it looks. What does not having changed since intro have to do with whether something looks good or not anyway?

I had thought this blog was comparing the phones in the photo. I guess I was wrong. I was under the impression the phone in the middle with that super outdated button was an iPhone.

I heard that the iPhone 5s will have big rotary dials like the old Frankenstein movies to match the home button. Talk about sexy. Woohoo.

What else did the tester say about the phone?
Was there anything that he didn't like?
Would he buy one?
Please tell.

That's not bad for boot up time
FYI - Boot up time on my crap pod is 47 seconds
On my current BB, it's two minutes 27 seconds .... but mine is loaded with close to 2,000 names, addresses and phone numbers. And thousands of emails. Not sure if that will affect boot time or not.

I can't wait for the new devices to come out, so afterwards they become available unlocked and then drop the prices to less than half of its original price.. Score!

I'm I the only one leaving the iPhone 5 for a blackberry 10 device, I still have an iPad/iPod for my apps, I bought the play book and use it about the same if not more then the iPad, but iOS has gotten very boring, the last thing I like about the iPhone was Siri and that's sad!. The iPhone 5 is really nice, and I've always felt it and the 9900 were some of the best built phones but something about the Z10 is very appealing, it looks like its on par with the iPhone for quality, maybe ill own both I've already reserved my device so its very likely. Can't wait to see reviews/drop test on these devices.

You don't seem to be. It is impossible to quantify how many will actually do it, but I have come across similar comments several times in various forums/sites over the last few days. People also mention moving from SG3 and Nexus4. I guess we will see in the coming weeks/months.

I have seen a few in the passed few months but somemore stated checking it out or owning both os's, either way im glad I'm not the only one, I do hop blackberry 10 gains good market share, I'm not fond of android and iOS is dare I say becoming stale, plus every since leaving blackberry I wanted it back. I've been follow bb10 a while now, hope rim and bb10 become 2 if not the 3rd top mobile OS.

I'm switching from an iPhone 4. Before that I had the iPhone 3g and I have never owned a BB before, but what I have seen from BB10 to date has convinced me to switch and apparently there is more to come on Jan 30th.

To big sorry just my opinion I have a PlayBook around most the time don't need a monster like that. I'm going to have to wait for something smaller shame I was so excited waiting for bb10!

Make this as short as possible... On flight back from Philly to Ottawa, having good conversation with guy next to me about business in general and I started in on why I am such a huge BlackBerry supporter and believer. A few minutes later the guy sitting in front of me turns around and tells me he had overheard my conversation and then proceeds to show me x2 Z10 phones... He handed one to me and told me to try it out but also asked me to NOT take a picture of it... I played with it for a while and was blown away with it. Anyway that was absolutely the best flight I have ever taken and I will be in line to buy one of these the first day it is available. Cheers!

I am frustrated

I was in SFR france , Orange france , Vodaphone italy

They have no idea about BB10 , not even what the phone looks like.

All shops asked me...."Blackberry is about to launch a new phone when ?"

What's going on here , why isn't Rim getting this news out.

Hope Sprint doesn't brand .,my Torch doesn't have any branding on it...if so put it on the back the case can always hide it...

Positive comments from almost everyone. I hope it will be the same after they start showing up in the hands of people

A large portion of people posting think this 1st BB phone is too large. I can understand that since BB has never released a phone anywhere near this big. Not sure why RIM decided to go over 4". This is definately not a phone you put in your jean pockets. Bummer.

A large portion? I saw only a small fraction. People even put Lbs in their back pockets and some complain a smaller device won't fit in theirs. Y'all gotta stop whining about the size.

What kind of skinny jeans you wearing? I have a 4.5" phone in my pocket right now. The Z10 is going to be a SMALLER phone for me. If it was under 4" I wouldn't even buy it. I might as well have a lame old iPhone. You do realize the Galaxy Note II is selling wonderfully and that is 5.5". 4.2" is on the small side.

You guys are all obviously men. Women's jeans pockets don't fit phones like that, just FYI in case you forgot about the other half of the population

Pretty much the majority of females I come across, especially the younger generation, put their phones (of various makes, models and sizes) in the back pocket of their skinny jeans.