BlackBerry Navigator now available in BlackBerry Beta Zone

BlackBerry Navigator now available in BlackBerry Beta Zone
By DJ Reyes on 3 Jan 2013 03:20 pm EST

There are a few Sat Nav apps already available for BlackBerry smartphones, and in the U.S. and Canada there is the BlackBerry Traffic app that includes voice guidance as well. Now, it seems that there is actually a BlackBerry made Sat Nav app called BlackBerry Navigator, powered by TomTom.

It is currently available in BlackBerry Beta Zone, though it looks like it is just for U.K. folks at the moment.

The BlackBerry Navigator app features are:

Navigation & Traffic

  • Real-time turn-by-turn spoken directions to destination
  • Automatic re-routing if a turn is missed.
  • Preview route steps and upcoming turns.
  • Trip summary and overview map with entire trip highlighted.
  • 3D map view simulates what the user should expect to see ahead.
  • Spoken directions include both maneuvers and actual street name pronunciations so that users can focus on the road and not the screen for a safer driving experience. 

Local Search

  • Local Search - provides information for nearby hotels and restaurants as well as other POIs, such as businesses, attractions, and events. Narrow the search by choosing sub-categories.
  • One-touch calling feature - dials the place's phone number for the subscriber.
  • Save directory results to the address book for future use.
  • Home screen shortcuts - Easily create home screen shortcuts for "click to go" to frequent or important destinations. 


  • 7 digits postcode support
  • BBM Integration - Send location enabled messages to your BBM contacts.
  • Facebook - Keep your friends and family updated by posting your location or favorite cafe to Facebook.
  • Contacts App Integration - Get directions to a contact right from your device's contacts.
  • Day/Night Mode - Automatic Day and Night Mode.

It's only available for BlackBerry 7 devices right now. If you're in the U.K. you should see it in your BlackBerry Beta Zone account. Be sure to select the correct device when downloading. We're not sure when it should be available elsewhere keep an eye on your account. If you haven't got a Beta Zone account yet, signing up is easy, all you need is your BlackBerry ID details.

Download BlackBerry Navigator from BlackBerry Beta Zone
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Reader comments

BlackBerry Navigator now available in BlackBerry Beta Zone


Just to move this to the top to hopefully cut down the "it doesn't work, epic fail" posts lol

In response to the keycode input issue, it appears that Phill UK has come up with a solution.

"Posted by Phill_UK Thursday, Jan 03, 2013 4 min ago

It didn't enter the first time, but after backing out and restarting the app it pasted in fine."

Hope this helps some.

I can confirm the issues lies with the OS. I've downgraded from .794 to .714 and the issue has been rectified. Keycode has been able to be pasted.

because they drive on one side of the road and you drive on the other, you assume they drive on the wrong side of the road? Ever thought that maybe you driving on the wrong side of the road also?

Oh, calm down.

Brits say the same thing about the rest of the world. It's all in good fun, till someone gets all butt-hurt.

We can't help it our steering wheels are on the "wrong" side but then again at least we all tend to drive stick.

Heh. I thought this would surface with the BB10 announcement. It's nice RIM is still supporting their current customers.

People who have it: let us know how it is.

+1 I am glad they are finally looking into some form of the Traffic, Maps integration/improvement for current customers.

Yes, please let us know what it is like. How is the POI search?

So anyone installed yet? I'm having issues putting the Keycode in on a Bold 9900

Yes, it's using TomTom maps :) Full test tomorrow *Road Warrior* is not the OS you have to be running, as that doesn't exist. It's the actual version number of BlackBerry Navigator itself... and it's a very nice app!

Installation went flawlessly on my 9900. The maps from tom tom look good and accurate from what I can see. Will have to give it a good use tomorrow. Only gripe is that I think the turn by turn navigation might be a bit quiet. They will prob make it louder in a future release.

I recomend downloading it.

Hopefully next we will get a podcast app so I can listen to podcasts while driving.

You can increase the volume of voice navigation in the Preferences screen. It's set at Medium by default.

The blackberry podcast app won't give me an option to subscribe, download or stream podcasts. In the uk seems to be crippled.

Great to see RIM supporting legacy OS. First a surprise BBM Voice update and now this! Great times ahead and RIM is fully supporting existing clients. Love it.

This. I was surprised to see the consistent support for legacy devices ahead of BlackBerry 10. Now I am waiting to get my hands on the beta.

Wow I know its still beta but I didnt expect Navigator to come out so quickly. Figured they'd release it on bb10 first and then come out with a dumbed down version for legacy OS. Awesome!

Another Beta Zone epic fail. Using 9900 and like countless other people complaining in beta zone there is no option to paste the keycode in. If somebody does have work around let us know, in the meantime ive deleted.

You should be able to either use the menu to paste OR hold down the trackpad and select paste. Not sure if you already tried these methods.


Maybe you do some research before opening your mouth and sounding like a fool. Ive been using beta zone for over 2 years and the last few months there been numerious issues with beta zone. Namely them fully releasing various apps including BBM Voice with known bugs and Twitter 4.0 that doesnt work properly on 7.1 devices with 3 known bugs. Dont get me started on App World notifications that I havent recieved for months since beta testing previous versions of app world and talking with various members of there team, supplying logs and exchanging numerious emails and bbms with there team didnt get me any resolution.

So... yes yet another epic fail from beta zone. If you cant even enter the damn keycode clearly thats a major screw up that should have been noticed in internal testing.

Seeing as how others have mentioned that this is related to the OS and not the app, I wonder if you have installed a non-official OS version or maybe an official OS from a non UK carrier. If this is the case, then you have absolutely nothing to complain about. If this isn't the case, well it's called "beta" zone for a reason, and you still have very little to complain about.

It would certainly help if you took the time to read the comments rather jumping down to call a "Beta" product "epic fail" as Poster Phil_Uk had his comment pasted up front!

Just got this installed, very excited to try it out.

No issue with pasting the keycode, just like previous beta installations I've had to use the trackpad key held down to get the pop up menu giving me the option to paste.

Very clean layout, upon getting it loaded up it finds your location and offers you the local weather forecast, won't be a while till I actually use the app to navigate somewhere but I'm interested to see how it stacks up against the M8/Telmaps offering which I have found to be hit and miss - losing signal easily for no reason and locking up when I needed the app most leaving me to bring along a standalone satnav to make sure I get where I need to without having to pull over constantly or driving round in circles till the app decided to play ball.

Great idea about the pasting shortcut! But it didn't work for me unfortunately :( also tried the keyboard shortcut to no avail. Still stuck Navigator-less

This would have been nice to play with but telenav has never let me down. Just a fyi during the 2.1 beta when the bug reporter app leaked it showed two apps for PlayBook being tested internally. One was native BBM of course and the other was called navigator...can't wait to see the PlayBook version. BlackBerry10 is coming and we will see all the pieces falling into place over the next couple weeks. A great time to be a BlackBerry user!!!

Installed on my 9900, works perfectly, no problems with installation/passcodes. TomTom powered maps, just took it for a little test run and all works as you would expect from a full satnav...options for detours, avoidances etc.

Only concern is how much of a battery drain this is going to be.....but i've been putting off buying an incar charger for a while now so i guess this is finally my excuse to get one

Thanks guys... tried both suggestions to key in the code but neither work for me. Have to delete again and just wait until they decide to release a new build without this bug, its too time consuming at the moment.

Yep, that worked :D
Edit: not. I got the 'invite' but when I went to download it, I got a message saying that I couldn't download it because of export rules or some such. Well, if someone just 'happens' to get the file, I'll be more than happy to help with the beta.

Unfortunately I'm one of the bold 9900 users who cannot paste, tried reinstall, reboot, setting all permissions to allow - no joy, many posts on beta forum :-(

Anyone expereice a delay in getting the keycode? I downloaded no problem but its been about 15 mins now and no keycode?

Does this work "offline" like the Nokia map program does? It would be nice to use this in foreign countries without paying crazy data rates.

Worked perfect for me. Didn't even need to paste in the keycode. By the way.. In case you folks have not noticed it is actually the Gokivo sat nav app that was available for ages in app world that RIM have now aquired and rebranded. Works brilliantly on my 9860 just like it did when it was branded as Gokivo.

good job RIM.. that really is a good news!

show us some love for Aussies here please.. we know BB10 is coming but if Brits has one, you should get 1 too for the Ozies, Oi Oi Oi!

Pasted into BB9900 no problem. At least BlackBerry Navigation will be tested before releasing on BB10. Unlike the ios 6 screw up. #BB10Believe


IF this comes to the states and on bb10 I am moving back to bb soooooo fast. I love what I see for bb10 and this is the icing on the cake if it comes to bb10. The biggest reason why I went android was for the google navigation (free!)

Just downloaded this and looks great. Never had to use keycode possibly because I had Gokivo and this is identical. When I was downloading, Gokivo was removed. Going up to London tomorrow for a couple of days and will use it exclusively, a trip of around 200 miles. Will post comments on my return. Using a 9900 with

Just downloaded this and looks great. Never had to use keycode possibly because I had Gokivo and this is identical. When I was downloading, Gokivo was removed. Going up to London tomorrow for a couple of days and will use it exclusively, a trip of around 200 miles. Will post comments on my return. Using a 9900 with

I don't have a beta account, hope the BlackBerry Navigator is not like Apple Maps, I'm drooling already, I've lived with Google Maps on my 9800 Torch for the longest time, then moved to my PB with the Magellan Compass Maps (7" screen make a BIG difference). Does this version provide the traffic conditions using the red, yellow green coding like Google Maps and Magellan Compass Maps? The 9900 Bold, I'm sure is great but the screen too small!

digitalhomeboy your an idiot! The crackberry site posts messages out of sync firstly and at the time of posting phill uk message wasn't on there. On top of that what he suggested didn't work me or numerious other people that posted afterwards.

Stop defending RIM like they are some family member of yours... They screwed up. There are last count that I looked on beta zone there are 2 seperate threads with around 50+ posts on both. Put something in as simple as the keycode isn't anything to do with it being a beta app, its sheer imcompetence on their behalf.

Don't go around insulting digitalhomeboy. Your the one who looks like an idiot. There is no need for name calling ect. Maybe one day someone will explain to you what "BETA" means. If you want a more stable app, you should wait until the App is finished & officially released.

The Beta Zone is meant for tech-savvy users who gladly find, investigate, & report bugs; not people like you!

Whereas i agree with you that certain bugs found in beta zone are inexcusable, quit with the name calling.

Someone in the forums claims to be using it with Australian maps.
(they changed their BB ID info to UK)

I wonder if this will ever come to the US, considering that currently people are paying carriers (ie AT&T Navigator) and I can't see the carriers ever willingly allowing for the loss of revenue? Hopefully there will be a version for the US and a workaround if the carriers try to block it! :-D

I saw a rumor recently that Apple was considering buying TomTom - sure hope that doesn't happen and then they pull the rug out from under RIM like Microsoft and Skype.