Win cool BlackBerry prizes in the JanuBerry contest

BBM Glove
By Adam Zeis on 2 Jan 2013 09:49 am EST

RIM has fired up their JanuBerry contest again this year, giving lucky BlackBerry fans a chance to win some great prizes to get 2013 started. The contest kicks off today for anyone in the US or Canada at 12pm EST. First up for grabs are 7 BlackBerry PlayBooks. Other prizes include the BlackBerry Music Gateway, BlackBerry Headset, BBM Pin and BBMing Gloves. Stay locked to the @BlackBerry Twitter account for more updates and details on how to enter. You can find the full rules of the contest here. Good luck and happy JanuBerry!

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Win cool BlackBerry prizes in the JanuBerry contest


I'll pass. Twitter is as lame as posting your PIN in every BlackBerry post on FB and asking everyone to basically be your friend. Pretty creepy, too.

I also have my opinions on the actual prizes, but I don't want to be a BBasher.

Twitter and other forms of social media has caused a lot of change in politics and other issues all over the globe (Egypt, Syria...), but you call it lame. smh

Hey, it's just my opinion. I think following someone at 140 chrs at a time IS kinda lame. And I can't see normal Joe-Shmoes posting 140 chars about how much they loathe/hate Starbucks.

I love FB. I understand the importance of some channels of Social Media. Just not Twitter.

Its all about the #hashtags. and the trending topics it can actually be a very nice rewarding informative site depending on who you follow, i have gotten very tired of FB mostly because i log in at least twice a week and theres always pictures that say "Like if you drink water" "Like if you hate cancer" i mean you have got to be kidding me. -_-

Twitter, like FB, has quite a few morons but users of either network can choose who they want to follow. Ie I follow police, tech (including #CB) and government and I find it to be quite useful. I'd rather know what EmergencyInfoBc has to report rather than knowing what buddy had for lunch. It definitely is a personal choice, but 100 million people can't be wrong.

Eh, guess I'm just not a follower.

And by that, I mean I'm just not into following people or companies. I had to edit to add this because my last comment sounded damn arrogant and condescending, which is not what I meant.

I still can't believe someone recently named their baby "Hashtag". Un-frickin-believeable. It should have been "BB10",lol.

While I agree completely regarding Facebook, Twitter can be much more passive. You setup an account and you can follow a site like CrackBerry. You can follow individuals if you want but you certainly don't have to. I follow a BBC news anchor that doesn't post useless drivel and a few companies/websites. You don't have to tweet anything at all, and only the vain care if they have followers and how many. In other words, you don't have to share anything.

Well I will get mine, soon or later. But I wish they will do the same in my country ^^

Edit: ah right, I don't use twitter anymore..

One thing I found while reading the official rules was that it says you could win a 'blackberry playbook 3G 16gb'. I thought RIM only made a 32gb version of the 3G tablet. I might be mistaken.

it's not only you that feel upset, I, from Indonesia, and many blackberry country basis are upset, since the contest is only for Northern America, exclude Quebec.

RIM truly need to change their point of view, since here, at south east asia, cheap android phone is flooding the market, and mostly affordable from a very low budget.


Why does RIM need to change their point of view?

If you are referring to the reason being that this contest is only available in N. America, you should be mad at Crackberry, not RIM.

RIM doesn't have to change any of it's views. A contest is a contest, if you are upset it it isn't in your country, either move on or move to somewhere in n. america (Canada, United States, Mexico).

Wow some of these comments are just plain dumb. Did you really just say a person should move just because of a contest. Oh and fyi for people in many countries its nearly impossible to acquire a visa just to visit US/Canada because it's so expensive(obviously you don't leave your bubble of "North America" much). Try to see things from someone else's perspective. Otherwise you sound like a total tool.

To the people asking why this contest is only for US/Canada, think about it. Each country has their own rules and regulations for these contests. It would be a long and drawn out process if RIM tried to extend these contests to every country BlackBerry is sold. That's why they have these contests in specific regions. Sometimes it's US/Canada, sometimes it's the UK and sometimes it's Asia. They're not trying to hurt any feelings. Just keep an eye out for contests in your area.

Here is a list (from of things that need to be done before a contest can be run in Quebec.

•Register the sweepstakes rules and all advertisements used to promote the contest with the Quebec government at least 30 days ahead of the sweepstake's launch.
•Pay a fee of up to 10% of the sweepstake's value, depending on who is allowed to enter.
•Agree to allow the government of Quebec to mediate any lawsuits arising from the contest.
•Follow strict guidelines about the contents of the sweepstakes rules.
•Allow the Quebec government to determine if the sweepstake may be changed or canceled once it has started.
•File a written report after the contest has concluded, attesting that the prizes have been delivered or attempted to be delivered.
•Agree to follow a number of other rules and guidelines.
While these laws are intended to protect the citizens of Quebec, they are also a significant burden of money and resources to sweepstakes sponsors, and the consequences for a mistake are severe. Rather than run the risk of facing legal action if these long and complicated rules are not followed to the letter, many sponsors take the easy route of making their contests void in Quebec.

Crackberry probably ready the first two bullets in attempt to give Quebec a shot and said eh its easier to just write "exclude Quebec" haha

You don't have to be. RIM isn't a twit, which is slang term for something else.

It only takes a few moments to register with twitter.

I don't tweet either. Did crackberry ever announce who won BB10 phones. Never saw the post if they announced the winner.

great contest for 15 year olds who spend their days following Twitter, but for those of us who are adults and work for a living, we already realize twitter is possibly the dumbest thing ever invented.

Your comment is utterly ridiculous. Twitter has 100 million users worldwide. It is a platform that has helped to cause changes in governments. It has helped get law enforcement and political word out. Disaster information, local, national and International news stories, community organisations use... The list goes on. To you and others bashing Twitter wtf are you thinking?? Emancipate yourself from mental slavery.

ok,,, some twits may have, in some cases, done something good by getting out SOME worthwhile info,,, that covers maybe a million or two ppl,,, the other 98 million are needy, self-indulgent, mindless, nosey idiots,,, you got fb, myspace, tweetworld, linked-in, websites, etc.,,, how many outlets do you really need to have??? & all the while big brother just soakin' it in...


Your comment made me lol. I agree with you. There are millions of what appear to be useless accounts on Twitter. I leave those alone. I will say though that if some parents saw what their kids write on social network sites there would be hell to pay (although, sadly, some "parents" don't care). I digress. It's still a popular and useful site to a lot of us. :)

Hahaha. To enter this contest I just sent my first ever tweet - excluding 1 retweet that was also regarding BB10. And I have been on twitter since April! The things we do for love. Roflol.

Wish I could enter .... but I dont have Twitter.
And even BB10 can't convince me to join that thing .....