BlackBerry Born Again - A rock song for Team BlackBerry

By Michelle Haag on 29 Dec 2012 05:27 pm EST

Over the years, plenty of music videos and songs have popped up that are dedicated to BlackBerry and all the awesome features that come with it. From Ping Me Baby to the smooth jam session by Phil and Friends, to the recent No Sleep Till BlackBerry 10 by Lil E, just about every genre has been covered. Today we are sharing a rock song by Josef's Coat called "BlackBerry Born Again". 

First you take a peek, and it's lookin sleek, but then it's starts to flow, like you wouldn't know. These are the things I seek, welcome to the show.

This song was actually written and performed by Joe Jerde of, who is the man behind Josef's Coat. Let us know in the comments what you think!

Source: BBOS

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BlackBerry Born Again - A rock song for Team BlackBerry


Blah, lyric-wise it's good, but the singing sounds like he's humping the mike. LOL. Maybe it should be re-titled - "Horny for BlackBerry Again".

It would have been really cool if the video was just showing someone type all the lyrics as they happen! Perfect way to show how fast one can type with that keyboard! :o

Lyrics are very dull. His voice sounds like he's singing at The Blue Oyster doing gentle circles with his pinky around his belly button while Officer Larvell Jones is in the background sounding out the trippy noises.

I'd like the instrumental though please. :D

The song wasn't bad at all. People just need to learn to appreciate different types of music instead of all that commerical garbage that's been played year round all the time, every time, for decades. EMBRACE WHAT YOUR COMMUNITY HAS TO OFFER!!! I listen to community radio from all over the world.

More Cowbell!
Seriously, though...
Joe Jerde is an A #1 dude
And I'm diggin' the song.
Clever, using the jingle as a jumping off point
For those of you being all nasty on his ass - remember, he is #TeamBlackBerry all the way
And he has a pretty good BB site,
So, he's putting his a$$ into it!

Does anyone see the pattern of all the bb songs.?

I think it says alot about the overall creative levels of the bb crowd: that theyre def not either artists or musicians. Great that people make songs, but seriously that song, just like the others, suck.

Tastes are personal. Do not understand all these negative comment in CB. It is really ironic (desapointed one), how we are complaining that media is putting bb down, than the same crowd is putting down a appreciating/tribute song to bb.

I Personally, like it. Hope it is played on Jan 30th.

I'm reluctant to be rude; I don't want to hurt feelings. But, that song is awful, and Michelle Haag and Crackberry never should have even put this on their site. 20 seconds of that song and I wanted to RAGE!

Imagine if that song were used in a BB commercial. It would be suicide! It is the lamest, wimpiest, corniest, song imaginable when RIMM needs a more powerful, dynamic, and edgy image.

Think of the song from the Microsoft commercial for Internet Explorer, Alex Clare - Too Close. Imagine THAT song playing while they're showing off the new keyboard, flipping words up on the screen, peeking, the multi-tasking... Of course, RIMM can't use that same song, but they need something like that.

Modern, dynamic, powerful, emotional, raw is what RIMM needs. THIS "Born Again" thing is the antithesis of that. It's a greasy-haired nerd with a pocket protector, broken glasses held together with tape, and his pants pulled up to his nipples.

I can see how this song would be a hit at a 2 year old's birthday party though, I can just imagine all the kiddos dancing around to it. Then again, they dance to Barney, Teletubbies, and the Wiggles. Understand yet? It's AWFUL!

Edit to add:

There. That's what RIMM should be going for.

Damn this is horrible along with no sleep til BlackBerry 10. Born Again by Black Sabbath and No Sleep Til Hammersmith are both great albums and have nothing to do with this guy who is is love with his phone. This is some kind of suicide pack music for it isn't rock,metal,thrash. Try something else be Bold.
How about Slayer "God hates us all" and change it to "Apple hates us all"
It would be a far superior song to this crap.