Netflix screencaps for BlackBerry 10, whether real or fake, prove it's an app that BlackBerry users want

By Adam Zeis on 28 Dec 2012 01:03 pm EST

Some images of Netflix running on the BlackBerry 10 Dev Alpha have shown up and are flying all over the net. The CrackBerry forums are buzzing with more than one thread on the topic, most users asking if they're real or fake. While we can't confirm that Netflix is indeed up and running on BlackBerry 10, we can say that faking shots like these is pretty darn easy (especially coming from an unknown source). All it takes is a few screencaps and some crafty camera work as shown by the image above that Bla1ze made. It takes no time to make a fake. 

Obviously BlackBerry users want Netflix on BlackBerry 10 (along with SkypeInstagram and others). While it looks like there is nothing really keeping Netflix from working on the technical side, it's the business aspect that RIM has to sort out. There is always plenty of behind-the-scenes action that goes into getting these "big name" apps available for any platform -- not just BlackBerry. If it were as easy as saying "hey, put your app on our platform", you'd see every big name app on every big name platform and device - but unfortunately that's not the case. 

So take them for what you will, but at this point there is nothing official here that shows (one way or the other) anything about Netflix coming to BlackBerry 10. What posts like this do tell us is that there are a lot of BlackBerry users who obviously want apps like Netflix on BlackBerry 10 - and hopefully they'll be there.

We only have a few more weeks to go until the big unveiling at the end of January, so you can expect that any big name apps will be announced officially by RIM at that point.  

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Netflix screencaps for BlackBerry 10, whether real or fake, prove it's an app that BlackBerry users want


Hope its real. I am upgrading from my 9900 to the BB10 (9900 on steroids keyboard version). Instagram and Netflix will be a plus for me.

You're missing the point. The availability of the app will help the platform. I am not a NetFlix subscriber either. I guess I could have worded my first comment a bit better.

FWIW, the shot they used for this post is very consistent with the look/feel of the new App World. Not a stretch at all to think that Netflix could use it for navigation.

Lol.. you guys are debating an image that was created solely for the purpose of showing how easy fakes could be made and ftr, no -- it wasn't the iOS app.

It was a screenshots of the Android version displayed on the dev alpha image viewer. I should I know, I made the dev alpha images.

I figured as much. Looking at how much it took for some apps to make it to Playbook, and still not there for others.

I don't use Netflix or Skype but I want them on BB10 so we don't hear people complain about not having them. We can't give naysayers any ammunition. We need a flawless BB10 launch.

i'm right there. it's not a deal-breaker for me, but if it will contribute toward BB10's success and viability, by all means.

Yes, having them at launch for the people that do use them won't be able to say that Bb10 lacks apps. Any apps from major players is a plus.

I share the same thoughts. I do not use Netflix, but do use Skype with my Skype to Go number. I don't really think I need a Skype app either.

My thoughts exactly, sk8er_tor. The fewer big name/popular apps that are missing, the lower the barriers for people to say "yes" to BB10. That includes tech pundits and reviewers.

Our Toshiba blue ray player has Netflix what are you talking about lol this is how we know that the elite powers that be are trying everything to prevent a BlackBerry comeback. I'm looking at apple and Ms. $$$ talks.

hmmmm isnt skype partnered Microsoft for the streamlined login through hotmail login though ? A bit scared they might hold back on BB10 development, hope I am wrong though cause video chatting with that 2mp or possibly higher would be amazing ;D

This isn't very smart. Where is this person drawing comparison for colour codes? There is no official netflix app that we know of for bb10 just yet so how can we tell which colour codes are used? How can we compare app colour used for the red?

I am a graphic designer and the only way this person can tell what code they are using is by scanning the jpeg which would not be accurate in any way. We cannot tell by the lighting or even which pixel being used for they would all be different. This person is not too bright. Just because red could be a different code used of two different platforms doesn't mean this is fake or real. This person making this claim cannot prove which is being used in the app. Also it does look like the app for android as well. Do not use this persons claim as any kind of evidence at all. Take my word on it. Photoshopping the android netflix onto a picture of a blackberry 10 alpha unit isn't a hard thing to do but this could also be real.

Lets just wait and see for that is all we can really do. Arguing over this is a major moot situation. Lets not act like BGR and make up stories and take opinion as fact.

I for one would love netflix on bb10 and I look forward to bb10 with or without netflix.

As you will learn there are plenty of people posting erroneous analyses about BlackBerry under the guise of "forensic analysis." Glad you could debunk the claims about colour codes.

just to add, This could just be a screen capture from android and simply loaded on the alpha device. Colour codes alone that a system uses means nothing. Why would a different code for a different device mean the creators of netflix wouldn't use another colour? How do you know that it would not have the same or not? What a stretch.

Picking the hue of a pixel from a screen shot file cannot be compared with the hue of the same spot in a photograph taken by a camera that has been white balanced (hues rendered) any number of ways.

I won't believe that the big names are really on board until their apps are in BlackBerry World. Remember seeing the Skype app logo for the Playbook when it was released? How has that turned out for us?

I'm really hoping for the best from BB10. I really want it to be good enough to be my next device, but that's completely up to BlackBerry. They haven't followed through in the past, so I'll believe it when I see it, not when I see some screenshots or a slideshow showing that Netflix is coming.

Trailer Park Boys is hilarious! It would be awesome to watch this stuff on my playbook and bb10 device :)

Nice to see they still have such new movies on there - yikes. Still, for entertainment in a pinch I am more likely to sub if I can get this on my phone.

"If it were as easy as saying "hey, put your app on our platform", you'd see every big name app on every big name platform and device"

Funny, you actually do see Netflix and Skype on every platform and almost every device (including some pretty obscure ones) except BlackBerry. I'm really curious what RIM did to p**** them off so badly.

I doubt RIM did anything but I would believe that Apple and or MS could have did something. Where others laugh off RIM as dead, those who know better are likely afraid of the BlackBerry comeback. They should be too. RIM IS the smartphone industry and just because they dragged their feet doesn't mean they are not the best in the business still. BlackBerry10 will speak of just how good RIM can be in the industry.

*disclaimer...the picture seen was photoshopped by Bla1ze and is not real.

Doesn't mean Netflix isn't coming.

People already complain that the 7-inch BlackBerry PlayBook is too small to watch movies. I am not one of these people. So, why do people want Netflix on a 4-inch BlackBerry Z10?

So you can say that it's there obviously and "people" are always gonna say things but that doesn't mean that other "people" agree. Also hdmi out.

Wait Bla1ze made this photo? Isn't this one of the 3 that @BlackBerryscoop posted lol!!!

*edit link >>> this is the photo from @BlackBerryscoop hahaha. Here's a hashtag for ya.... #FRAUD LOL

it would be as easy as taking the pic from the ios page, then using the photo viewer in a dev device, fool anyone because you get natural looking blur and sheen at the same time. I see a hint of tilt shift used as well.

You boys are fucken retarded, this fake image was created by crackberry to get some attention from Netflix . They are not interested in supporting BB10 and quite frankly what are you going to use Netflix for? Watch a movie on your phone and kill your battery. Don't get too excited about these fake posting from crackberry .if Netflix is that important to you, use your fucken laptop fags. Microsoft is pushing for Windows's 8 success , they are not going to push for Skype on BB10. The solutions here are:
1. Get BBM video stable on both BB10 and playbook
2. License portion of BBM likes video chat on others Platforms, make it available on pc and Mac as well. That will create a competition with Skype and turn the hit on them.
BBM has an advantage here, the encryption and data compression will reduce cost compare to Skype .
Let me ask you this, do you really stream a 2hours movie on your phone? Netflix ain't shit to me!

wow, someone needs a hug.

People who are productive members of society would be prepared to charge their phone while watching a movie on their charger, travel charger for airports, ferry terminals, hotels etc.

MS is all about money and any chance they can cash in on revenue, they'll jump for it. Many businesses use skype for office confabs, and if an executive can use his Z10 equipped with skype.......MS would be all over that. (business accounts for skype)
Your bit on data compression has favour with enterprise accounts here though.

You might not like netflix, but millions of minions around the world do enjoy the service and would use it on their phones, so it's very important when you look at the big picture and not just from a king poopoo of turd mountain singular mindset.

You must be the only productive cock sucker crying out for netflix and get a real won't have so much time for netflix. While some of us use BlackBerry to make real money. I have an idea for you, go suck a cock so you can buy a tablet!

Good God, man! Get ahold of yourself. Or somebody!
Besides, if what you are saying were true, a lot more chicks would have tablets...

1. As a f@g who loves his BlackBerry, I'm not one of those screaming for Netflix, so don't think that just because I'm a f@g means I automatically have to have Netflix on my new BB10 phone.

2. That said, I wouldn't mind having the availability of Netflix on my new BB10 phone for when I travel (f@gs do that a lot). I'd bring an HDMI out cable and watch it on the hotel TV.

3. And as others have noted this is a selling point to the masses. Nothing more fun than showing your friends that you can watch movies anywhere. Even if it's just a scene. Certain scenes from "Harold & Kumar go to White Castle" come to mind.

4. Oh....don't forget that f@gs are members of CrackBerry too d'bag.

* BlackBerry by choice *
Well said. I'm not a "member of that club" as I heard someone say once, but it really grinds my gears when I hear (or read) that term tossed around in any context.
(Oh and after working 10 yrs with individuals with MR, it's always nice to be called a retard too)

That said, here's hoping this is real. I think that it's coming to BB10. How could it not really? RIM need the biggest names in App World at launch. They know this of course. It's got to be there, if I use it, you do, or not.

I would much rather see HBOGO app!!!!! Currently watching HBOGO on playbook through Web browser. But BB 10 needs to be fully loaded.

Man - I am just so pumped for BB10.

If Netflix comes it will just be a bonus. At the end of the day - not important to me but important for the critics and the skeptics!

For the most critical apps (for popularity), I wonder why RIM doesn't fund and help create the NetFlix app for their new phone? I would think that this would be a very cost efficient way of getting more users.

It has become in Netflix' best interest to be on as many platforms as possible. We can now stream video from so many other sources that they may lose customers if they are not the defacto streamer. I found that I can now stream video from Amazon Prime to my Playbook. How badly do I need Netflix now? Well, if they're more convenient, I'll keep them. Otherwise...

About a year ago I purchased two playbooks. I contacted netflix about the lack of support for PlayBook. They simply said they have no plans to support it at this time. I simply said please cancel our home service and my mothers in laws service. They said why. I said because I can. Saved me over 26/month. You know the best part? I haven't missed them since. They have emailed me relentless times asking me to come back. The same phone call will be made to Sirius satellite radio soon if they don't come through with a BB10 app. I will save myself another 15/month! My point is - why support other companies when they don't care about ours. Peace out.

The original poster has taken a "you'll see" attitude to this on Twitter. He can put an end to the debate, Crackberry had ways to prove when the dev who said he could run iOS apps on the PB was in fact telling the truth. Go ahead, Mr You-know who-you-are and contact Kevin, Adam or B1aze and do a direct Skype or video conference of your choice showing the launch and running of the app on the Dev Alpha. I am sure they would agree to keep your identity a secret - all they care about is being able to tell the faithful if this is real or not.

If you really want to show you are on the up and up - put up or shut up.

As I posted before on a different thread, I'm not looking for Instagram, Netflix, Tetris nor any of the fruity games Android and iOS users love so much. Give me my phone, text, email and the occasional link to get news and sports highlights (okay, I might youtube in the event of utter boredom). Give me a phone that allows me to plan my day and read my documents. Give me a good browser. BB carriers know what I'm talking about. All this stuff I'm sure will help reel in the "on-the-fence" demographic. I will probably cringe at the sight of someone slicing watermelons on their BB10. But I understand that it's the nature of the industry now.

Wrong again. I use my blackberry to be productive and acocmplish my everyday tasks, whether it be business or personal use efficently and enjoy the communications device that it so awesomely is. But what if I just so happen to want to watch a movie or something? Ok it'll be cool to be able to do that. And use my bb10 device to switch from business mode, with balckberry balance on bb10 seamlessly to the personal parition of the phone to enjoy a movie on a flight to a meeting, etc. And even if I didn't want that, these people of crackberry are pushing for this app, as well as other big name apps, to be on blackberry world when bb10 launches on janurary 30th because they not only want this device for themselves with all the Awesomeness that it will have; but also because we all want to see blackberry make the biggest comeback in history. Not just for ourselves. And that's why we want these apps. Because we love our platform and want to see it succeed on all levels, but not just that, we want it TO THRIVE and reclaim what was one ours, the entire smartphone market. There you go.

You sound like a desperate girl trying to get laid. You probably haven't done much traveling to know how long the battery is going to last.The success of BlackBerry doesn't depends on Netflix or Skype, they are so many alternatives and RIM has the potential to success without 1000 of solitaire games. I have Skype on my iPad, I fly 4times out 7 and use Skype once every 60 days. I have my BBM,SMS and emails keeps very productive. I used my 64GB PlayBook for games, books and video store for movies. For less than $2,download and watch any channels all over the world unless you are technical challenge and you find it too difficult to stream from your tablet.
People like you are spreading rumors or giving a wrong impression about BlackBerry. You pretty much have everything on BlackBerry, but you're whining like little girls.
It's like someone driving a Toyota but complaining why Toyota doesn't have onstar. If you want onstar buy a fucken GM car.

I'm saying for the mass market so it can appeal to the people who only want the big name apps otherwise everyone who isn't a diehard fan will write blackberry off! For the record, bmw has onstar too. Calm the fuck down with the insults as well

I am wouldn't go that far and say that but Im looking for a good device, calendar, contacts, some games but not a deal breaker, and it Netflix is there im sure i can find a way to integrate it into my daily life. If Skype or Netflix isnt there will i fill the forums with shrieks of sadness? Hardly.

There is no such device out there that is 100% perfect for 100% of the people...

Skype and Netflix will be on bb10. At launch? Maybe... maybe not! If u want those apps on BB10 U should buy as much BB10 devices as you can so that they can see that BB10 it's viable platform! And I'll say it once again: Thor is not Dumb! He knows our needs, he knows what is good for BB10! I'm pretty sure there are things going on under the table while we are busy speculating... So open your eyes and ears, remember what the "lucky fans" who tested BB10 said???? "Big names coming to BB10" you could see the excitement in their eyes... #BB10Believe

I couldn't care less if either were there, but the general consumer sure think they matter. RIM has been soundly beaten for some time, and if these apps will help steady the ship, then by all means let's encourage their availability going forward.

Well, personally, I don't want, need, or use Netflix. But. Lots of people do. So, for their sake, I hope it's there.
If it's not there then Netflix ain't never gonna get a penny of my money. Nowhere, nohow.

It would be beneficial to the BB10 platform to have as many of the major apps on board as possible when it launches. As indicated in several threads both here and in the forums, lots of people want to see Netflix, Skype, Instagram, Kindle, WhatsApp and others available for BB10, so there is an obvious demand for them.

Also, it would make it easier to folks on other platforms such as IOS and Android to make the switch to BB if the major apps that they have right now on their existing platforms are also available on BB10.

"Netflix screencaps for BlackBerry 10, whether real or fake, prove it's an app that BlackBerry users want"

This article seems to be taking a tone that iv'e heard of late and this is bad for business kind of like when you did away with themes you are betting on taking away some things that the replacement is better but ultimately you better have an app for that!

I think people are forgetting that bb10 will be an all new platform. This platform will include all new developers that wanted higher profit and less work to get their new apps out on the market. This means innovation. Every app out there started with an idea. All it takes now is for an app to blow up like the others did. Look at angry birds. It won't be the last of its kind. Look at instigrahm (spelling), at one time a simple app and now everybody wants it

Yes it would be nice to have these apps at launch for the common folk but Thor even said that his first goal is to get the current users to cross over. That means alot of people that don't see themselves too worried about netflix. The rest will be left to innovation. Bb10 with all that will be baked in, the smoothness of the os10 flow...all so sexy. If I was a developer up and coming. Or brand new. I would love to see my app displayed on a platform where it is baked in so well that it looks like part of the os.

I don't know. Maybe I'm on my own heart but I think bb10 will not blow anybody out of the water coming out the gates but they will build momentum to steam roll the competition. I think major apps will be there. Maybe not all but enough to keep alive. The following success will be left to innovation

Agreed. BB10 doesn't need 500,000 apps to succeed. It does need a decent selection of the apps folks expect on a mobile platform. We all have our top 20 apps, and that probably translates to the top 200 apps in different market segments. If RIM manages to get the top 200 apps in North America, the top 200 in Europe, the top 200 in Asia Pac, etc., I think BB10 will do just splendidly :) Maybe that is 20,000 apps, maybe it's 70,000 as Frank Boulben suggests, but I just hope 80% of those top apps are native.

Apps was the biggest question mark for BB10. I knew RIM would build something fantastic, and I knew they had a core set of components that rocked (from QNX, TAT, etc.), but developer support was a huge question mark. RIM spurred this one with these ingenious Jam, Hackathon, and Portathon sessions, and they really built up steam as they traversed the planet. RIM has sowed furtile seeds for BB10 in a number of markets around the world, so we will be seeing a big take from developers all over, and this will only mushroom. That was just brilliant thinking! Many kudos to whoever came up with that idea. Alex?

RIM is already talking of doing this again this in 2013 and beyond. RIM knows that developer interest is key to the success of BB10, and they did what they had to do build that excitement in their next generation platform.

Many apps will appear, but I am partial to native apps written specifically for BB10. I hope there will be easy ways to tell in BlackBerry World. Even so, I appreciate devs taking the time to at least port their Android apps to the BB10 platform, if only to test the waters. I hope they will take the time to build a native app, especially for those apps where performance matters.

I use Overdrive Media Console and it works, but it doesn't work well at all for graphical books -- cartoons, manga, etc. The graphic performance is pathetic on the PlayBook since it is an Android port. Granted, I still use it regularly for non-graphic books, but that's where things stand. I am hoping the folks at Overdrive move to a native app for BB10. Fingers crossed!

Those not wanting high quality streaming services has obviously never endured the tedious time onboard a bus, tram, train etc. I have a good 1.5 hours to work, and another 1.5 hours back and often view movies on my phone.

With a good couple of earphones the crisp display of the Blackberry (Bold and Torch in my case) soon makes you forget it's a small screen you're looking at. In fact, it's not smaller than your average TV when viewed from a normal viewing distance.

I'd LOVE to have Netflix available on my BB and Playbook - it would rock. Period.

If these major companies refuse to support bb10 there are really only 2 options:

1) partner with the most viable direct competitor and push that new brand out among the bb user space, or

2) embed native functionality into BBM and push it out cross platform

What they CANT do is just wait around hoping the big names will come eventually. Successfully delivering either of the above 2 approaches will CAUSE it to happen.

IMHO nothing has been more responsible for the migration away from BlackBerry in the USA than the answers to the questions "can it do/run (fill in the blank)...".

If BB10 wants to be considered with iOS and Android - it needs to do it all. Anything anyone wants to do, as close to launch of the original app as possible. Anything less means BB10 is less is someone's eyes.

with BB10 and HTML5 do we even need a Netflix app? This would be lightning fast through the browser..Same as logging in through a desktop or laptop..

in fact the pic does look like its logged in through a browser..

Yes, but Netflix would need to allow that as well... Regular Netflix doesn't work on the PlayBook via the browser, for instance. Granted - this would probably not be a big thing to do for Netflix...
But a native app sends the message that BlackBerry is still a valid device, and that Netflix/(insert big companies here) believes in the platform enough to develop for it.

When I got 2.0 for my PlayBook I called Netflix and was told that the device was not compatible. When I called RIM I was told that Netflix needed to make an app for the Playbook. Clearly someone is lying here. I personally think Rim's competitors have a vested interest in keeping BlackBerry out of the game. I do think however, that RIM should do whatever they can to try and get these companies to make apps for them. License BBM to Google for example.

If these major companies refuse to support bb10 there are really only 2 options: 1) partner with the most viable direct competitor and push that new brand out among the bb user space, or 2) embed native functionality into BBM and push it out cross platform. What they can't do is just wait around hoping the big names will come eventually. Successfully delivering either of the above 2 approaches will cause it to happen.