eBay app getting a makeover for BlackBerry 10

eBay for BlackBerry 10
By Bla1ze on 26 Dec 2012 12:03 pm EST

One for all you eBay users out there. If you're using the eBay app on BlackBerry right now, you may find it is lacking in some areas. Plus, it's certainly in need of a makeover. It's looking as though it will get just that when BlackBerry 10 arrives. As designs show, a new eBay for BlackBerry 10 app is in the works and will offer up many visual and performance enhancements.

Much like BlackBerry Travel, the overall design of the app has been pixelated intentionally but if you look through the documents, you can see the direction the app will take. For a while now, the eBay app on BlackBerry has been rather ignored so it's nice to see it getting a new look. Though, it may increase my eBay spending for better or worse.

Source: The Attic Column, Thanks, @CatlinWells!

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eBay app getting a makeover for BlackBerry 10


This is nice, the current ebay app is awful. Hoping to see an improvement on the PayPal app too (which is also terrible currently). #BB10 Let's go!

I didn't get a chance to try the current version of the ebay app ever since they imposed the BBM requirement, since I had BBM removed from my 9650 until recently.

So when I did an OS update I decided to re-add BBM, partly because I wanted to be able to use the ebay app.

And what a slow/clunky thing it is! Takes me forever to go through my list of ~100 "watched" auctions, in groups of 10. And then if I want to go back to the top of the list, I have to slowly scroll through every single entry, in pages of 10! Aaaagh!

Yes, the ebay app desperately needs improving. The one for Android, while not exactly great, is much better than the current legacy BBOS one.

I use ebay to surf more than to spend and I never sell on there. :D

Ebay is fun to watch as auctions near the end and watch the bidwars happen. :P

Yes! I love surfing on eBay, but yeah the OS7 app is pretty awful. I'm hoping there's an Amazon, Amazon Kindle and Kobo app in progress as well. Can't say I enjoy carrying two devices - 1) mobile 2) eReading

This is looking good ... now one can only hope RIM will stop the b$ of making uncritical apps accessible to customers outside of the US and Canada. It's just ridiculous that as central european customer we don't get access to many apps such as e.g. eBay (except Germany and France), BlackBerry Podcast, LinkedIn etc. This is another thing RIM needs to get right, as customers will just go for the iPhone and Android devices where this goes without saying ...

I can somewhat understand that there are some issues with apps that have special content such as BBM Music, Video Stores etc. even if it should be the role of the app of controlling who has access to what content and not the role of the store. But its absolutely crucial that all the essential apps are accessible to the majority of the world. Please listen RIM ...