BlackBerry Z10 and QWERTY N-Series pose together with a special guest

By Adam Zeis on 24 Dec 2012 10:32 am EST

Earlier today we saw a great shot of the BlackBerry N-Series QWERTY device, and now an image has shown up that features not only the N-Series (rumored to be called the BlackBerry X10) and BlackBerry Z10 side-by-side, but also a white QWERTY device that could be another N-Series or quite possibly the BlackBerry Dev Alpha C. We'll do some recon to see what we can find out about this one, but we do know that we haven't seen anything like it before until now. The spaced out keyboard reminds us of old Curve devices quite a bit. More on this soon.

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BlackBerry Z10 and QWERTY N-Series pose together with a special guest


First of all, I don't know, the one on the left looks more like the color of the p'9981 to me. Second, I really really REALLY hope the left is the new 'curve', the right is the deb alpha c, and the 'Bold/x10/n-series' is yet to be seen because although the 9900 is beautiful, the phone in the picture is no 9900. Also, the design is too old to be used on a blackberry 10 device. Yes, most users on CrackBerry would buy it, but RIM needs non-CrackBerry users to buy it and they won't buy a 3-year old phone.... While I'm here, I don't like the z10 and x10 naming scheme. L-series and n-series sound so much better/cooler!

right one is new N series, left one is most likely Dev C, its about same size as the N but in different shell.

and Z10 and X10 are model codes (like 9900, 9810) not model names that will be used among users.

It would not surprise me if that one on the left was actually the first Curve bb10 rather than a dev alpha c, the differences are distinct enough that it would not simply work as an n-series in a different casing.

I am not right, merely making a reasoned judgement, much like the person posting from that twitter account who is not in a better position to confirm it one way or the other.

Exactly My thoughts, that looks more like a Curve style entry level device (R-Series ?)
I have no issues with the naming conventions as long as they also give them full word names like Curve/Bold/Storm/Torch i still call my old phone "The Javelin"

N-Series needs its Hardware to be ATLEAST as good as the 99x0 series, currently it looks be one notch below the 9900.

The white device looks pretty much like the HTC ChaCha?

apart from the bend in between the keyboard and screen! This should NOT be the real thing! (I hope it's th DEV Alpha C) :S

sharp looking line up! the full touch is without a doubt going to be the flagship... the white I can see being a budget curve like device.

Totally agree, first i was excited and waiting for the 9900 evolution but really disappointing with the straight keyboard and the still not big enough screen.

The white one does look like a Curve model entry level touch screen phone that could be introduced in another country other than the USA or Canada.

I know you're not trying to say RIM copied the Cha Cha, but I have heard that and I figured after your comment was a decent place to say this: when the HTC Cha Cha came out, I could remember saying "that looks like a curve!!" No all of a sudden a new BlackBerry is getting compared to it.. ironic from where I stand.

At the end of the day though, every phone now a days gets compared to every other phone. I think all three pictured above look great! Go BlackBerry!

the left one looks like simelair to the htc facebook phone, but that is no problem if it is going to replace the blackberry curve series

The white one looks too much like that HTC that ATT released a while back with the facebook button.
Not terribly impressed with either of the keyboard devices. Z10 for me if I can afford it.

I am kinda hoping the Black one is the Dev Alpha C...I'll argue that the white one is the X10..if you notice the screen difference between the two... looks like the black one is just a refurbished 9900 for the purposes of development perhaps?

I don't think the black one is the dev c but you are right about it being a refurb 9900 in some ways. For example, they kept the chrome between the keys but the outer band is black. Why didn't they do it chrome?

I would be really happy with a "refurb 9900"... the 9900 is an awesome phone and if this is a 9900 on steroids with BB10 then I am all for it!

I am unsure whether its the placement of the phones within the picture, or its the actual screen size, but the white phone on the left appears to have a slightly larger screen (maybe a 3.7"?) I am willign to wait for the N series if the touch screen is larger than the 99xxs. Is it Jan. 30th yet?!

It's definitely the placement of the phones... Just drag your mouse across and you will see the white one is higher. Also, why would RIM shoot themselves in the foot by distributing three different screen sizes to build apps for?

I would hope that white one is the Dev Alpha C. Good god is it ever ugly. If that was a production BB10 phone RIM would get chirped to no end.

On the other hand though... Z10 + X10 = How you dooiinnn

To each his own...

Personally I'm going for the Z10, but the X10 will be hard to pass up. The White one, if part of the curve series, will be big with tweeners.

I really don't care for the new names Z10 or X10...and the leaks of the X10 don't inspire, particularly with so much less screen real estate. I'm really holding out hoping that RIM releases a slider version of the qwerty similar to the Torch 9810. It really is the best of both worlds. More screen, keyboard, and sturdy slider.

Proud owner of a BlackBerry Playbook & Torch

Is it just me or does the Z10 pictured in the middle look slightly different from the leaks we've seen so far, like the front seems to be all glass instead of having the plastic rim on the top and bottom!

Thought so as well. But i'm afraid the bezels are there... How much more beautiful would this phone look like it appears right there. Cut the freaking ugly bezels, save some space, make a smaller phone. The screen would only appear bigger this way. They ruined it for me tbh.

Yes B4509 it does. The Z10 in the above pic looks like the original first dev alpha to me which is my favourite looks wise out of all the 10 series phones.

To you and B4509, the picture cuts off the top and bottom of the L series and the bottom of the N (I still use those names) if you look you can see the blackberry logo is cut off on the bottom of L and the top piece as well.

early christmas gift from RIM... i can already see myself churning out message after message on that X10 keyboard

Bold 9900 - Playbook 32GB

I wish they would have made the Bold version look like the TK VICTORY, I'm not at all impressed by the twenty version.

If there is indeed going to be another sibling in the BB10 (pressumably the curve-family of BB10), I hope it ends there.. Having too many devices confuses people just like what happened to os7 (2 Bolds, 2 Torch's, 4++ Curve's).. Options are good but not to the extent of losing identity.. RIM may want to consider that "some" BlackBerry loyalists want to keep the essence of exclusivity w/c, by the way, is something that Android doesn't have.. Personally, BlackBerry's like the perfect balance of Apple & Android OEMs.. BlackBerry always has been known for producing "premium" & they should stop making cheap-ass, 2nd-rate options.. BlackBerry 10 should stay classy as it is just like the Bold 9900 (which is a status quo phone here in the Philippines in line w/ the iPhone 4s & 5)

I'm torn between full touch and QWERTY. Not liking the black QWERTY on the right. The white one isn't bad. As much as I love my keyboard I'm leaning toward the touchscreen. Of course, these designs aren't finalized, but if they can WOW me with the QWERTY like they did with the touchscreen, then I'm sticking with the keyboard. If not, touchscreen all the way.

I'm excited to see the progress of BB10 with these teasers. Can't wait! :-D

I think the white keyboard model looks better than the black and would be easier to type with. Whatever, whatever, I'll own both!

I think the new qwerty's look terrible, compare the design of the 9360 with the white one on the picture, I seriously hope this is a rough prototype.

The n-series on the right also looks horrible, I didnt like the loss of the trackpad but I can live with that, but the looks of the phone are a pain, I like the black alluminium trim but the I HATE the enormous unused space above the screen, the design lacks class and style. I have been waiting for over half a year to buy the new n-series but I made up my mind, Its a shame that its the release the 2 year old 9900 looks way more classy than the new N, I have been a proud and happy BB user for years and I think it is a pitty that Heinz picked these designs, releasing the devices with these designs will make RIM history within a year, I wish RIM the best.

So TonyProvenzano you have already seen the finish products eh? You have already made pronouncements about things not yet seen or finalized eh? Not even the L-Series aka Z10 is a final product. you writing BB obituary already? Stop all this nonsense man and come back to the real world.....allow the thing some time eh? Just so you dont look silly standing there with you foot in your mouth....

Man we didnt mean that but people here is talking as if this are the final product we gonna see within one month.

And to be honest yes the Keyboard version is very dissapointing untill now.

RIM used to present a very high quality and elegant smart phones, and that what we are always expecting from.

The only good thing in the pic is the touch screen one, cant believe that the left comes from RIM. it more fit a brand like HTC.

BTW am using three RIM devices now (9900 - 9790 - PB)

Agree with you, am gonna replace my 9900 with Z10 and keep my 9790 for the keyboard its more lighter and comfort during phone calls.
The 9900 metal somehow hurt ears after long phone calls.
Sad but true. I think BB10 will be more exciting on a full touch screen device.

I'm a previous Torch 9800 owner (second-hand) who switched over to Android last summer, thinking that I'd like how "open" it would be. So, because I'm one who needs the QWERTY, I bought an HTC MyTouch 4G Slide. Well, needless to say, I'm regretting that, because for one, the keyboard on my current phone is NOTHING like the ones on BB; especially the excellent (and best) one on the Bold 9900. And second, as far as the Android OS, what's the point of being all open source, if the apps are crap? Not to mention the fact that the batteries in HTC phone are HORRIBLE. I'm tired of having to charge my phone literally 3 times a day.

On the Torch, I'd get a day and a half's worth of usage and STILL have 40% of juice left, including phone calls and moderate app usage. Also, I'm really sick of the so-called "FANDROIDS" out there, all pounding their chests, saying how their phones are the best, and calling for the death of Apple and its "iSheep", as well as discounting BB altogether. This whole experience has taught me about the true meaning of having a quality phone; that it's not about the size of the screen, or how many apps you can download. It's about practicality, phone call quality and battery life.

Besides, those spec-crazed "FANDROIDS" that talk about the huge screens of their phones (mostly men, I notice) and everything else, seem to me to be compensating for lacking size in "other" areas. It's like, "oh, let me whip out and show off my HUGE phone, cause I'm "the shit" for owning one. Yeah, dudes... not so much, really. So, when you think about it, who are the REAL "sheep"? To me, iPhones and BB's are classy looking. And since I'm in no place budget-wise for the iPhone, and (more importantly) I need a fantastic QWERTY keyboard, I'm coming back to the tried-and-true.

That being said, I'm all excited for BB10. The OS looks like a combo deal of ios, Android and Windows all in one device. I wanted to get the white QWERTY version, but am not really sold on the look of the board (never having used the Curve). The black looks like the one we've all seen in earlier leaks. If told right now that there'd be a white version that looked like this which I find drool-worthy, I'd be all for it. While I'm still planning on getting a BB10 QWERTY device, which do you guys prefer? Thanks!

I just love what u have said. Same opinion here. I dont like the android plastic toys. The biggest problem faced the BB 7 devices that before the 7.1 update the battery life were really horrible.

But still Apple and BB are the highest quality and elegant smartphones.

I wish that's what was coming as well. The above makes it easy to wait on Aristo IMHO (said the man with no upgrade until May)

Yea , I Just took a second look at his website. Fantastic designs and the TK Justice is perfect. RIM needs to get serious and hire him. These leaks wont do it. They may wow us crackberry fans but they need to wow and seduce the common folk out there who dont know bb other than what the news tell them (which is not good)

This is probobly not true, but just putting it in perspective, White phone=New Curve , Full Touch=New Torch (flagship) Black w/ keyboard=New Bold

The one in the left is a very ugly phone, and the one in the right is just a copy of the 9900, I hope is not a BB10 phone I think they could do better then that....

I actually really love the white one even if it is the entry level device. Of the two keyboard versions it just pops more.

I don't know if the white phone is just positioned higher, or what, but from what I can tell, it seems to have less of a bezel on top than the black qwerty phone. Is it just me? I love the keyboard on the Bold 9900 series, but the board on the black phone doesn't look as tactile as the one on the white phone. Tactility is of great importance to me.


I couldnt agree more. The TK Victory was my fav. It just made you go "wow" when you saw which is one criteria that smartphones need now. In addition to a fluid, app based OS which is what drove me away from my beloved 9900 (amazing hardware) and OS 7. Now its going to take a heckuva phone to bring me back; which I love blackberry. But Im not sure if the leaked qwerty can tear me away me from my android qwerty and as awesome as the full screen looks I think I might just die without tactile feedback of a keyboard.

I think the design on the x10 is really nice. Give it some time and some hi res photos and I think most of you will agree.

First is the simplicity- elegant. Then the keys are nicely done. If you look closely the outside keys are slightly larger than the ones in the middle.

I suppose the white phone will be the mid-tier phone. It does look slightly more narrow than the X10. I wonder though, why RIM didn't employ the supposed trapezoidal keyboard design that they patented for those of us with wider thumbs? That being said, having tested the keyboard on the Bold 9900, that keyboard is perfect.

There are a ton of geeks on 4chan and most likely, half of them are also crackberry readers. I can't wait to try out the keyboard on the new qwerty blackberry when it hits carrier stores. :D

Am I the only one that doesn't like the new N-Series design, it looks soooooo dull, sooo ugly, I wish this won't be the final design, but I guess it's too late.

Z10 and X10 are very sexy, I hope the white 1 is a dev c only because its ugly. Its like htc with the dedicated fb button. I hope someone at RIM will listen and never release that ugly white phone.

The left white one, is ugly it looks so old stylish design. It looks like a generic blackberry wanna be, immitation made from china. I hope the very far right is not the next qwerty for bb 10. Bold is nice, but u have to make the screen bigger, to have one finger enough space to perfom the gestures. The middle is the perfect style, design and looks more legit.

I would lean towards the left one being the dev alpha c as well. It's probably taller so it can use the same internals as the dev alpha a and b. I hope they stick with it, as from what the picture shows, that one will be much more comfortable to type on than the N series.

I'm not sure I understand those saying the screen on the QWERTY has to be larger. I'll get the QWERTY version, but I know it can't be larger than the touch screen. The keyboard is taking up the extra space! You have to give and take. If you want a QWERTY keyboard, you have to have a smaller screen necessarily. I'm willing to live with a smaller screen for the convenience of having a keyboard. BTW, that white phone... yuck!

I actually agree with your comment! I simply meant a BB10 with a QWERTY is going to have a smaller screen than the BB10 full-touch. I also agree that the concept design TK Victory is MUCH superior than the phone pictured above; that is, the Victory concept does have a larger screen and, to me, is the best of both worlds.

IF I am going to have an option of a full keyboard WITH a larger screen than the 99xx ... You can bet your last dollar that I AM going for the real estate! Incorperating the larger touch screen with a full QWERTY will,(IMHO) draw in those, such as myself, that use these features daily. Why not have the best of both worlds?! Although I own a 9850, I find myself using the Bold more to expeditiously get things done. To each their own, but I will be anxiously holding out for the N series and really hoping that the incorperation of a larger screen isn't a visual illusion.

I hope these are not the BB10 qwerty models. They look dreadful. I and the market are expecting something like the two hot concept models we have seen. If it turns out to be these ugly phones that would be very bad for RIM.

Uhmm. i thought QWERTY screen would be larger :S SHOULD BE Though...(Right one)

Blackberry knows that the need a strong launch to make BB10 a success and that would include an entry level, affordable Blackberry. For that reason alone, I'm with the majority of you that say its a Curve. It has the Curve keyboard and is too well polished not to be aa final product.

I don't like that it looks like that HTC facebook phone...I really don't think they should make any low end phones and just stick to the L and N series

No reason really not to make a low end phone. The PB is already hardware wise where a low end phone could go. They might as well support the PB res a bit better and go downwards like MS did with Windows Phone Tango - except dual core 1GHz with 1GB RAM is a pretty nice low end.

I could see the white one being popular because it doesn't look as business like as the Bold or whatever they're calling it.

The white one does NOT look like the HTC Cha Cha except for the colors.. That thing is nasty. I think it looks more like the Palm Pixi, including the no-buttons interface. All three phones in the picture look great. A curve is exactly what I was waiting for; Before I was debating between the Lumia 920 and the X10, but now I can have a Lumia 920 for media and games and that white Curve for communicating and social networking. I hope it's cheap though.