CNBC's Joe Kernen feels the heat of the CrackBerry Nation

By Adam Zeis on 24 Dec 2012 11:55 am EST

In other news, it looks like CNBC's Joe Kernen felt the heat of the CrackBerry Nation on Twitter over the weekend. In case you missed it, Kernan chimed in at the end of a CNBC interview with RIM CEO Thorsten Heins. He didn't tread too tactfully however as he had this to say to Heins:

"You're at RIM and you're in Waterloo and you don't even care. Because even though you're in Waterloo, that doesn't even occur to you that this isn't going to work ... with the BlackBerry 10".


Well, not to be embarassed by a CNBC host, Kevin took to ther Twitter airwaves to rally the troops to let Mr. Kernen know that he was pretty disrespectful to Thorsten during the interview. Apparently Kernen wasn't too keen on the overwhelming response of the CrackBerry nation on Twitter.

Kernen has this to say on air:

"I'm going back to an iPhone now because the CrackBerry people were so rude and nasty". 

Rude and nasty? I'm pretty sure that saying an unreleased product will fail is pretty rude as well. Just to be clear - we have no issue with Joe Kernen or his BlackBerry use, just the fact that he was extemely rude and tactless when closing out the interview with Thorsten Heins. We're not sure where it all came from, but we'll certainly be smiling when RIM and Thorsten Heins prove him wrong with BlackBerry 10

Shoutout to Nikedas for the video!

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CNBC's Joe Kernen feels the heat of the CrackBerry Nation


If you watch the original video you will understand that he was actually complementing Thorsten and RIM for not listening to critics and and doing their own thing. At the end he even says to Thorsten: "You're brave, first time you were here the stock was trading at 7$ and now its trading at 14$. Thank you."

I think this whole thing was a big misunderstanding and that both Keenan and the Crackberry Nation should apologize.

How is "You're all in Waterloo Shacking it up, and don't care" Sound like a compliment along with "Everyone in Waterloo is clueless"?

I agree with koolrosh on this one. I think he was talking very quickly and meant something supportive. If you listen to the tone of his voice and how he calls Thor 'Brave" (and not in a condescending way at all) it appears that he was taken a back by our unshakable Thor.

It almost appears like he meant something like. "Thor, all this talk about the possibility of BB10 failing by your critics must seem so ridiculous to you....those thoughts don't even appear to occur to you, Bravo, march on."

Here's what he really said with what I think he was getting at in my [brackets]

"You're at RIM and you're in Waterloo and you don't even care [what the critics say]. Because even though you're in Waterloo, that doesn't even occur to you that this isn't going to work with the BlackBerry 10 [according to your critics]. You're brave [the tone of my voice suggest that I sympathize with how burned you feel by skittish analysts after nailing this last quarter so decisively], first time you were here the stock was trading at 7$ and now its trading at 14$ [so you are obviously doing a great job for investors]. Thank you".

I also see where the furor comes from and do not blame Kevin for nailing Joe Kernan to the wall for this. But I think it quite possible Joe actually meant well and was maybe was almost a bit emotional (in a good way). I know I was, I mean here is this guy Thor, who has been through hell and back this year and knew how important this quarter needed to be; and he nailed it. He nailed it, and yet got demolished on the services thing (which it is his legal duty to disclose any material changes to RIM's business model) So he had no choice on that. Could he have waited, maybe.

Even though Thor was unshakable, you could tell he was frustrated, and he should be. RIM grew their cash pile by $600 million and thus silenced those who said they didn't have the money to launch BB10. The increase in cash meant a small loss of subcribers, but I don't see Microsoft with a 79 million user base to build on, especially with sticky services like BBM to help with the transition. They finished thier cost cutting program one quarter early, I mean come on. Thor did great, and yet.... I felt for him, I really did. I believe that Joe did too.

In the second video it is obvious that Joe felt bad about it. If he meant to hurt the Crackberry nation he would not have been so cranky, but I think he was wounded. RIM needs every bridge it can get, especially with the media. I think we need to give Joe another chance.

^ Complete ridiculous!

SHow me the original video where "You're all in Waterloo Shacking it up, and don't care" is NEGATIVE! Your quote doesn't even end in a sentence (no period used) so we should take its use OUT OF CONTEXT!!

IF the video posted by Crackberry just a few days ago is NOT the full video then I think whomever "Rallied Up the Troops" is a fucking moron!

Who's troops are you referring to?! The crackberry nation? BlackBerry users?! Are you some sort of general or an over crazed fan-boy who ended up with wild ideas that grew connections to RIM?! Seriously its becoming a little childish.

What IN FULL was very negative by the reporters?
- Because they asked the TOUGH questions? Questions that nobody else asked? Questions that SHOULD've been asked by more reputable stock show hosts?! If you've ever read The Art of War you'd realize these tough questions where needed and shown Thor's mettle.

All these childish posts are not only baseless without full proof in full context, its lowering the value of participating on this site! Its lowering the intelligence of a few that can discern the difference between inference and conjecture.

Sorry had to curse there ... just getting fed up of all this blind faith in RIM to attack anyone with opinions. Apologies to those affended by cursing, and to those under age reading my last post seeing the cursing. Apologies mods.

EVEN if someone has a non favorable opinion of RIM let them voice their concerns. Take a pill and let RIM do their business! When they come out on top and rising sales beating ALL analysts - THEN we can quote them and have them literally EAT THEIR WORDS!!!

This definitely struck a nerve with you, but I agree. Brand loyalty is great, but it's gotten to a point where if anyone says anything remotely critical, they're attacked by a swarm of evangelists. It's not just with CrackBerry Nation--fans of all platforms react in this knee-jerk fashion.

While it didn't come across so eloquently, Joe was basically saying, "You're either brilliant or you're in denial, but either way, your resolve is admirable, and we thank you for trying to turn RIM around."

Back to the issue, though, the services revenue issue is not trivial and was handled poorly. I don't doubt that RIM has a game plan and that MDM can be a high-growth market, potentially offsetting or even exceeding existing services revenue streams. But, someone another article comment said it well: Thor attempts to address something controversial and then RIM has to follow up and clarify his comments. I like Thor and appreciate his unapologetic and less-staged style. But, he's got to get better at this. When you're not doing well or there is a high degree of uncertainty around your company, everything will be scrutinized. That's just the way it is.

Joe was clearly trying to be witty. As in making a pun between Waterloo the town and Waterloo the famous battle between Napoleon and the Duke of Wellington. I.e. You're in Waterloo against extreme odds, and you don't even think about failure.

If Joe is guilty of anything, it's being far more literate than the people commenting on Twitter.

PS: I'm all for liking BlackBerry and all, but at the end of the day it's just a phone. There is no need to cyberbully over it.

I'm inclined to agree. I'm not totally sure where all the indignation was coming from.

The worst interpretation you could draw from Kernan's comments was that he was accusing Heins of a bunker mentality, but it's not hard to infer that he meant it as a compliment. I suspect that's what he really meant.

Frankly, I have quite a bit of respect for Joe Kernan, and I'm sure he meant no ill will. If anything, I think he was expressing admiration for Heins' steady demeanor.

I think you're right. This was a beat up from Crackberry. If you listen properly you'll hear that he was being complimentary to Thorsten.

I agree with koolrosh 100%.

I just watched the video and on my first view it really did sound like Joe Kernan was insulting Thorsten.

However when I watched the video a second time I realized Joe was actually complimenting Thorsten for being brave and that Thorsten is doing well because the rim stock has doubled from $7 to 14.

I agree Crackberry Kevin should apologize for the tweet calling for Joe Kernan to be fired. Everyone makes mistakes and I think this one is on Crackberry Kevin.

this is only the second time i've heard this person mentioned, who is he. Anyone of importance...doesn't seem that way

interesting way people have of dealing with others, Joe`s reaction is `they`re cruel and nasty` yet the guy from forbes (i cant remember his name) that kevin called out last week decided that, after being told who kevin was, he was going to open a dialog and be civil.

Hmm....Wonder if this guy has ever worked for "FOX"? Sure sounds like it in regards to his disregard for the facts among other things......

Never heard or seen this guy on TV before (then again don't watch CNBC really) but between his comments after the TH interview and this video this man is plain ignorant especially for a host on a station watched by millions I assume.

He may be a BlackBerry user but definitely doesn't sound like a supporter, which he has every right to, but try to show some professional journalism courtesy at least.

CrackBerry Nation!

Who cares what that deadbeat ...., useless piece of poop has to say, Joe Kernan is a joke. Time for him to move on, they can't build back their credibility with clowns like him around. His kid should be ashamed to know him. What a bum.

First - if you listen to the full clip, he seems to be trying to compliment - kind of like "hey, failure isn't even an option for you, and look at the turnaround you've already done - good job".

That aside - seriously? "Crackberry Nation" thinks the way to fix this (even if the interpretation is correct) is by insulting him?

Way to represent yourselves people. Well done.


You're blaming CB?? I don't care what he meant to say.. he's a professional and should have his act together.. and even if he didn't.. he should have come back on the air, corrected himself and apologize to Thorsten and RIM. Please post a link to his apology. CNBC let me down as viewer having this guy ramble on and knowing that no apology was given even after CB's response; this shows me that he meant what he said and has no remorse for it. I hope he goes to another phone brand.. BB10 would be too smart a phone for him to use anyways.

Agree totally, we have bigger and happier things to discuss here!! Best revenge is to live well and succeed! Leave the rest.

So just for the record, My blackberry has many apps that I can get mobile discounts through! If not an app, through its Mobile Website. Yes on the BB Browser! Any site that has created a mobile version displays beautifully and completely functional on the Bold Browser. Clearly this guy knows absolutely nothing about smartphones. He Really is a D-Bag. (Double Bag! LOL)

I actually feel kind of bad since we've seen much harsher criticism. I re watched the original video and it just sounded bad when he said that you pretty much don't think that its not going to work. Actually all he really said was Thorsten you are a very positive and brave leader and thank you for being at RIM. I seriously think that we the CrackBerry Nation should give an apology. What do you guys think(Kevin, Adam and Bla1ze)?

Whatever compliment he was trying to give Thorsten was absolutely lost in the way he closed out at that interview. Look, it probably wasn't Joe's intent to go out there and insult Heins - that would be foolish of any host/interviewer, but that's how it came across, to both Heins and to the audience. It was ignorant, and in the end with the words he chose he belittled Heins and RIM's efforts on launching BlackBerry 10.

And the fact that Joe could slip up with his words and context that bad, especially if he didn't mean to, well that just proves he's not fit for his job. In that role you need to think before you speak, which he obviously did not do.

Look, to me it's already old news and I moved on. We wouldn't have posted anything on this if he didn't bring up CrackBerry on air. This posted and out of the way, it's a dead issue to me now. But apologize? Nah... if he wants to though, he probably could and should shoot Thorsten an email. People make mistakes and that's fine, as long as they own up to them - Thorsten is the one he should apologize to, nobody else. But if Joe doesn't think he made a mistake there, well then a little heat from CrackBerry Nation making him realize he screwed up isn't such a bad thing. People call me out on my mistakes when I make them... which happens... and I don't mind it - keeps me sharp and on my game.

Kevin, I agree the CrackBerry nation should not apologize. Whether he meant it or not, Joe screwed up and if he didn't mean it than he should let Thor know. Bravo for sticking up for Thor, he deserves our support.

Totally agree. He's a journalist, not politician. Whatever happened, if he can't control what he say and then made excuses, he should be in politic. When he said he want to change to iphone because he got some ”tough love”, sounds like a kid crying from being told to behave.

CNBC, are you sure you can control your newsreader mouth while on the air?

Clearly Joe was belittling Heins and the BlackBerry fanbase, and it was his absolute intention. CNBC has always had a negative view of BlackBerry, and they're, especially Joe, are Steve Job nuthuggers. Look, for example, at the contest. Not once did they bring any analyst with anything slightly or remotely positive to say about BlackBerry. If it was an honest mistake, he would have aplogized and called it a day. no sir, he had to fuel the fire by calling CB nation 'nasty and rude' and say he's going to use iphone. Joe deserves what he got if not more. what a loser.

Wow, I just did all the backtracking on this thread.. and this guys a real douche. Wow how unprofessional! It was good that Thorsten didn't go after him .. he looked reserved and professional. I've never really seen an on-line broadcaster be so obnoxious and demeaning to a guest before - aren't they suppose to ask questions and get the response from the source instead of making crap up? He's lucky that's all he got from Crackberry. I think even his fellow broadcaster didn't know what to do with him and his response to Crackberry Nation especially since all his fellow broadcasters use BB's. What a knob! CNBC should really show him the door.

we should all continue to put this a-hole down until he apoligizes on air in front of his friends to thosten and rim...make him feel really low...and when bb10 comes out and kicks ass,he shall swallow his i-phone!!!

Who is this guy? Based on what I've seen and read, he's not worth any more of CB's attention. Let the pundits blow hot air - BB10 will rock it! :-)

As a always happy member of CrackBerry forums, I have to say CrackBerry's response is in the wrong here, but that is my opinion I do not wish to start a finger pointing game like some have, merely give my own opinion. I'm glad this is filed under "CrackBerry - Humor" because I cannot believe anyone really takes offense to any of this. I generally have the entire CNBC programming block from 0800 - 1200 EST on everyday on at least one television in my office, when I am not lecturing my Economics classes, and I even watched the entire relevant portions of this part again for a second time to make sure I was not missing anything. For anyone, and it sounds like a few individuals here, who watched the entire things [which is not available on this propaganda cut like clip here], there were far more positive comments directed towards RIM, its CEO, and BB10 in general. Joe and the morning team there on the 0800 broadcast prior to Squawk on the Street, and most of the anchors and journalists on Squawk are some of the better journalists around. If anyone wants to talk about respect [which I do not think this is really about], the author of this original front page article did no courtesy to spell Joe Kernen's name correctly. At the end of the day it is humor, and I take it as that, surely making a front page issue of it on the website, and twisting reality ever so slightly to make things generate a bit more drama than usual in my opinion is not what I've known CrackBerry to be about... Sad face ---> :-(

My apologies Kevin I should have addressed your comments in the post above to be superbly thought out and reasoned [as always]. I always appreciate your approach to situations such as these, and generally find your comments and work to be insight full as well as interesting being focused on such a nice area within technology.

I know I've seen you speak a few times on CNBC on behalf of the CB Nation, and quite eloquently you speak I should mention. Thank you for taking the time to review my comment, I look forward to the future of the BlackBerry experience, which at the end of the day is what I hope we all look forward to when it comes to our personal mobile devices.

Kevin, as always, my best to you and the entire Mobile Nations team for giving us a community on the WWW for communicating ideas!

As I said at the time : he was trying to be nice, but he ended up coming off like a...well, he just came off as strange and uncomfortable.

Yeah, I think Kevin and CB misunderstood his comments, they didn't seem insulting at all, just poorly worded. No need to apologize, but perhaps not be so defensive and come off looking like fans of another fruit phone company...?

He's an old guy who doesn't understand tech. Send him a free BB10 and get some good press out of it RIM!

See my longer comment reply above for my thoughts...

That said... I wouldn't say I misunderstood anything. You kinda just proved our point though... why is an "old guy" who doesn't understand tech who can't choose his words even on tv talking about this stuff? 

Look - I'm a lover, not a hater, but my new year's resolution for 2013 is to not let people get away with stupidity as far it concerns RIM or BlackBerry 10 - especially people in mainstream media where their reach is big and the masses seem to believe what they say as the truth, when all too often it's far from it. This launch is too important for us to do anything less than our best effort to keep the messaging out there honest and accurate.


I agree with what you're saying Kevin, I just don't like it when fans of any phone/car/sports team come off as tooooo strident. I know you're not responsible for what people posted to him on Twitter, so I'm not saying CB has anything to do with that, which is what he complained about.

The reason he's talking about it is presumably he has knowledge in another area (finance/stocks not tech), and it was kind of a round table type interview, like Morning Joe (which is a good show because they talk about things they actually understand...which is your point I know :) ).

Anyway, not a big deal as you say, you should definitely keep the people spreading misinformation about RIM honest, but I still say RIM should send him a free BB10 keyboard version, cheap advertising, I'm sure he'll love it and spread the word!

My resolution was something similar, except instead of defending RIM against remarks made by those in the media (because there is only so much I can do there except write an angry letter), I am going to defend it on the streets whenever I hear someone talking smack about it.

Okay, Kevin, I take umbrage at the term "old guy": I'm 65 and have been involved in tech as a sideline before u pups were born! If it weren't for what we old guys started, y'all would still be using cans and a string! So I think- outside of this thread- it is us old guys to whom you should show some respect and apologize. You're too professional for that kind of tone.

I never personally used the term "old guy" - was using the term used by the commenter I replied to. I'll edit my comment to include some quotes for clarity. I assumed that was clear if you read the original post and my reply.

As for age... it doesn't matter to me... as long as you have a brain and use it. Young or old, if you're smart and know what you're talking're A OK in my book. And the opposite is also true.

Thanks K for the quotes: you do understand it makes one heck of a difference. One of the problems with the speed of hitting the send button is one forgets to read the txt out loud first: without a voice or specific notation, there can sometimes be misunderstanding. As I said, you're always professional, and seeming to echo someone's dismissive language wasn't like you. I accept the "apology" :-)
P.s. Read this Site second every morning. Peace and happy holidays from a proud geezer

Thanks K for the quotes: you do understand it makes one heck of a difference. One of the problems with the speed of hitting the send button is one forgets to read the txt out loud first: without a voice or specific notation, there can sometimes be misunderstanding. As I said, you're always professional, and seeming to echo someone's dismissive language wasn't like you. I accept the "apology" :-)
P.s. Read this Site second every morning. Peace and happy holidays from a proud geezer

He's still wrong saying that there is no apps on a BlackBerry or acting like you you can't browse orbitz on the BlackBerry browser...

This whole episode is utterly childish, both Kevin's obvious misunderstanding and overreaction to the original interview (which I watched); as well as Joe's whining, spiteful response.

CB does BB10 no favors with this nonsense, and I'm sure Thor would agree. In fact, I would not be surprised if RIM sent a private note to CNBC disclaiming any connection with CB's immature behavior.

I dislike mob rule completely. Even when it's on my side. That being said these business analysts kept their jobs when they were part of DESTROYING the housing market in the US. Bad karma all around.

I agree with some posters in that he was trying to be complimentary, but chose his words poorly. To me, he was trying to say Thor was brave in not caring what the naysayers were saying about BB10 failing. Someone in his position should be a bit more eloquent!


As a member of crackberry nation I too believe in BB10 and RIM delivering a great product to market soon!

While I share your enthusiasm about BB10 and am glad to show and explain why BB10 is better to anyone who will listen to me and enjoy seeing you defend bad information

I totally disagree with your reaction here and think that CB should send him a phone and apologize this would be best for all including RIM

If this approach continues I will reluctantly close my CB account and support BB10 in other ways

Let's show some class and be more professional than calling for him to be fired

Merry Christmas and Happy holidays


So... You want to reward and thus promote bad behaviour. I think Santa would disapprove. Sorry. Nothing but a lump of coal in that guy's stockings.

Well said. I listen to CNBC almost every day on XM during my commute to work and I just watched interview. Joe was thanking Thor for his decision to stick to his guns on BB10 and for the so-far good execution that has caused the stock to rally (it is a channel dedicated to finance after all!) There was no need to beat the guy up on this site or on Twitter.

I never understand why people get so passionate about phones.

Joe should not have said what he said but why anyone would choose a phone based on what "crackberry people said on Twitter" is crazy.

I am always happy to tell people why I still use a Blackberry and why BB10 will rock but I really don't care what they buy - it's just a phone.

The reality is, CNBC are Apple Shills and perhaps there is no bigger shill than Jim Cramer. These guys constantly pump Apple stock and praise everything Apple does.

They blasted the playbook because it was too small yet praised the iPad mini for appealing to those that wanted a smaller tablet without noting Playbook had already been on the market.

I have friends who regret going to the iPhone 5 from the Bold 9900 and are now waiting for BB10.

CNBC is paid to pump apple. I can see no other reason for them constantly pumping Apple products while dumping on everyone else while failing to mention that most Apple releases pump features that other phones have already had for a year.

Apple no longer leads. Their new releases are cosmetic and add a feature or two that other devices already have. BB10 is not simply a cosmetic makeover. It is an evolution of a platform. It will be revolutionary.

Screw CNBC and their shills. Blackkberry people know that this device is going to rock. What the people at RIM need to do is take a page out of Samsung and Apple and MARKET their new device to succeed. People need to see what the new BB10 can do that other devices can't. There has never been a time when RIM needs to spend so much to market a device if they are going to convert the brainwashed Apple zombies who will buy a white trash bag full of food scraps if it carries an Apple logo.

I like your post. If people think msnbc drinks Apple cool-aide then they should see how cnnMoney bathes in the Apple cool-aide.

I've been watching Squawk Box for at least 10 years and know Joe well. His comment on Thorsten was an absolute slam and ..... who says that to the the face of the hardest working CEO on the planet. Joe doesn't know anything about tech and was probably just repeating garbage he heard at a NY cocktail party. I expect he will apologize if one of his aids fills him in on what's really been going on.

can't believe CNBC is paying that moron to come to work everyday. No Class..even if it means he is praising Thor..what is he? a priest?

Great job crackberry!!!
I'm disappointed I didn't get the chance to get in on the action. I loved his reactions. Some people may have not been nice and we're totally rude, but a majority of us weren't. We were polite.

Cant believe there are morons on here calling Kevin out on answering back in the way he did. I guess we should all have been like sheep and allowed an obvious slam to go unchecked? At least now this bloke and all and sundry who pays attention knows that the CB Nation packs a hell of a knock you flat on your ass punch......who dont like it-bite it....

In the age of internet and anonimity where everyone can hide behind any name and say anything to satisfy their needs, that joe should know better on tv, you have to be careful with what you gonna say.he's on tv, not on the internet. You are responsible for what you say on tv.

Then again,to anyone who thinks the CB/mobile nation's reactions are too much, or you think any of us shouldn't do/say that and have to apologise, you need to remember what people did and still doing that hurt RIM/blackberry. You should read what the ignorant robots&sheeps&analysts&media says about anything related to blackberry. And for any of you that suggest we who use blackberry should just shut up for whatever reasons you say, then I say, you are worse than those robots&sheeps&analysts&media. Shame on you.

Rather than telling us to not giving reactions, it's better if you all go outside CB/mobile nation and correct whatever those robots&sheeps&analyst&media do&say. We here are not the one damaging RIM/blackberry. But there are a lot of people out there does that. Go out there,talk to them, win their heart. For us here, RIM/blackberry already got our heart, we don't damage what we love. People out there does. Go out, say what you say to us here to them. The one who damage RIM&blackberry is not us, but those ignorant robots/sheeps/analysts/media. Talk to them,not us.

Karma will get to him.
Joe doesn't get it. And people list to what he has to say?
Shall we spam him, so that he can taste the crackberry nation?

How can he report on a phone if he doesn't even try using it?

He owns a Blackberry, as does one of his co-anchors according to the clip, but knows nothing about phones. He should be sold on the merits of BB10, not attacked for lack of knowledge of phones and a poorly worded but not attacking sentence about RIM. Tempest in a teapot at the end of a day in any case.

Irresponsible use of the airwaves, sometimes media people forget that they're talking to millions of people and many times they let their personal opinion, often based on word of mouth and not facts cloud their judgement.

Clearly in North America, RIM must deploy massive experiential marketing strategies, word of mouth has pretty much killed the BlackBerry brand, rightfully so though, you have sales people in stores like best buy who have never even touched a BlackBerry PlayBook telling you not to buy one because its rubbish and BlackBerry is going bankrupt, and yes it happened to me and many others.

This guy is just like millions of other people who have just heard that RIM is dead or dying, never experienced BB10, but millions believe RIM is dead because that was what they heard. I was over at engadget the other day, the level of ignorance turned to facts in the minds of so many people about RIM and the BlackBerry brand is outstanding!

Urgh!! Another nameless so call "journalist" name embedded in my brain. I didn't even bother watching the clip. All these talking heads need to go back to school for journalism. Who am I kidding! This is US. If they allow Faux News to exist, anything goes! It's not about reporting news, it's how loud you can scream towards the microphone. Fact is irrelevant! Only opinions matters no matter how ridiculous it seems.

The main point to take from this is that yet another user has been driven away from BlackBerry by 'Team CrackBerry'
This site does a great job of turning people off BlackBerries, either through denial of the need for new features, random insults against users, biased modding, the list goes on.
Behaving like children is not the image RIM would want associated with their brand. Nor is the lack of humour.
The only good thing that will come from this is RIM can see that associating itself with CrackBerry would be a huge PR disaster so we wont see CrackBerry bloatware on BB10.
Sad to see a great company trying to get back in the game, being handicapped by these shenanigans by users not typical of their fan base.
SMH at Kevin's stated views as well, just sad. Sharp, on your game? Think before you speak? Riiiiight. No mirrors in CrackBerry headquarters obviously.

You should use what you wrote as mirrors. The hate is cracking it though, I don't think you can see through it at all.

The main point you should have taken away is that when people shit on a brand others are loyal to, they should expect some sort of retort. If you don't understand this, you don't understand CB faithful ... And just so you get a full grasp, CB faithful doesn't just mean people from this Crackberry site.
At no point did anyone at RIM or CB ever state the two are affiliated with each other. But to say it would be a PR disaster blah blah blah is just plain rubbish.
When you make a mistake and you're called on it, tell us what happens.

Everyone is loyal to something or the other. To 'retort' like children reflects badly on communities. Calling this dude on what he said is fine. Provided people take into account the entirety of what he said, not just selected bits.
Equally, commenting on his hair etc etc is just plain stupid and abusing someone for their opinion, even if it isnt the same as yours, is silly.
Bottom line is, dude says hes switching platforms because of abuse from 'CrackBerry faithful'. Thats a loss for RIM and another mark for CB, particularly given the childish way theyve handled this.

If it was really a misunderstanding then he would have simply cleared it up. He didn't so we can assume he was being a douche. Why else would he get defensive instead of simply stating it was a misunderstanding and avoiding a storm. Simple really...

Yet another user has driven away from BlackBerry by 'Team Crack Berry'? Directly or indirectly, RIM like all companies have many associations with many entities. I'm doubt there's any legal association between and RIM. What company would deny a fan base website helping to spread some businesses along the way? Until CrackBerry committed a faux pas that would affect the reputation of RIM, why should it be your opinion that RIM should disassociate with this site? A huge PR disaster eh. Hyperbole much? Behaving like children? You are right when it comes to Think Before You Speak and having a mirror. Read what you wrote and actually think about it! Speaking of maturity, you would not buy BlackBerry products because of Now that's a valid reason. Shouldn't you post that at BlackBerry forum? You know a company that wanted your business.

I agree completely Bambinoitaliano

Another user driven from BB10 this is not good and CNBC is a huge RIM customer this is not the way to win the battles

Perhaps think of Mr. Heins as our Duke of Wellington he won the battle of Waterloo!

How do I delete my CB account would prefer to promote BB10 in a more positive manner


Yeah you've made your point. That we should let people badmouthed blackberry and give him a free bb10. That we are extrimist fanboys. That we are at fault, making thatjournalist said he turned to iphone because he got some "though love” from us. Now move along,no need to dramatizing it by asking how to delete your name. You can just leave like u said you are now. But for all I know you can always come back with different names though, lol.


Oh btw, I think you should re-read what bambinoitaliano wrote ;p

Sorry should have said agree with bobauckland thanks ferre_kun !

My point is that we should pick our battles and this was not 1 of them Mr Heins delivered an excellent interview clearing up some tough questions and that message was needed in the market much more than nailing the Joe guy to the cross

Merry Christmas!

Opps Sorkin put in his two cents worth that Becky Quick is going with iPhone 5 , sounds like a BYOD kind of CNBC crowd.

Bahahahahahahaha .... they all use BlackBerry ..... and they try to bash it. How stupid can people really be?
Does Joe have FAKE hair? It looks like.

Think it was a missunderstanding. I also think it doesn't matter who's right and who's wrong, Even if the comment was meant to be disrespectful we should share our thoughs respectfully because in the end we are still simply mortals and want to generate peace for ourselves and others, we should respect our differences.

Real men and women make mistakes and own up to those mistakes. You can make the greatest speech but one or two lines can throw off the whole thing.
I don't think the backlash would have been so harsh had Joe Kernen cleared things up asap. He further sunk himself with CB faithful by going on air after and making other unfortunate remarks.
This person is supposed to be a journalist, but this person clearly did not do his homework to a higher standard. When we make mistakes we should expect a reaction.

Hi Joe,
Gosh how old r u?..just grown up already....., you use a technology because it fits you and your situation (what the heck it maybe), and not because some sentiment ....

ok 1 last post on this topic !

Yes Kevin should man up and say he made a mistake, send an apology to CNBC, I have shown the video to family and friends and in no way are they offended from it ! In what universe when a man says God Bless you for all your work can it be construed as an insult ???

I am a proud Canadian, BlackBerry supporter, and have sent friends to to buy products, for help and information on using BlackBerries expecting a good level of quality information and enthusiasm for BB10.

I have worked the past 25 years in the high tech industry with some of the best executives around and this spat with CNBC was silly and embarrassing to me as a loyal BlackBerry user !

Much like when a news reporter or analyst does not get things right, it is good for us to stand up and explain things in a mature manner, we should also stand up and explain things when the same is true for a BlackBerry user, fair is fair !

A more business like response would have been a blog on how great Mr. Heins handled the interview, some tough questions the market needed to get cleared up such as 1) fees are not going away, 2) BB10 will bring new and innovative services, 3) BB10 phones will ship in VOLUME in Q4 Globally, 4) QWERTY phone will be out 2 weeks from Full Touch launch !...

These are significant to the long term health of RIM !

Hope everyone had a great dinner and got lots of presents !

Next present will be January 30, BB10 launch !

I've seen this Joe guy in action. He is spreading lies to the public for his own personal gain. He should be put in jail.
By the way. He disrespected Thor, and the company he represents. That was not very nice for him to do. Are we not trying to rid bullies once and for all?

Kevin is our leader, and we will follow Kevin in the direction that he points us to. He is here to make the world a better place.

Thanks jimcmf

So in those cases something should be said I have sent messages to CNBC to help correct mistakes too but to call for someone to be fired is childish

Sorry but Kevin is not my leader have worked with the best of them and they promote positive teamwork over a bashing party for something that does not deserve it

I don't think Kevin knows what true leadership is perhaps he will learn it hopefully he learns something from Mr.Heins

I come here for information on BlackBerry


Please Joe, go to an iPhone, when you get fired for jacking off to angry birds while at work, don't come crawling back

It looks like he will bash blackberry at every chance. Just watched a new CNBC video and he is clearly hurt by some of the twitter comments about him - he's seems to think that the comments come from Blackberry and not just fans of the phone or those trying to educate this very angry man. Maybe Blackberry Thor should take him aside and try to straighten him out - kidd glove style. Some of the cnbc viewers may not know how jaded this guy is and actually place value on his words.