Podcast Episode 035: The Marathon

By Kevin Michaluk on 27 Apr 2009 09:51 am EDT

CrackBerry.com Podcast

Wowza. After a month long hiatus (how does that happen?!) from our regularly scheduled CrackBerry podcast, Craig and I were joined yesterday by Bla1ze for what was planned to be a quick show. But somehow, between all the catch-up and discussion on the 9630, Gemini, App World, my mom's new BlackBerry Bold (her first cell phone at the age of 60!) and going through community emails this turned into a MARATHON of a show. You'll want to download Episode 35 and listen to it in a few parts.

BlackBerry Gemini New Info: On the topic of the Gemini, we talked about a lot of BIG details that haven't hit the blogosphere yet, like its optical trackball (no moving parts!), rubberized side body, dedicated media player buttons and more. If you want to save yourself some listening, but want those details, you can find most of them in this forum post I made last week.

Next Podcasts Coming at you Live on Location from WES 2009: I'm flying out to Florida on Thursday and next week will be attending WES 2009. From the Crack Team, Adam Zeis, Bla1ze and kasperapd will also be in attendance to help with the coverage, so we'll be sure to do a couple of big group podcasts like we did last year. Stay tuned!

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  • Recorded: Sunday, April 26th, 2009 @ 6:00pm EST
  • Show Length: 1h52m54s
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Reader comments

Podcast Episode 035: The Marathon


I know that it's the term in common use for such a thing, but do you have to call it a Podcast? How about a BBCast, or CBcast, crackcast, or berrycast?

Still, regardless of what it's called, thanks for the cast

Guys, I have to say, this podcast was very good. Kevin great to hear your mom is now rockin' a Bold. Only one bad thing about that, since this is her first cell phone she will be very upset the next time she gets one, The Bold will set very high standards of a cell phone for her. Great to hear Bla1ze on the podcast, all of you, great work. Keeping the podcast informative, not a rumor only podcast, sharing experiences.

Mom is already addicted... pretty sure she'll be stuck on BlackBerry for life now.

And got a BBM from her this morning saying that Dad asked at breakfast if maybe he should get one too. Matching Bolds perhaps?? :)

Your parents seem to be pretty cool. Ive shown my mom the whole texting, MMS, and qwerty keyboard evolution. She went from her Razr that was like 4 years old to the Env2. Blackberry next year maybe? lol, We stay in touch more now. I think I know how you feel, seeing my Mom texting all her friends and staying connected is great.

Blaze sounds like Seth Rogan's voice. He has his laugh. Compare Rogan's recent Daily Show appearance with Blaze.

How do I find out my device's manufacturing location? On the podcast, Kevin was able to find it on the fly in a few seconds.

Man I listened to this at like midnight as it was uploaded just not posted on the site yet and PodTrapper found it for me w00t! Loved the podcast and was great having a guest on but Craig really didn't talk that much in the cast and he gives a lot of good insight that I found missing from this podcast. IMO Kevin's long rant about his mom having a Bold now was just that, a bit too long. It's great to hear that another person has been converted to the darkside and the whole thing about spouses that both have BB's are unable to cheat was hilarious but didn't need to have like 20 min dedicated to "Hey, my mom got a blackberry". Would have liked to hear a bit more about 5.0 leak as that was huge news and I hope that someone does sponsor the Podcast which will force you guys to make another one sooner. Congrats to Craig for the job and enjoying it!! Keep up the great work!

Make it shorter, dont eliminate it.
It made my day, I almost forgot its Monday.
Sometimes the listeners need a little time away from talk of leaks and all that. Its good to hear stuff like this, reminds me of my first Blackberry. Mixin it up is never bad. Not all listeners are the Hardcore Crackberry feens. It keeps the other crowds listening.

You don't need to STFU next time, just Craig needs to be more involved lol. Like I stated on another podcast comment(the one where Craig was on The Phone Junkie) you bring a special kind of banter to the show which is AWESOME, just this podcast was more of a rant rather than banter like usual. I like to hear an addict acting like an addict rather than ranting about something. It's funnier when you don't have a clue what is being said but you jump in anyway such as in the Smartphone Experts Round Robin/Table Podcasts, someone would try to get away with bashing a blackberry and POW here comes Kevin with a comeback and I always get a good chuckle out of it.

Great listen! Makes getting through the Monday grind a lot easier. Definitely looking forward to any podcasts from WES!

Whats with the constant "Mocking" as if some of you guys "Think" you are above others?
Sorry guys but the "Wanker" englishman couldnt have lived in as he put it "San Francisco" for very long as "Concord" is NOT San Francisco by a long shot. Thats like Saying I lived in Albany so I was a "New Yorker" What a tourist....
And he is wrong "Concord" is pronounced like the woman he was making fun of. He is the one that is not Pronouncing it correctly..

Hi Guys,

great show! I am quite new to the BB world and I must say I am loving it. Email was never what it is now.

So V5 is on its door and the new application switcher sounds really useful. I have a Bold and actually I just tried pressing and holding the BB Button and guess what, it is already there in V4.6. Or am I missing something? It looks just like the average application switcher you would get on the desktop by pressin ALT-TAB or APPLE-TAB depending on what kind of OS you are running.

As I said new Bold, stock FW, application switcher already there!