RIM opens a BlackBerry Lifestyle Store in Vietnam and also launches the Porsche Design P'9981

By James Richardson on 23 Dec 2012 05:27 pm EST

Research in Motion has opened a BlackBerry Lifestyle Store in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. The grand event took place on 12/12/12 and in addition to the new retail outlet, the good folk of Vietnam also got a new device launched - the Porsche Design BlackBerry P'9981.

This was clearly a big deal for the BlackBerry fans in Vietnam as many started queuing for the event at 9am on December 11th - thats dedication for you. Seeing lines like the ones in the following images is quite common with the likes of Apple stores when a new product is launched, so it's great to see a similar sense of excitement from team BlackBerry.

"The Vincom A shopping mall in Ho Chi Minh City is one of the prime shopping and entertainment locations within the city. It is the perfect place for consumers to truly experience the full range of BlackBerry devices and solutions," explained Benoit Nalin, Director of Vietnam, RIM, "With the introduction of this lifestyle store, customers will truly have peace of mind when purchasing authorised BlackBerry products and will also enjoy top notch service by trained BlackBerry personnel."
Keep reading for a ton of pictures and more information on the new BlackBerry Lifestyle Store.



The BlackBerry by Smartcom Lifestyle store offers:

  • Full range of BlackBerry products available in Vietnam: Customers can experience the power of BlackBerry smartphones with the live devices in the shop. All BlackBerry smartphones purchased come with an 18-month warranty.
  • Full BlackBerry Accessory Line-up: The new BlackBerry store has a wide assortment of BlackBerry authorised accessories which are perfectly suited to customers' lifestyle and their new BlackBerry devices.
  • Best Trained BlackBerry Staff in Vietnam: Customers can experience first-hand what can be built with BlackBerry. The trained BlackBerry consultants are there to answer all questions and assist those who want to get the most out of their BlackBerry smartphones. They can also take the time to help customers transfer over all of their old contacts onto their new BlackBerry smartphone, as well as download their favorite BlackBerry applications to ensure that their BlackBerry smartphones are personalized and ready to go as they walk out of the store.
  • Local After-Sales Service from BlackBerry® Expert Center: The BlackBerry Expert Center provides on-site support including trouble-shooting, software upgrade and "How-to" information for customers who purchased their BlackBerry smartphone from an authorised channel in Vietnam.



If you are in Ho Chi Minh you can find the dedicated BlackBerry store on level B1 of Vinicom A shopping mall. The store is open from 9am until 10pm.

Reader comments

RIM opens a BlackBerry Lifestyle Store in Vietnam and also launches the Porsche Design P'9981


So many dedicated Vietnamese BB users :)

Good to see Rim pushing through with their retail plans.

Wild....this exactly what we should be seeing for bb10......one could dream!

“Think highly of yourself, because the world will take you at your own estimate.”

I agree we should see this for blackberry 10, we need to show apple and google that blackberry customers are still loyal and strong.

For a company people claim is going broke, this is big, especially to see a response like that, shows blackberry is the apple in many other country's..

What a great looking bunch of people. I would love to be there when BB10 is launched. I bet you people will be waiting in line a week in advance.

What a great reception in VN. Hopefully RIM can replicate this type of reception for BB10 across the globe...

Rim needs to open blackberry stores in major North American city's, its nice to see a store with people lined up that's not apple. This shows rim is still strong and is the apple n many other country's.

This is exactly what's wrong with North American media. We are sooo indulged in our own BS we don't see anyone else. I remember some crazy woman talking about her ppl are ashamed of BBs, do u think she put in the article (my circle of friends or people in my town or people in my city? No) she makes it seem like the WHOLE world is ashamed of BBs. Do u think this article will make it on CNET? No! Because they only care about the negative press coming out of North America and how ppl hate BBs, paint this picture that the Whole world hates bb's. mean while it is the number phone is A LOT of countries and ppl YES will line up for it...

Take THAT north americanadians. :D
THE WORLD IS MUCH BIGGER THAN YOU!! (Coming from a free thinking canadian)