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Weekly Accessory Roundup - Win a BlackBerry car kit for your BlackBerry phone or PlayBook

By Adam Zeis on 20 Dec 2012 12:27 pm EST

Contest: Win a BlackBerry car kit or mount for your device! Keep reading for details.

iGrip Dash Mount

Heading out for the holidays? We have just the thing for you - a car kit for your BlackBerry phone or tablet! While on the road you can use your phone for navigation or keep the kids occupied in the back seat with your PlayBook. There are plenty of great uses for a BlackBerry car kit, so why not have one to call your own? We have plenty of BlackBerry car kits and mounts for all of your devices so you can have the coolest car on the road all year long. Keep reading for your chance to win one!


New BlackBerry Cases

New BlackBerry Chargers

New BlackBerry Headsets

New BlackBerry Bluetooth Speakers

New BlackBerry Car Kits

New BlackBerry Stylus


To enter to win a car kit or mount for your BlackBerry, simply leave a comment to this blog. Contest ends this Sunday night at Midnight PST. Please, just one entry per person.


BOOM! Nice prize!

Happy Holidays Everyone...Very Berryxmas to all.....


merry christmas!!!

I really want one !

OK, but I'll need to buy a car to go along with it.

Pick me! Pick me!

An Igrip for my 9810 Torch would be perfect addition for the Holiday season!

Me please. Thanks a bunch

This would be lovely! thanks!


I could really use this!

Merry Xmas and happy new year everyone

Please pick me crackberry...
Merry christmas....

Need it for my new BB10 that I win later..... !!!


Cars gonna be sweet.

I just bought an RX-8. Need a dock for it!

I never win nothing :(

A smart dock for my car for either my Playbook or Bold 9930 would be a dream. It's the accessory I want more than any other.

This would be great to give to my wife

A dock for my 9930 would be awesome!

I'd love a kit for my 9900! I always need it when I'm on trips.

Just what I'm looking for! X

This would come in very handy for business trips. I'd love to win.

Blackberry accessories always make for a Merry Christmas

Would be perfect for my bold 9930

Merry Christmas! Would make a nice present.

Pretty please

i'd like to be able to win!!

Thanks for the contest.

Sure would make a nice Christmas gift for my wife's PlayBook....Have a Really Interesting Merry Berry Christmas!!

Would love to win the iGrip PerfektFit Charging Dock for BlackBerry Bold 9900.

My 9900 would be really cozy in one of these :)

Me, me, me!!!


Now I just need to decide if I'd rather have the Playbook-specific iGrip windshield mount, or the more universal tablet one...

Scratch that, definitely the Playbook-specific one. It doubles as a hard-case w/stand!

Hit me santa baby!

Just got a Playbook...would be nice to have the car mount.

Nice hope I win

Nice :)

A nice mount would be, well, NICE.

Woo hoo love me some CrackBerry contest! Merry Christmas everyone!!!

This would be great in the car!


This would be nice for me or any that needs one. Merry Christmas CrackBerry.

Would make driving a lot easier :P

Happy holidays!

I'm in!

Merry Christmas CrackBerry!

Merry Christmas Everyone!

If you immediately know the candlelight is fire, the meal was cooked a long time ago.
-Stargate SG-1

wow!!! very good! Regards, Marco from Italy....

Practically driving three days straight this holiday season! This would help with that. ;-)

I'll take one for my PB

I could really use this, count me in!

I would like to have one for my phone. I just got one for playbook =)

Merry Christmas! Happy Holidays!

Lots of driving to do in the coming days, and this would be an awesome addition to help manage the trips!

Huh? Right?!? LOL!


Would love this for my phone or my husband's PlayBook on trips to visit family.

Pick me! Pick me! Pick me! :D

May I please have another?

A mount would definitely make driving saver

Happy holiday !

It would be definitely be a Merry Christmas for me if I won it!

Sweet! Merry Christmas everyone!

Yeah buddy.

seasons greetings

Why not.

This would be so much better that what I am using now!

Can't wait for BB10


Merry Christmas!!!

This will give me an excuse to but a BB10 phone.

I'll take an IOU for a BB10 mount...thanks!!

I'm in! Happy Jan. 30th to all.

hook me up unless the the planet goes kablewwy

Love this contest... good luck everybody. Cheers

I have to comment, for a chance to win awesome blackberry accessories!

Road weary warrior needs new resting spot for my well worn 9930 and PlayBook.

Would Love one please.

That's awesome!

Pick me please.......

This would be sweet in my car! Hook me up

This would be great for my PlayBook, or perhaps a new BB10. Either way it's a great Christmas present.

Merry Christmas to you all.

Yes please would love one, especially a free one.

I'm in for the Playbook accessory!

My car needs one. BB for life!

I hope I can win for my bold 9900!

I do need one of these.


Igrip headrest tablet kit for playbook for me!

Lots of good choices at the CB Store!

Happy holidays to all......

Happy Holidays, I could use a car mount for my 9930. Thanks

Please pick me--I drive a lot with my 9900 in the dashboard (bluetooth on, of course). This car kit would really help me out! Thanks!

Welll why not? Yes please!

Thanks, and Happy Holidays!

A mount for my tablet would be nice.

Have you done something nice for somebody today?

Pick me! Pick me! xD Happy Holidays, y'all! :D

Another great contest. :)

I miss placed my bluetooth headset sommewhere, so all I can say is: Yes, please!

Nice! Hope to win this!

Ooo. Pick me! Pick me! Please!

Make my car-go!!!

Great xmas present from crackberry!!

I believe in BB10, and I believe I need a free mount for my car.

i dont have a car, but i will get one if i win ::P

Yes please, my playbook needs a home in my car.

I could use some new accessories!


I want one!


nobody ever remembers a loser!

good contest : )

please, oh please, oh please!!!! Thanks for the chance CB. good luck to all!!!!

Great contest CB. Happy Holidays.

Merry Christmas, this could be a stocking stuffer till the real Christmas present when BB10 arrives.

Me please. BB10 dreaming!

Yes - me want car kit please.

I so need a car mount. It is so much safer than trying to hang on to the device while driving.

Good tie in with the driving time holiday. Good one!

Happy holidays!

Another chance for the car mount. Good news!

Merry Christmas to ME & my BB Bold 9900!

Either is good for me. Crackbery I am not picky...about car mounts.

Happy Holidays

Awesome! Thank you so much.

Comment :)

Happy Holidays to all!

This would be very useful. Thanks.

I would like one :-)

Yep, for either my Playbook or BB 10 phone.

That would just be great for my 9930

I could go for a carmount for my 9900 or PB

Nice prize pack Crackberry! Hope to be the winner! Thanks.

Merry Christmas!!

I drive for a living so this would be an awesome win for me

I would like to win this.

This will hold my new Z10 :-).

My Playbook and my future Z10 will look so cool in my new car kit!

Would love a car kit to keep me using my 9900 till I can get a BB10 phone

My BB9900 could use some car kit love!

CB makes it so easy to enter their contests. Thank you! I don't have to turn in a essay.

I have a 9780 in need of a place to rest in the car

Sweeeeeet! This would be an awesome prize!

This would be a great gift for my dad!

Awesome! Thanks CrackBerry!

Hohoho. Thank you santa!

I want to have the coolest car on the road all year long with BlackBerry car kits and mounts for my device.
Thank you CrackBerry.com for the opportunity.

Will there be one that can hold my new BB10 device when you pick me :)

I'm in! =0)

Merry Christmas CrackBerry Nation!

I want one: D.

Would love to win a car kit for my playbook.

I need this please

PlayBook above my dash gages would look cool

Why hello there! car kit would be greatly appreciated. Good day!

Would love a BlackBerry car kit for my PlayBook!!! Thanks for the chance......

Santa I've been very good ;)

Would love one! Wouldn't have to buy myself a Christmas gift this year, then! :)

Hope I can get a BB10 one

Hook me up

Way better than coal in my stocking! Happy Holidays to all

Merry Berry Christmas CB friends!!!

Felix navidad

Merry Christmas CrackBerry Readers!~ :)

GREAT contest idea!

Wish I can win this blackberry car kit for my bold 9790, because I always use BlackBerry maps for hanging out with my family if I don't know to where we are going to.... Thanks CrackBerry !

another contest! yes! i hope i can win a kit for my playbook.

cant wait for bb10 or bbz10?

Smart. Give away stuff now that it's s the end of the world!!

The perfect Christmas gift.

Can i have it in white?

...get this for ME!!!

I've been putting off buying one of these for whatever reason. Please jsut pick me just its not a hard desicion lol. CB, BB10

Yay! Another chance to win one!

Merry Christmas! Would be a nice present for either my Playbook or Bold 9900 as they've both been pretty NICE this past year.

Cool - Sure would be nice to have my blackberry up on the dash instead of bouncing around on the seat beside me

Count me in!

Merry Christmas CrackBerry Nation!!

Count me in!

Hope I win!!!

If lucky enough to win...the mount for the #Bold9930 would be awesome!!! Thx @Crackberry!!!

Thanks again for a great prize.

please Thanks

Count me in! Good luck to all.

This should keep my Curve from sliding off the seat. Thanks CB.

I'm in. Happy Holidays people.

Merry Christmas! I need this!

Yeah! I can mount my playbook to my motorcycle.

Im using my PlayBook on my dash to listen mp3's On my car stereo.
A windshield mount will be a very great upgrade.
Thanks Crackberry to pick me up!

Would love to get a iGrip Windshield Tablet Kit for BlackBerry PlayBook

Merry Christmas!!

This would be perfect, because I can't hear DriveSafe.ly from my pocket and have nowhere else to lay my phone.

Happy christmas and thanks ! :)

Good luck to all !

Another Christmas gift. Thanks CrackBerry!

Happy Holidays to everyone.

C'mon lady luck!

Would love one of these!

This would be a nice prize for any of my Berries, 9930 or PlayBook!
Thanks in advance CrackBerry and shopCrackBerry.com.
I don't know what I would do with out my berries!

Need one of these bad for my BB Bold 9930 to use in my car while I'm driving.

Santa I've been nice...

count me in!

I would love to have the car kit for the BlackBerry PlayBook for my car, since my stereo system is jacked up!

Why always not me :(

Can I have one for my PlayBook?

let me in

Let's go Crackberry! :)

Me too!!!

yes please

Happy Holidays!!!

Thanks in advance ;-)

Thank you for another contest. Happy Holidays!

Would be a welcome addition for my blackberry. Happy Holidays!

nice one !

Pick me!

Hope I win!

That would be awesome!

I hope win it... however Merry Christmas

That would make a nice Christmas present.

I wonder if it comes in white to go with a shiny new Blackberry curve 9320 ;)

Hell yeah!

Please please!!!

Sure can't wait to give this one a go :-)

Merry Christmas!

Would definitely like to try a new mount kit... not happy with my current one.

This would make a nice Christmas present (for me)!

would love it

New car kit? Yes please!

Happy Holidays

heck yeaa

would love to win the iGrip Charging Dock for Torch 9810

This would be great for my 9810! igrip universal would be my choice.

Id love to win a car kit or mount for my BlackBerry! Please pick me CrackBerry! I LOVE YOU CRACKBERRY!

Merry Christmas!! And, of course, pick me:-D

I'm in. Could use a car mount for my PlayBook.

count me in.

I would love to win the BlackBerry car kit. Please and thank you

A little therapy never hurts!

Ho Ho Ho!!

count me in and pick me to win!

Thanks for the opportunity!

HO HO HO merry christmas to me if in win!!!!

would be less distracted if i could get that mount!!

I haven't won any CrackBerry contests yet... will this be the one?

Merry christmas

I could use a mount for my playbook.

I would like one for my husband's 9900 please.

My playbook needs a friend (:

iGrip for the 9900.

This would help me out when using my phone with BB Traffic


Wahoo! got to love free stuff!

Not only does CRACKBERRY keep up up to date on the wonderful world of Blackberry, but they always take care of up with all kinds of free stuff. Viva Blackberry. Viva Crackberry. And soon, Viva BBZ10!!!!!

What a great looking prize. Hit me, I would love it for my trip thru the States next month.

Oh Oh Pick Me Pick Me Oh Oh

Cant wait to see the BB 10 accessories
Merry Christmas everyone!!!