Rogers customers can reserve a BlackBerry 10 device online

By Adam Zeis on 17 Dec 2012 08:36 am EST

With just 44 days to go until the big launch event, Rogers is already ramping up for BlackBerry 10. Starting today, customers can reserve a BlackBerry 10 device online for just $40 down. If you're a Rogers customer and registered My Rogers, you can login now and reserve your device for in-store pickup.

Unfortunately you can only reserve one device per account, so no luck in getting more than one if you're into that kind of thing (Bla1ze). If you do reserve a device, be sure to hit up the comments letting us know. Keep readng for the full press release.

Press Release 

Rogers to Carry BlackBerry 10 in Early 2013 on LTE Network Rogers customers among first in the world to reserve BlackBerry 10 on Rogers Reservation System starting today 

BlackBerry 10 all-touch device to be powered by Canada's fastest LTE network in the most places

TORONTO, Dec. 17, 2012 /CNW/ - Rogers Communications, Canada's leading diversified communications and media company, announced today it will offer customers BlackBerry 10 in early 2013 on the Rogers LTE network, and priority access to beat the line and reserve a device starting today through the Rogers Reservation System. Rogers customers will be among the first in the world to reserve BlackBerry 10 devices in advance of retail availability.

"Building on our history of innovative firsts, we are excited to offer our customers the opportunity to be among the first in the world to reserve their BlackBerry 10 device," said John Boynton, executive vice president marketing, chief marketing officer, Rogers Communications. "Rogers was the first carrier in Canada to launch BlackBerry, and the first in Canada to launch an LTE network. We look forward to adding BlackBerry 10 to the largest selection of LTE devices available in Canada -- all powered by the Rogers LTE network, Canada's fastest network in the most places*."

The Rogers Reservation System is available to current Rogers wireless customers across Canada. Customers can reserve a device by visiting under My Account. Full details about BlackBerry 10 including, pricing, availability and specifications, will be announced in early 2013. For more information, visit:

*Based on tests comparing download speeds on the Rogers LTE network vs. competitors' LTE network with Rogers LTE coverage area. 

Reserve your BlackBerry 10 device at Rogers

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Reader comments

Rogers customers can reserve a BlackBerry 10 device online


I'm reserving mine as we speak, let's do this blackberry people, lets show apple and android what bb10 and there customers are about. Ill even line up on launch to receive my bb10 device. Bb10 ftw

haha, bla1ze 1 rogers 0 :D
Rocking my two berries:
Torch 9810 OS and Playbook OS
Twitter: @mr_theend

hells yea i got mine reserved thanks for the post on the forums and crackberry makes it easier to know timetables like this

I guess Canadians have been more loyal to the brand the US. :-( Can't blame RIM for taking care of home first. I too wish the US carriers would open up pre-orders, I'd throw them my money today!

I highly doubt this has anything to do with RIM. If AT&T or Verizon wanted to have pre-orders, I don't think RIM will stop them.

Keep in mind it is only one Canadian carrier so far. They may decide to do it soon or wait until the new year.
Not everyone can be first.

Doesn't matter, you can cancel it and get your money back at any point. Say for example the reservation says it will take 2-3 days when you're in a store looking at it and can walk out the door with it.

The point is to have fun standing in a virtual line.... I just used my PlayBook to reserve 4 of the next great innovations in the mobile computing sector!

Got #523, #525, #526, and #528

What's your number baby!

Any speculation on price? I just saw someone elsewhere suggesting it would be $750, personally my brain is leaning toward $500. Any ideas?

These are inflated prices which many independent sellers sell across internet. Even Samsung Galaxy and iphones sell for more than $1000 in such sites.

I used to work for Rogers in an other lifetime and the most expensive RIM device outright was $650... so I'd say somewhere between $599-699 outright...

All of the devices.... When I worked at Rogers from 2005-2007 All the newest BB's were in the $650 range. The 8800 all the way to the 8300 and the pearl.

Come on Bell...Although I want to buy it from the little shop in costco, they always give me free stuff when I buy from there.

Geezzz, I have a Rogers phone right now. I have very 'Poor' service with them. I live on a farm in rural Saskatchewan. In Saskatchewan on the Rogers network I can only get 3G in Regina or Saskatoon, EDGE everywhere else. That is if I even have a signal at all. Was thinking about going to Telus or Sasktel. I just want this phone already.

I'm thinking to switch too, but I just pre-ordered it. I think if you cancelled it online before it's delivered, you get a refund.

All the more reason to toss the green and come be red in Alberta.

Have a look at the coverage maps for Sasktel before jumping ship. Belus is almost as bad as Rogers for coverage in Riderville (can't blame em though.....go red team)

Imo rogers service sucks everywhere, my gf has a bold 9900 and in the beasement of my house the only connection she gets is Edge whatever that is. I'm with bell and I get H+ everywhere even 2hrs north of ottawa on the quebec side but the H+ is shitty still get it there though. While you can't even get one bar of rogers signal

BlackBerry Torch 9860 and PlayBook

Around certain areas of Vancouver Rogers is the only carrier that gets deep penetration into rooms underground. Bell, Telus and others don't get any service. I'm switching to Rogers in Feb.

AAAAhHHHHH!!!!!! Can I move to Canada? I will take Rogers for a chance to reserve my BB10 Device. Hurry AT&T do the same!

Reserved mine early this morning...Landed spot #9. It would also be great if we can gets stats on the pre-order numbers. Could be a good metric on the demand.

i'd like to know how many preorders they've received so far. It'll be an interesting indication of potential interest in the devices.

I can see US carriers following soon.

I'm sure RIMM would love to have a few million upgrages locked and loaded before launch!

#52, sadly, this will be for my wife :__( who likely won't appreciate the awesomeness. My work 9900 will have to wait...

Because they give you $40 back on your next bill after you get the device or pick up another one. So it's a free service. Did it for my daughters iphone 5, got it in store so they just credited the $40 back to my account.

im verrry happy with Virgin (I think they are owned by Bell) from what I hear Bells' customer service sucks but thankfully virgin mobile has been nothing but good to me. Unfortunately my phone is dead (9900) since forever and I can't wait till january to get my L series!!!


I may actually join Rogers because of this!!

I want to reserve one, but my brain can not let me reserve something when i don't know how much it will cost. I will when they announce prices. I doubt preorders will sell out, but if they do in reality that's a good thing and will mean lots of great publicity.
Bold 9900 & Playbook
Blackberry by Choice

You can always cancel it. I just got a new phone recently and i'm reserving it just to be safe. No harm (minus the $40 placeholder temp fee)

The price will likely drop. Rogers has always had the knack of keeping a high price for new phones.

You'd get more value out of your money later-- cheaper, more bugs fixed, and a better idea of where RIM will be.

And these carriers know this and will profit from emotional and impulsive purchases.

I placed an order #102, thought about it and backed out.

Signing another 3 years plus a likely high price didn't seem attractive.
Let alone the shaft that PlayBook owners who adopted the device early got. RIM and carriers have no remorse.

What the heck are you talking about? RIM isn't to blame on anything. It's the CARRIERS that shaft with high prices and sneaky fees, ie. The big three (RoBelUs).

You probably never preordered at all. Trolololol. Shit, I responded.

Yes, I did pre-order and cancelled it.

I expected CrackBerry members to be more civil, but you're just as bad as an Phandroid or iSheep.

hey, just curious.... What made you consider pre-ordering in the first place?

You mention contract and expensive... Are you just not able to buy a (any) new and pricey phone? Are you going to wait and see? Or are you going to just stick with what you got?

P.s. I never buy on contract, why bother... Some slim savings in exchange for deep baggage- no thanks!

I reserved #523, 525, 526, 528 - my wife and boys are in for a sweet family day gift! :)

#107 on the list with one account. I have a family plan and a business plan so I have 6 phone numbers in total. Not sure if I'm gonna buy 6 phones all at once or not ...


I am with you on this one, just wish I would have bought more stock. But at least the gains on what I did buy make this phone free at what ever the launch price is :D

sweet! Let some burned shorty buy your shares and let them pay for your phone and much more! Cosmic justice? Irony? (To the shorts) How do you like the taste of your karma cake? Still like the long Apple, short RIM trade?

I can't reserve...Im not happy right now...
Sorry, but we cannot process your request at this time. It could be due to one of the following reasons:

• You are not eligible to use the reservation system; you must have an existing wireless device and receive a monthly bill from Rogers.

• You are eligible, but we are experiencing technical difficulties. Please try again later.

Thank you.

I encountered the same issue. Try logging in first then go to the reservation menu via your Account summary page.

That worked for me.

I had the same thing. Log in to your account, go to "account info" and make sure your phone number is registered. Mine wasn't as I just never bothered as I never use the site. Once you have that, refresh and go back to "account info" and on the right hand side, under "wireless", there will be a read button reading "device reservation". Click that and you're off to the races.

Unable to pre-order. Keep getting the error below.... GRRR.

Sorry, but we cannot process your request at this time. It could be due to one of the following reasons:
• You are not eligible to use the reservation system; you must have an existing wireless device and receive a monthly bill from Rogers.
• You are eligible, but we are experiencing technical difficulties. Please try again later.
Thank you.

I would love to see the look on Peter Misek's face today? In the famous words of Homer Simpson "Doh".

To at least give credit where it is due Peter was one of the first bears on RIM to call the turn and suggest greater positivity should be built into the stock price, which it then did.

That is true but his turn came as a result of a series of embarrassingly incorrect assumptions that he had to correct. I'm not letting him off that easy.

I had planned to get mine through my upgrade which I already qualify for since a few days ago. Are these pre-orders just for full price phones, or can you still tie it to your upgrade at the reduced, subsidized price - anyone? Thanks!

I'm not doing it until I try it out and see everything about bb-10.

i'm already bored of my 9900 and i don't want to make another mistake,

Why are you bored about it? I love my 9900!
I'm going to do the same thing, but excitement never leaves me with any blackberry that still works and functions fine.

Argh, so jealous. I will be switching to Rogers next year but, as of right now, I'm not on Rogers so I can't reserve a BB10. ): *sigh* Will have to wait just a wee bit more.

I would like to know the number of reservations though, just to gauge how well it's going for BB10 (at least on one CA carrier).

~I am BlackBerry by choice~

I have never been so happy to be a Rogers customer. This is brilliant and makes me so happy!!! Rogers nailed it on this one just like RIM is :D
I am reserving one right now but their website is a bit sluggish (A good sign in my mind. Probably a large influx in traffic hopefully).

Position : 207 for Hamilton Ontario...

Rogers should provide pricing. I know that I want BB10. I know that I will likely be paying more than I should (especially with early upgrade fees), but, I am not one to sign blank cheques. Just tell us the price (with and without contacts).

You can always cancel if you change your mind. With contract will probably be $179 or $199. Without contract will be about $599 or $649. Can't see it any differently.

Hey Telus .....don't make me switch to Rogers ! Get your act together claimed to have easy upgrade device program so make this quick ..

Come onnnnnnnn, T-mobile. Lost my Curve over the Thanksgiving holiday, and I have to use an Android phone to tide me over.

i will bet that blackberry 10 devices will be between $600 and $700 retail, that is the cost of a premium smartphone these days, and that is the cost of every top end black that has been released to date, anyone thinking it will be in the $500 range, dont hold your breath. on contract im guessing 149$ because that is what history tells us.

on another note, im 218! lol, the 40$ reservation goes towards your upgrade price when you pick up the device, its like a deposit, and it reserves your spot in line to pick up a device, but if you walk into a store and they have one available, you can sign into the site and cancel your reservation if it has not been processed, if it has been processed you will have to wait for your reserved device to arrive at the store you chose to pick up from

I am lucky 222 in line. I wonder which series the "Blackberry 10 Black" is referring to London or QWERTY? Rogers pre reservation does not have any specifics and I am not yet sure which one to choose.

I'm 232 I can't wait! I went from the 9900 to the S3... And I miss BB, lots of things I love on my S3 but I really can't wait for blackberry 10

I should think so. Not just crackberry, but every other site that mentioned it. :D
A legal DDoS I'd say with legitimate higher than usual traffic.

240 here. If I wasn't working nights (and hence sleeping), I would have been on there MUCH earlier. Can't wait!

I don't care how long it takes WINDMobile to get it. But once they do, I'll be buying it.

I'll remain patient. My playbook can tie me over and my 9900 won't die like some people have been saying since they never did backups, or never tried to clean out their blackberry via wipe and selective restore. BlackBerry Neglect is terrible!! YOU SHOULD KNOW BETTER!! :p

It doesn't guarantee anything when you reserve. But do it to show support.

Heres what the email says after you reserve one:

Thank you for using the Rogers Reservation System to reserve your new device.

Please remember that use of the Reservation System does not guarantee that you will receive the device before everyone else - what it means is that you won’t have to stand in line to inquire about availability. If you have made a reservation before the launch* of the device, we will do our best to get the phone to you within 15 business days of the launch. If you have reserved your device after launch, we will try to get it to you within 15 business days of your reservation. Please note that this is dependent on inventory availability from our vendor partners.

This email confirms that we have reserved a Blackberry 10 Black for your wireless number 519-xxx-xxxx

Please check your inbox for weekly emails from us with a status on your reservation and approximate timing on the shipment of your device for pick up at:

Rogers Plus
550 King St. N., Unit 5G
Waterloo, ON
N2L 5W6

In order to secure a place in our reservation line, a reservation fee of $40.00 plus taxes will be applied to your next Rogers invoice and will be credited back to your account when your device is shipped from our warehouse or when your reservation is cancelled.

If you have any questions about the Reservation System, review our FAQs.

Thanks again for being a valued customer.

* Launch refers to the date that the device becomes available for purchase in Canadian stores.:

this reserves devices at rogers stores, if you walk into a rogers store and customers have already reserved devices in store that are for ppl that used the online system they cannot sell those phones, but if nobody chose a particular store then that whole shipment the store has is free for customers to walk in and get

so reserving just gets you the benefit of not having to line up at the store you want to pick up from, but if you want to be one of those customers you can wait in line as well, do the upgrade in store and cancel the reservation, by me being 230 or whatever in line doesnt mean i will be customer 230 from rogers to get the phone, ppl at best buy and other stores can get it before me potentially is brutally slow right now! i want to get in and get my #

i've also got a bill to pay, but that can wait lol

Bold 9900 - Playbook 32GB

I'm trying to reserve but nothing is happening....It lets me fill out all my info and then just sits there when I click the reserve button.


I had the same issue. Make sure you go to the "Hardware Reservation" red square WITHIN YOUR ACCOUNT. I found that worked for me because the link from containing the BB10 ad wasn't going through.

Reserved #206 in Halifax Nova Scotia, bring it on, and keep going Canada, lead the way for RIM's return!! When they buy Apple in 4 years, what will BGR say about them than.

I may not be with rogers (yet) and if my Cell provider (MTS) does not bring BB10 to there lineup in the few months after Jan 30th I may be switching to Rogers.

So only around 300 preorders so far? I don't know much about these things, but if this was the iPhone it'd be like in the 100,000's wouldn't it? On the other hand it sounds like the Rogers site can't even handle the traffic (or is coincidentally "experiencing technical difficulties and is currently unavailable")

I can't wait to hear a more knowledgeable report on how strong the demand is

this is just one carrier in a country with a population roughly equal to the state of california

Bold 9900 - Playbook 32GB

Look at the bigger picture. This is a fan site where most people who don't visit this site don't even know about the pre-orders. I'm fairly certain all the people reporting their wait list numbers aren't all talking to the same storefront supplier.

its worth noting a few variables which would make it uncomparable to any iphone launch.

1) its one carrier in one country
2) no price for device/contract has been confirmed
3) this is only respondents on crackberry, so there may be more who will pre order when their work day finishes
4) this is the big one. for most people, nobody knows what the specs are, or even (for those non tech site frequenters) what it looks like.

5) The phone hasn't even been officially launched/announced by RIM so many people don't even know about it.
6) People are ordering something they don't know. No pictures have been released!

I think it's quite amazing that the orders are even this high without an announcement, pictures, or pricing!

If I were to read the tea leaves, I think this preorder announcement tells us that BB10 will be in the hands of customer's hours/days of the launch. Cool.

Just got off the phone with a Telus store rep. "We don't have a confirmed release date so we're not taking pre-orders". He also said some nonsense about taking pre-orders in Jan. 15, 2013. Seriously Telus... wtf. Rogers here I come.

Just reserved one - yay! #383 boo! Wish i'd seen this post earlier - doh!
I could have been a few spots ahead, but it took me 6 tries on 4 different web browser before the Rogers site would actually confirm my reservation!
Hang in there Crackberry Nation only 43 days left!!!

Couldn't access from work this morning so had to wait until now but it is reserved...

#402 !!!!

On another note, Rogers had just sent me a SMS with this very offer about an hour ago. Great to see Rogers getting behind BB this time all the way.

Wow, I posted earlier today that when I registered for my pre-order I was in position #9. After getting home from work today, decided to check my reservation (paranoid I was only dreaming) and found that I moved up a spot to #8!

N4BB is reporting that Bell will be doing there pre-Orders starting on the 20th of dec. Can anyone confirm that?

I can only assume that the 'waitlist' numbers on the Rogers Wireless site are Canada-wide numbers are they not? It doesn't say anything about it being the waitlist number for your local pickup location...

Its nationally. Basically so you dont have to wait in line and so that they have general idea of how many phones rogers is gonna order from rim and how they should distribute it

It will be really interesting to see where the reservations are in a month. I'm excited. If they expect to get everyone's shipped within 15 days of launch, I think I'll be one of the first. There are no words for my excitement!
Keep postin those numbers!

Guess i"m definitely going to have to switch over...Fido never has these phones. I need that bb10 and paying retail 700$....ouch...

I think 500 on the first day of preorders is not bad. Hopefully the numbers keep going up until launch. To those who preordered thanks from someone in the U.S. who doesn't have that opportunity- preordering will show BB support from consumers and help carriers and app developers take the platform more seriously before launch.

Rogers has proven to be one up on other carriers n Canada. They were the first in Canada to offer NFC payments with a phone, and that first NFC device was a Blackberry device as well. Seems like a strong partnership between the two companies is growing.

Grrrrr. Trying to reserve online but Rogers "my account" is down for maintenance til 6am EST. For once I am happy to be a Rogers Mobile customer :-)

Update: Whoohoo, I'm #548

number #550 = 5 + 5 + 0 = 10!!!

now rogers better not delay any shipments!! I'll be lining up just incase there is a delay on the shipments.

I just reserved my BB10 phone at Rogers. I'm #600

My daughter will be junking her older iphone and taking over my Blackberry 8900 phone. She's been complaining that the iphone is too slow for texting and emails.

Can't wait to get my hands on the L-Series phone!

Is it just me, did anyone notice that the N-Series (BB10 with physical keyboard) always gets missed out?

It seems to me that the N-Series BB10 may be announced with the L-Series BB10 on Jan 30th, but N-Series BB10 (with keyboard) actual product availability may be slightly later...

ie: we may be already looking at a staggered product launch for L-Series vs N-Series...

This is not new news, it was already stated by RIM that they would announce both the L-series and the N-series on the same day but the N-series will be released very soon after the L-series.

When I reserved mine, there was no indication of whether it was an L or N series phone, just a BlackBerry 10 phone. Therefore, I'm wondering if the reservation would apply to one of either device as the availability date approaches.

From a marketing perspective they should've given us two colour options Black or White. Only Black is available for reservation. I think RIM has missed the boat on that one. White could entice more potential buyers. Oh well!

I'll wait for another BB10 device when the colour white comes available.( for the wifey)

Queued at #167

My boss reserved two BB10's this morning with ROGERS! We were pretty excited since they gave us #8 and #9. :) I thought it was a little odd but I guess we were one of the first few businesses to reserve them. Unfortunatelly my boss just received an email from ROGERS stating that they cancelled the reservation as businesses aren't allowed to reserve BB10's :( least not yet..... I guess the waiting continues...

Awesome !!! We hit 1000+ Please keep the order numbers coming, so we could have some sort of an idea of the minimum pre-orders of BB10 with Rogers !!! I'm number 14 !

Do you figure there will be any cost advantages between reserving my BB10 through RIM or through Rogers?