BlackBerry 10 launch events to be held January 30th in New York City, Toronto, London, Paris, Johannesburg and Dubai

BlackBerry Media Event
By Adam Zeis on 17 Dec 2012 09:36 am EST

The invites are out! The BlackBerry 10 launch events will be held January 30th, 2013 in cities around the world. New York City, Toronto, London, Paris, Johannesburg and Dubai will all host a global launch event - pretty damn awesome. There aren't many details just yet, but we can expect plenty of hands-on time with one or both of the new BlackBerry 10 devices, app announcements and much more. We'll be there in full force at as many events as we can to cover everything in all out CrackBerry style. There should be plenty of good news at these events including official launch dates and plenty more. Stay tuned!! 

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BlackBerry 10 launch events to be held January 30th in New York City, Toronto, London, Paris, Johannesburg and Dubai


I was discussing this on twitter a few hours ago. RIM should be holding a rally type event (possibly outdoors) which all fans could attend. A huge mob of BB fans/RIM employees out for a launch event would make for some good press. Anything other than a boring typical product launch setting. Like other BB fans, I want to attend and I think RIM should leave some seats for us believers.

Mexico and LATAM market share for BB is more than 50% of the smartphones and yet RIM forgets totally about them when launching at the same time... too bad...

Why did you reply to yourself? Lol. Also you do realize those cities are just where the launch EVENTS are being held it doesn't not mean the countries those cities are in will be the only countries BB10 is launching in

Actually, most BlackBerry users in Latin America don't even know BlackBerry 10 exists. Also your statement is a bit of an exaggeration to say the least. Do you even know how many people there are in the US?

Really? Where are you getting this data from? We are waiting just like our North American brothers and sisters.

I'm getting this data from riding public transit buses in various countries throughout Latin America and talking to people who sit next to me and pull out a BlackBerry. I ask them if they're looking forward to the new BB10 devices and so far only 2 people have even heard of BB10. The majority love their BlackBerry but don't bother to keep up with the latest from RIM. There's nothing wrong with that, they love their BB because it helps them stay in touch for cheap.

So the majority don't really care to keep up with what's next when their current device is just fine. Latin America is primarily low-end BlackBerry devices anyway. I have yet to see a single person with a Bold 9900. They have all been curves or much older BlackBerry devices. Again, nothing wrong with that, but that's the market in Latin America. So why would RIM hold a launch event of 2 HIGH-END devices in an area where very few people could afford them?

+100000000 here in Colombia probably 80% of the smartphone are BB, so yeah... They simply dont care, cause nobody knows among regular users about BB10

I hope that the official launch date (i.e. when we can actually get the new phone) is very soon after these events. Will be keeping my fingers crossed!

I'm very upset that there is no any China city.
There are a lot of super BBers waiting for BB10. Are you sure you will forget China, RIM?

There are a bunch of additional issues with launching in China even if it is a large market, so it isn't a surprise that China isn't mentioned as the odds are that they won't be one of the earlier countries to get bb10.

Maybe it is a good idea for Crackberry and BB superfans to self-organize their own BB10 launch event in cities not listed?

Is it a "launch event" where you will be able to buy the phones or is it an "unveiling"? The ad uses one term and the article uses another. I think there is some confusion here.

If you're in Canada and belong to Rogers you can pre-order right now. I'm sure the other carriers will come in line with the same offer.


You need to use the word "unveiling" for this date just like RIM does. We are all looking forward to the actual product launch date but this isn't it.

I understand that media etc would get invites but wouldn't RIM also open it up to fans once # of media, etc spots known? That would make it more exciting for the event as a whole. Media-only events tend to be very dry. Besides, we have been anticipating this for a long time--we want to be included in the launch!

Will there be a prize to attend the launch event with you guys? That would be awesome. I really want to attend my first launch event!

I would have thought they would have asia on the list - like Indonesia or India. I'm still cool as long as we get the devices the same time as everyone else! Will deffo get it at launch if the world doesnt end next Friday :P

They aren't in the first wave to get bb10, their calendar running out when it does is more like Android 4.2 instead.

Wow, so they are rolling out a simultaneous global unveiling/launch. You can bet I'll be stuck to my TV/Internet on that day...though I wish I can be there in person.

~I am BlackBerry by choice~

Launch event right here in Johannesburg? This is fantastic news!

Feeling the love form RIM in South Africa =)

This is a great idea. Love how RIM is adding an international flavor to it's launch. It would have been nice to have a site in South American and Asia. Must be a logistical issue.

Folks, this is the future staring you in the face. The world is a whole lot bigger than Apple's and Google's myopic obsession with North America.

The lack of an APAC location is almost certainly due to timezone issues, it would be tough enough to fit in NY/TO at the same time as Dubai, but as far as South American countries, they usually tend to be behind other regions for new releases so a launch event there would be a bit cruel.

Ummm... contest idea:

Win one of six spots as a Crackberry guest correspondent at RIM's official Blackberry 10 unveiling events. You will accompany a member of the Crackberry staff to one of RIM's six unveiling events, participate in a live blog from the event, and write a guest editorial on your views from the event.

Please Crackberry, make this happen! I promise to write a good column!

to all the Boys and Girls feeling bitter about the launch not being in their Country... feel free to shed a tear.... maybe in the next launch... they'll include your 3rd world country... as for me .... im headed for the Johannesburg launch.... and im not planning on standing outside

I'd like to comment: "what? Why not australia? RIM doesn't care."

But if its invite only, and probably for media, businesses, etc, I couldn't get in anyway.

Ill be logged in to CB.

Time for us in Asia to reevaluate continuing our support of RIM...its unbelievable that no Asian cities are represented in this launch...not even any city in Indonesia.

Johannesburg instead of an Asian city!!! What are they smoking!?

My understanding is that Asia gets BBM Money "first" before any other country. Hope this helps.

"Managing Director of South Asia operations, stated “Indonesia is very important for RIM… It’s a huge market for us – and it is a market that has grown significantly over the last few years… So we are offering a new innovation – BBM Money which will be launched in Indonesia – first in the world – shortly. It is a peer-to-peer transfer service that anyone with a BlackBerry phone can use to transfer funds to someone else with a BlackBerry phone.”

Dude, I think the problem has to do with time zones. Neither RIM nor GOD himself can fix this issue.

They are struggling in America, there should def be a launch in LA...think of all that stars that would be there, just to be somewhere before the superbowl

Uhhhmmm...ya'll do realize that we have a little something called, "THE INTERNET" now right? LoL I'll be at the event LIVE from the comfort of my own couch! LoL Hell, they could have a secret Launch for all I care, just as long as they let me know when & where I can go buy one.

I know what you're saying but there are still LOTS of people who never had interest in searching gadget news online, so the old school ways like newspaper&TV ads or a lunch event(most likely to be reported on the TV news)will still be effective

This also means that they will report better on Thursday, this show RIM has enough cash to brun to have party in more than 5 cities..

Why only launch di Dubai for Asian regions? Did RIM forgot what happened to India/Indonesia during the launch of few BB7 devices? Only India/Indonesia has stronger market share for BB devices. BB10 needs to be launched early in both countries too...

I hope they unveil a slider version too.
Looking at the current 2 leaked versions of the bb10 models.

Can't wait to get my hands on 'em!!

I understand South Africa but RIM has some massive support in places like Indonesia and the Philippines. They always harp on about it, they even have stores in indonesia. A bit of a slap in the face for users there. Then you have south america and australia out of the mix too.

So when RIM gets back on their feet, especially in the US, you still going to ignore the markets that kept you afloat?

what about some smaller local events in some countries?

yup...they are ignoring Asia at their own peril. Ingrates! I don't buy the timezone argument. Well, 9am in NYC would be 730PM in India and 9PM in Jakarta. They could have done a cocktail event and invite the regional stars/press etc...

Hi Kev...any clue on how to get an Invitw to the launch in dubai...would really love to attend...have like a fan following..kinda just family n friends who've been converted and willing to give up their droids n apples...just to get the new bb10...would so love to be thr when it great work on the site...n keepin us crackberry addicts strong n moving forward with hope..ur motivation n courage is strength for the masses!!..=)

Hope CMO thought about some supperbowl commercials here in the U.S. We love our football here and if its on the superbowl millions will see at the same time.

Are these the only confirmed dates? I'd like to think they will add more. So for those who don't have a launch in their city, hey, you never know! :-)