Google Sync app for BlackBerry finally calls it quits

Google Sync
By Adam Zeis on 14 Dec 2012 12:49 pm EST

The Google Sync app for BlackBerry has long been one of my most used apps for as long as I can remember. I was pretty disappointed back in April when Google announced the app would soon be pulled. While there has been an OTA download available for those who still wanted access, it looks like Google may have finally pulled the plug on sync actions. A few curious users on Twitter and in the CrackBerry forums seemed to be experiencing sync issues and I as well can't get the little guy to do it's thing any more. 

Google said in their blog post that the app functions would work through September 1st, 2012, so maybe we got some extra love as things didn't seem to click off for good until yesterday. When trying to sync now the app hangs or results in a failure message stating that you can sign out and retry, but that hasn't been effective for me either.

While BlackBerry BIS has Google sync intact, this doesn't help the many users like me that sync multiple calendars. With the Google Sync app you could also add your delegate calendars to the sync process - BIS only syncs your main Google calendar.

Granted there are other ways to get this job done, but most importantly, in a few weeks we won't be worrying since BlackBerry 10 can tackle this process with ease.

Are you a Google Sync user that's left in the dark? Are things still working for you? Let us know in the comments!

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Google Sync app for BlackBerry finally calls it quits


Unfortunately I had nothing but problems with Google Sync, and duplicate calendar entries.

Once I got rid of sync and used the built in BB account setup my email, calendar and contacts have synced perfectly.

True that
Google sync has not worked for me for quite some time now... i guess approx 5-6 months at least. Tried on multiple handsets, mine and friends' all on BIS.

It sucks that Google isn't gonna have apps for WP8, Win8RT, and Blackberry ... What is it are they not making any money ?

GMail etc. is fine for the casual user. People who try to use Gmail at work instead of outlook drive me nuts. There is nothing good about Google or Gmail that justify the total hassel you have to go through to try to use their mail system. If you have outlook and you are at work, use it!

For work I agree.

But for personal usage and even for some work contacts having an account that you can take with you is necessary.

I hope that Google supports BB10 or if sales are good enough that they will in the future.

I don't know if this is relevant, but my Google search app has stopped working. Keeps telling me that it can't connect.

Good bye GOogle everything..stick it to me so ill stick you back. All ill really miss is chrome. Sounds like Google is scared of RIM? Seriously screw you Google you officially suck!

I sync everything to Outlook, then use the Google Sync desktop app to sync one way to Google, which I then sync one way back to my Macbook. Otherwise, I was constantly fighting with duplicate entries, Google Sync creating new entries when an event was changed.

This can tell us that BB10 will be a strong competitor, there is no other reason to cutoff BB users, and also so close the release date for BB10 ...

Does anyone have a logical way to transition into using BIS to sync my Google Calendar?


1. Delete the app.
2. Delete all of the entries in my calendar on my phone (to prevent duplication)
2a. How do I complete setup 2 above?
3. Setup in BIS to sync my Google calendar.

Will this work? I really want to avoid duplication of calendar entries.

Thanks Google and Merry Christmas to you too!

To delete the calendar data, do the following:

1. Start BlackBerry Desktop and connect BB.
2. Back up phone.
3. Under the menu, select Device, Delete Data.
4. Select the Selected Data option.
5. Scroll down the list to the Calendar and Calendar - All and select them.
6. Press Delete.

Just be aware that this may not allow you to be able to use Google Sync anyway. I'm on BIS and have been using Google Sync since it first came out and now it hangs up when I run it.

2a. go to calendar, open menu, click options, type 'wipe' and confirm to delete all calendar entries

I've relied on Google Sync since my old BlackBerry Pearl. I still use it on my BlackBerry Torch 9850 on BIS. It's been far from perfect. It merges multiple calendars into one BB calendar, for instance, and sometimes does cause duplicate entries, but for the most part, it worked as advertised. I saw this article and just pressed "Sync Now" and got an error. This is a HUGE loss for me, as my office uses Google Calendars and I use them for my personal calendars as well.

I have no desire to switch to either iOS or Android. Windows Phone can handle syncing multiple Google Calendars now and I'm not sure I can go a month without a working calendar. So disappointing!

"Granted there are other ways to get this job done..."

We need links to these other ways. Don't just throw that out there and not point out these ways. Are there apps for BB7 devices that do this? So other work around?

IT COMPLETELY SUCKS!!!! Now, I have to go to the web :( HUGE, HUGE loss. BB10 can't come soon enough. This cancellation of service really makes me despise Google now. I'll be moving my services elsewhere.

Curently as I write this my sync is still working. However, if this is true, BOOgle will be a thing of my past. Hello Firefox! :)

That app hasn't worked right for me for a long time, deleted it a long time ago.

Can't wait to see them all come back to develop BB10 apps when BlackBerry starts to take over again strating Jan 30th though!

Here is a workaround I have been using since I saw that Google Sync was going away. FYI, I have a Torch 9850 with BB 7.1. I have two different calendars on two completely separate corporate Outlook systems that I do not want to mingle on those systems.
1. I created a separate Google account for each calendar. One Google account also contains all of my contacts information and general google email.
2. I use Google Calendar Sync to 1-way sync each Outlook calendar to the appropriate Google calendar
3. To make sure I have a clean start on my BB, I delete all BIS email accounts on my BB (I have no BES on this device). This includes using the desktop manager to delete all calendar and contacts data files
4. I then create each Google account on my BB (using the general email option, not the Gmail option). In the options, you can syn the calendar and contacts for each account. I sync the calendar and contacts to my primary google account, and only the calendar for the other google account. I keep the primary google account icon on the homepage since I also use it for email. The other "calendar only" google account icon is placed into an apps folder where it is accessible but not in the normal view
5. Allow the calendars and contacts to sync. Takes an hour or so, depending on how much info you have. Your BB calendar will display both calendars (different colors). You can check what is displayed in the Calendar options page.
6. For this workaround, the BB is basically a display of what is saved in Outlook calendar. I only make calendar changes in the native Outlook programs. Changes take a bit of time to populate to the BB, but this seems to be stable.

Not a perfect solution by any means, but it does allow you to see your calendars on your BB.

Why is this such a big issue?

For years, you could sync Calendar and Contacts via BIS.

Everyone going on about how they can't sync anymore..just odd.

The only loss here is Multiple Calendars

Exactly. Hopefully there will be a native way to do it on BB10. Like there is on iOS and Android.

I think Google has chosen sides. This along with the Google Maps issue sounds like "buh bye Blackberry".

I actually use it more for Contacts. I use Google Sync to keep my Google contacts in sync with my Work (Outlook) contacts. This way, I only need to add either my Work Contacts or Google Contacts on my iDevice and not see multiple entries.

I can see Google is trying to hamper BlackBerry 10 by pulling out services to existing BlackBerries, so media can claim "Google pulling out of BlackBerry" and people will freak out. At the very least, this will encourage people who don't upgrade to switch devices, causing them to not upgrade to BlackBerry 10 ("I just got a new device, I'll pass this").
Clever, Google.

I guess I'll be cleaning out the duplicate contact and calendar entries I now have after turning on the gmail sync through the email options.

Maybe when BB10 rolls around I'll start fresh with an account.

i tried the sync via BIS option awhile ago and it went crazy duplicating event and ended up turning it off for that reason. what other options are there for a cloud based calendar syncing between blackberries. im looking for alternatives now

How disappointing. It is bad enough that they took the calendar sync away but what is worse is that there is no current solution for people that sync multiple calendars like my wife and I do. Shame on Google and shame on RIM.

And yes everyone is excited about BB10 but not everyone can afford to update an entire families phones.

My wife and I got our first Blackberrys in 2000 and my son got his first one last year. This is a big enough issue that I can see myself going to an Android when our contracts expire. Keeping my life organized is more important than supporting a company in my own country.

Maybe it's occurred to Google that if competitors like BlackBerry can say "Hey our phones do everything theirs does, it even runs their apps AND it does everything a BlackBerry can do too" that maybe for Android that's not so good when folks have an Android in their left hand and a BlackBerry in their right at the carrier store.

Increasingly it's about what separates this phone from that and Google is going to start to go the proprietary route so they can say Android does things your BlackBerry cannot. All's fair in love and smartphones I guess.

I don't sync my email to BIS b/c I don't need that much going to my phone, but I do have my contacts and calendar sync. If I load in my main gmail to BIS for calendar/contacts, all of my (unwanted) emails will start being pushed to the phone as well...right?

Pain, Strange but Google Calendar Sync still working with Playbook but not BB cells. M/B that service is about to run out too.

HUGE inconvenience for me. My law office uses Thunderbird with Lightning for its calendaring, synced to Google Calendar in the cloud. Used to be able to sync Google calendar to my Blackberry's Calendar. Now I can't. Huge disappointment. Will have to reconsider using Google for business infrastructure.

Google sync was really handy. Mine also stopped working a few weeks back. What are the alternatives?