BlackBerry 10 Dev Alpha OS now available for developers

Dev Alpha
By Adam Zeis on 11 Dec 2012 11:51 am EST

To go along with the Gold SDK update today, we have a brand new BlackBerry 10 Dev Alpha OS as well. This time we kick up to version (some users are seeing If you have a Dev Alpha check for the update and you should see it available. Release notes after the break, and if you spot anything new be sure to let us know!

More at the Dev Alpha update page 

Fixed Issues: 

  • In some instances, if you connected your BlackBerry device to another device using an HDMI cable, the audio did not behave as expected.
  • If you changed your mobile network settings so that your device connected to a 2G mobile network (such as GSM), a cell broadcast message might have displayed on your device every two or three minutes.
  • Pictures added to contacts on the BlackBerry device were not synchronized to Microsoft Outlook.
  • In some instances while playing media files, audio might have been clipped for a fraction of a second.
  • Time settings may not have been updated if you changed the time zone in the Date and Time settings.
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Reader comments

BlackBerry 10 Dev Alpha OS now available for developers


No update for my Dev Alpha A yet...
EDIT: Either I needed to wait longer or the device restart helped, but I have an update now :)

This new update increases the performance of HTML5 apps by 1000%! I was working with some sluggish animations in a couple of Webworks apps that are now silky smooth with the update. Can't wait to see what the final hardware/software performance will be!

I believe that build is the same as build 10.0.9 bundle 1675. It's just different naming conventions. Someone who might know more about software builds can probably confirm this.

I wonder if the build number posted is correct. The last update was the Build would either be a step backwards.

Apparently it is correct. Downloading the update now. Just had to check a few times before it showed up.

Hey Crackberry (Adam), can you please post what the previous OS version was so we don't have to search for older posts.



OTA downloading 253 now. Very slow. 38% in 2hours. I recommend you to download the desktop installer.

Hope there are new goodies and not just the same old crap for the last 2 updates.

RIM is trying to hide stuff for launch, but they're also trying to show progress to developers. Tough to walk that line without giving too much or hiding too much. What comforts me is that they are working on the little things, so II know the bigger things are more than likely in the bag :)

Why would they hide something from devs, we're trying to make some descent apps here lol, let us exploit the whole power of the OS :)

lol exploit :D yea the new update is running pretty smoothly for me. But I am having trouble getting ported android apps to start up though on my Dev Alpha B

It took a long time for the app to startup for the first time after updating, but after i completely shut it down and rebooted my apps worked perfectly BlackBerry 10 is awesome can't wait to see the final product with out the blocks ad covers that BlackBerry has added to the os ;)

The UI/UX look very polished.. And the performance increase is very noticable. Everything is blazing fast.. The keyboard now has a different font look to it (more Bold). The keyboard also much faster. Great release! Too bad HUB isn't here!

Definately smoother again. Keeps getting better. Changed a few things like passwords no longer need a seperate checkbox for seeing what you typed (has a small icon at end of box). They re-enabled the accounts page. wasn't working for me since last update.

Buying things other than games (didn't try games) doesn't work. Gives a parental control error.

Still very nice.

Love the fact that the updated keyboard includes a "previous" and "next" buttons I've always wished for a tab button on my virutal keyboard...this is genius, not sure if anyone else does this or not but it's small features like this that impress me about BB10. I also noticed that in a password field you're also presented with a "submit" button. Beautiful.

if you found .253 on your alpha or rev b, then there is no hub inside. but if you find .1675, you get all function works. My friend already update his London, and it works fine.