LinkedIn for BlackBerry smartphones updated to version 2.1

By James Richardson on 12 Dec 2012 01:23 pm EST

Good news for you LinkedIn fans out there. The BlackBerry smartphone app has been updated to version 2.1 bringing some nice new features to the business persons social network.

We have only had this new and improved LinkedIn app for about six weeks so it's great to see an update so soon. I would imagine that with the deep LinkedIn integration in BlackBerry 10 we may see further improvements to the BB6/BB7 version in the future.

New features in the update include:

  • The new LinkedIn for BlackBerry smartphones version 2.1 includes:Staying in the Know - With LinkedIn 2.1 you now have access to view all of your ‘Saved Jobs' as well as View and Save Jobs that are ‘Recommended' for you making it easy and convenient for customers to stay in the loop and to be the first to know about job opportunities.
  • Real-time Access to Professional Groups - Put your professional network at your fingertips with LinkedIn 2.1.  You can now easily and quickly grow your professional connections by accessing, adding, viewing and participating in Groups.  Access ‘Groups You May Like' and join these groups right from your BlackBerry smartphone.  You can also see Pending Group Memberships and see and add content to Groups you've already joined
  • Syncing your LinkedIn Connection Information with BlackBerry Contacts - LinkedIn 2.1 keeps you connected with your professional network by giving you the ability to sync/merge your LinkedIn Connection Information with your BlackBerry contacts.  A new contact can optionally be created if none exists. 

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Reader comments

LinkedIn for BlackBerry smartphones updated to version 2.1


And you have to wonder why, given that BlackBerry is still the number one smartphone in the region. Anyhow, inLink works pretty well, mostly.

Awesome update, great to have the link back to my address book again! Good to see LinkedIn still working on developing apps, shows great commitment this close to BB10!

May have to try this again. Was constantly updating and then locked my phone I had to pull the battery 4 times!!

Is anyone else had problems syncing to their BlackBerry contacts? The app thinks it's completed it, but there is no sign of integration with my contacts :s

So, I am not the only one that is experiencing that error. I can't tell if it is updating the contacts that are in my contacts either.

I won't bother with this till it has all the functionality of the OLD app. Without notifications for messages and invitations, what is the use of this?

Let me know when contacts sync properly and said features arrive.

Can't believe not available to 9790 or for Portugal. Any place to download outside App world ??
Like RROYY ?

Love the new app... so glad to have LinkedIn available on my 9850 now. I've missed it since I upgraded from my Curve 8530... the new app is great, love the UI!

I hope that there is an option to shut it off. It would run in the background continuously with no way to shut it off. Big battery drain on my 9800.

I was wondering that too. Did anyone see if this can be done? Is it like the Facebook app which disappears when you close it.

Glad to get more updates. Mine vanished after updating the OS, somewhere along the lines I lost half my applications, but all is well. :)