CrackBerry Forums app for iOS updated with iPhone 5 and iOS 6 support

CrackBerry Forums App
By Bla1ze on 12 Dec 2012 06:56 pm EST

Back in October, we released the CrackBerry Forums app for iOS and Android. We wrote a post then letting folks know it was available and after many downloads on the various platforms, we've now pushed an update for the iOS app. We see all the iOS and Android users coming in through the forums and we're hoping to bring lots of them back to BlackBerry with BlackBerry 10 just around the corner.

To do that though, we need to put all our BlackBerry 10 content where users of those platforms will see it, just like how BlackBerry is taking over newspapers. So here it is, the updated CrackBerry Forums app with iPhone 5 and iOS 6 support and plenty of bug fixes as well as the links to all the other versions available. Now, we can get back to building our BlackBerry 10 apps.

Download CrackBerry Forums app for iPhone / iPad
Download CrackBerry Forums app for Android devices
Download CB Forums app for BlackBerry Smartphones
Download CB Forums app for BlackBerry PlayBook

Reader comments

CrackBerry Forums app for iOS updated with iPhone 5 and iOS 6 support


A native playbook app would of been a good stepping stone to the BB10 app. Im sure im not alone thinking the biggest BlackBerry fan site having an android forums app is a little dissapointing

Haha pretty pathetic that the Crackberry app (a Blackberry forum site) is an android app on the BLACKBERRY playbook.-_-

I use an iPhone, but I prefer using the browser to access the Crackberry forums.

I'm curious to know how man people actually use this app, given the fact that iPhone users (on Crackberry) are already few and I'm sure not all of them use the App.

Anybody from Crackberry have the data they can share?

This app is not available for some os7.1 devices and is also an Android port for the PlayBook yet we have it updated for IOS6.

I just don't get it. Hopefully one of SHAO's new apps will be a Native Qnx CrackBerry app. Do us forum members need to pitch in some dough to make this happen???

Who wants a Native CrackBerry app for PlayBook and BlackBerry10? Surely I'm not alone...

Duudddee... you're not paying attention. Have dropped lots of mentions in posts and in the forums that our new CrackBerry app for BlackBerry 10 is coming. It's gonna be HOT!

Following on from the podcast conversation, when built will this be available for dev alpha users? or will it be held back until device launch?

Panda's Mom
I have an Ipad because I can FaceTime with my grand kids. I figured I needed one Apple product to be "in" with my relatives. However, I have a PC and a BB 9000, waiting for BB10. I have the CB app on the ipad and updated it today. I haven't used it yet, but didn't find the old CB app that useful. I prefer to go on through the browser. I wonder how many of the iOS users you are seeing are like me, mainly BB users who happen to have an iOS device & still want to be connected to BB? I can't imagine that a diehard iOS user would look for a CB app. I hope you are right - I have RIMM stock :- ).

Why don't we have an app for the Dev Alpha yet?

If someone from the CrackBerry team wants to give me the info need, I will work on a Cascades version.

Technically this app (the Playbook version) is in App World on BB10 devices. It does work, the loading screen is very distorted in portrait, but the app itself works portrait no issues. Might need a reboot after install.

Yes I know about the PlayBook version and that it will work with the Dev Alpha.
I was wondering about a Cascades version. Thats why I asked if they could give me the info needed I would work on a cascades version.

I was scrolling down on this website and glance on the iphone 5 image. Damn, I thought its L-series Blackberry 10. lol

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What's cute is the iP5 image showing 'Loading' --- I thought it just works at super fast speeds..

Guess not.

Kevin really looking forward to the CBApp made in BlackBerry 10! SlipNSlide in the Flow!!

Loved the image before the blog entry. Hahahah! "Loading..."
*faints* ...6 hours passes... *wakes up*'s still loading?!?! WHAT GIVES?!?! Lol

i have downloaded and installed bbm on my iphone 5 but my display pic is not updating , any suggestions as to how to resolve this?