A new BlackBerry 10 first run tutorial video appears

By Bla1ze on 11 Dec 2012 03:31 pm EST
We've seen the "first run" tutorial videos appear before but it looks as though RIM has either updated the older version or simply created several versions for BlackBerry 10 tutorials in general. Again, coming from @MujibAzizi we now have another video to look at. Though nothing really new is revealed, it's great to see all this stuff finally coming together.

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A new BlackBerry 10 first run tutorial video appears


i shall be waiting to get mine the day, sorry morning it is out! looking at the video's i should be ok with the new OS as ive got a playbook!

I shall be showing my new phone off to all the isheep who will be wishing they hadnt upgraded for another 2 years and waited for this!!!

I hope there are good weather apps....I keep seeing this one that is similar to the Playbook, which I don't like. C'mon BerryWeather!

Is this really the look of the new BB10 phone? I was hoping for something along the line of the Dev Alpha phone, like a mini PlayBook.

Maybe RIM should include newbie gesture feedback. Single taps produce ripples, like on the Palm Pre's/Touchpad's. Double tap changes the color of the ripples on the second tap or enlarge the ripple. Swipes would leave a ghost trail so that the user knows that he/she swiped from the bezel correctly. This feedback mechanism should be a toggle in preferences, for those who don't care for them.

During the phone setup, ask the user a question:

Do you want visual touch feedback turned ON? (Visual touch feedback can be turned off in Setup->Preferences).

Maybe it's just me but I wish there would be no more leaked pics/vids. I want Jan 31 to be a complete unveiling. By the time it gets here, there will be no surprises to look forward to. I'm sure alot of people want to see leaks but personally, I don't.

Ouch man. I just mean, we know the date it's coming so wouldn't it be nice to know nothing about the device until we actually see it in all it's fully functional glory. How blown would your mind be then! BOOM! That's how!

Remember that, BOOM!

I was just kidding, hence the wink. I agree and I'm sure RIM hates the leaks too but it happens to all companies.

No worries, look at the sunny app, it's from Aug 18, Waterloo,Ontario,Canada. ;)

We are masterly being teased with 3-4 month back vid/pics most times. I luv it!

I still can't stand the Black plastic top and bottom.... I'm hoping the final product is the same as the original Dev Alpha device....

Personally I am not a big fan of the styling that is presented in the video but the top and bottom are very blackberry-esque. They remind me of those "waterfall" grips they talked about in their blackberry 7 touch screen devices. Unless the top and bottom of the screen are flat then I am absolutely wrong.

Blackberry has a winner with the Green Gesture demo.
They need to Library all features with a Green Gesture Demo.
- Email - then a Green Gesture Demo ( GGD )
- Browser - Green Gesture Demo
- Facebook - GGD
- BB Balance - GGD


This looks like the annoying, un-overridable Playbook video. If it is a setup demo, they better start making them overridable in the new OS's (on PB and BB). It's really annoying after you have done it once, to ever have to do it again. Can't be that hard to put a 'skip' in there.