BlackBerry 10 L-Series gets a hands-on video run through, compared to the Dev Alpha B

By Bla1ze on 12 Dec 2012 06:27 am EST

Last night when the BlackBerry 10 L-Series images appeared, Tinhte noted they would be working on a video to go along with the pics. Now, that video has been posted up to YouTube for everyone to check out. In it, you'll see the BlackBerry 10 L-Series shown off quite nicely next to the iPhone 5 as well as the BlackBerry Dev Alpha B. In addition to the video, a whole new set of images have been offloaded as well, you'll find those below.


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BlackBerry 10 L-Series gets a hands-on video run through, compared to the Dev Alpha B


The device looks sexy as hell! Wow!

Although I'm sure now that the design-nuts are upset that the back is made of plastic like the Samsung Galaxy devices. Still looks super premium though and that's what I've always liked about BlackBerry devices.

Always sleek and professional, in black. :)

The back had me wondering how soon it would be snapped in half but overall it looks great. Bring on the N-series please.

Jealous much! Yeah I would be too if I had a current Android, Apple or Windows Phone too and BB10 wasn't on my radar to get!

Love it when I see these kinds of posts.. see the fanboys ARE paying attention :)

Lol I may very well switch back to Blackberry if BB10 is good. It's wait and see.

But you have to looks a whole lot like a Droid X.

Until BB10 comes out, though, enjoy your Bold/Curve/Torch/Storm bwahahaha

A Used-To-Be-Blackberry Die Hard

Aren't they ALL starting to look alike across the board.. it's what inside that going to count for me.

It's the same deal with cars now... there are many that look similar on the market.. it's what's under the hood and its quality that sets them apart

Not much similarity at all in my opinion. BB looks much higher end than the X without all the colors, buttons and "chin".

I was burned so hard by the Storm :'(

It was probably my most anticipated phone release, even to this day.

Hey, I still loved my Storm. It was a love/hate relationship but it did the job, just wasn't a gaming device like the iPhone was.

Pointless comments that don't contribute to the conversation and are designed to piss off everyone who reads it?

Yep, definitely trolling.

Yes, when he called the Dev Alpha from the London, his number showed up. Here you go RIM: 097 901 0949. I'm sure the carrier in Vietnam will know exactly who this is lol

Interesting to note that like some had suspected the Dev Alpha B really is the L series in a different casing.
Beautiful looking phone,and the OS looks great too, nice and smooth

Thank you!!!!! I have been saying that for a long time just to get ripped apart. Noone wanted to listen. This phone is gorgeous. Looks like quality.

It does seem true that the L-Series and dev alpha be physically look the same when the case around the dev alpha is off. But the dev alpha b isn't final hardware though. Thor has said "the entire BlackBerry 10 portfolio will be LTE capable". The dev alpha b doesn't have LTE so it isn't final hardware even though it looks like it is.

BlackBerry by Choice.
Torch 9860, Playbook 64g

I think you are right, but my hope is that this still isn't the final product. If I was doing a huge remake of a company like RIM is doing, I would not show my cards until D-Day. So you build a Dev A, build a Dev B and put a case around it, when you need to start sending out phones for testing, training, you use one of the Dev devices without the box around it. On release day, everyone will see your finished hardware, and your finished software. Think about it, if they aren't showing the full BB10 awesomeness yet, why show final hardware version??

Just my two cents.

-FryBerry out

RIM didn't show final was leaked by someone in Vietnam. I too was wondering if RIM was trying to fake everyone into thinking the leaks were real and then release something totally next level on launch day...but these pics look too good to not be final hardware...I'm very satisfied.

I did, I did! I was very happy when it went off, lol. Just because I've never really seen it go off in any official demos and I was worried. Time for action!!!

I'll be in Vietnam in a little over a week with my trusty unlocked 9930 by my side. Can you tell me which carriers sim i should use for my BB services? Thanks....

The freak'n screen is too small,...the battery is anemic. I don't care what capacity other BB devices had,....1800mAh in today's market is anemic! C'mon RIM! Boss-up,...and give us a larger screen,...a larger battery,...and lets see what's really under the hood so I can make a decision to wait for the release of BB10 devices,....or take advantage of what's available now.

....enough of the show,'s time to 'tell'!


JMD I suggest you stop waiting and move on... buy your big screen big battery phone, buy whatever you like, but stop bitching

most of us are happy with the existing screen and the battery is higher than a lot of "high end" phones out now such as the iphone5. So please, go get your dream device and leave us to admire ours.


One of the key elements of this phone is one handed use. A screen bigger than this would make that impossible/uncomfortable unless you have abnormally long thumbs. Also the battery size means nothing if you don't know how much the software drains it.

The screen is big enough in my opinion. All those bigger Android devices fail to take advantage of the bigger screen. You would think that on a device like the Galaxy Note for example, you would be able to fit more icons per row but you still can only fit 4. Doesn't make sense to have bigger screen real estate if the UI isn't going to take advantage of it. You just get bigger icons, which is silly.

The battery though, I wish it was bigger. At this current point in time, with LTE on the rise, I was hoping for at least a 2,100 mAh battery. I hoping that the OS is really efficient with power management or we will have another Bold 9900 situation on our hands.

Androids need big Battery Packs because their Hardware is battery/CPU sucker since the Software is full of glitches. BB10 is designed and based on QNX(The worlds most stable OS). if you dont know what QNX is, you are probably at wrong forum. QNX is used where you cant afford your machine shutdown/crash/ aka bluescreen error etc. Its is used in Computer system of your Car, Nuclear Plants and Space Shuttles. I am using BB PlayBook 64gb for last year and half and i did not have a single application crash or reboot required because of OS glintch so for. Your BB10 is build on that same QNX.
Now a days You want a slimmer Phone, and if phone can last 2 to 3 day with average use, It is reasonable Battery backup. After that its kind of overkill.
Motorolla's come with HUUUGE Battery, but look at their designs, do you even call that a design? as a matter of fact, Multicore processer and huge battery packs are survival kit for androids becuase of lagging and reboots required.
I guess RIM did a samrt job in considering the Hardware for their Flagship Phone.

BTW: a 5 Inch device is already on the way with Huge Battery.


Bed and Blanket BlackBerry

Then explain me why my browser always crashes on my PB? The mail app also used to always close by itself.

The level of bias is amazing in here.

OS is not going to fix a buggy app by itself. Every one knows Browser in PB was buggy and it has received seveal fixes. These updates has brought it to a certain level of stability. Now that may be another reason that RIM is not going to continue PB broswer anymore. New browser is based on HTML 5 which is robust and will be a statndered on other plateforms soon. What i am talking in my earlier post is If an App is bug free and OS is unable to handle it properly(read the carefully where i say'because of OS Gliteches so far')like in case of Android(GingerBread). Giving little bit pressure on upper chamber of your head some time helps.

I hope it cleares and explains. As a Lesson# 1, Just go wikipedia and searech for QNX. it will educate you a lot.

BTW now who is the Bias ?


Bed and Blanket BlackBerry

PB OS will close apps when there isn't enough memory available. It's not necessarily the app crashing. In BB10 you device will actually tell you why the app was shutdown. PB OS just didn't have a great notification process.

Looking for Rosetta Stone Vietnamese version now. Lol. The next few months are going to be killer waiting for launch after seeing this.

Quickly watches before the video is removed...

Looks good, I worry that the peek system might be a little unintuative, hope not though. Will miss the metal band that currently goes around my 9900 - looks nice by comparison on the iPhone. Surprising how similarly sized the iPhone and L Series are.

Will use voice control for about 2 weeks and probably seldom ever use it after that. Not practical for me. Would much rather do Google search the old fashioned way to get exactly what I'm looking for instead of generalizations.

I think it does have its longer term benefits such as hands-free dialing, but you do have to wonder who uses such stuff a lot beyond that.

Haha, my bestfriend uses siri to make calls, to find out NFL scores and to make his work schedules. Also to spell words he doesn't know how to spell (which has made texting him much less irritating) plus texting someone through siri while you're doing something with gloves seems like a breeze and the texting gloves are dumb i use REAL gloves.

Agreed. Siri or any voice service can be helpful sometimes. I like when you can just command to 'play x song'.

I use the humble Vlingo for quick BBM messaging and it works pretty good as well.

I wish they'd integrate voice service for the productive stuff we do everyday.

Seriously bro! All devices leak out of Vietnam first now. I think they have the major assembly factories there or something.


(Translated with Google Translate, Def. not 100% accurate)

Fortunately for the evening I had the opportunity to holding the handset has not been the launch of the BlackBerry , the L-Series. Machine design is quite nice due to no longer be placed in a plastic frame as the Dev Alpha A / B again. In addition, the L-Series was almost complete, both hardware and software. Perfect good quality and full functionality of the BB10 OS we've ever known, not locked or limited to a certain function, including making phone calls or texting. configuration information almost no official due to the present time RIM has not yet been referred to us.
What we can see on the L-Series is lightweight, smaller size Dev Alpha B a little, just hand. Screen quality is quite good, very smooth and nice font, 1280x768 resolution with Dev Alpha B.

The front of the glass cover almost the entire front and stretched out to take two edges of the screen makes us feel bigger. terms of ports and port location, it is just like the the current Dev Alpha, including micro HDMI and micro USB on the left side, a 3.5mm audio port on the top edge, the power button on the top edge and 2 volume control keys on the right side.
The keyboard is a bit difficult to press as it is slightly sunk compared to the side of the machine. Regarding the quality of finishing, I can say the L-Series held its already almost perfect, not longer a pure form , could this be the final test version of RIM before they introduce BlackBerry 10 to 30/01 next year.

Although made ​​of plastic, very solid body, no creaking joints and connectors on the camera body is made ​​very carefully. The back cover of the machine can be removed so you can change it easily (batteries LS1, like Dev Alpha B). The back cover of the machine is made ​​of plastic, similar to the body, it is quite flexible and the NFC chip affixed. Adding a point to make the L-Series is more complete than the Dev Alpha is that it can normal calling and texting.
This is a big difference compared to the previous Dev Alpha we have ever known.

I have tried to remove the SIM Viettel and called a SIM Mobi success, no trouble at all, the machine can also send and receive SMS messages, connect to BIS service, up Internet 3G delicious, in general it is not like a complete smartphone. Even the software in the machine fully functional, not limited as before although the BB version 10 that the L-Series is running is still a beta version. However, the beta should react slightly slower and not touch sensitive, sometimes hanging a place to restart the machine, the new normal is, hope that this error will not appear in the version of BB 10 officially.

(Translated with Google Translate, Def. not 100% accurate)

Until I got to the last line I was thinking both 'wow, Bla1ze is giving us a first hand report having used the phone' and 'wow, Bla1ze is going to have to do more retrospective editing of this post than usual' ;) Nice one :)

I was thinking Bla1ze you need sleep or you are totally high or are having a stroke. We are all happy your OK. Thanks for the translation. (Only 50 more sleeps!)

Favourite line in that whole bit: "...up Internet 3G delicious"

This unit looks AWESOME. I'm really enjoying my Galaxy Nexus, but I still want to play with one of these when they come out. Will always love BlackBerry.

That vent at the bottom looks pretty big. Is there a micro fan in there? Hahaha. And I would still like to see a landscape demo of the keyboard!

Ya I was confused as shit reading that. I figured he was too tired to type clearly. You need to move the last line to the top lol.

Was the other one when the last US helicopter left your country in a hurry?
I remember being told, long before that, by someone who had spent time in S E Asia that the Vietnamese were one of the toughest nations in the world, and that the US didn't stand a chance. Looks like your compatriots still like to display their independence.

Pretty much. The Vietnamese peoples had endured many foreign powers invasions and still standing strong. But were not here to discuss history, were here to discuss BB 10 !!!! Back to the topic

Why did they make these HUGE bezels. Blegh =S. We lose around 1/3 screen size because of the bezels + the black areas where the logo is in... Cmon.. they could've done a lot better..

you need them for gestures :) remember differences between Dev Alpha A and B? Dev Alpha B has reduced bezels due to plastic cover and it was pretty hard sometimes to perform the right gesture.

But that wan't due to the size of the bezels, but instead the fact that the casing raised your finger off the screen and your finger tended to jump over the bezel.

As long as you start on the surface of the screen, and not above it, theoretically the bezel could be just a couple pixels wide.

The part with the BlackBerry logo is the actionable/gesture area. The bezel is where you'll rest your thumb when holding the phone.

If your going to complain I dont know why you would complain about the bezel where it says blackberry (which actually serves a useful purpose), and not the matte metal parts at the top and bottom?

I think they're both fine, they wouldnt put them there unless they had to obv. But your complaining about the wrong thing lol

The only thing I am not digging is the ports on the side. I wonder how use will feel if the phone is charging.

Fortunately for the evening I had the
opportunity to hold the handset that has not been launch BlackBerry , the L-Series. The phone design is quite nice because not being placed in a plastic frame like the Dev Alpha A / B any more. In addition, the L-Series was almost complete, both hardware and software. Perfect buikd
quality and full functionality of the BB10 OS, not locked or limited to a certain function, including making phone calls or texting. Configuration information almost no official due to the present time RIM
has not yet been referred to us.
What we can see on the L-Series is
lightweight, smaller than Dev Alpha B a
little, felt full in the hand. Screen quality is quite good, very smooth and text are crips, 1280x768 resolution the same as the Dev Alpha B. Front of the phone has glass cover almost
the entire it and the glass is stretched out to hug the two edges of the screen makes it feel bigger. In terms of ports and port location, it is just like the the
current Dev Alpha, it includ micro
HDMI and micro USB on the left side,
a 3.5mm audio port on the top edge,
the power button on the top edge
and 2 volume control keys on the
right side.
The volume rockers is a bit difficult to
press as it is slightly sunk compared
to the side of the phone. Regarding
the build quality of, I can say the
L-Series I held its already almost
perfect, this could this be the final test version of the phone from RIM before they introduce BlackBerry
10 at 30/01 next year. Although
made ​​of plastic, the body is very solid , no creaking joints. The phone body is made ​carefully.
The back cover of the phone can be
removed so you can change battery easily ( LS1, like Dev Alpha B). The
back cover of the machine is made ​​
plastic, similar to the body, it is quite
flexible and with the NFC chip affixed.
Adding a point to make the L-Series is
more complete than the Dev Alpha is
that it can call and text normally.
This is a big difference compared to
the previous Dev Alpha we have ever
known. I have tried to remove the SIM from Viettel- a Vietnamese carrier and called a Mobifone number with success,
no trouble at all, the phone can also
send and receive SMS messages,
connect to BIS sever, use 3G, in general it is like a complete smartphone. Even the
software in the phone is fully
functional, not limited as before
although the OS that the L-
Series is running is still a beta version. Because of it the phone react
slightly slower and not sensitive to touch, sometimes hangs a I had to do restart the phone, hope
that this error will not appear in the official version of BB10.
Corrected by a VietNamese,

Thank you! This helped me. Before, I thought he was saying the screen was hard to press. I don't worry about the volume buttons as probably will use software instead I would think. Just glad to hear the screen is functional.

Thanks for the clearer translation. That clears a few things up.

I like this; I think it's a great phone. In the end will ANYONE ever make the "perfect" phone that satisfies everyone? That's hardly likely. However for people who are on the go, very connected, and using their phone as a tool, this appears to be a great fusion of form and function.

I can hardly wait until it's available. In the meanwhile, my wife will have to put up with my obsession!

Awesome ...... can he Please speak in English next time?
I'm going to call that number displayed on the cell phone and see if he answers.

Resolution 1280x768? Are we sure about the final version of the hardware? The UI guidelines (very interesting source of information) states that only Dev Alpha devices will have that resolution, all other touch devices will be 1280x720.

ah, they updated:

The screen size for the BlackBerry 10 Dev Alpha and the first BlackBerry 10 touch device is 1280 x 768 pixels. However, future BlackBerry smartphones will have the following screen sizes:

All-touch smartphones: 1280 x 720 pixels (16:9 aspect ratio)
Smartphones with a physical keyboard: 720 x 720 pixels (1:1 aspect ratio)

>> The screen size for the BlackBerry 10 Dev Alpha and the first BlackBerry 10 touch device is 1280 x 768 pixels.

Source for this? They have made it pretty clear that first production device is 1280x720. If this phone is not that size, then it is not the production version.

Also, whoever made this video violated an NDA. Re-publishing it here is not in good form It should be taken down.

You might have to check *your* sources because it was made pretty clear a few months ago exactly what the other guy said. . Don't remember the source exactly but it was from team crackberry and quoting a rim exec.

I didn't realize the keyboard versions are OLED. Interesting...

From the link you provided:

"BlackBerry smartphones with a physical keyboard have an OLED screen."

I def won't be buying the version with the keyboard then. I hate when I look at my pics on my 9900 and can turn them sideways to see then extended/bigger. Its is so annoying, not only that but the screen is too small to browse the net. I have to keep zooking all the time. They should have ket the aspect ratio all thru the lines with an extended screen like the TK Victory.

Looks great but my concern is the OS. It must be smooth and have no or very few hang ups. The thing about the Rotten i mean Apple is that their OS runs smooth and rarely has any hang ups whereby you have to reboot. So when he mentioned hang ups i was a bit concerned considering it is only two months away from launch and they have been working on this for over two years. I always considered the playbook a beta device for BB10 OS so they had enough time to iron out problems.

I totally agree with you! I hate my PlayBook feels sluggish! And as far as accessories, they are yet to make a dock with HDMI out, which pisses me off!

the L-
Series is running is still a beta version. Because of it the phone react
slightly slower and not sensitive to touch, sometimes hangs a I had to do restart the phone, hope
that this error will not appear in the official version of BB10.

I sure hope they correct it too! How would he knows the OS is still beta?

Anyway there was BBM video icon when he's dialing the phone number.

I played with an evaluation unit and it did the same thing - hung at times, camera froze and we had to restart the unit. I REALLY hope they solve this before launch, but I don't get how it could still have such problems this close to launch. The media will rip RIM apart.

I'm surprised the phone is acting up. I thought QNX is a powerful system? Maybe they just gotta tweet a few things to perfect the system overall ..

I really hope this is not the final hardware and software... we have seen way too much for it to be the FINAL thing."still keeping some secrets for ourselves..." "...there is more to come..." - T.Heins

I'm sure they won't spoil their "wow factor" by showing this "phone" on Jan 30!

BBM VIDEO icon during the phone call!

Lovin' the little things too like adding a contact button appearing beside the phone number you dial

The phone looks good, but I would have liked for the top and bottom to be a metal... And, I think it being plastic will be a 'sticking point' with tech bloggers.

if someone knows this they can explain:) but behind the BB logo on the back side there are 2 metal circels, and on that same place on the phone are also 2 metal things. is this for whire-less charching?
and also between the volume buttons there is a 3th button, am i seeing things or can this be for the cammera?

if these questions are already anwserd just copy pased but with the previous one and this article there are over 400 comments. bit much to look at them all:P

but love the phone but now i have a dilemma i always said i want need my qwerty buttons but now i am not shure:P first world problems :)

I've read somewhere that last update made it possible to use any of volume buttons as camera one. Pretty cool to have screen and 3 extra buttons to take a pic :D

Edit: circles are for NFC not wireless charging :)

Metal circles are the contact points for the NFC antenna embedded in the back cover. No wireless charging.

3rd button will function like on the bold most likely. Mute songs, etc.

The back cover probably needs contacts to the phone for NFC, not wireless charging. And on the Playbook, the buttons are vol down/play pause/vol up

Yeah, I love it, BUT was hoping for some stainless steel. fingers are still crossed. Regardless, this phone looks sexy and classy.

Team Blackberry 4 Life.

Anyone know what is being phtoshopped out of these images? Look near the the top-front where the glass meets the housing. On several images, there are areas blacked out or pixel-ated. I wonder what their hiding?

It's numbers for something, and i would guess it's NOT the final rendition of the L series. IT may be a pre production run for fit and finish in limited quantity.

The fact the video is still up take it with a grain of salt, RIM has had videos removed for leaks much less than the "L" series that is out now..Remember the short commercial ad a while back? It was gone..

I was wondering the same thing. LED notification lights? It's a pair of strips though, which is odd. Model number, in tiny print?

hey could this be that DEV Alpha C they said was coming soon?
I thought Blackberry were assembled in Canada so why a video from Asia would be the final device. But it still looks good.

Although some might, BlackBerries have, for years now, been assembled in Mexico, the Far East etc. No surprise here. Looks good and can't wait though!

No, the device in the video is the final hardware for the L-Series. The DevAlpha C device is the developer version of the N-Series which has a physical keyboard. No one has leaked that.... yet.

My only complaints:
1. Battery size -- I hope it will last long enough like iPhone 5 or Note II so I can go through a day with single charge

2. Bezel -- it is way too large compared to other phones in the market. Anyone know why RIM design it that way?

Just thought I'd mention something about the battery size comment from avidberry. Specifically your comment about it last long enough like iphone5. I just found out something interesting as some of the ways iphone5's keep their long battery life. And this is coming directly from apple after my brother complained to apple about data charges on his bill (only about $10, but that's not the point) that should not have been there. THey noticed allot of data charges in the middle of the night on their daughters iphone and they questioned it. Turns out, the 2 biggest battery killers are the screen, and wifi connections. So apple has in their design, that when the phone goes into sleep mode, they actually deactivate wifi. So my niece, who always has her phone on wifi, was getting additional data charges all night long from apps that update her phone every hour. Apple confirmed this. So, my point to all of this, is that I would much rather have to charge my phone more often, then the phone turning options off, causing me to pay more on my bill, just to save battery power. I'm currious to know how long the iphone5 battery would last if this was not occuring. If you have an iphone5, test this out. Once you 'wake it up', you will see wifi quickly turn back on about 3 seconds after you wake it up. Long battery life doesn't automatically mean, the battery is better! Just thought I'd share this.

I can go 40 hours on a BB Bold 9930 with wifi on at the office and home. To only last a day would be backtracking compared to current and especially older models.

The Playbook uses bezel area for gestures. It could be possible to do with no bezel but I'm not sure if that would affect accuracy.

Super excited to see the L...but RIM really needs to get the software AND the hardware right out the door...from the looks of it the hardware is right where it should be but at this stage of the game if the OS is still hanging or in beta, I'm slightly concerned....this is has always been it's Achilles heel...the software has always lagged behind and RIM needs to 'get it' that with Apple, Android and Windows out there, there is no room for errors or half baked attempts.

Don't get me wrong - I'm getting one of these the day I can but I want RIM to hit this out of the park!!

Why do you think they delayed it till Jan 2013? They could have released this year, but needed time to make it perfect. They didn't want another playbook rush job..

It's not the final phone, maybe a pre production run. There are clearly laser etched numbers in the front top bezel beside the front ear piece speaker on either side. If it was final design they wouldn't be there..

Inside the phone there is no sticker with info like they always have..It may be close to the real thing, but it's still not the launch phone.

Yes, I think you are right...and I sure hope they go all OCD on it before launch. I think the market is waiting for an iOS/Android alternative and this could very well be it...

Any idea if they have any voice integration within the OS? Something akin to Siri or Google Now?

Yes, there is supposed to be a Siri/Google Now like feature built into it. Running on Nuance I believe (same as siri).

Funny how much stock we put into how the phone looks since most will be covered up by a bumper when used. Also many users now seem to prefer a white model and the white phones look good with chrome or brushed nickel . Regardless this phone will please the corporate world IF it does not "hang" and the battery life is at least as good as the Iphone and Samsung.

The multitasking capabilities is the key feature that BB has to offer for business ( plus security ) . For consumers - cheap Memory is a key factor. Being able to store lots of music and take good photos.

We have this full touch model and a keyboard model forthcoming. Wasn't there mention or rumors of a third device, perhaps one more "premium" than the ones initially released ? If know, is there anything known about it ?

Search the forums for the A-Series. It's only a rumor, supposed to come out in June or July. 4.7" all touch, 2 gigs of ram, snapdragon quad-core S4 Pro processor.

Not sure if this is mentioned but, he's receiving phone calls on the device. It must be a testing device.

I'm really curious as to what the what hardware it is packing inside. Now, we're gonna need a phone dock with a spare battery charger, HDMI out and computer sync. I wanna see the accessories, BlackBerry accessories usually aren't that great but we'll see.

First thing I do whenever I buy a phone is buy a charging dock. The 2nd thing, a 2nd battery with a charger. Once had a charging dock that also charged a battery behind my 9700. That was a great charger....

This could very well be the Limited edition device for devs to trade in the dev alpha. I still feel like Rim will show something we have not seen in a leak come Jan 30 aside from the N of course.

Phone looks awesome though!

Can anyone with a Dev Alpha comment on how well the battery performs on this devices? 1800 seems a bit low, unless QNX's efficiency makes up for it?


- Spades

Yeah im guessing QNX's efficiency will make up for it. Im ok with the battery tho, just happy that its removable i never had a problem with having an extra battery for long days or maybe flights

Still no basic mute button. And now, since there are no keys, one can't quickly hold the Q key for mute toggle.

There are 3 buttons on the right side. If its the same as the bold 9900 phone then the middle button is the mute button...

Good thing I've been keeping up with the BlackBerry news. When this device comes out I'm definitely ditching my iPhone 5 for it. Especially with the integration of Evernote, which I use heavily, I am sold! Glad BlackBerry is making a comeback and helping developers focus on making QUALITY apps unlike some other smartphone makers. And after seeing what BB10 has to offer in all of its features it has inspired me to pursue mobile app development for it. BlackBerry for the win!

many degrees of awesomeness......there are stuff not revealed....smoke and mirrors you guys are in for pleasant surprises.. :)

Looks like a small version of the Playbook. Not sure yet about the whole touch thing. I would love to see a better full key phone, but not look like a 9900

Will wait for the N-Series BB10 device with the physical keyboard. Hoping its smaller than this giant phone too. Looked bigger than the iphone which is big enough itself.

I question the blurred out spots on the top of the phone. Is this a alpha unit with the cover removed. I wonder if Rim would really allow this to come out like this. Im not a troll, don't get me wrong,... I want a BB10. It just doesn't look right in a few of the pictures. My thoughts

4:30, BBM Video :)

I HOPE it goes cross platform, otherwise I don't see it being as useful as it could be, but still exciting

Looks pretty awesome overall! Just wish the frame was metal like the latest bold device... Here's to hoping this is still a prelaunch version; although, I will still definitely be buying it!