Mobile Nations Survey: Do you use a car mount with your smartphone?

Mobile Nations Survey - Car Mount
By Kevin Michaluk on 7 Dec 2012 01:24 pm EST

This Mobile Nations Survey comes to you via our accessories team. We're always putting new smartphone accessories to the test, and are often getting into debates over which are the best.

One topic where the team is 100% in agreement though is car mount docks. We think that car mounts are the absolute best way to take your smartphone with you on the road.

We're curious to know if you agree, if you own a car mount or not, if you like them or not and why. Thanks for sharing!

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Reader comments

Mobile Nations Survey: Do you use a car mount with your smartphone?


Hahaha I love Mobile Nation & CrackBerry surveys because they always avoid the obvious question and answer. For this survey it would be:

"Do you own a car?"

Haha...I would hope if they were shopping for a car mount that they would own one but nowadays there is no telling

Well, with a suction cup it's pretty convenient.. could stick it anywhere. Maybe on the mirror in the bathroom.. can read emails easier while brushing teeth.

Survey doesn't include ProClip, IMHO the best vehicle mount available. Mounts securely in a custom location in the vehicle; integrated charging available; and ultra-secure - that thing is rock solid. Expensive, but worth it. And, no, I have no affiliation with them except being a satisfied customer.

I was pretty surprised to see they weren't on the list, they have great options for almost every device you could think of.

Agree 100%
Don't know how they overlooked the ProClips. It's like leaving iPhones out of a, "what's your favourite smartphone" poll

Unless the suction cups have improved, I wound up with my gps in my lap too often and once, almost out the car window!

Not a fan of sticking things to my wind shield and dash mounts suck, so I made my own mount from a few binder clips on one of my vents. Works great at holding my 9860 and I can connect charger to it at the same time. All for the low price of couple bucks. Not the prettiest when the phone isn't in it but barley noticeable when it is. Phone almost looks like it's floating. Lol..

I have a THC cradle for my 9700, and a custom cradle for my SGS. The big thing for me is being able to record video while riding my motorcycle, so I prefer having a cradle that holds the phone securely (not a universal cradle) and charges at the same time.

Car mounts are awful! They're only useful for long trips. The rest of the time they just clutter up the dash. The only person I know with a car mount is my dad, and he rarely uses it.

P.S. My phone can sit in my cup holder, if I need it easily accessible.

A friend of mine used his cup holder for his phone. One day he also used the cup holder for a coffee. As he was pulling out of the driveway he put his phone into the cup of coffee. Coffee is not healthy for phones the next day he had to visit the cell phone store and buy a new phone.

I use proclip dash mount with the igrip cradle. I hate suction cups they never stay on, constantly fall off and i dont like anything on my winshield.

I put mine in the cup holder. I generally don't use my phone whilst driving though. Only playing music via bluetooth but that's it. Make phone calls when it's necessary ie Too see if parents has enough food to feed me tonight or if I have to get some things.

Ditto the ProClips comment (but havent pulled the trigger yet - still shopping. Currently use my Seidio charging cradle sitting loose on the dash or on my console for my 9900 - with the rough Louisiana roads, it loses contact with the charger so have to keep pushing it back onto the contacts)

Also - RAM mounts - has a flexy goose neck rod that bolts to your seat mounts.

I'm looking to pull the trigger soon on mounts for my phone and PlayBook as I am on the road daily in sales - sometimes just 30-40-50 miles, but regular trips of 300-800 miles and phone and PlayBook are key tools for me!

The problem with most of the car mounts is they are made for smaller cars. In a pickup truck and probably full sized cars, the windshield is too far from the driver, so any window mount is hard to read and hard to reach. Even the vent mounts are a bit far away. I had been using a flexible stalk type mount attached to a suction cup base on the center console and this worked the best, but eventually the mount broke.

As posted by DocDRM, the RAM mounts on a stalk bolted to a seat mount may be the best choice for larger vehicles, though probably expensive once you get all the bits and pieces.

Coffee cup holder and yeah I probably should look at a proper mount - in fact I think I will!