Reminder: There's still time to enter our ongoing 'See BlackBerry 10 and Win' contest!

BlackBerry 10
By Adam Zeis on 6 Dec 2012 03:31 pm EST

Don't think we forgot about the ongoing See BlackBerry 10 and Win contest we started up back in June. It may have gone to the back burner for a bit, but we're only 54 days from the big BlackBerry 10 launch event so now it's time to get things going again. The rules on this one are simple -- if you haven't already, swing by this thread in the forums and post up your best BlackBerry photos involving the number 10 (see some great examples on our original post). We're running the contest right up until the launch of BB10, and we'll be going through all the submissions and giving out some great prizes. We're not totally sure what they'll be yet, but as always you can rest assured they'll be awesome! Keep reading to see some of the submitted images then hit up the forums and get to posting!!

Share your "BlackBerry 10" Photos

Ongoing See BlackBerry 10 and Win Contest:  BlackBerry People Do. So while you're out doing things and see the number 10, turn it into a BlackBerry 10 photo as we've done here (lots more below). Then post your BlackBerry 10 photos on this forum thread. We'll post the best ones here on the blogs and give away sweet prizes for our favorites. And we're gonna show our support for RIM and BlackBerry 10 and keep this going right up until the launch of BlackBerry 10 phones. Get creative. Get epic. There's a groundswell of support for BlackBerry out there, so let's show it! 

See BlackBerry 10 and Win


See BlackBerry 10 and Win

See BlackBerry 10 and Win


See BlackBerry 10 and Win 



Was wondering what happened to this contest... I submitted back in June.


I thought its over!? Fortunately not, so there is hope to win something with my submitted picture! ;-)


I hope, you guys still have "THAT" picture from october! :-)


Just uploaded mine to the forums, it all just so happened to be my 1500th post!

troy lee

Troy~£€€ I should be the 10th winner from Cambodia


Last forum I visited was some anime forum like few years ago :p maybe I should try to hang out on CB forum now ^^

Salako Youngwarlock

I shld b d 1st 2 use d blackberry10 in my street


I only use blackberry I can't wait to get BB10.I like the phone.
Hurry up Rim jus release it!!!


I would love to own a crackberry 10 . Good luck to all . Blessing